The idyllic coastal town of Ängelholm is a potters’ town with artistic creativity in abundance, stocked with art galleries, potteries and studios. In the centre of town, Hembygdsparken with its folk museum and mini zoo stocked with Scandinavian animals attracts visitors of all ages. Visit the exploratory railroad museum, Järnvägens Museum Ängelholm, and the Ängelholms Flygmuseum, dedicated to aviation, complete with a flight simulator. Furthermore, golfers will love our courses. With something for everyone, we are waiting to welcome you.
Swedish krona, 1 Kr = 100 Öre
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A paradise for active people, Ängelholm's coastline, forests and country roads are all made for hiking or riding your bike along them. Go on a day trip or stay overnight - you can find out about our different package deals and buy a map at the Tourist Office. One popular bike route is 16 km long Lergöksrundan, which passes through the city and forest and follows the coast. Scenic hiking trails On the Hallandsåsen ridge, above the Västersjön lake, several hiking trails will take you through unspoilt countryside and past historical remains. Why not pack something to cook over an open fire along the way? Skåneleden, a system of hiking trails all over Skåne, also passes through Ängelholm. The Ängelholm – Vejbystrand leg of the hike is accompanied by sandy dunes, rocky stretches of coast and small marinas. A campsite with a permanent shelter can be found north of Vejbystrand. Relaxing swimming in the sea or in a cool lake Towards the end of the 19th century, Ängelholm became a famous spa and bath resort. Along the vast beach, there is plenty of room for everyone to find their favourite spot. Ängelholms Havsbad in the innermost part of the Skälderviken bay is a six km long beach suitable for swimming, with a unique landscape of tall sand dunes. In Sibirien, dogs and horses are allowed in the water. Dogs are also allowed on the smaller beach north of the harbour inlet. One stretch of the beach has been set aside for naturists. The popular village of Skälderviken has a small marina with a pub and a marine store. Vejbystrand and Magnarp have their own small harbours, and at the Hyltabryggan jetty in Björkhagen, you will find Skälderviken’s underwater snorkelling trail, where you can learn about the species that inhabit the bay. Västersjön is a nice lake for swimming, particularly at Ugglehult, where you will find jetties and a rowing boat for wheelchair users. Exciting canoeing Enjoy an unforgettable visit to the river Rönne. Bring along your family or friends on an exciting canoeing trip along the river which runs through Ängelholm and enters the sea in Skälderviken. Set your own pace. Should you wish to camp along the way, there is a great campsite with a shelter, public toilet and freshwater at Höja. An angler’s paradise Ängelholm is a haven for fishing enthusiasts. The river Rönne is one of four rivers in Skåne with salmon, but perch, roach, pike and sea trout will also bite. The river Vege and the Västersjön lake are also popular with anglers. You will need a fishing permit, which can be purchased from the Tourist Office, among others.
Ängelholms Homestead Park

In Ängelholm’s Homestead Park you can enjoy several hours among the animals in the park or on the playground. Admission free. Children’s theatre performs in July and August three days a week. Ice-cream stall.

​Address: Thorslundsgatan, Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431 41 12 20 or tourist office +46 431 821 30​Website: http://www.engelholmshembygdspark.seSubway: Bus 2
The Railway Museum Ängelholm

The Railway Museum Ängelholm is a museum experience for the whole family. See our large model railway and related slide show showing the railway’s history. Or take a ride in the simulator LOCOMOTION. We show the exciting exhibitions and activities for children and adults year round. Welcome!

​Address: Banskolevägen​Phone: +46 431468920​Website:
The Public Recreational Area of Djurholmen

The Public Recreational Area of Djurholmen north of lake Västersjön of approx. 500 acres with a magnificent nature, for example the Djurholmen moss, an unaffected bog complex of one for Scania unusual type. 6 marked hiking trails, barbecue places, information boards.

​Phone: +46 431-821 30​Website:
The Public Recreational Area of Kronoskogen

Nature area with beautiful scenery inside Skälderviken’s unbroken beachline with natural, inland sand dunes. The area offers hiking trails and a wealth of plant and animal life. The woodland shore region has one of the few natural coastal dune landscapes in Sweden. Beach, wooded area with sand dunes. Several trails in an area with rich flora and fauna.

Västersjön / Rössjön

One of the most beautiful sceneries of the Hallandsåsen ridge. In the lake Västersjön you can swim and fish, while the lake Rössjön is a bird sanctuary. On the hillsides north of Rössjön there are several deep ravines. The most famous one is Trollehallar with its 35 m high steep walls.


Vegeå travels between Söderåsen and its outfall in Skälderviken at Utvälinge. In the outfall you will find beautiful sand- and clay sea bed which provides nutrition and attracts a wide variety of birds and fishes. Of the shore you will find Sandön which is a protected nature reserve. Visit Ängelholm's Tourist Centre for more information.

Spelmansgårdens Icelandic Horses

Around Spelmansgården there are lovely trails in Hallandsås in beech forest and over streams. The environment is perfect for taking a ride with Icelandic horses.

​Address: Simontorpsvägen 122, 266 98 Hjärnarp​Phone: 0705-26 11 38​Website:

Start in Strövelstorp, about 8 km. Included in IVV -International Federation Folksport walks.

​Address: 262 70 Strövelstorp​Phone: 042-20 74 17​Website:
Fishing in the rivers Rönneå & Vegeå and the lake Västersjön

Few places in Sweden can offer angling enthusiasts such varied fishing as Ängelholm.

​Address: 26233 Ängelholm​Website:
Ängelholm Fire-brigad museum

The museum contains 8 fire engines. The oldest is a T-Ford from 1926. Fire engines, old fire alarm receivers, hand drawn pumps and other objects from the mid-19th century.

​Address: Ängelholmsvägen 208, 266 93 Munka-Ljungby​Phone: 0431-43 00 35​Website:
Biketrails in Ängelholm

Many pleasant day trips between 10 and 60 km long. One example is the 16 km long Lergök circuit, which takes you past towns, forests and the sea. Maps available from the tourist centre.

​Address: Stortorget, 262 32 Ängelholm​Phone: 0431-821 30​Website:
Råbocka and Havsbaden

Sandy beach with shallow waters with sandbanks. On the beach there is a dune landscape, which towards land changes into beach heath and woods. sandy beach with shallow waters with sandbanks. On the beach there is a dune landscape, which towards land changes into beach heath and woods. Lovely hollows behind the dunes - perfect for sunbathing. Toilets, shower, barbecue place, restaurants, camping site, group of chalets for hire and B & B. Target group: Young people and families. At Klitterhus there is a 100 m long bathing jetty with a handicap ramp. Beach guards.

​Address: 262 32 Ängelholm​Website:
Ängelholms Aviation museum

Supersonic aircraft,trainer,aircraft from the Second World War. Authentic surroundings connected to aviation,pilot equipment. Flight simulator. Flight simulator for the visitors. Cafeteria and a shop with articles connected to aviation. The museum is the biggest aviation museum in the region and exhibits the history of the Scania wing (Skånska flygflottiljen) activities from 1940 until the wing was closed down 2002. The museum is a many-sided museum. There are aircraft, aero engines, pilot equipment, a radar central in a “rock shelter” and a number of authentic surroundings connected to aviation. Our visitors can test a J 35 Dragon (J 35 Draken) cockpit. Our shop has a large number of model planes in the shape of construction kits together with toys, aviation literature and clothes. By means of an instructor have our visitors the possibility to fly, among others, the fighter J 35 Dragon and sports plane Cessna in our flight simulator.

​Address: Valhall Park, 262 74 Ängelholm​Phone: 0431-148 10​Website:
The Homestead Park - Hembygdsparken

The Homestead Park in Ängelholm is an oasis for the whole family. The park has a zoo, 5 museums and a playground for young children. Animal park with birds, bird-ponds, horses, goats, deer etc. Also a number of museums, inn and stage performances in summer. Free entrance.

​Address: Hembygdsparken, Thorslundsgatan, 262 33 Ängelholm​Phone: 0431-41 12 20​Website:
The Railway Museum Ängelholm

An extended engine shed dating back to 1898 houses this presentation of 150 years of railway history, as well as a steam train simulator and play area for children. A modern museum showing the history of Sweden's railways, how it all started and how the technology has improved over 140 years.

​Address: Banskolevägen 11, 262 52 Ängelholm​Phone: 0431-46 89 20​Website:
Skåneleden Nature Trail

...trail is more than a 1.000 km long and divided into over 80 day trips which take in areas of natural beauty and cultural interest. Be inspired by the beauty of the changing countryside on delightful stretches between Ängelholm and Vejbystrand which follow the coast past sand dunes and idyllic harbours. Or choose a day out among winding gravel paths along the Hallandsås Ridge, where there are trails with different grades of difficulty and length to suit everyone.

​Address: Stortorget, 262 32 Ängelholm​Phone: 0431-821 30​Website:

Hallandsåsen is an 80 million old parent rock horst, which is a natural divider between Halland and Skåne. The ridge is 5- 10 km wide and 40 km long. Its highest point is Högalteknall, 226 m above sea-level. The vegetation consists of beech, fir, bog and heather moorland and is a wonderful place to take a hike.


... is one of Hallandsåsens most beautiful nature areas. At Västersjön, Ängelholm’s largest lake, you can swim, fish and hire rowing boats. The next largest lake, Rössjön, is a protected bird reserve.

​Address: 262 32 Ängelholm
Frisbee Golf (Disc Golf)

Enjoy a game of Frisbee Golf, otherwise known as Disc Golf! The nine hole track for Frisbee Golf near Jordgubbsvägen på Nyhem, is free and need no further booking. Just bring your frisbee and have fun!

​Address: Meadow below Jordgubbsvägen, Ängelholm

The UFO-monument in Sibirienskogen, Ängelholm is a monument on the place where a UFO allegedly landed on the 18th of May 1946. Visit the Tourist Centre in Ängelholm for more information and directions.

​Address: Sibirienskogen, Ängelholm​Phone: 0431- 821 30​Website:
Expo: the Hallandsås tunnel

Make a trip and see the Hallandsås tunnel and its expo before the tunnel is finished and the drill Åsa is moved. Watch movies, models and maps that show how a tunnel is built through a ridge.

​Address: Vistorpsvägen 96, 269 71 Förslöv​Phone: 010-123 25 00​Website:
Skäldervikens snorkelling trail

The snorkelling trail in Skälderviken consists of 10 concrete bedrocks with handles to hold on to. Next to the bedrocks you will find small signs showing examples of what kind of animals you can find.

​Address: Skälderviken​Phone: 070-22 90 494​Website:
Ängelholm Mini-train

Take the little ones on board the ‘Pyttetåget’ train to Ängelholm Hembygdspark (local history park) and back again. The park is home to a zoo and a play area for younger children.

​Address: Hembygdsparken, Thorslundsgatan, 262 33 Ängelholm​Phone: 0431-41 12 20​Website:
Rent a Bike in Ängelholm

Rent bikes at Harrys cyklar. 100kr/bike/day. Take notice! You can rent bikes for unlimited amount of days. You can however only collect and drop of bikes on Monday through Saturday. The shop is closed on Sundays and if you need to collect or drop of your bike on a Sunday, contact the shop.

​Address: Havsbadsvägen 1, 262 63 Ängelholm​Phone: 0431-143 25​Website: ​Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 9-13, 14-18. Sat: 10-13
Canoeing at Rönne River

Rönne River is ever present in Ängelholm and perfect for canoeing. It has open landscape, lush vegetation, Amazonian-like forest and city feeling. You can paddle all the way out to the outfall in Skälderviken. To rent a canoe contact; Stisses Kanotuthyrning Reningsverksvägen 2 Ängelholm 0703-25 96 38 Båt- och kanotuthyrningen Vejbystrandsvägen 450 Ängelholm 0702-88 06 88

​Address: Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431-821 30​Website:
Guided tour on the Rönne River

Join us aboard the Laxen for a guided sightseeing tour of Ängelholm! The tour will take you along the river Rönne, Skåne’s Amazon, as it meanders through the city centre. The trip with Laxen (Swedish for salmon) departs from the landing stage at the centrally located City Hall and passes under 8 bridges on its way out to the Skälderviken marina. Here, the boat will be moored for a short break (approx. 25 minutes), giving you the opportunity perhaps to indulge in an ice cream and take a stroll around the marina before we set sail for the city centre again, bringing us back to the landing stage at City Hall. The trip will take approximately 2 hours and the guided tour on the outward journey is offered in both Swedish and English.

​Address: Stadshusets brygga​Phone: + 46 431 203 00​Website:

Upzone adventure parks are high ropes courses based in Sweden. A high ropes course is an obstacle course hanging in between trees where by you must climb, crawl and fly between the trees. Each park has 4 different courses at various heights and difficulty levels, ranging from 2-18 metres! We have other acitivites such as Big Swing, Big Catch and Big Jump and also organize team events, team building and various events around the country .


Sweden’s first national tourist bicycle route – 370 km-long bicycle route along the coast from Helsingborg, in Skåne to the South, through Halland, to Gothenburg, in the north.

Food is a great way to enjoy life and in Ängelholm there are many ways to regale your taste buds, whether it is rustic Swedish fare or international cuisine you are after. Try a genuine regional smorgasbord, delicacies fresh from the sea or Spanish tapas. To Swedes, the morning and afternoon coffee break is verging on sacred and in Ängelholm there are many places to have a nice cup of tea or coffee; from pleasant country cafés to trendy coffee bars. A hot waffle from the Hembygdsparken café is also sure to hit the spot! As evening descends, several bars and night clubs in the town centre throw open their doors. There is also a grand dance palace just outside Ängelholm, where you can boogie the night away.
Restaurang Klitterhus

Scandinavian menu and design, blended with the scents and views of the sea. Restaurant with seating for 120 guests.

​Address: Klittervägen 45, Havsbaden, 262 63 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431-135 30 ​Website:
MM Mat & Bar

À la carte restaurant and bar in renovated town house. Open-air tables.

​Address: Storgatan 61, 262 31 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431-41 11 61 ​Website:
Torstens Bar & Restaurant

Popular restaurant with tasty dishes, pasta dishes and a la carte. Large coffee selection. Outdoor seating. Menu on website.

​Address: Storgatan 37, 262 32 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431-253 99​Website:
Margretetorps Gästgifvaregård

Inn which cherishes old Skåne culinary traditions. Buffet available daily.

​Address: Margretetorp, 266 98 Hjärnarp​Phone: 0431-45 44 50 ​Website:

Baked potatoes, baguettes, sallads, pies, desserts and so much more!

​Address: Stortorget 1, 262 32 ÄNGELHOLM​Phone: +46 431-41 15 70​Website:
Hembygdsparkens Wärdshus

Hembygdsparkens Wärdshus serve today's specials, á la carte, weekend menu, "smörgåsbord", "julbord" mm.

​Address: Thorslundsgatan, 262 32 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431-142 36​Website:
Hummerhuset (Lobster House)

A restaurant with a big range of fresh fish and seafood. Also provide take-away and newly cooked lobster. Lunch is served monday to friday. Hummerhuset also arrange wine tastings, cooking classes, catering, events and on occasion rent out the restaurant to larger groups of people.

​Address: Storgatan 85, 262 35 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431-194 00​Website:

Nilsson's run a cafeteria, restaurant, catering and offer the opportunity to host conferences at their convenient location at the town square by the library. So, either you’d like a cup of coffee, some Swedish "fika" or a genuine meal, Nilsson's have it.

​Address: Biblioteket, 262 21 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431-828 66/ +46 703-24 88 30 ​Website:

In an early 20th century house, formerly used as a telegraph office, Ängelholm's largest restaurant and pub are located. Serve á la carte and has a wide range of wines and bears. In the summer months Telegrafen also open a smaller restaurant/bar by the beautiful Rönne River.

​Address: Storgatan 51, 262 35 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431-260 11/ +46 723-00 96 43​Website:
Tres Amigos

A restaurant with genuine tastes from Mexico in the centre of Ängelholm. Serve nachos, burritos, enchiladas, taquitos, fajitas and much more.

​Address: Storgatan 57, 262 35 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431-828 02

Well renowned fast-food chain with convenient location just of the interstate E6, exit nr 35.

​Address: Klippanvägen 14, 262 71 ÄNGELHOLM​Phone: +46 431-260 20​Website:​Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 06-24
Restaurant Carl Fredrik

In Skåne conviviality, comfort and well-being is at the top of the priority list. A tradition Carl Fredrik would like to treasure. Carl Fredrik delivers great food, ambiance and service where the ingredients are carefully selected and with the highest of quality.

​Address: Torgvägen 1, Skälderviken, 262 61 ÄNGELHOLM​Phone: +46 431-254 44​Website:

Popular kiosk/street-food stand/pizzeria right by the beautiful beach in Havsbaden. Enjoy one of their pizzas at their open-air café or take it down to the beach to enjoy it watching the sun set.

​Address: Klittervägen 29, 262 63 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431-191 05​Website:

Large restaurant with an open-air café seating 200 people. Bäckafarm has a large assortment of different foods and has its own smokehouse. Enjoy one of their barbecue buffets or home-made treats. Or why not pick something from the á la carte or delicatessen counter where you can find salmon pie, salmon lasagna, salmon crepes, smoked chicken, tenderloin, salads, sandwiches, souses to name a few.

​Address: Produktionsvägen 1, 262 96 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431-224 99​Website:
Tunneberga Gästgifvaregård

Tunneberga gästgifvaregård is the obvious choice when you are looking for a genuine "skånsk" food experience. In a real eighteenth century environment Tunneberga offers a food tradition that ranges from "sillabord" (herring-table) to gåsamiddag (goose-dinner). Dinner, conference, lunch, weddings, "fika", catering, parties, Tunneberga does it all.

​Address: Jonstorpsvägen 16, 263 71 Jonstorp​Phone: +46 42-36 74 81​Website:
Åkagårdens Golfkrog

Regardless if you are looking for lunch, á la carte or order wedding catering at Åkagårdens Golfkrog they want you to be confident with your choice. No requests are too big, and they look at a challenge as a chance to perform at their best.

​Address: Lyngåkravägen 39, 269 92 Båstad​Phone: +46 431-36 10 55​Website:
Lilla Krogen

Lilla Krogen is a small restaurant with cosy atmosphere. Serves classic Swedish dishes, and à la carte.

​Address: Storgatan 9, 262 32 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431-165 50​Website:
Chill out at a café! At Ängelholm´s cafés you can enjoy a taste of Sweden as it used to be: cinnamon buns, almond-paste mazarins, hazelnut Budapest cake rolls and Napoleon and Princess cakes bursting with whipped cream. If you are more the trendy type the downtown area has espresso bars, often with giant muffins on the menu, as well as ciabatta, bagels and foccacia with international flavors.
Albertsgårdens Kaffestuga

Here you can enjoy a coffee and home-made goods in a nice old-fashioned garden. At summer the garden is full of beautiful flowers with great views over Skälderviken.

​Address: Farhultsvägen 408 Norra Häljaröd​Phone: +46 42 684 45​Website:
Byskolan I Gånarp

Enjoy coffee and home-made goods in a unique school environment from 1875 and get inspired by Swedish arts and crafts. Byskolan serve organic coffee and tea. The coffee bread is baked from organic goods as far as it is possible.

​Address: Gånarps by, 266 92 Munka-Ljungby​Phone: +46 431 281 27​Website:
Fika på Torpet

Fika på Torpet is located on the slopes of Hallandsåsen above Västersjön. Here you can enjoy coffee and homemade goods in a lovely environment. The woodlands around the café has a lot of history and are great for a hike. The café is opened on Saturdays and Sundays from May until August.

​Address: Övre Västersjövägen 287, Hjärnarp ​Phone: +46 431-283 48/ +46 730 32 83 48​Website:
Espresso House

Coffee is Espresso House's passion. If you are looking for the perfect break, welcome to come in and enjoy a great cup of coffee made by professional baristas. Or enjoy a pastries made from their own bakery. Espresso House is 100 % enjoyment and relaxation.

​Address: Storgatan 30, 262 32 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 10 510 11 71​Website:
Glass & Våffelstugan i Hembygdsparken

Belägen i Ängelholms Hembygdspark, nära stor lekplats, många djur och fem museum hittar ni Glass & Våffelstugan. Den håller öppet året runt och här finns ett stort utbud av allehanda glass. Du kan även njuta av en kopp kaffe med våffla med grädde och sylt.

​Address: Thorslundsgatan, 262 33 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 731 56 00 54​Website:
Mormor Olgas Café

Café in an older, renovated house in the central of Ängelholm. Home baked goods and coffee can be enjoyed on one of the two open-air cafés. Mormor Olgas also sell salads and sandwiches.

​Address: Storg. 21, 262 32 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431 41 00 99
Nisses Konditori

Nisses Konditori has a wide selection of breakfast buns, breads, pastries, Danish and cakes. On their website you can learn a lot more of their different cakes and their ingredients. Nisses have a lovely café with nice view over the garden in which you can enjoy your coffee and treat.

​Address: Höjavägen 24, 262 52 Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431 105 53​Website:
Konditori Centrum Munka-Ljungby

Popular bakery in Munka-Ljungby outside of Ängelholm, that now also have a shop in the city centre. Here you will find pastries such as bread, cookies, cakes and their much liked homemade ice-cream.

​Address: Östra Storgatan 5, 266 33 Munka-Ljungby​Phone: +46 431 43 00 50​Website:
Konditori Centrum Ängelholm

Konditori Centrum Ängelholm sell inviting pastries such as bread, cookies, cakes and homemade ice-cream. Everything comes from the well-known bakery in Munka-Ljungby.

​Address: Storgatan 17, Ängelholm​Phone: +46 431 43 00 50
Ängelholm’s town centre is a great place for meeting people. The neighbourhood around the pedestrian zone has always been the natural venue for town life and trade to people from the region. The river Rönne hugs an exciting mix of specialised boutiques offering niche products, alongside famous high-street names. The variety here is enough to whet the appetite of any shopper! But there is so much more to the town centre than just shops. Stretch your legs on a scenic river walk, or sit down at one of the many cafés and restaurants. You can also see a film at the cinema, visit an art exhibition or just enjoy urban life – it’s all available in Ängelholm. An authentic small-town shopping experience Stroll along the cobbled streets and pop into the different shops as the fancy takes you. Everything you need and more can be found in town. If your legs go weary, just sit down for a while in one of the cosy cafés or inviting restaurants. Brännborn Center – the north commercial area Just outside the town centre, you will find the commercial area Brännborn Center. With more than 40 shops and 1,400 free parking spaces, it’s just that little bit closer, more convenient and better value for money. The stores and supermarkets here complement the unique shopping in town nicely. Farm shops When it comes to finding farm produce and country products, Ängelholm is hard to beat with its great variety of farm shops and retail outlets. You can get your very own ostrich egg lamp, hand-blown glassware or candles in the colours of the rainbow, but there are also antiquities, fruit and vegetables, potatoes, flowers and much more. Ängelholm was approved as a Fairtrade City in the spring 2010.
The Tourist Office's souvenir shop

Here you can buy souvenirs and local pottery.

​Address: Järnvägsgatan 5, 262 32 Ängelholm​Phone: 0431-821 30
Shopping in the city center

Small cozy boutiques - different and fun. Shopping in Ängelholm is something you should experience. The unique mix of small shops mixed with larger chain stores makes you find everything you need and more. See you in the city center.

​Phone: +46 431-821 30​Website:
Brännborn Center – the north commercial area

Just outside the town centre, you will find the commercial area Brännborn Center. With more than 40 shops and 1,400 free parking spaces, it’s just that little bit closer, more convenient and better value for money. The stores and supermarkets here complement the unique shopping in town nicely.

​Address: Heimdallgatan 52​Website:
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