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22 July
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FR 8877MarrakeshPisa05:2510:40Early 10:25FR 2Milan BergamoAlghero05:5007:00LandedFR 1000CataniaRome Fiumicino06:0007:15LandedFR 7653Glasgow PrestwickChania06:0012:20LandedFR 653Glasgow PrestwickTenerife Sth06:0010:40Early 10:26FR 2588MalagaKrakow06:0009:45Early 09:42FR 5156Baden-BadenMalaga06:0508:55Early 08:38ATC DELAYFR 6341Barcelona El PratRome Fiumicino06:1008:00Early 07:54FR 8248BristolFaro06:1008:50Early 08:48FR 1887LisbonParis Beauvais06:1009:35Early 09:30FR 2642London StanstedRiga06:1010:45LandedFR 1260AthensMilan Bergamo06:1507:55Early 07:45FR 8394Barcelona El PratBudapest06:1508:55Landed 10:00TECHNICAL FAULTFR 6396Barcelona El PratSeville06:1508:05Early 07:49FR 3658BremenMalaga06:1509:40Early 09:18
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