Book flights to Cuneo in the North of Italy, and enjoy an Italian Alpine adventure. The gorgeous Cuneo province in Italy is a fantastic place for people who are looking for some stunning scenery and natural beauty, and who like to get active in the great outdoors. But whether you want to indulge in some Alpine hiking and biking, or you’d prefer to sit in a café eating incredible cakes and pastries and just watching the world go by, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time when you book flights to Cuneo with Ryanair!
Langhe and Roero, NEW UNESCO World Heritage Site

The wine landscape of the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato has become a World Heritage Site. It is the fiftieth Italian site, the world's most famous wine-growing hills win the designation as a UNESCO cultural landscape, which is the result of the combined action between man and nature. The skilful workmanship and the continuous improvement of the techniques of cultivation of Nebbiolo, Moscato and Barbera, led to extraordinary results shown in the magnificence of a unique landscape. The constant and passionate dedication by generations of people who cultivate the vineyards, following traditions and farmer’s knowledge made Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, an area of extraordinary universal value.

Winter Sports in Cuneo Alps

There is no better place to unwind and have fun than in the mountains of Piedmont. In the snow season Cuneo offers a system of ski stations only 40 km away from Cuneo Airport. Artesina with Frabosa Soprana and Prato Nevoso is one of the three resorts that make up the Mondolè Ski, a large winter sports district, which stretches across the Alpi del Mare with over 130 km of downhill ski runs. The Riserva Bianca (White reserve) can satisfy downhill skiing enthusiasts thanks to its 80 km of runs. The tracks vary in length and difficulty, with some runs designed for beginners and others which have hosted, among other things, the training sessions of the Italian and French national teams.

MTB and Cycling holidays

Cuneo’s valleys and plains are the foundation of enogastronomy but they have also been included as stages of the Giro d’Italia for many years. This is a land of devoted cyclists which is excellent for fun, health and passion. There are itineraries for cyclists who can rely on their strong physical training to tackle the high mountain climbs or who love to vie with distance. You can find a selection of roads and trails for pleasant tours and for training. There is huge variety offered through the richness of the landscapes, the natural environments and sports can be continuously enriched by culture, wine and and food along the way!

Mondocivino Outlet

The Mondovicino Outlet Village is a world of shopping easily reached from Cuneo airport, only 20 minutes by car. More than 85 shops offer a world of choice: fashion, accessories, sportswear, furnishings and furnishing accessories can be purchased at prices reduced by up to 70% and guaranteed directly by the producers. The best Italian brands are available at the best prices! There is also a comfortable and convenient Petrol Station to refuel, free Wi-Fi throughout the outlet, cash machines, a crèche, relaxation area, camper van area, and many other services coordinated by an efficient infopoint.

Famous Events in Cuneo

Passion is our most genuine strength and it creates new adventures every day. Come join us! Something remarkable always happens. Events, festivals and parties, folklore and futurism, romantic roads and innovative itineraries: you just have to choose. The Music festival “Collisioni” (Barolo), White Truffle fair (Alba), National Chestnuts Fair (Cuneo) and much more are waiting for you! How long has it been since you’ve felt this good in a place?

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Fly to CUNEO and visit the Langhe-Roero, the new UNESCO HERITAGE site url:

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