Book flights to beautiful Bergerac with Ryanair, and enjoy an adventure in the Aquitaine region of the Dordogne. This is France’s big wine and tobacco region, and where there is excellent wine in France, there is equally incredible French food to match it – so be prepared to eat and drink like royalty! This part of France is best experienced in countryside drives or cycles. Go, explore, and see the religious monuments and chateaux, the quaint churches, and the medieval towns and villages that punctuate the gorgeous countryside. Book flights to Bergerac today.
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A proud city set along the banks of the Dordogne overlooking the endless journeys of the traditional scows with a renaissance heart. The town itself is closely watched by the shadow of the “nosey” Cyrano. This beautiful city is surrounded by vineyards that stretch beyond the horizon, sumptuous chateaux and bastides that thrive to this day. Welcome to Bergerac and celebrate with us a certain “art de vivre”. See
La Maison Des Vins De Bergerac

As the headquarters of the regional wine council, the Maison has exhibits on the history of wine produced in the region, along with vintages to purchase. It is housed in a striking 17th century former monastery.

​Address: 1 Rue des Récollets, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 635 757​Website:
Musée Costi

Musée Costi contains bronze statues by the Greek sculpturer Constantin Papachristopoulos (Costi). He gave all his sculptures from 1929 to 1973 to the town Bergerac with the condition that the sculptures would be on display for the public.

​Address: Place de la Petite Mission, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 630 413Subway: Walk or take the bus to Pélissière Place
Musée Du Tabac

The Bergerac Tobacco Museum is housed in Pyrarède House, a turreted building in old Bergerac. It has five main exhibitions areas on the discovery of tobacco, its social history, painting, craftsmanship and the city’s connections.

​Address: Maison Peyrarède, Place du Feu, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 630 413
Cyrano De Bergerac Statues

Every city needs a famous statue and Bergerac has the Cyrano de Bergerac. Cyrano is the fictional big-nosed lead character in Edmond Rostand’s great comedy.

​Address: Pélissière Place, Bergerac​More info: Pélissière Place and Mirpe Place
Boat Trips in Dordogne River

Discover the riverside on a traditional "gabarres" (flat bottomed boats) and learn about the Bergerac’s rich history. This relaxing boat trip last for one hour. You will go through a natural bird sanctuary where, depending on the season, you will be able to photograph herons, kites, kingfishers, etc.

​Address: 14 Rue des Conférences, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 245 880​Website:
Wine and Inland Waterways Transport Museum

This museum opened its doors in 1983 and celebrates the important role the Dordogne River played in the success of the region’s wine industry. Exhibits include barges and boats.

​Address: 5 Rue des Conférences, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 57 80 92
Moulin de la Rouzique - Economusée du Papier

This fascinating museum, a short drive away in Couze, has exhibitions of the area’s paper-making past, along with rare documents and examples of watermarks.

​Address: Moulin de la Rouzique, Couze Saint Front​Phone: +33 553 243 616​Website: http://www.perigord-patrimoine.comSubway: Car or bus D660 signposted to Varennes and Couze
Château De Lanquais

Château De Lanquais is a magnificent Renaissance palace complete with its own fortified castle that was constructed by the builders of the Louvre in Paris. It is fully furnished and the château is open to the public.

​Address: Rue de Lanquais, Lanquais​Phone: +33 553 612 424Subway: Car or bus D660 signposted to Varennes and Lanquais
Château De Monbazillac

Having remained almost exactly as it was in the 16th century, the Château de Monbazillac is easily reached from Bergerac – about six kilometres away. The castel is open all year round to visitors.

​Address: Château Monbazillac, Monbazillac ​Phone: +33 553 636 500​Website:​More info: monbazillac@chateau-monbazillac.comSubway: Car or bus N21 signposted to Villeneuve-sur-lot Agen and Monbazillac
Bergerac Go-Cart

If you are seeking for a thrilling activity then go-cart might be something for you! This place is suitable for beginners and for those with experience. Children from seven years old are welcomed. Bergerac Karting is located five minutes from Bergerac airport.

​Address: 14 Route du Lac, St Laurent des Vignes, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 741 504​Website:​More info: La Cavaille
Le Jacquou Parc

Le Jacquou Parc is a three in one amusement park and suitable for the whole family. It offers a water park with swimming pools and slides, an animal farm and a permanent funfair with 17 attractions. You will find the park a few km's north of Le Bugue.

​Address: D 710 Mortemart, Le Bugue​Phone: +33 553 541 557​Website:​More info: "La Menuse"
Zoo de Mescoules

Discover the animal life at Zoo de Mescoules. Here you can admire crocodiles, giant pythons and other big snakes. There are mostly reptiles here. Enjoy a guided educational tour that last for one and a half hour. Outside is an inflatable outdoor game for children.

​Address: La Pleyssade, Mescoules​Phone: +33 699 745 777​Website:
Jardin de Planbuisson

Jardin de Planbuisson is a charming botanical garden with a unique collection of bamboo. There are nearly 180 species of bamboo here as well as trees, shrubs, perennials and herbs.

​Address: 20 rue Montaigne, Le Buisson de Cadouin​Phone: +33 553 576 802​Website:
Les Grottes de Maxange

The caves of Maxange offer a rare diversity of formations with stalactites and stalagmites but there are also walls covered with aragonite. Maxange is known to be one of the most beautiful caves of France. It is located in Le Buisson de Cadouin near the Dordogne River.

​Address: Mestréguiral, Le Buisson de Cadouin​Phone: +33 553 234 280​Website:

Accrozarbres is an activity park in the Dordogne and is a great place to bring your family and friends to discover some thrilling activities. There are 25 zip-wire lines (the longest at 110m), two junior trails, a children’s play area, a snack bar and picnic areas. The park is located only 15 minutes from Bergerac.

​Address: Les Mazières Nord, Laveyssiere​Website:​Opening hours: From 2nd of march to 11th of november
In our ancestors’ footsteps – 450,000 years of history

The Vézère valley is a site of exceptional interest, with 147 prehistoric sites dating from the Palaeolithic Age and 25 painted caves. At the heart of this shrine to prehistory is the famous Lascaux cave – nicknamed the prehistoric Sistine Chapel – surrounded by 15 UNESCO world heritage sites. A new site will be open to the public from spring 2014 is the museum of Abri Cro-Magnon in Les Eyzies, Tayac, which gives a new insight into the Cro-Magnon man.

Legendary castles

The Dordogne is nicknamed ‘the land of a thousand and one castles’ due to its superbly restored chateaux which are scattered across the region, dating from the Middle Ages to Renaissance and Classical styles. These buildings have spanned centuries, and history’s upheavals and anecdotes are written into their bricks and mortar. The Chateau de Bridoire à Ribagnac, close to Bergerac, and the Chateau de Sauveboeuf à Aubas close to Montignac , are amongst those open to the public.

Stroll through beautiful towns and villages

Along with the Aveyron, the Dordogne has the largest number of villages boasting the title of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France”! These 10 charming villages offer picturesque walks to a backdrop of remarkable architecture. Périgueux, Bergerac and Sarlat are all labelled ‘Towns of Art and History’, with vast, protected areas to explore.

Unwind in the heart of nature

Recharge your batteries and try out an activity – for example walking, horse riding, cycling or canoeing – in one of the region’s 33 parks and gardens. Amateur golfers will be pleased to find seven accredited golf courses in the Dordogne with varying features, such as a discount Golf Pass. Although the Dordogne is inland, where it lacks in sea it makes up for in freshwater swimming. Discover its river bank beaches, swimming pools and water parks.

Take a tour of the local markets to discover high quality local produce

Varying according to the seasons, market stalls display strawberries and nuts from Périgord, boletuses, black truffles, and produce made from duck or goose such as foie gras, all used to make delicious traditional dishes. Accompany them with local Bergerac wines – whether red, white or rosé – for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. With a 2000 year old winemaking tradition, Bergerac’s vineyards produce 13 products bearing the AOC label, meaning that they adhere to the government’s highest standards of local, agricultural produce.

Eating out in Bergerac is not so much a special occasion as a necessity. It is renowned for its dedication to gastronomy. Numerous restaurants, cafés and crêperies serve everything from flavoursome light meals to glorious presentations of several courses – and, of course, accompanied with some of the world’s finest wines. Look out for tourins – a local speciality soup – truffles and foie gras. The area is known for its wild boar, partridge, hare, quail, duck, geese and trout, all of which will feature on almost all restaurant menus.
Le Bistro Gambetta

This is a slick and stylist bistro restaurant serving fine à la carte dishes and, of course, fine wines from the region. Le Bistro Gambetta is an ideal place for lunch with friends and intimate evenings.

​Address: 36 Place Gambetta, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 273 050​Website:​More info: Located at Hôtel Restaurant du Commerce
La Mama

At La Mama you will find a varied selection of pizza and pasta dishes for informal lunches and snacks. The restaurant offers excellent service and quality food.

​Address: Place de Malbec, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 227 314Subway: Car or bus to the Rue Neuve
Le Saint Jacques

Le Saint Jacques is a traditional eatery that specialises in regional cuisine and set in an old and charming building. The chefs are only using fresh locally grown produce.

​Address: 30 Rue Saint James, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 233 808​Website: Car or bus to the rue des Fontaines
La Grappe d’Or

At La Grappe d’Or you will find winegrower’s table and local cuisine. They have an air conditioned dining room and car parking facilities. The restaurant is popular among the locals.

​Address: Le Peyrat, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 611 758​Website:​More info:
Restaurant La Flambée

Restaurant La Flambée is a traditional restaurant that serves fine gastronomic regional cuisine such as fish and meat dishes. On the menu you will find mouth-watering dishes such as smoked salmon, grilled steak with pepper sauce and grilled lamb with thyme.

​Address: 49 Avenue Marceau Feyry, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 575 233​Website: http://www.laflambee.comSubway: Car or bus to Avenue Marceau Feyry

L’Imparfai is a restaurant of the 12th century, with a large fireplace. In summer there is a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy your dinner. Also provides gastronomic cooking and friendly service.

​Address: 8-10 rue des Fontaines, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 574 792​Website:​Opening hours: Open seven days a week. Lunch 12pm-14pm. Evening 7pm-10pm
Restaurant La Tour des Vents

Restaurant La Tour des Vents is a light, bright restaurant in an elevated position with a panoramic view of Bergerac. They serve fresh fish dishes and local specialities such as fois gras and terrines.

​Address: Moulin de Malfourat, Monbazillac​Phone: +33 553 583 010​Website: http://www.tourdesvents.comSubway: Car or bus N21 signposted to Villeneuve-sur-lot Agen and Monbazillac
Le Vin'Quatre

This small hidden gem is located in a back alley in the old town of Bergerac. It can be difficult to find but well worth the effort. The restaurant is intimate and owned by a married couple. The menu offers local food with a creative touch. It is advised to book in advance.

​Address: 14 Rue St Clar, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 223 726
La Villa Laetitia

La Villa Laetitia is a typical French restaurant and is situated in the centre of Bergerac. The friendly staff serves quality food for a good price and they speak English. This is a very popular restaurant so you should book in advance.

​Address: 21 Rue l'Ancien Pont, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 610 012​Website:

If you like Italian food then head over to restaurant Gigino. On the menu you will find mouth-watering pizza, pasta and meat dishes. This is a great place to visit with friends and family.

​Address: 85 Rue du Docteur Roux, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 630 211​Website:
Le Bistro du Coin

You will find this French bistro in a corner of the Place Malbec in Bergerac. The atmosphere is described as relaxing and a good place where you can enjoy traditional French food at a reasonable price. The food reflects the seasons and is prepared with fresh products.

​Address: 6 rue du Colonel de Chadois, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 577 756​Website:
Le Pressoir

This charming restaurant serves well-presented French food and local wines. Delicious food can be enjoyed here such as breast tournedos of duck, skewers of prawns and tasty desserts like chocolate mousse. It is advisable to reserve in advance.

​Address: 20 Rue de Montpon, Saint Méard de Gurçon​Phone: +33 553 805 678​Website:
La Table du Marche

La Table du Marche is a small restaurant with a modern ambiance. It offers French cuisine which is well presented and the service is impeccable. The restaurant is situated in the Old Town.

​Address: 21 Place du Marché couvert, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 224 946​Website:
Restaurant Le Sud

Restaurant Le Sud serves Moroccan cuisine in an oriental setting. The food is prepared with fresh and high quality produce. In summer time you can enjoy your tasty meal on the shaded terrace.

​Address: 19 rue de l'Ancien Pont, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 272 681
Buffalo Grill

Head over to this American style restaurant if you are craving for a juicy steak. Buffalo Grill is a family-friendly place with a large menu and is a good value restaurant too. This chain restaurant is very popular among the French.

​Address: Route de Bordeaux, Bergerac​Phone: +35 553 746 036​Website:
Sit back and relax at one of Bergerac cosy cafés with a cup of coffee and tasty dessert. Make sure to try a delicious crepe before you leave. Both Restaurant La Blanche Hermine and Restaurant-Crêperie Au P’tit Corentin are serving their special pancakes.
Restaurant La Blanche Hermine

Blanche Hermione is intimate, friendly and serves a lively selection of crêpes using local ingredients. This restaurant serves some of the best desserts and the pancakes are prepared with an interesting twist.

​Address: Place du Marche-Couvert, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 576 342​Opening hours: Closed on sunday and MondaySubway: Bus to the Place du Marche-Couvert
La Pataterie

La Pataterie is a cosy, intimate little bistro serving light snacks and refreshments throughout the day. This café also offers a children´s menu and mouth-watering desserts.

​Address: 81 Rue Neuve d'Argenson, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 613 852​Website: http://www.lapataterie.comSubway: Car or bus to the Place du Palais
Le Moderne

A short distance from the historic centre, opposite Bergerac railway station, you will find Le Moderne which offers a fast menu at noon. The atmosphere is warm and there is an outside terrace where you can relax with a cup of coffee.

​Address: 19 av. du 108ème Régiment d'Infanterie, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 571 962​Website:
Côté Noix

Côté Noix is a fine family restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine from different regions of Italy, including pasta, pizza and ice creams. This café offers a beautiful outside terrace in the heart of old Bergerac.

​Address: Place Pélissière, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 577 138​Website:​Opening hours: Closed November to March, closed Sunday and Monday
Restaurant-Crêperie Au P’tit Corentin

This Restaurant-Crêperie has a friendly setting and situated in the heart of the Old Town. On the menu you will find simple food such as salads and their special pancakes. Here you can enjoy your refreshments on the flowering terrace.

​Address: 31 rue des Fontaines, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 248 127
The bars in Bergerac are varied from cosy, atmospheric little venues with memorabilia of its wine-making history to the ultra-modern styles that are now emerging. All tend to be lively. Bergerac does have a couple of nightclubs for those seeking a hectic nightlife, and one cinema, the Cinema le Cyrano, but most of its evening entertainment focuses around its restaurants.
Le Windsor Nightclub

This is a young and trendy place. Le Windsor has three distinctive areas that play everything from hip hop to reggae. It’s the place to party.

​Address: Route de Bordeaux, Saint-Laurent-des-Vignes​Phone: +33 553 236 400​Website: http://www.lewindsor.frSubway: Car or bus on the D936 to St Cernin
La Maison Des Vins De Bergerac

This wine centre offers classical events in the atmospheric environment of its building’s cloisters. You will find this venue in old Bergerac.

​Address: 1 Rue des Récollets, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 635 757 ​Website: http://www.vins-bergerac.frSubway: Walk or take the bus to Salvette Quay or park in Rue Neuve
Lembarzique Café

This is a music bar which invites any musician to come and jam on their stage. Come here and enjoy good music and different sport events.

​Address: 31 Route Périgueux, Lembras​Phone: +33 553 577 053​Website:
Au Bureau

Au Bureau is styled as a typical English pub and serving a large selection of beers and international meals. The atmosphere is relaxing and friendly. Also offers happy hours in the late afternoon.

​Address: 9 rue de la Résistance, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 748 172​Website:

Rocksane is a music venue and can accommodate up to 600 people. There is also a lobby where you will find the bar and an exhibition space. It hosts a varied musical program everything from rock, reggae to jazz metal and electro.

​Address: 14 bis rue Pozzi, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 630 370​Website:
While Bergerac has lots of little speciality shops where locals and tourists alike can find designer fashions, china, glassware, jewellery and perfumes, the city revolves around its food and wines. At almost every turn, and on most days of the week, Bergerac hosts markets that are not so much a place to purchase the freshest of food or antiques, but a social event at which to catch up with friends. The food markets are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays to around midday in the Notre-Dame church and Sainte-Catherine area and the covered market close-by. At the Place de la Madeleine, there’s a farmers’ market event on Fridays to around noon, while Tuesdays there is an organic food market at the Place Doublet. Fresh fruit and vegetables along with cheeses, truffles and meats, vinaigrettes, herbs and, of course, local wine can all be purchased. There are also summer markets, candlelit evening markets and flea markets. The Place Gambetta hosts a general market on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
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Aéroport de Bergerac Périgord Dordogne

Bergerac’s airport, the Aéroport de Bergerac Périgord Dordogne, is situated around six km (four miles) from the city centre. Taxis can be found just outside the terminal building. A short journey to the Bergerac bus station cost between €15-20. If hiring a car, take the main exit out of the airport and follow the signs into the city centre – it is easily identified.

​Address: Aéroport de Bergerac Périgord Dordogne, Bergerac​Phone: +33 553 222 525​Website:​More info: Prices updated August 2013

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