Our policy of exclusively operating the 737-800 is part of our strategy to bring you the cheapest flights on all of our routes, and in fact, our sol use of the 737-800 is not just good for fares, but also for safety.

At the time of writing, Ryanair operates 303 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, but with 175 new aircraft ordered in 2013, our fleet will grow to over 400 in 2014, expanding to almost 500 by 2019. The average age of our fleet is approximately 5.5 years, and is set to get younger with our latest order.

Boeing 737-800 specs
Passenger Capacity 189
Premium Seats Available Row 1 : Extra leg room, quick exit.
Row 2-5 : Quick exit.
Row 16 & 17 : Extra leg room.
Bathrooms Three - two at the rear of the aircraft, one in the front
Cabin height 7 feet 1 inch
Cruise speed 850km/h
Length 146 feet
Wingspan 115 feet 5 inches (with sharklets)
Engines 115 feet 5 inches (with sharklets)
Range Maximum 3,200nm/5,950km

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