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24 July: Temporary closure of Eindhoven Airport

The Dutch Ministry of Defence has advised of the closure of Eindhoven Airport to commercial flights between 15.45 and 18.30 hrs, local time today (24 July) due to the MH17 ceremony taking place.

As a consequence the  below list of flights will be delayed, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Flight           Departure              Arrival
FR8227            Alghero                       Bratislava
FR9231            Alghero                       Eindhoven
FR4535            Bergamo                     Eindhoven
FR8226            Bratislava                    Alghero
FR4061            Catania                       Eindhoven
FR9232            Eindhoven                  Alghero
FR4536            Eindhoven                  Bergamo
FR4062            Eindhoven                  Catania
FR6506            Endhoven                   Marseille
FR7783            Malaga                        Marseille
FR6505            Marseille                     Eindhoven
FR7782            Marseille                     Malaga
FR9615            Rome Ciampino           Eindhoven

24-26 Jun: French ATC Strike - Called Off 24:00hrs Wed 25 June

18:30 Update: French ATC Strike       French ATC Strike called off at 24:00hrs Wed 25 Jun

Wednesday 25th June 

The slot delays caused by the French/Belgian ATC strikes today are continuing to cause severe disruptions for our customers. ATC delays of up to 4 hours are now being allocated to Ryanair flights operating to/from France, and also flying over France.

We expect that these delays will continue to build through the evening as the backlog of delayed flights rises. In order to minimise disruptions on the rest of our network Ryanair has been forced regrettably to cancel approx. 15% of Ryanair’s total schedule of over 1,600 flights today.

Belgian ATC have confirmed that they will strike between 18:00 and 20:00hrs (Belgian time) which will cause further disruptions to our flights.

All customers affected by these cancellations will be contacted by email and SMS later today and offered a choice of reaccommodation on later flights or full refunds.

Ryanair apologises sincerely for any delays or inconvenience caused to our customers by this unnecessary and regrettable French/Belgian ATC strike.

Thursday 26th June

We have been advised that the French ATC strike has been cancelled with effect from 24:00hrs Wednesday 25th Jun. All Ryanair scheduled flights on Thursday 26th will operate as normal. All booked customers should proceed to the departure airport as normal. 

List of cancelled flights: Wednesday 25th June

List of cancelled flights: Tuesday 24th June


NOTE: If your booking includes a flight which has not been cancelled you will be UNABLE to transfer that flight to an alternative date online. To transfer any such flight free of charge please contact a call centre.


For call centre contacts and opening hours Click Here 

For the written EU261 notice on compensation and assistance Click Here

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Changes to Online Check in Deadlines

The opening times for online check-in are between 30 days and 2 hours before each flight.

Please note:

30 Day Advance Online Check-In  is only available to customers who purchase their preferred allocated seat.

If you choose to purchase an allocated seat, there are 2 types available:

Premium Seat -
Rows 1-5 (rapid exit), Rows 16 & 17 (extra leg room) and Rows 32 & 33 (rapid exit). Available from £/€ 10 (including Priority Boarding)

Regular Seat - Rows 6-15 & 18-31 available from £/€5. These seats can be upgraded to include Priority Boarding for a small supplement of £/€2.

7 Day General Online Check-In - Customers who don’t wish to pay for an allocated seat can check-in online between 7 days to 2 hours prior to each flight and will be allocated a seat free of charge

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