Book flights to Brest and have a break in beautiful Brittany. This is a truly lovely little corner of France, with a special culture and atmosphere that’s all its own – it’s France, but with a good dose of Celtic spirit thrown in the mix! One of the highlights of Brest is the fantastic National Marine Museum – that is if you can tear yourself away from the gorgeous Brittany coastline. Cruising or cycling along the Nantes Brest Canal is a really popular way to see the area, particularly if the weather is fine – but if you’re not feeling too adventurous, just book flights to Brest and enjoy the sights, sounds and tastes of the city. Book flights to Brest with Ryanair.
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Life in Brest revolves around the waterfront where water sports enthusiasts and sailors flock. In fact, the city is officially known as Brest Métropole Océane to mark the importance of the sea to Brest.
Castle of Brest

Once owned by Richard II of England, the castle is the city’s foremost landmark. The castle has more than 1,700 years of history and still serves as a military fortress today.

​Address: Château de Brest, Brest​Phone: +33 298 22 12 39​Website:​More info: brest@musee-marine.frSubway: Tram: station Chateau / Bus: arrêt Musée de la Marine

One of the largest Ocean Discovery Parks in Europe, the Océanopolis has four pavilions – polar, temperate, tropical and biodiversity – that tell the story of the sea.

​Address: Port de Plaisance du Moulin Blanc, Brest​Phone: +33 298 34 40 40​Website:​More info: Closed on Mondays
Naval Museum

This is a branch of the Naval Museum of Paris, home to an impressive collection of model replica ships from French fleets and paintings with nautical themes.

​Address: Château de Brest, Brest​Phone: +33 298 22 12 39​Website: http://www.musee-marine.frSubway: Tram: station Chateau / Bus: arrêt Musée de la Marine
The Tanguy Tower

A must-see attraction - the Tanguy Tower houses a collection of various exhibits including artefacts and maps that recount the history of Brest.

​Address: Square Pierre Péron, Brest​Phone: +33 298 00 87 93
The Montbarey Memorial

Brest provided the Memorial Association with the fort to create a museum telling the history of the Finistère during the Second World War. All together it consists of five forts.

​Address: Fort Montbarey, Allée Bir-Hakeim, route du Conquet, Brest​Phone: +33 298 05 39 46
The National Botanical Reserve of Brest

The National Botanical Reserve of Brest has around 1,700 endangered species of plant are grown and cultivated in the reserve’s greenhouses. It is dedicated to protect and grow endangered species from around the world.

​Address: 52 allée du Bot, Brest​Phone: +33 298 41 88 95​Website:​More info: Conservatoire Botanique National de Brest
Recouvrance, Lambézellec, Saint-marc and Saint-pierre Quilbignon

These are four pretty suburbs of Brest that offer open areas for relaxing walks, along with fine restaurants. It is ideal places to go to for short excursions. Why not bring a picnic and enjoy in one of the parks?

Museum of Fine Art

The Museum of Fine Art houses over 300 works of art from the 16th century, including many notable pieces, which were gathered after the building was rebuilt. It is located in central Brest.

​Address: 24 rue Traverse, Brest​Phone: +33 298 00 87 96​Website:
Parc de la Penfeld

This is a lovely park located on the banks in Brest. It is a great place to come with your children and enjoy the day and maybe even have a picnic. You can also go jogging here or just enjoy a stroll around.

​Address: Parc de la Penfeld, Brest​Phone: +33 298 47 88 00​Website:
Les Vedettes Azenor

Take a lovely tour and see Brest from a different point of view. Choose between sitting under a roof or out in the fresh air. Maybe you will have the luck and see a couple of dolphins playing in the water.

​Address: Port de plaisance, Face à l'entrée d'Océanopolis, Brest​Phone: +33 298 41 46 23​Website:
Eating out in Brest is serious business, and understandably, with the city being on the edge of the ocean and so nautically themed. Fish is a speciality on most restaurants’ menus. The choice ranges from the most delicious sole dishes to seafood. Wine, of course, is important too and most restaurants have impressive lists of French vintages.
Amour de Pomme de Terre

Amour de Pomme de Terre is a traditional restaurant centrally located in Brest and specialising in the classic pomme de terre. And what is pomme de terre? It means potato!

​Address: 23 rue des Halles, Saint Louis, Brest​Phone: +33 298 43 48 51​Website:
Aux Vieux Gréements

Aux Vieux Gréements is an attractive restaurant seating around 60 people. The restaurant serves delicious seafood and fish dishes.

​Address: 145 Quai Eric Tabarly, Brest​Phone: +33 298 43 20 48​Website:
Le Nautilus

Le Nautilus is located in the Oceania hotel. It is a unique restaurant serving a menu with flavours from around the world. Good use of local natural ingredients and a fine wine list.

​Address: 82 rue de Siam, Brest​Phone: +33 298 80 90 67​Website:
La Fleur de Sel

Stylish and sophisticated, the La Fleur de Sel serves the finest gastro cuisine with fine wines to match. This is a great restaurant to come to if you have anything special to celebrate.

​Address: 15 Bis rue de Lyon, Brest​Phone: +33 298 44 38 65​Website:
Le Ruffé

Lovers of fish and seafood will be spoilt for choice at the Le Ruffé. They have a wide menu in order to ensure that there’s a dish to suit all tastes.

​Address: 1 bis rue Yves Collet, Brest​Phone: +33 298 46 07 70​Website:
Le Tour du Monde

Visitors should not leave Brest without tasting the local mussels, and the Le Tour du Monde is a good restaurant to go try them out. Mussels are their specialty and they do it well.

​Address: Port de Plaisance du Moulin Blanc, Brest​Phone: +33 298 41 93 65​Website:​More info:
Les Gens de Mer

Les Gens de Mer is a welcoming restaurant on the quayside serving what must be the freshest fish imaginable. Daily catches ensures there’s always plenty of choice.

​Address: 44 quai de la Douane, Brest​Phone: +33 298 46 07 40​Website:

L’Atlantide is a cosy and attractive restaurant situated conveniently in the centre of Brest at the l'hôtel Center. They specialise in fish dishes.

​Address: 4, boulevard Léon Blum, Brest​Phone: +33 298 80 78 07​Website:
L'atelier Gourmand

L'atelier Gourmand is an amazing restaurant and worth every Euro. Every bite you take of your food hits your taste buds like an explosion. The atmosphere is relaxed and service excellent.

​Address: 33 Rue Navarin, Brest​Phone: +33 298 46 95 94
Le Comptoir du Burger

Eating a burger while in France might not be the most correct thing but when they are as good as Le Comptoir du Burger´s then there is no shame in tasting one. The service is friendly and it is a cosy venue therefore booking a table is recommended.

​Address: 45 rue Jean Mace, Brest​Phone: +33 983 40 24 71​Opening hours: Wed - Sat​More info:
Le M

Le M serves great European food, beautifully served and full of flavour. They have two lounge areas where you can relax before your dinner or after, either way, it is a cosy environment. The prices are high and reservation is necessary.

​Address: 22 Rue Commandant Drogou, Brest​Phone: +33 298 47 90 00​Website:​More info:
Le Palmier

Le Palmier´s interior might not appeal to everyone but the food certainly does. They have African cuisine with a focus on North Africa. Many dishes on the menu is worth tasting but one in particular is the couscous.

​Address: 6 Rue Claude Farere, Brest​Phone: +33 298 80 24 84​Website: http://See their http://Facebook page
Mac Guigan's

From the name you can almost figure out that this is an Irish pub and it is actually run by an Irish man. They have live music, good food and, of course, beer. You are guaranteed a good time at Mac Guigan's.

​Address: 9 Rue Jean-Marie Le Bris, Brest​Phone: +33 298 44 41 69​Website:
Taverne Saint-Martin

Taverne Saint-Martin is located in Brest centre. It is a brewery restaurant where you can enjoy their many different homemade beers. The restaurant has WiFi and holds up to 50 guests. They serve good pub food.

​Address: 92 Rue Jean Jaures, Brest​Phone: +33 298 80 48 17​Website:
Pizzeria del Arte

If you are really craving a pizza or any other Italian food then you have come to the right place. Pizzeria del Arte serves delicious Italian cuisine and is the right place to go to for both lunch and dinner.

​Address: 14 place de la Liberte, Brest​Phone: +33 298 20 10 20​Website:
For a snack, head for any one of the city’s many crêperies. You just cannot be in France without tasting a delicious crêpe.
Fender Tex Mex

Fender Tex Mex is open for lunch and dinner, this lavishly decorated restaurant serves fine Mexican cuisine, along with salads and burgers. It is a great lunch place.

​Address: 34 Quai du Commandant Malbert, Brest​Phone: +33 298 80 25 88
L’Auberge de la Crêpe

L’Auberge de la Crêpe is a great crêperie in the heart of the city. This little place is an ideal spot for a lunch, snack or an informal evening meal.

​Address: 142 rue Jean Jaurès, Brest​Phone: +33 298 46 47 30
Saveurs d'Oscar

If you feel like eating something, but you're not exactly sure what it is that you want, then this is a great venue for you. They have a mix of salads, pies, sandwiches and tasty desserts.

​Address: 21 avenue Clémenceau, Brest​Phone: +33 2 98 211 851​Website:
La Crêperie de Cornouaille

Crêpes, or French pancakes, are always a treat. La Crêperie de Cornouaille lies a little outside of the city centre and provides a cosy environment for a nice meal.

​Address: 9 Rue Saint-Marc, Brest​Phone: +33 2 98 80 01 91​Website:
La Scala

La Scala offers cuisine with an Italian flavour – lots of pasta and sauce dishes, fresh spaghetti and ice cream from Italy. Indulge in lovely gelato.

​Address: 30 rue Algésiras, Brest​Phone: +33 298 43 11 43​Website:
Brest offers some wonderful shopping – everything from designer fashions, fresh from the streets of Paris, to leather ware such as belts and handbags, along with silk scarves, jewellery and perfume. The wine or fine food enthusiast will be spoilt for choice. Lots of wine shops and delis are worth exploring, as are the markets held most days in squares and marketplaces around Brest’s districts. Of course, Brest has its share of larger department stores and supermarkets, such as Auchan and Carrefour. Most of the shops in the city centre, itself, are around the areas of Saint-Luc and the Place de la Liberté, but it is well worth venturing to the suburbs too, as most of the districts have a variety of specialist shops and street markets. The markets not only have fresh pâtés and cheeses, vegetables, fruits and meats, but also crafts, antiques and artefacts. They are a source of entertainment, too. The locals use the market to catch up with friends and gossip.
The bars and nightspots in Brest vary from cosy, atmospheric little venues with memorabilia of its long military and nautical past to the ultra-modern styles that are now emerging. Most evening entertainment, however, centres around its harbour side restaurants.
La Suite

La Suite is known for its lively atmosphere, La Suite offers dancing, music and light refreshments. Come and get your moves on!

​Address: 9 rue Am Nielly, Brest​Phone: +33 298 44 25 95​Website:
Discothèque les Tritons

This would be the place to have fun for the young and trendy, with dancing until the small hours. A good idea is to bring comfortable shoes as you will most likely be on the dance floor all night.

​Address: 7 rue St Martin, Brest​Phone: +33 298 43 29 90​Website: http://See Facebook http://page
Red Dragon Café

Red Dragon Café invites you to an atmospheric evening that offers jazz and reggae along with classic and popular sounds. Here is always a good crowd and the venue has a great sound system.

​Address: 26 rue Magenta, Brest​Phone: +33 298 46 38 20
La Chamade Discothèque

If you like big clubs, dancing and partying then it is La Chamade Discothèque you should go to. Feel like dancing the night away? No worries, they are open till 07.00.

​Address: 2 rue Kérivin, Brest​Phone: +33 298 80 18 71​Website:​More info: See their Facebook page
Le Marie Stuart

What can we say about Le Marie Stuart, except from: If you love karaoke, this is the place for you!

​Address: 11 Rue Siam, Brest​Phone: +33 298 80 16 58
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Brest Bretagne Airport

Brest Bretagne Airport is situated just a few kilometres from the city centre. A shuttle bus runs between the train station and the airport daily, stopping at Saint-Luc and the Place de la Liberté next to the tourist information office. The Shuttle takes 10 mins to Saint-Luc and 14 min to Place de la Liberté. The first shuttle leaves the train station at 06.00.

​Phone: +33 298 32 86 00​Website:
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