Book flights to Prague with Ryanair, and check out the Czech capital. It’s the sort of place that appeals to both stag parties and culture vultures alike, and with very good reason. It’s a heady mix of cosmopolitan chic and Bohemian charm, but with an interesting hangover left from the communist era that you can really feel… Prague is a beautiful city that shows you where it’s going, but also where it’s been. It’s got all the spectacular beauty you could hope for in a city, and if that weren’t enough - it has some of the best beer in the world! Book your flights to Prague today.
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The Czech capital is small and compact, with hospody (beerhouses) that offer the world’s best beers stationed on every street corner. The most important areas are the central districts of the city: Staré Město (Old Town), Josefov, Nové Město (New Town), and Malá Strana (Lesser Town). These are best explored on foot.
Staroměstské náměsti

The Old Town market place with its pastel-coloured baroque houses and cathedral, is one of Europe’s most beautiful squares. In the centre stands a large statue of the religious leader from the 1400s, Jan Hus.

​Address: Staroměstské náměsti 1
Obecní dům (Municipal House)

This art nouveau palace was erected after the right-wing revolution, which, during the second half of the 19th century, came to transform Prague into a modern capitalist city. Before the inauguration in 1911, all of the Czech artist elite of the time, helped to create what is today one of Europe’s finest art nouveau monuments. The building was renovated from 1994-97 and houses a gallery, a beer cellar, and a bar.

​Address: namesti Republiky 5​Phone: +420 222 002 101​Website:
Staronová Synagoga (Old-New Synagogue)

Staronová Synagoga is one of the oldest synagogues in Europe. This is where Rabbi Löw, who created Golem—the clay figure which was to protect Prague’s Jewish population from persecution—preached.

​Address: Červená​Phone: +420 224 800 812-813​Website:
Veletržní palác

This handsome, functional building from the 1920s is where trade fairs used to be held until 1951. Later, it served as headquarters for foreign trade companies. Today, it houses the National Gallery collections of modern, international, and Czech art.

​Address: Dukelských hrdinů 47​Phone: +420 224 301 111​Website:
Prague Castle and St. Vitus’ Cathedral

The whole of Prague Castle, the area which lies on a hill overlooking the city, is a must for any visitor. The castle’s history goes back to the 11th century and it is said today to be Europe’s largest castle. The gothic St.Vitus’ Cathedral, which took more than 600 years to build, is most significant and impressive.

​Address: Pražský hrad, Praha 1 - Hradčany​Website:
Karlův most (Charles Bridge)

The bridge was built in 1357 under the guidance of Charles IV, and up to the 19th century it remained the only bridge connecting both sides of Prague. Take a stroll over the bridge and learn the names of the 30 saints whose statues stand sentinel there.

​Address: Karlův Most
Beer Tasting

Many people associate the Czech Republic as a beer producing country and rightly so. If there is one place where you should take the opportunity to sample some of the best beer in the world, it's here. There is a wide selection of pubs where you can begin your tasting.

Astronomical Clock

This clock has been ticking since 1490 on the wall of Old Town City Hall in the Old Town Square. Every hour between 8 am and 8 pm, visitors can see the Apostles as small wooden figures appear from the clock. Taking a closer look at it, one can see mystical zodiac signs on the clock´s face.

​Address: Old Town Square
Catch local acts

Experiencing local musicians in the city you are visiting is a great way of getting a sense of the country´s cultural and political views. In Prague there are many places where you can catch local acts, for example Akropolis, Lucerna Music Bar and Vagon. Akropolis Kubelíkova 27 Lucerna Music Bar Vodičkova 36 Vagon Národní třída 25

Bungee Jump

If going to Prague is not thrilling enough then you should try out bungee jumping from Zvikov bridge. K.I bungee jump have been around since 1993 and is a good option if you dare to try it out.

​Address: Zvikov bridge​Phone: +420 777 25 01 26​Website:​More info:
Divadlo Minor

Divadlo Minor invites you to a puppet show. The shows are big in Prague and have a long history of storytelling in the whole of Czech Rebublic. Do not mistake it for a show only for children as they also are aimed to adults.

​Address: Vodičkova 6​Website:

There are many places to go to for a drink in Prague and the casinos are always a good choice. Palais Savarin is highly recommended even if you do not gamble since the interior is simply amazing. If you are a fan of James Bond, then you should head to Banco Casino as it is one of the casinos which appear in the movie Casino Royale.

​Address: Palais Savarin, Na příkopě 10​Phone: +420 251 177 888​Website:
State Opera

If you are a fan of the opera then you cannot miss Prague’s State Opera. Take a night out, dress up and enjoy the elegance that Prague and the Opera have to offer. When arriving, it is possible to order refreshments for the pause.

​Address: Legerova 75​Phone: +420 296 117 111​Website:
Prague Zoo

Here you will see some lovely views over gorgeous animals in a well composed area. It is worth enjoying a day walking around and learning more about different interesting animals, such as the gorillas. The zoo is easy to access from down town Prague.

​Address: U Trojského zámku 3/120​Phone: +420 296 112 230​Website:
KGB Museum

The KGB museum house many different and interesting artefacts. You can, for example, see Lenin´s death mask, different equipment used in laboratories by the KGB and Trotsky´s murder weapon. You even have the possibility to try on various military head gear.

​Address: Mala Strana Vlasska 13​Phone: +420 272 048 047​Website:
Many international cuisines have been introduced to the Prague restaurant scene, but the Central European fare still dominates. Classic, Czech homely meals include Svíčková (roast beef with cream sauce), and the national dish, Vepřo-knedlo-zelo (pork with sauerkraut and dumplings). These can be had at any hospoda—beerhouse—along with a cold pilsner.

The luxury restaurant Alchymist provides a kitsch variant of Prague’s history. Blood-red curtains, Louis XIV chairs and candelabras characterise the furnishings. The cuisine is original Italian and the service is excellent.

​Address: Nosticova 1​Phone: +420 257 312 513​Website:

Kolkovna serves the best Czech food in Old Town. Enjoy thick soups, grilled meat, and fish which are topped with unpasteurised Pilsner Urquell.

​Address: Na Příkopě 10​Phone: +420 277 008 880​Website:

Cantina serves very good Mexican food at reasonable prices and stocks a decent selection of tequila. Always full, so if you want a table in the evening it is best to book early.

​Address: Újezd 38​Phone: +420 257 317 173​Website:
U Básníka Pánve

U Básníka Pánve serves an example of a cuisine that is a little more ”nouveau Czech.” Classic dishes with a twist—such as extra-spicy goulash—that are inexpensive and phenomenally good.

​Address: Mánesova 62​Phone: +420 222 250 072​Website:
La Lavande

A chef from the Sarah Bernhardt restaurant at Hotel Paris, opens his own restaurant in Vinohrady. The result: possibly, the best and cheapest French food in Prague.

​Address: Záhřebská 24​Phone: +420 608 579 835​Website:
Malý Buddha (”Little Buddha”)

”Little Buddha” is Prague’s best value restaurant, particularly bearing in mind its location—just a stone’s throw from Prague Castle. Chinese and Vietnamese specialities and a large selection of good teas. Non-smoking.

​Address: Úvoz 46​Phone: +420 220 513 894​Website:
7 Angels

7 Angels is located just by the Old Town Square in Prague. The menu is traditional Czech cuisine and lovely vegetarian food. They have a warm interior and live music every Friday and Saturday.

​Address: Jilska 20​Phone: +420 224 234 381​Website:

If you get the chance to go to Bellevue it will be one of the best food experiences you will have in Prague. There is nothing to complain about as the menu, service and atmosphere is nothing but excellent.

​Address: Smetanovo Nabrezi 18​Phone: +420 222 221 443​Website:

Welcome to this gem in central Prague. Maitrea serves vegetarian food but even if you are a meat lover you will definitely not get disappointed on the cuisine.

​Address: Tynska ulicka 6/1064​Phone: +420 221 711 631​Website:
Indian by Nature

If you are in the mood for something spicy and really hungry then Indian by Nature´s buffet is highly recommended. They also have an extensive dinner menu.

​Address: Pernerova 478/1​Phone: +420 601 200 198​Website:
Ristorante Carmelita

Ristorante Carmelita prepares lovely thin crusted pizzas with plenty of toppings over oak wood. They have an Italian menu with many delighted dinner options but the pizzas are to recommend.

​Address: Ujezd 406/31​Phone: +420 257 312 564​Website:
La Casa Argentina

This is the ultimate place for any meat lover! The meat is prepared from Argentine bulls on a ‘parrilla’ open grill. To these, well tasting steaks, you can choose from a wide range of Argentine wines. They also serve delicious seafood and salads.

​Address: Dlouhá 35/730​Phone: +420 222 311 512​Website:​More info:
La Veranda

If you are willing spend a bit more than average on food then La Veranda is a good option. They are recommended by the Michelin guide and most of their food is organic and produced from local farmers in Czech Republic.

​Address: Elišky Krásnohorské 2/10​Phone: +420 224 814 733​Website:
Bohemia Bagel

This bagel chain is located on different locations around town, but this is however the original store. Bohemia Bagel is American inspired, so even if you are not in the mood for a bagel you will find blueberry pancakes, cheeseburgers and a Philly cheese steak which is a must try.

​Address: Masná 2​Phone: +420 224 812 560​Website:

Coda is a fine dining restaurant and a part of the luxury hotel Aria. The food is excellent and so is the service and atmosphere. Both the hotel and restaurant carries a music theme inspired from both composers and musicians.

​Address: Tržiště 9​Phone: +420 225 334 761​Website:
Prague has always been a good town for cafés. Around the turn of the last century this meant large middle class premises—which re-opened during the 1990s—and after the Velvet Revolution of 1989, a lot of smaller, cosy cafés opened with bric-à-brac décor.
Café Slavia

Of all Prague’s old, traditional cafés, Slavia is the most well-known. This is where members of the Czech avant-garde would sit in the early 1900s, and, during the Communist era, dissidents used to gather here, the secret police spying from only a couple of tables away. The view towards Prague Castle is simply stunning, but if you get tired of it, you can always look at the fine painting, ’the Absinthe Drinker.’

​Address: Smetanovo nábřeží 1012/2, Praha 1​Phone: +420 224 218 493​Website:
Café Louvre

Café Louvre is Franz Kafka’s and Albert Einstein’s favourite café, it also housed Prague’s first billiard hall. One major perk here is their home made cakes.

​Address: Národní 22​Phone: +420 224 930 949​Website:

On a heavily tree-lined Prague Street, stands the city’s cosiest café—a Prague café with a typically young atmosphere, upholstered chairs, a few tables and sofas.

​Address: Belgická 17​Phone: +420 222 515 107
Kavárna Obecní dům

Kavárna Obecní dům is a relaxing café designed in Art Nouveau style with high ceilings, large windows, mirrors and beautiful crystal chandeliers.

​Address: Náměstí Republiky 5​Phone: +420 222 002 763​Website: http://www.kavarnaod.czSubway: Metro B to Náměstí Republiky
Mistral Café

Café and restaurant Mistral is located at the historical Old Town. Whether you choose Czech specialities or international cuisine, you will get inspired by the relaxing atmosphere.

​Address: Valentinská 11​Phone: +420 222 317 737​Website:
Prague has a lively nightlife and anyone who wants to, can dance at the night clubs until dawn. Most Pražani (the Prague inhabitants) start the evening at one of the city’s many bars, cafés, or beerhouses.
Radost FX

The night club, restaurant, and cocktail bar known as Radost (joy) FX, flies in internationally famous DJ’s from around the world, and wins prizes for its delicious drinks. The club was chosen, by the British Ministry, as one of the world’s best. Don’t miss the vegetarian restaurant, which is open late every night.

​Address: Bělehradská 120​Phone: +420 603 193 711​Website:
Palác Akropolis

Palác Akropolis is a Prague institution in Žižkov, the part of town known as Prague’s Bronx. The brightly coloured building was erected in the 1920s as a cultural meeting place. It houses a restaurant on the ground floor, and a stage in the basement. Excellent live music venue for alternative and world music.

​Address: Kubelíkova 1548/27​Phone: +420 296 330 911​Website:
U Staré Pani (The Old Lady’s Place)

Prague is rightly famous for its jazz, and offer bands which play everything from bebop to big band jazz and avant-garde. The ’Old Lady’ is the best club to start your tour.

​Address: Michalská 9​Phone: +420 603 551 680​Website:
Baráčnická Rychta

Baráčnická Rychta is a cosy Czech beer hall with a history going back to the 1800s, when it served as a meeting place for people who wanted to revive ancient Czech traditions. Today, on a stage below the pub, you can see everything from Czech folk music to Ukrainian punk bands.

​Address: Tržiště 23/255​Phone: +420 257 532 461​Website:
Bugsy’s Bar

Tucked away in an elegant, traditional basement, Bugsy’s has been picked as one of the world’s best by international trade bodies. The cocktails are reason enough to visit this bar.

​Address: Pařížská 10​Phone: +420 840 284 797​Website:
If you want to shop for uniquely Czech products in Prague, you should visit the small boutiques selling domestic designer clothes, and look for reproductions of the utility designs created by Czech modernists in the 1920s and ’30s—both sectors have grown considerably in recent years. Another traditional item to shop for is Bohemian cut glass.
Designer Clothes

Even though there are no exact shopping areas for smaller shops with designer clothing, you will encounter a small concentration of them on Karoliny Světlé and Bartolomějská streets, in New Town. Boutiques such as Leeda, Toalette and Alice Abraham offer a good starting point.

​Address: Karoliny Světlé street Bartolomějská street
Main Shopping Areas

Prague’s main shopping areas are situated in New Town: on Václavské námesti (Wenceslas Square), and, immediately below, on the pedestrian mall Na Příkopě. There are large individual shops and chain stores such as H&M, Zara, and Marks & Spencers, as well as several large department stores.

​Address: Václavské námesti (Wenceslas Square)
Antiques and Art

If you take a stroll from the market place Havelské tržiště in Old Town, across Michalská street, you will find several antique shops and stores displaying typical Prague artwork on the way.

​Address: Havelské tržiště in Old Town
Cut glass

The Czech Republic is deservedly well-known for its cut glass, and a wide range is on offer at the shops around Staroměstské náměsti (Old Town Square).

​Address: Staroměstské náměsti (Old Town Square)
Czech Design

The work of young Czech designers can be found at Qubus on Ramova 3, around the corner from the square. Anyone who wants modernist design in the form of cubism or functionalism visit the shop Kubista on Celetná 34/Ovocný trh 12, also close to the Old Town Square.

​Address: Rámová 3
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Ruzyne Airport

Ruzyne Airport is located 20 kilometres to the northwest of the city centre. There are minibuses with shared fares. They take you to Metro A Station Dejvická and to Metro B station Námešti Republiky in Central Prague. The cheapest solution is to go by bus. Number 119 will drop you at the Metro A station Dejvická, and bus number 100 at Metro B station Zličín (change to Metro B to get to the city centre). You can buy a transfer ticket, valid for 75 minutes, in the flight terminal or at the ticket vending machine at the bus stop. The bus runs between 4 am and midnight. The Airport Express runs via Terminal North 1 – Terminal North 2 – Nádraží Holešovice Metro and train station (change to metro line C to get to the city centre).

​Address: K Letišti 6/1019​Phone: +420 220 111 888​Website:
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