Book flights to Podgorica, and find out what a hidden gem Montenegro really is. It’s amazing that it has remained as relatively undiscovered as it has, but this in itself makes for a fantastic holiday. In Podgorica you are just a short journey away from the best of what Montenegro has to offer; the dramatic black mountains, the incredible Bay of Kotor, the immense Tara Canyon… in fact, the super-rich have already caught on, and have started to flock to Porto Montenegro in their syachts over recent years. Luckily, we don’t all need an Abramovich style yacht to get there – simply book flights to Podgorica with Ryanair!

Boutique shop windows, bristling with goods mostly in city centres and large shopping centres are calling you from the windows with brands from the leading designers: Versace, Ferre, Max Mara, Adidas... Shopping malls are also the places where fashion shows are held, plays, mini-concerts, and where you can have a nice cup of coffee and entertainment for children. Every major city has large supermarkets where you can find everything you need in terms of groceries. You can also visit farmers’ markets where you can try bargaining with them for the best prices! For more information visit

Food & Drink

Don’t miss any of the tastes of Montenegrin cuisine from the coast to the north. The taste of the Mediterranean lies in the holy trinity of fish, wine and olive oil and is accompanied by local wines, barska žutica – a widely known variety of olives and fish bass ... not to mention the pleasure of tasting meals on the terraces overlooking the sea or lakeshores. In the north, it is the cuisine of highlanders, served on wooden trays: cream cheese, cheese, kačamak (Montenegrin polenta with cream cheese, cheese, potatoes) and prosciutto. These are all perfectly accompanied by homemade brandy – rakija. For more information visit


Wherever you go regardless of the season, the night will take you to magical places with fantastic music and atmosphere coming from the pubs and restaurants every time the door opens. Don’t stay at one place only - try everything: parties in the open, beach parties, parties with electronic beats and guitar music or concerts of folk stars in the clubs and discotheques. For more information visit


Whatever your particular area of interest may be, you will find activities which appeal to you. Choose from performances by international contemporary music stars, classical music concerts and jazz festivals, amongst many others. For more information visit


This country is made for all kinds of adventures. Be it in winter or in summer you can choose from a variety of attractions. You can explore the mysterious depths of the coastal area or the strength of the sea waves in the furthest south. Whilst deciding on your next move, experience the hospitality of the people whilst amongst nature. Make your own path in wild nature. For more information visit:

Activities and Tours

The possibilities are endless and it is up to you to choose what you like best! Once you have made your choice you can practice your activity at your own pace. You can choose from hiking to extreme jumps from various heights. Adrenalin is the same when generated in nature or by nature and does you good. For more information visit:

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