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16 April
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Punctuality 15
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FR 9058AlicanteOslo Rygge06:0009:45On TimeFR 1000CataniaRome Fiumicino06:0007:15On TimeFR 653Glasgow PrestwickTenerife Sth06:0010:40Landed 11:10FR 6322Barcelona El PratOslo Rygge06:0509:30On TimeFR 6341Barcelona El PratRome Fiumicino06:0507:55On TimeFR 52London StanstedStockholm Skavsta06:0509:20On TimeFR 3000PalermoRome Fiumicino06:0507:10On TimeFR 6396Barcelona El PratSeville06:1008:00On TimeFR 3256London LutonNimes06:1009:00On TimeFR 2044MalagaDortmund06:1009:15On TimeFR 3441ManchesterPalma06:1009:40On TimeFR 1260AthensMilan Bergamo06:1507:55On TimeFR 6332Barcelona El PratSantiago06:1508:10On TimeFR 172DublinNewcastle06:1507:20Landed 07:39FR 22DublinParis Beauvais06:1508:55On Time
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