Book flights to Gdańsk, and you might be forgiven for thinking you’ve arrived somewhere on the Mediterranean rather than the Baltic! Gdańsk is a great city, perfect for a short city break. If you’re a history buff you’ll be in your element here – Gdańsk is the place where the first shots of World War II were fired, and it’s the city where the Solidarity strikes began in the early 80s. But once you’ve had your fill of history, there’s plenty to do in present-day Gdańsk to keep you occupied for the duration of your stay! Book flights to Gdansk with Ryanair!
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Gdansk – this millennial city delights with its monuments, charming streets and rich entertainments. St Dominic’s Fair with centuries’ old tradition, knight tournaments, outdoor events and street theatre performances accompany the residents and delight tourists. The impressive urban architecture recalls the epoch of the Hanseatic splendour. Every year the lovely narrow streets, the magnificent town house facades, the spectacular Royal Road connecting the Golden Gate with the Green Gate, the mediaeval Crane and the granaries attract countless tourists. Cafés situated in historic town houses as well as pubs in the original cellars invite you to stop and rest.
Great Crane (Zuraw)

This is Gdansk’s most famous landmark, a crane that was used to lift heavy goods and place masts onto ships’ decks. Today, it houses a branch of the city’s maritime museum in the crane.

​Address: Ulica Szeroka 67, Gdansk​Phone: +48 58 301 6938​Website: Tram: Brama Wyzynna (High Gate)
Long Street and Long Market

Stretching from the Upland Gate to the Green Gate, this is one of the most beautiful areas of Gdansk. Wealthy townsfolk used to live along Long Street, Ulica Dluga, and around Long Market, Dlugi Targ.

​Address: Ulica Dluga, GdanskSubway: Tram: Brama Wyzynna (High Gate)
St. Mary’s Church (Kosciol Mariacki)

Rumoured to be the world’s largest brick church, St. Mary’s can hold up to 25,000 people. For a breathtaking view of the city, climb the 405 steps to the top of the 78-metre tower. Inside the church, you’ll find a 14-metre astronomical clock. Pop by at noon to see Adam and Eve tolling a bell atop the clock.

​Address: Ulica Podkramarska 5, GdanskSubway: Tram: Brama Wyzynna (High Gate)
National Museum

Housed in a 15th century Franciscan monastery, this museum is truly stunning. On display is a wide range of Gothic artwork. The flagship piece of the museum is Hans Memling’s triptych "Last Judgement."

​Address: Ulica Torunska 1, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 301 6804​Website: http://www.muzeum.narodowe.gda.plSubway: Tram: Zabi Kruk
Three Crosses Monument

At the gates of the Gdansk shipyard, this 42 metre tall steel monument commemorates the shooting of dock workers during a strike in December 1970. More than 1,000 workers were injured and 42 killed when the communist government authorized the army to fire at striking workers.

​Address: Plac Solidarnosc, Gdansk

This peninsula, north of Gdansk, is the site where World War II began, when Nazi German battleship Schleswig-Holstein fired at a Polish garrison on the coast. Visitors can now visit the ruins of the peninsula’s barracks and blockhouses, one of which has been converted into a museum.

​Address: Ulica Sucharskiego 1, GdanskSubway: Bus: Westerplatte
Old Town

This area was almost completely destroyed during war time but has later been rebuilt and is now one of the most popular attractions in the city. Stroll along the narrow pebbled streets, lined with beautiful old buildings and feel the old-time atmosphere.

​Address: ul. Dluga, Gdansk
Oliwa Cathedral

This cathedral, located in a tranquil park in the outskirts of Gdansk, holds beautiful artworks in several different styles, such as Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Classical style. The organ is something in itself. If you happen to be there when it is played on, don't miss to take a look at the moving wooden figures on top of it.

​Address: ul. Cystersów 10, Gdansk
European Solidarity Center Roads to Freedom Exhibition

If you are interested in the modern history of Poland and how the city and country left the communist-era, this is a museum you must visit. Through exhibitions and an audio guide, visitors get an interesting and educational experience.

​Address: ul. Doki 1, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 767 79 71​Website:
Oliwa Zoo

This large zoo with lots of exotic animals is fun for the whole family. It is located in the area of Oliwa but is easy to access with local transport. Since the park is quite big, don't forget to put on your walking shoes and bring some snacks and drinks.

​Address: ul. Karwieńska 3, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 552 1751​Website:
Baltic Opera

Finally in 1950, this opera house could open up its doors, after a war period when all opera and theatre stages in Gdansk were destroyed by the Red Army. Since then it has been well visited by a cultural interested crowd. Several different music and dance performances are held here every year.

​Address: al. Zwycięstwa 15, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 763 49 06​Website:
Neptune's Fountain (Fontanna Neptuna)

Most visitors of Gdansk just wander right into this beautiful fountain it when strolling around the city. The square where it is located, is almost always crowded and this is not only a must photo shoot for tourists but also a popular meeting spot for the locals.

​Address: Dlugi Targ, Gdansk
Town Hall (Ratusz)

The town hall of Gdansk is mostly visited because of its high tower and the spectacular view you have from here. While you are here, visit the small museum too. Here you are able to see lots of photos of the almost completely destroyed city during World War II.

​Address: ul. Długa 46/47, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 76 79 100​Website:
Polish Post Office Museum

This small museum shows a piece of very important history. The courage of the postal workers during World War II, is exhibited in different ways and visitors are often touched by the stories told here. It also shows the history of the Polish postal system.

​Address: ul. Obrońców Poczty Polskiej 1/2, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 301 76 11​Website:
Brzezno Beach and Pier

Gdansk is a city by the sea and just 15 minutes from the city centre, you find Brzezno Beach and Pier. This is a 500 metres long sandy beach with restaurants and bars. The pier, built in the late 19th century, also serves visitors with cafés and toilets.

​Address: ul. Jantarowa 1, Gdansk​Phone: +48 691 912 156
Feta Festival

The International Street and Open Air Theatre Fest is an annual, multi-day open-air event annually hosting invited domestic as well as international artists since 1997. Actors playing at the fair often interact with the public. Spectacular shows draw the attention of both theatre lovers as well as incidental passers-by.

Sopot - The “Pearl of the Baltic”

Sopot – the only one of its kind, this seaside resort sports a marvellous promenade closed to vehicle traffic which leads right to the famous wooden pier. Being the longest wooden construction of its kind in Europe, the pier is an excellent place for walks or relaxation. Lovely sandy beaches and the lapping of the waves give ultimate pleasure. The Monte Cassino promenade swarms with people both during the day and at night. Pubs, cafés and tearooms tempt with beautiful interior decor and low prices. The well-equipped health facilities of Sopot compete with each other, offering high-quality wellness and spa services. The broad selection of services guarantees not only short-term effects, but enables one to regenerate for a longer period. The unique atmosphere of these places forms perfect conditions for rest, allowing one to care for their health and looks at the same time.

Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle is masterpiece of medieval defensive and residential architecture. It is the largest gothic Castle complex in the world, with an area of approximately 21 hectares and total building cubature exceeding one quarter of a million cubic metres. Today, the host of the fortress on the Nogat is the Castle Museum in Malbork, which was founded in 1961. Its main objectives include the protection of the historical substance of the Castle, research and conservation, the collection and presentation of collections, as well as educational activities. The venue has twenty three artistic, artistic-craft, architectural and historical collections. The most interesting are the collections of amber products, militaria, antique coins, architectural details and sculptures. Besides its main activity, the museum is also involved in the organisation of symposia, artistic, educational, musical and theatrical ventures, and even historical field presentations, such as the “Siege of Malbork”. The Castle on the Nogat frequently serves as a movie and television production location. During the summer, in the evenings, a “Light and Sound” production is presented within its walls.

The Slowinski Coast

Broad, sandy beaches, with a string of dunes parallel to the shoreline, several lagoon lakes which once were sea bays, tall cliffs and wonderful bathing spots... all of this awaits along the Slowinski Coast, which stretches from the mouth of the Parseta River all the way to Cape Rozewie. The most important natural sight of the region is the Slowinski National Park, where one can adore the moving dunes, resembling a desert. Strong winds cause the sand to migrate inland, overflowing everything in its path. Thus the monstrous dunes, the tallest of which is the over forty-metre-tall Lacka Mountain, are moving with a speed of several metres per year, consuming the surrounding forest. The prize for conquering this “desert” is a wonderful, broad beach at the foot of the walking dunes. Due to the irreplaceability of the nature and landscape, the park was introduced in the year 1997 to the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves. The largest city close to the park is Leba, which, apart from its natural values, offers attractions such as a dinosaur park and a modern sailing marina.

More than just a meat & potatoes paradise, Poland’s cuisine is a mixture of Slavic and foreign culinary traditions. Meals often start with a bowl of soup. Pork is the most popular meat in Poland, but, thanks to its seaside location, Gdansk also offers a great variety of fish as well. Meals are often accompanied by vodka and beer.
Dom Pod Lososiem

One of the city’s finest and oldest restaurants. Offering mostly seafood dishes, this restaurant bases its menu on 19th century Gdansk cuisine. Don’t miss the restaurant’s famous home-made Goldwasser vodka, served with genuine gold flakes.

​Address: Ulica Szeroka 54, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 301 7652 / +48 58 305 14 44 ​Website: Tram: Brama Wyzynna (High Gate)
Czerwone Drzwi

Owner Monika Zieba tends to her guests in the scarlet rooms beyond the red front portal. The beef steak with pepper in creamy sauce with brandy, or some of the ubiquitous dumplings. It is advisable to book ahead.

​Address: Ulica Piwna 52, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 301 5764​Website: Tram: Brama Wyzynna (High Gate)
Pierogarnia u Dzika

This is one of the best place in town to find the traditional Polish Pierogi, a kind of dumpling commonly stuffed with meat, vegetables or eggs. Try 15 different variations here, including wild boar, mushrooms and strawberries.

​Address: Ulica Piwna 59, Gdansk​Phone: +48 58 305 2676​Website: http://www.pierogarniaudzika.comSubway: Tram: Brama Wyzynna (High Gate)
Bar Pod Ryba

For a quick budget meal, head into this unique café for some very imaginative takes on the jacket potato. For a new twist, try potato with sausage or herring. Menus are in Polish only, but the staff will happily help you pick your meal.

​Address: ul. Piwna 61/63, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 305 1307​Website: http://www.barpodryba.plSubway: Tram: Chmielna

Tawerna is specialized in fish dishes and this is one of the best seafood restaurants in Gdansk. It is located in the centre of the old town. During summer months guests can enjoy their meal under the arcades in front of the restaurant.

​Address: Powroźnicza 19/20, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 301 4141​Website:

This is said to be the oldest restaurant in Gdańsk and during the interwar period this place was one of the trendiest places in the city. Today it has a more classic and elegant setting and guests can feel the old days in the ambience. The food is traditional Polish and since this is a very popular restaurant it is recommended to book in advance.

​Address: ul. Wartka 5, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 301 00 50​Website:
Original Burger

For some great burgers, Original Burger, located in the Old Town, is a good place to visit. If you have vegetarians in your party, don't worry there are lots of meat-free choices on the menu too.

​Address: ul. Dluga 47-49, Gdansk​Phone: +48 58 306 77 63​Website:​Opening hours: Daily 11.30 - 22.30 (or to the last Customer)
Cala Naprzod

This restaurant is good for either just an ice cream, a drink or a full dinner. With its terrace overlooking the river, Cala Naprzod is the perfect choice for a warm and sunny day. The cuisine is traditional Polish with some influence from other European kitchens.

​Address: ul. Tokarska 21/25, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 329 87 25​Website:​More info: Located on the 4th floor of a museum

At Fellini, guests can enjoy an array of Italian specialities cooked from products from Toscana. Every day there is something new on the menu and the wine menu gives plenty of choices to accompany the meal.

​Address: ul. Targ Rybny 6, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 888 01 02 03​Website:​Opening hours: 12.00 - 24.00 everyday
Restauracja Targ Rybny

Restauracja Targ Rybny means Restaurant Fishmarket and as the name reveals, this venue has its focus on fish and seafood. In a cosy ambience, guests can enjoy dishes with fresh fish cooked to perfection.

​Address: ul. Targ Rybny 6C, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 320 90 11​Website:
Browar Piwna

Behind the façades of an old building at Piwna Street, this contemporary designed brewery is hidden. In addition to European and Polish dishes they have a wide array of different drinks and beer, of which three of the beer brands are their own.

​Address: Piwna 50/51, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 301 39 24​Website:
Gdanski Bowke

Gdanski Bowke is situated right by the harbour and guests can enjoy the view of beautiful ships and water. The old-time-ambience is raised to the top with waiters wearing old fashioned clothes and the menus looking like old newspapers. The food here is well-renowned and there is a wide selection to choose from.

​Address: ul. Długie Pobrzeże 11, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 380 11 11​Website:
La Pampa Steak House

For a juicy steak you should head to La Pampa Steak House. Their focus lies on meat in different creations and Argentinian beefs are grilled to perfection, whether you like them rare, medium or well done.

​Address: ul. Szeroka 32/35, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 797 591 212​Website:
Swojski Smak

This cosy restaurant is located in the heart of Gdansk. Big portions of traditional Polish food, cooked from their own secret recipes, are served here to affordable prices, and guests are well taken care of, of the friendly staff.

​Address: Heweliusza 25/27, Gdansk​Phone: +48 58 320 19 12​Website:
Sempre Pizza e Vino

Sempre Pizza e Vino has two outlets in Gdansk and both of them serve delicious pizzas. At Sempre Targ Rybny, guests can not only enjoy the good food but also a lovely view from the seating outside over the river. Italian music is played to enhance the Italian atmosphere.

​Address: Targ Rybny 11, Gdansk​Phone: +48 58 719 1919​Website:
After strolling along the old narrow streets and maybe some excellent shopping a break is necessary. In the old town you find several small cosy cafés serving delicious pastries and ice cream to choose from.
Pi Kawa

The burgundy red walls and flickering candles make for a romantic setting in this cosy little café, located right by St. Mary’s Church. Have a hot cup of coffee and a snack as the Rat Pack or some classic jazz plays out of the stereo.

​Address: Ulica Piwna 14/15, Gdańsk ​Phone: +48 58 304 14 88​Website: http://www.pikawa.plSubway: Tram: Brama Wyzynna (High Gate)
Cup of Tea

With one of the best and most exotic tea selections in town, this café is sure to satisfy the most finicky tea connoisseur. Of course it also offers coffee for the less adventurous. Take advantage of the in-house hot-spot and bring your laptop for a few hours of e-mailing.

​Address: Ul.Szeroka 119/120, Gdansk​Phone: +48 511 398 697 Subway: Tram: Brama Wyzynna (High Gate)
Coffee Singidunum

This is a coffeehouse for a perfect coffee-lover! Here you will find a true connoisseurs who will recommend the right taste specifically to your taste. If you don’t like it, they will simply rustle you up another one for free!

​Address: Swietojanska 72, Gdansk
Pellowski Cafe

Pellowski Cafe is a nice café located on Dluga Street. It is a combined bakery and café and serves a wide array of pastries together with breakfast and lighter snacks. They are known for their lovely ice cream, so don’t miss out!

​Address: ul. Dluga 40/42, Gdansk​Phone: +48 58 301 4520
Red Spot Cafe

Red Spot Cafe is a nice little café and coffee shop in the city centre. They serve a range of beverages and food, and the service is fast and good. Red Spot Cafe is a brilliant place to relax and people watch.

​Address: ul. Podwale Grodzkie 2, Gdańsk ​Phone: +48 58 721 5048​Website:
Just walking around Gdansk, you’ll find a wide range of bars and pubs, from the very offbeat to the student pubs, from ex-pat hangouts to exquisite lounges. Be warned: Eastern Europe has some of the wildest night clubs in the world, and Gdansk is no exception. Theme parties are everywhere, and the locals love to dress up for the occasion. Clubs tend to be open late, and the DJ's are tireless! Not for the faint at heart...
Cafe Ferber

This bar merges tradition with innovation and offers a space for the city’s A-list to see and be seen. There is some food, but the true highlight is the humongous drinks menu, offering everything from a Cosmopolitan to Moët & Chandon.

​Address: Ulica Dluga 77, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 791 010 005​Website: http://www.ferber.plSubway: Tram: Brama Wyzynna (High Gate)
Stacja Deluxe

Stacja Deluxe is what happens if you cross a gas station with pop art furniture and a well-stocked bar. This is considered to be one of the coolest bars in the city and people come here to listen to the various kind of music played or just enjoy a drink with some friends.

​Address: Grunwaldska 22, Gdańsk ​Phone: +48 58 345 0005 ​Website:​Opening hours: Every day from 10.00 until 24.00Subway: Tram: Politechnika
Chilly Willy

Only steps from the sea shore, Chilly Willy is housed in a huge mountain hut that never closes. Come and sway to shanties and pop hits, drinking the night away with perfect strangers. Don’t worry, you’ll love them.

​Address: Ulica Jantarowa 16, Gdańsk​Phone: +48 58 555 78 25​Website:​Opening hours: Every day, 24 hoursSubway: Tram: Wczasy
Klub Dobry Dzwiek

This club is located in the Old Town in the heart of Gdansk and has three floors. At first and second floor, you can relax in the chill out zone. At third floor, they have a dance floor where you can dance to the popular music.

​Address: Ulica Teatralna 1, Gdansk​Phone: +48 602 555 333 / +48 606 800 800​Website: http://www.klubdobrydzwiek.plSubway: Tram: Brama Wyzynna (High Gate)

This bar and club is the perfect spot for the crowd that want to avoid the electronic music played on today's lists. Good old tunes from the Beatles and Doors are played by the DJ and if you don't feel like dancing there is plenty of room to sit down and enjoy a cold beer together with old and new friends.

​Address: ul Piwna 50/51, Gdansk​Phone: +58 301 3924
Gdansk is a holiday shopper’s paradise as there are plenty of stores in the downtown area as well as a couple of quality shopping malls. Potter around the small streets of Old Town to find genuine silver and amber jewellery. After all, the Bay of Gdansk has some of the world’s largest amber deposits! You’re sure to find some of the most artistic pieces you’ve ever seen. Poland is also known for some very fine woodwork. Check out the street stalls along Ulica Dluga for some local arts and crafts such as Kashubian needlework and more jewellery. Also, Ulica Mariacka – which is known as one of the most beautiful streets in Europe – has many cosy shops and hidden treasures. If the weather turns you, and you’re looking to spend some quality indoor time, there is a shopping mall in the Great Mill building on Ulica Wielkie Mlyny that is great for buying those inevitable souvenirs and trinkets for friends and family. Another, larger shopping mall is on Ulica Rajska, called Madison Park. It has more than 100 stores, including tourist information, fashion stores, a gym and a medical centre. For a change of pace, check out the little shops in seaside spa resort Sopot or the exclusive boutiques of thriving port town Gdynia.
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Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport

Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport is about 10 kilometres from downtown Gdansk. It also serves Gdynia and Sopot, as well as the rest of the Pomeranian region. City bus line 210 will get you to the city in about 35-50 minutes. Tickets are PLN 3,40 one-way and are bought at a news stand or from the driver. There is also an airport shuttle bus (MPA Poland) that takes travellers directly in to the city centre. The journey takes about 25-30 minutes and a one way ticket is PLN 14,90. Tickets can be bought on the bus. A taxi rank is situated outside the arrivals hall. A cab ride to the city will set you back about PLN 50-60 during the daytime and about PLN 70-80 after 22.00. Beware of private cabs! Stick with taxis that have telephone numbers on the sides and a big light on the roof. You’ll also find rental car agencies in the arrivals hall.

​Address: Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport​Phone: +48 58 348 11 63​Website:​More info: Prices updated July 2013
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