Book flights to Limoges, capital of France’s luscious Limousin region. The region is beautifully rural and incredibly peaceful, and whether you want to walk, cycle, or drive, an adventure from Limoges into Limousin’s countryside is a great way to see real France. Staying in the city is a fine option too. Limoges’ main industry for years was the production of porcelain, glass and enamel, and the city has plenty of related sights and museums that will keep you busy for a day or two! And in typical French style, the city offers superb wining and dining to suit all budgets! Book flights to Limoges with Ryanair.
134 000 in town and 173 300 in the greater Limoges area.
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Visit Limoges and learn everything there is to know about porcelain! In 2008, the City of Limoges joined the national network of 139 "Towns and Regions of Art and History". This prestigious label is awarded by the Ministry for Culture to local authorities that have worked to promote the heritage of their region among both inhabitants and visitors. From ancient vestiges to Art Deco architecture, arts of fire and industry, 2,000 years of history have shaped the city of Limoges with a heritage rich in artifacts, architecture and know-how.

Aubusson and Marche tapestry have been renowned worldwide since the 17th century and are one of Limousin’s highlights as far as luxury crafts go. For the last 6 centuries Aubusson has been the only place in the world where all trades involved in tapestry making coexist (from the production of wool to tapestry shops). There are about 30 workshops, galleries and factories able to meet the requirements of designers, visitors and buyers. Nowadays, Aubusson and Felletin are the largest private tapestry production spots in Europe.

The Dordogne Valley

From Bort-les-Orgues, the Dordogne skips from dam to dam, bringing us light on its way. Along the Dordogne river, don’t miss Argentat, a former port for barge traffic. Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne, called the “Limousin Riviera” has a Romanesque collegiate church with a magnificently sculpted tympanum and back streets with houses full of character. Bort les Orgues with its reservoir lake is a holiday centre where you can practice all kinds of water sports. Do not miss this legendary river and its endless range of activities.

Outdoor activities

Limousin’s unspoilt landscape is essentially rural in character and continually delights those seeking to trade their stressful schedules for a little bit of peace and quiet. Put your hiking boots on and walk the Millevaches plateau or the rolling hills of Monédières. Kayakers, canoeists and anglers will find what they’re looking for on the rivers Dordogne, Vézère and Creuse. Play a round on a nine-hole golf course resort. And with its many stud farms and certified horse riding centres, it’s the perfect place to improve your riding skills. Limousin has so much to offer.

Adrien Dubouché Museum

Adrien Dubouché Museum was established from a superb private collection with over 12,000 ceramics in all forms, including the finest Limoges porcelain. For an additional fee, visitors can get the most out of the museum through an audio guide in French or English.

​Address: 8bis, place Winston Churchill, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 33 08 50​Website:​Opening hours: Open every day except Tuesdays
Motte Quarter

At the centre of this spread-out city are two separate medieval quarters – one is the area of La Cité around the Gothic cathedral, and a few hundred metres away, you will find the Château (or Motte) quarters charming streets and lanes around the former marketplace. Around these the modern boulevards and squares surround the old districts. In the heart of the Château, or Motte quarter, is rue de la Boucherie which as the name suggest - is the butchers’ chapel of Saint-Aurélien, a traditional butcher’s home and a beautiful covered market.

​Address: Rue de la Boucherie, Limoges
Bénédictins Train Station

The domed Gare des Bénédictins with its 60 metre tall clock tower is surely one of the world’s most beautiful train stations. Even if you don't plan on travelling from it, this is a Limoges must-see.

​Address: 7 pl Maison Dieu, Limoges​Website:
Cathedral and la Cité

La Cité quarter centres on the cathedral – a Gothic masterpiece surrounded by gardens, episcopal buildings and picturesque lanes of half-timbered houses. If you are more interested in the history of the cathedral, there are guided tours.

​Address: Place Saint-Étienne, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 34 46 87
The Limoges Fine Arts Museum

The Limoges Fine Arts Museum (Musée de l’Evêché), in the former Bishops’ Palace, contains the town’s Limoges enamel collection from the 12th century to the present. The museum was founded in 1912 but reconstructed between 2006 and 2010 and is now modern and intriguing.

​Address: 1 place de l’Evêché, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 45 98 10​Website:
Little Train

The Petit Train tour goes to all the main sights. It offers multilingual commentary and takes approx. one hour. This is a perfect way to get a good overview of the city's sights. It leaves from the Tourist office at:

​Address: 12 blvd de Fleurus, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 34 46 87​Website:
Les Souterrains

These tunnels under the city, once used for storage and shelter, can be visited on guided tours. One of the most popular tours goes through the Souterrains de la Règle located under the former Abbaye de la Règle.

​Address: Rue de la Règle, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 34 46 87
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Limousin Tourism Board Discover Limoges

Many restaurants and brasseries serve hearty traditional meat dishes. The Limousin region around Limoges gives its name to russet-coloured cattle famed for tasty lean beef – the main speciality. There are plenty of sheep and pig farms around the city, too, hence the tradition of butchery products. Local favourites are sausages, tripe and potée limousine (rich meat stew).
Gastronomy: a taste of authenticity

Limousin is recognized for its top quality produce (meat, apples, berries, mushrooms, etc.) and cultivates the art of fine dining. Tradition, quality and taste are the ingredients used to create mouth-watering recipes. Some foods are given labels that guarantee their quality and authenticity (“Indication Géographique Protégée”, “Label Rouge Blason Prestige”, and “Appellation d’Origine Protégée”). All these products can be found in our local daily or weekly markets, our farmers’ markets and in our restaurants.


This restaurant is located in an ancient timbered house in the picture book main street of the Motte district. Amphitryon offer a stylishly restored interior, appealing terrace, tasty cooking and an excellent wine list.

​Address: 26, Rue Boucherie, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 33 36 39
Chez Alphonse

Opposite the market, with a convivial atmosphere, this intimate bistro serves well-prepared traditional fare. It is well-visited by both locals and tourists.

​Address: 5 pl. Motte, Limoges ​Phone: +33 5 55 34 34 14
Philippe Redon

This place is said to be one of the best restaurant in town. Philippe Redon is a pretty, refined place serving delicious and imaginative seasonal cooking – not limited to local dishes.

​Address: 14 rue Adrien Dubouché, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 79 37 50​Website:
L’Escapade du Gourmet

A gleaming Belle Époque interior adds to the attraction of this good-value restaurant near the cathedral. The atmosphere is relaxed but the service is high quality.

​Address: 5 Rue du 71ème Mobiles, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 32 40 26​Website:
Les Petits Ventres

Les Petits Ventres is a popular convivial spot in an attractive old town setting. They serve excellent, well-priced menus, and strongly featuring the best of local cuisine.

​Address: 20 Rue de la Boucherie, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 34 22 90​Website:
Le Versailles

Le Versailles is decorated in a polished, old-fashioned style. Excellently-prepared unpretentious brasserie classics, as well as more imaginative and ambitious dishes are served by friendly waiters to hungry guests.

​Address: 20 Place d’Aine, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 34 13 39​Website:
Le Vanteaux

This restaurant is attractively refurbished, and gives a friendly welcome, at a location a little away from the tourist sights. They serve tasty starters, classic main courses, good side dishes and delicious desserts, all from the French cuisine.

​Address: 162 Boulevard de Vanteaux, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 49 01 26​Website:
Bars, cafés and brasseries (which serve food) overlap, all offering a place to relax, enjoy a drink and a bite to eat and watch the world go by during the day, and often far into the evening, too, when some have good music. For good bars look in the Motte/Château quarter and in the big modern squares close to the medieval district.
Brasserie Michard

Brasserie Michard is a real little brewery, located in a city centre square. They make and serve six different beers including ambrée brewed from English hops. Take a seat on either of the two floors plus big terrace and enjoy the calm atmosphere and tasty flammekueches (flambé tarts).

​Address: 8 Place Denis Dussoubs, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 79 37 98​Website:
Pomme Cannelle

This stylish corner café might appear a bit pricey but it is noted for its house cocktails and the most exquisite patisseries. It is often crowded, especially during lunch time.

​Address: 18 Place de la Republique, Limoges ​Phone: +33 5 55 79 95 45
O’brien Tavern

O’brien Tavern is a warm and friendly tavern in Irish style, with a wide range of good beers, snooker and even a dartboard. Sometimes here is live music. Open till around 01.00.

​Address: 6 Cours Jourdan, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 10 96 96​Website:
La Bibliothèque

The name means ‘Library,’ and that’s what this charming café-bar used to be. It has preserved much of that unusual setting but also offers sport on big TV-screens. Here you find good food, both international and French.

​Address: 7 Rue Thurgot, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 11 00 47
La Nouvelle Louisiane

This is a popular salon de thé with tempting light lunches and pastries. The café is small and 100 percent non-smoking. Come here to experience a traditional French bakery.

​Address: 2 rue Dalesme Place, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 34 10 34
With 20,000 students living in Limoges, there are dozens of late-night bars, clubs and discos around the city centre. In addition, there are cabaret venues, concerts, classical dance and stage productions.
Opéra de Limoges

This is the principal venue for a highly cultured town as Limoges. Operas, operettas, a ballet every season, concerts and drama are just a few of the highlights staged here.

​Address: 48 rue Jean Jaures, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 45 95 00​Website:
Le Tabernacle

Le Tabernacle provides good fun on two floors, with a music-bar upstairs and a disco on the lower level. The lighting is intimate and a wide range of music is offered right through the night.

​Address: 22 rue de la Loi, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 34 69 80
Le Buckingham

“Le Buck” is a long-standing late night music bar for the student crowd. Lose yourself on the big dance floor and party all night long. The crowd comes here late.

​Address: 23 blvd Saint Maurice, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 33 66 73​Website:
La Fourmi

La Fourmi is located by the riverside, in an old textile district. It is an all-night café-bar of character with a fascinating mix of music and cabaret. Different kinds of performances are held here on a regular basis.

​Address: 3 rue Font Pinot, Limoges​Phone: +33 5 55 34 54 13​Website:
Showbiz Discothèque

9 km away from the centre, this large complex includes a nightclub and a huge disco with several dance floors catering to different music styles. It is only open on Fridays and Saturdays and they open late, 23.00.

​Address: Mazerollas, Condat-sur-Vienne​Phone: +33 6 73 95 89 67
Main shopping streets are in the Place Motte area and on avenues surrounding the medieval districts – especially Boulevard Louis Blanc, where there are high quality fabric, furnishing, interior design and antiques stores, as well as porcelain specialists – no.2 is a branch of Lachaniette, prestigious nationwide retailers stocking the finest glassware, crystal and Limoges china. For porcelain straight from the factory, Le Pavillon de la Porcelaine is the shop of Havilland Limoges (Ave du Président Kennedy). More antiques shops cluster around Place de la Motte and along Rue de la Boucherie. Among them are Antiquités Michel Naudet (4 rue des Tanneries) and Antiquités Aubour Michel (8 Rue de la Boucherie). Limoges is also a gourmet’s town. There are specialist food shops in and around Rue de la Boucherie, leading to the attractive covered market of 1889, where a lovely porcelain frieze on the outside shows produce that can be bought inside. For fine wines, try Cave Pére Laurent (3 pl Motte).
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