Pay a visit to the Piedmont region of Italy when you book flights to Turin with Ryanair. Although it’s possibly most famous as the home place of the Shroud, Turin is a city with plenty more going for it than just the religious relic. Apart from an abundance of beautiful and fascinating baroque art and architecture, Turin boasts some seriously good eats. It’s home to some of the best chocolate and coffee in the world, and once you experience the aperitivo scene in the city, you might want to conveniently forget about your return flight! Book flights to Turin today.
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Turin has many cultural hot spots such as art galleries, opera houses, theatres and museums. This is because of a vivid history that up until this very day still colours the streets and the atmosphere.
The Film Museum - Museo Nazionale Del Cinema

Italian film was born in Turin and this is where the country’s exciting film museum is located. You will find it inside the Mole Antonelliana, in a tall brick building with a magnificent view.

​Address: Via Montebello 20, Turin​Phone: +39 011 8138 560​Website:
Basilica Di Superga

This is a church from the 18th century with graves of popes. On site there is a football museum in memory of an airplane that crashed with players from AC Turin on board. The view of the city from here is amazing. To get here you can choose between a bus, mountain railway or long-distance footpath up.

​Address: Strada della Basilica di Superga 73, Turin​Phone: +39 011 8997 456​Website:
Palazzo Reale

Palazzo Reale is a royal palace from 1646-1861 with magnificent objects from the Baroque and Rococo periods. Right next to the palace there is a beautiful and peaceful garden.

​Address: Piazzetta Reale 10122, Torino​Phone: +39 011 4361 455​Website:
Parco del Valentino

Parco del Valentino is a famous public park that covers an area of 421,000 m², side by side with the river Po. Colourful flower beds and a small stream with wooden bridges crossing it creates a peaceful haven in the midst of the bustling city.

​Address: Corso Massimo D'Azeglio, Turin​Opening hours: Open every day all year around
Street Markets Porta Palazzo and Balon

If you like a bargain you will get the opportunity to stock up on vegetables, fruit and groceries at the street markets Porta Palazzo and Balon. These markets are feasts for all your senses!

​Address: Piazza della Repubblica, Turin
The cuisine of Piedmont

The cuisine of Piedmont has more flavour than the French cuisine. Beef, white truffles, cheese of all shapes, chestnut honey, chocolate, beetroot mustard and hazelnuts are a few of the specialties. The inevitable bread stick grissini was baked for a king with a bad stomach. Excellent red wines in the form of Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera and Dolcetto are produced in the region, especially in the Langhe district. Recommended trips are to the south to Alba, Barolo and Bra where the Slow Food headquarters are located. Aperitifs like Vermouth, Carpano and martinis were invented in Piedmont - which is also a small place. There is much to discover food wise when exploring the green hill landscapes.

Juventus Stadium and Museum

This is a must see for all football fans. You can choose between a visit to the stadium or the museum, or why not both? Tickets can be purchased at the Juventus Ticket Office.

​Address: Strada Comunale di Altessano, 131, Turin​Phone: +39 02 6006 0900​Website:​Opening hours: Make sure to check the opening hours before visiting since the opening hours vary during match days​More info: The Juventus Ticket Office closes one hour before the museum
Egyptian Museum of Turin

Solely dedicated to Egyptian Art this museum is very much alike the one in Cairo. The collection is a result of many findings including that ones from the excavations in Egypt between the years of 1900 and 1935.

​Address: V. Accademia delle Scienze, 6, Turin​Phone: +39 011 5617 776​Website:​Opening hours: Open Tue-Sun 8.30am-7.30pm​More info: Last admission at 6.30pm
Pietro Micca Museum

Go on a journey to the past and the days when Turin was besieged by France for four months. You can visit the museum and the tunnel system, below street level, in which the war was fought.

​Address: Via Guicciardini 7a, Turin​Phone: +39 011 546 317​Website:​Opening hours: Open Tue-Sun 10am-6pm. Closed on Mondays​More info: Last entry at 5 pm
Piazza Vittorio Veneto

Magical Piazza Vittorio Veneto is a square in the middle of the city. Here, in the heart of Turin, you will find numerous cafés and places to have a drink or a meal.

​Address: Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Turin
Zoom Torino

For an experience close to nature visit Zoom Torino. This zoo has different species like penguins, zebras, giraffes and many more. Enjoy a day of fun and learning walking around this park. The water park and pool, Bolder Beach, is an extension of the park. You can buy a combined ticket for both attractions.

​Address: Strada Piscina, 36, Turin​Phone: +39 011 9070 419​Website:​Opening hours: Open every day
Ego Day Spa

A bit outside Turin this Spa is located in a beautiful location. Enjoy a day of relaxation in the hammam, a well-need massage or bath.

​Address: Via Monte Angiolino, 2, Turin​Phone: +39 012 3320 718​Website:
City Sightseeing Turin

For an authentic experience of the city of Turin, the City Sightseeing bus will make you feel the culture of the city while taking you around town to see all the monuments. The classic tour goes through the city centre including the Egyptian Museum.

​Address: Piazza Castello/Via Garibaldi, Turin​Phone: +39 011 535 181​Website:
Sacra di San Michele

A trip to Sacra di San Michele is a great half-day activity. This basilica is of high religious importance and got the name of the archangel Michael. The interior is majestic and the surroundings are surely breath-taking. You can reach Sacra di San Michele by train, bus, car or walking.

​Address: Via alla Sacra, 14, Turin​Phone: +39 011 939 130​Website:​Opening hours: Open 9.30am-1.30pm and 2.30pm-5pm. Closed Mondays except the months of July, August and September. Opening hours may vary depending on the season​More info: The last entry is allowed 30 minutes before Sacra di San Michele closes
Turin is the gastronomical centre point in Piedmont. Gourmets and gifted chefs have always been happy here and contributed in the creation of for example the Gianduja cream.
Porto Di Savona

Porto Di Savona is a classic restaurant in an older style. The menu is very traditional and contains specialities from Piemonte like polenta, anchovies with green dressing and vitello tonnato.

​Address: Piazza Vittorio Veneto 2, Turin​Phone: +39 011 8173 500​Website:
Ristorante Combal Zero

In Turin, Ristorante Combal Zero is one of the restaurants with a Michelin star. It is beautifully located at the art museum with mountains in the background. The restaurant is located in the suburb of Rivoli.

​Address: Piazza Mafalda di Savola, Rivoli, Turin​Phone: +39 011 9565 225​Website:
Tre Galli

Tre Galli is a well-known restaurant and wine bar in Quadrilatero Romano. The restaurant serves traditional and authentic Italian cuisine in an old fashioned atmosphere.

​Address: Via Sant’Agostino, 25, Turin​Phone: +39 011 5216 027​Website:
Le Vitel Étonné

This charming restaurant is run by Christina and Louisa. There is a wine bar in the cellar with the region’s excellent red wines to drink together with cheese, pear sauce and grissini.

​Address: Via San Francesco da Paola 4, Turin​Phone: +39 011 8124 621​Website:
L´Acino Restaurant

L´Acino Restaurant is a small, buzzing restaurant with a wine bar. The wine menu is impressive and the food is just excellent. This is a good place for everyone looking for a traditional Pietmontese cooking and is especially good for families.

​Address: Via San Domenico 2/A, 10122, Turin​Phone: +39 011 5217 077
Adonis Creperie

At Adonis Creperie you can choose between homemade cookies, American coffee, crepes and much more. The crepes are beautifully presented and there will definitely be one suiting every taste.

​Address: Largo Saluzzo 25E, Turin​Phone: +39 011 0769 491​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Sat 12pm-2.30pm and 7.30pm-11pm. Sunday brunch 11am-3pm. Closed on Sunday evenings

This Italian-Asian fusion restaurant will surprise you with innovative courses. Come here for a special occasion or to enjoy a unique dinner experience with family and friends.

​Address: Corso Rosselli 54/a, Turin​Phone: +39 011 5096 561​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Sat 8pm-11pm
Ristorante Il Circolo dei Lettori

Located in the premises of a private literary club, Ristorante Il Circolo dei Lettori is a hidden gem in Turin. The literary club has opened its doors to this restaurant that serves great food for both lunch and dinner in a unique atmosphere.

​Address: Via Bogino 9, Turin​Phone: +39 011 4326 827​Website:
Ristorante Galante

This restaurant is located on Coro Palestro in the heart of Turin. Ristorante Galante has a romantic atmosphere and is popular among its guests.

​Address: Corso Palestro, 15, Turin​Phone: +39 011 532 163​Website:​Opening hours: Open 12.30pm-2.30pm and 19.45-23.00. Closed on Saturday lunch and Sunday
Gofreria Piemonteisa

The 'gofre' is a crispy wafer derived from ancient traditions. This restaurant is a small street food restaurant in the city centre that continually delights their customers. It is definitely worth it to stop by this place when in Turin.

​Address: Via San Tommaso, 4/a, Turin​Phone: +39 084 2920 0010​Website:

This upscale restaurant with a friendly atmosphere offers a variety of seafood dishes. It is recommended to try the popular oysters at Simini.

​Address: Racconigi, 30, Turin​Phone: +39 011 3352 032​Website:

If you like Japanese food you should try Wasabi, a restaurant located in the centre of the city. The atmosphere is great and the restaurant is claimed by its customers to have the best sushi in Turin.

​Address: Corso Ferrucci, 72, Turin​Phone: +39 011 4473 812
Mare Nostrum

For an authentic taste of the Mediterranean, Mare Nostrum serves sea food with a great variety of dishes. The restaurant is located near the river and many guests seems to be satisfied by this little oasis in Turin.

​Address: Via Matteo Pescatore, 16, Turin​Phone: +39 011 8394 543​Website:​Opening hours: Open for dinner only. Closed on Sundays
The Beef Brasserie

The Beef Brasserie is the place for having great beef, steaks and beer in a relaxed atmosphere. You can come here for dinner or the brunch where the restaurant has dishes on the menu like ‘Italian Brunch’, ‘Nordic Brunch’ and ‘French Brunch’.

​Address: Corso Moncalieri, 5/b, Turin​Phone: +39 011 8193 378​Website:
La Barrique

The chef at La Barrique, Stefano Gallo, is passionate about food. The dishes have an original taste in the true philosophy of Stefano. In 2004 the restaurant got a Michelin Star.

​Address: Corso Dante 53, Turin​Phone: +39 011 657 900​Website:​Opening hours: Open 12.30pm-2.30pm and 8pm-10.30pm. Closed Sundays and lunch on Mondays
Italy knows coffee, and Turin is no exception. The coffee shops are comfortable and the coffee is not only tasty and of high quality, but also reasonably priced.
Caffé Neuv Caval De Brons

In this impressive café you can feel the pulse of Turin and visit a restaurant with a lot of unusual dishes. Many famous people like Ingrid Bergman, Frank Sinatra, Orson Welles and King Leopold II of Belgium have visited this café.

​Address: Piazza San Carlo 155, Turin​Phone: +39 011 545 354 ​Website:
Caffé Fiorio

In the 19th century Caffé Fiorio used to be a meeting place for the aristocracy, civil servants and intellectuals. The elegance still remains today in the inner rooms and if you want a traditional cup of coffee this is the place to go.

​Address: Via Po, 8, Turin​Phone: +39 011 8173 225​Website:
Caffé Al Bicerin

This mini café opened in 1763 and is warm and elegant. There are no less than eight marble tables, mirrors and sweets in this café. Coming early is a good idea if you want a table on Saturdays. The recipe for the Bicerin drink is still a secret.

​Address: Piazza della Consolata 5, Turin​Phone: +39 011 4369 325​Website:​Opening hours: Open: 8.30am-7.30pm. Closed every Wednesday
Caffè della Basilica

Caffè della Basilica is a quaint venue where you can try handcrafted beer and drink in the traditional settings at the same time.

​Address: Via della Basilica 3, Turin​Phone: +39 349 35 49 553 ​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Sat 12am-2.30pm and 7.30pm-2am. Closed on Sundays
Caffè San Carlo

The most memorable quality of the Caffè San Carlo is its striking interior design. An impressive chandelier dominates the room and sets the standard for all the other details. The breakfast is definitely worth trying with croissants, cakes and Arabic blends for aromatic cappuccinos and coffees.

​Address: Piazza San Carlo 156, Turin​Phone: +39 011 532 586​Website:
Most theatres and bars are located around the Piazza San Carlo. There is an intense nightlife in the Murazzi district, down by the River Po. There is an abundance of popular places here, and in summertime people sit outside. Several large clubs have sprung up in the old industrial area called Docks Dora.
Hiroshima Mon Amour

In 1986 this well-known live venue and dance hall on two floors opened. A small selection of artists that have performed here are Patti Smith, Kraftwerk, Sinéad O’Connor, Astor Piazzola, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan.

​Address: Via Bossoli 83, Turin​Phone: +39 011 3176 636​Website:
Café Blue

Café Blue is located in factory premises that has become a dance temple. The trendy and young Turinese people occupy the cavernous spaces.

​Address: Via Valprato 68, Docks Dora​More info: There are more clubs at the same address
Matilda Fashion

Sixties inspired and a meeting place for fashion conscious hunters of both sexes, Matilda Fashion is a popular, exciting place playing interesting world music.

​Address: Corso Massimo d´Azeglio, Turin
Birrificio Torino

This pub and restaurant’s unique selling point is the unfiltered beer and the micro-brewery which was revived a few years ago. This genuine pub with brick walls and dark wood has a great atmosphere. If you are intrigued by the beer, Birrificio Torino offers guided tours in the brewery.

​Address: Via Parma 30, Turin​Phone: +39 011 2876 562​Website:
BANUS Dinnerclub

After dinner, this place transforms into an exciting night club. Some evenings Banus Night Club has live music and cabaret performances. Elegance and exclusivity are the key words best used to describe Banus Night Club.

​Address: Corso Moncalieri, 145, Turin​Phone: +39 011 1993 3783​Website:
In the Quadrilatera Romani, shopping is inviting thanks to the many arcades which offer protection against the heat, rain, wind and snow. The best shops and a number of continental cafés are to be found under the arcades. The classical shopping street with all the Italian designer brands is called Via Roma. The department stores on the parallel street, Via Lagrange, also offer Italian luxury, though the range is more varied. Via Garibaldi, the pedestrianized street, has a large range of youth oriented fashion clothes. This is also where you will find the Juventus football club shop with pictures of Zlatan. In the side streets there are congenial small shops with unusual bits and pieces. Antiquities are on Via Maria Vittoria, the street for books is called Via Po. The Porta Palazzo market calls itself "the biggest in the world" and starts at Piazza della Repubblica. You can easily spend an hour at the food stalls, or look for bargains from the 1920’s or the 1930’s at the bric-a-brac market. On Saturdays there is a large flea market called Il Balon. Regional wines are sold directly by the producers on the medieval square Piazza Palazzo di Giotta.
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Sandro Pertini International Airport

The Sandro Pertini International Airport is located in Torino Caselle about 15 kilometres from the city centre. The railway station is located a few metres from the airport. The train to 'GTT Dora Railway Station' takes approximately 19 minutes and runs from about 5am-11pm to the airport, and from about 5am-9.45pm from the airport. The trains departs every 30 minutes. A one-way ticket costs €3.70 and a one-day ticket €6.80. +39 011 2165 352 Buses to the city centre, Porta Nuova and Porta Susa railway stations, depart close to the departures hall and the journey takes about 45-50 minutes. The buses run from 5.15am-11pm to the airport and from 6.10am until midnight to the city from the airport. The price for a one-way ticket is €6,50 (+0.50 € aboard). With the Turin+Piemonte Card the fare is €5. +39 011 3000 611 The bus services to the Olympic Mountains of Susa and Chisone Valleys, with several stops enroute, run every Saturday and Sunday. A one-way ticket costs €34. +39 012 169 031 Taxis cost approximately €30-€50 to reach downtown Turin and the journey takes about 30 minutes. Beware of the queues during rush hour traffic. Pronto Taxi +39 011 57 37 Radio Taxi +39 011 57 30

​Address: Pertini International Airport, Turin Caselle​Phone: +39 011 5676 378​Website:​More info: Prices updated July 2013
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