Book flights to Haugesund on Norway’s west coast and you’re on the verge of some of Norway’s most stunning scenery. If you’re a fan of the great outdoors and all the adventures it promises, then Haugesund is the perfect destination for you. This is your gateway to the glaciers, gorges, fjords, and waterfalls that make Norway one of the world’s most ruggedly beautiful countries, so grab your hiking boots and your woolly hat, and prepare for a Scandinavian escape! Book flights to Haugesund with Ryanair.
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Haugesund is a buoyant centre for cultural and sporting events. The Norwegian International Film Festival is held in Haugesund every year and the town likes to project itself as Norway’s Cannes.
Nordvegen History Centre and Viking Settlement

At the Nordvegen History Centre and Viking Settlement you can be a viking for a day. This authentic Viking Village and the History Centre at Avaldsnes give you the opportunity to see and feel the life of the Scandinavian Vikings that lived here thousand years ago.

​Address: Kong Augvaldsvei, Haugesund​Phone: +47 52 81 24 00
Langfoss Waterfall

Explore the fantastic waterfall has been rated as the number one waterfall by This is possibly one of the most beautiful cascade waterfalls in the world. The river spills over the side of a long mountain slope before it joins the waters of the Åkra Fjord. You can easily reach the waterfall by car.

​Address: Langfoss Waterfall

Skudeneshavn is a pearl in the West. At the southernmost tip of Karmøy, where the lighthouses peer out over Skudefjord and the North Sea, lies the charming harbour and fishing village of Skudeneshavn. In the early nineteenth century, herring fishing led to rapid prosperity and the growth of the historically fascinating district called the Old Town.

​Address: Skudeneshavn
Fjord Walks

In Haugesund you can come close to the essence of Norway with the beautiful fjords, rivers and lakes. A variety of trails give a splendid view of the landscape that can be explored all year around.

Winter Activities

Haugesund and its surroundings offer a powder paradise for both alpine and cross-country skiers within a 30–90 minutes’ drive. Especially the Røldal Ski Destination is famous for its frequent snow fall and good skiing conditions.


Steinfjellet provides an absolutely fantastic panoramic view. Rest your eyes on Haugesund and the North Sea from a height of 227 metres above sea level.

​Address: Steinfjellet

The national monument of the Unification of Norway was erected in 1872. This was done during the centennial celebrations of Norway’s unification into one kingdom.

Haugesund Town Hall

The Town Hall was designed by the architects Gudolf Blakstad and Hermann Munthe-Kaas and was given as a gift to the town. It opened officially in 1931 and the park opened in 1949. The Town Hall is one of the most famous buildings in Norway and contains a wealth of artistic decorations.

​Address: Rådhusgaten 66, Haugesund

Krosshaugen is a stone cross dating from the earliest Christian period in Norway (about 1000 A.D.). This location has functioned as a Parliament site and the cross may be a monument to the farmers who converted to the Christian faith during sessions of Parliament. It is believed that Christian mass was performed beside these stone crosses before churches were built.

The Sluices in Skjoldastraumen

The only salt-water sluice in Norway dates back to 1908 and is still in full working condition. There is an annual Sluice Festival in Skjoldastraumen as well.

​Address: Skjoldastraumen

Røvær is an idyllic group of islands situated 10 kilometres west of Haugesund that has a population of approximately 100 people. The islands are home to an abundant plant and bird life and are also a great place for fishing.

​Address: Røvær
Haugesund offers a broad selection of restaurants with dishes from all over the world. As the town is placed near the water, seafood dishes are very popular and fresh, as the fish has been caught the very same day. Many of the restaurants are based in the cosy, beautiful and very attractive surroundings near the waterfront. In summertime it is possible to enjoy your meal outside near the water.
Bestastua Restaurant and Wine Bar

Bestastua Restaurant and Wine Bar is an excellent restaurant with a typical Norwegian atmosphere. The restaurant serves traditional Norwegian food as well as continental dishes. Bestastue also offers an exciting range of wines, a cognac bar, a piano bar and a night club.

​Address: Strandgata 132, Haugesund​Phone: +47 52 865 588​Website:
Lothe’s Food and Wine Bar

This gourmet restaurant with a cosy atmosphere promises you a culinary experience extraordinaire. Here you can choose from superb seafood dishes as well as reindeer meat. Lothe’s has a good selection of wines which can also be enjoyed in the bar area.

​Address: Skippergata 4, Haugesund​Phone: +47 52 71 22 01​Website:
Restaurant Naustet

This restaurant can be found at the Rica Maritime Hotel ideally located right at the waterfront. The seafood cuisine is simply superb and the surroundings offer a great view. The cosy and relaxed atmosphere reflect much of the town’s history.

​Address: Åsbygaten 3, Haugesund​Phone: +47 52 86 30 00​Website:​Opening hours: Closed on Sundays
Big Horn Steak House

Big Horn offers delicious steaks, lamb, chicken and fish dishes in a tasteful and welcoming setting. If you are still hungry after your steak, try the tasty coffee ice cream served with Bailey’s.

​Address: Strandgatan 130, Haugesund​Phone: +47 52 72 90 00​Website:
Restaurant Egon

Egon has a wide variety of dishes from around the world on the menu, from pizzas to sirloin steak and pretty much everything else in between. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a special kid’s menu.

​Address: Smedasundet 93, Haugesund​Phone: +47 52 72 56 02​Website:
Haugesund is the perfect place to stroll along the quayside and take in the fresh sea air. You can easily stop for coffee or a bite to eat at one of the many cafés and restaurants found here.
Café MM

Café MM is one of the best places in town to "hang-out" and a good place to meet some of the local celebrities. The café is nicely located at the waterfront and serves a nice selection of lunch items.

​Address: Smedasundet, Haugesund​Phone: +47 52711003​Website:
Samson Bar

Samson is a café during day, but turns into an excellent cocktail bar at night. The café serves very good pasta dishes during the day in a fresh and colourful settings.

​Address: Strandgata 130, Haugesund​Phone: +47 52 72 22 15​Website:
Lothe’s Food and Wine Bar

This gourmet restaurant with a cosy atmosphere promises you a culinary experience extraordinaire. Here you can choose from superb seafood dishes as well as reindeer meat. Lothe’s has a good selection of wines which can also be enjoyed in the bar area.

​Address: Skippergata 4, Haugesund​Phone: +47 52 71 22 01​Website:
Totalen Cafe

Totalen Cafe offers a wide variety of lunch dishes in addition to their excellent coffee. Downstairs you can bring your kids and strollers while upstairs is better suited for intimate lunch dates and deep conversations.

​Address: Haraldsgata 173, Haugesund​Phone: +47 51 11 66 29​Website:
Café Espresso

At Café Espresso you can enjoy freshly baked goods straight from the Haugli Bakery. You can sit down in a pleasant environment and enjoy a healthy smoothie or a sinfully creamy cappuccino.

​Address: Haraldsgata 134, Haugesund​Phone: +47 52 70 32 20​Website:
Bars in and around Haugesund play a mix of Irish folk, country and Norwegian pop music. Many of the nicest places are located around the ‘Smedasundet’ area on the quay front. Here you have a good chance to have a chat with the local folks.
Samson Bar

This café and bar offers a great selection of cocktails in a fashionable setting. The music is handled by well renowned DJ's, sure to create a great atmosphere.

​Address: Strandgata 130, Haugesund​Phone: +47 52 72 22 15​Website:

The bar at the Rica Maritime Hotel knows how to serve a strong drink. Sit down and enjoy your drink in just the right atmosphere, perfect for any evening.

​Address: Åsbygaten 3, Haugesund​Phone: +47 52 86 30 00​Website:

Flytten is a very popular rock café/night club venue. This is where all ‘up and coming’ bands perform regularly.

​Address: Smedasundet 87, Haugesund​Phone: +47 986 37 000​Website:

This live performance venue is the place where popular Norwegian and Scandinavian artists perform. Come here on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights to enjoy the show.

​Address: Haraldsgata 170, Haugesund
Copacabana Night Club

This night club is great for the younger crowd. They have two large dance floor and a drink menu with many different drinks to choose from. Here you can find three different departments: CopaBar, CopaDisco and CopaBeach.

​Address: 87 Smedasundet, Haugesund​Phone: +47 98 637 000​Website:
The main shopping area in Haugesund is the one kilometre long pedestrian street named ‘Skaregate’. This is the home to more than 150 shops and boutiques where you can find everything your heart desires. Most of the designer and fashion shops are based here, amongst them one of Norway’s biggest fashion retailers, Steen & Strom. It is also here where you will find jewellery, shoes, kids’ clothing, accessories and everything else. In the small alleyways off ‘Skaragate’ you will find the smaller shops and more untraditional stuff. This is where you find local craftsman wares. ‘Haraldsgata’ is one of the more exciting alleyways where you will find shops which sell clothes and bags from local designers. Also to be found in ‘Haraldsgata’ is ‘Slakter Haaland’. He is a butcher who once made a pudding for the Norwegian Princess Maud, and that is the only place in Norway where you can buy that pudding, and it is of course named ‘Prinsesse Maud’. If you need more than the shops in town, there are also shopping centres. Oasen is one of the best of its kind and boasts more than 70 shops. There is also a big outdoor market happening every year in October, which offers something for everybody.
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Haugesund Airport

Haugesund Airport is situated 14 kilometres southwest of Haugesund, on Karmøy Island in the North Sea, just off Norway’s southwest coast. You can catch the airport bus to get to and from the airport. A single ticket costs NOK70. There is another bus connection to the city centre (also to Stavanger and Bergen). The travel time to Haugesund is approximately 20 minutes. The journey is operated by ‘Kystbussen’ and leaves from outside the terminal building. A single ticket costs NOK90. Taxis are usually parked outside the terminal. A trip to the city centre costs approximately NOK450 Haugesund Taxi +47 52 80 80 80 Haugaland Taxi +47 52 81 81 81

​Address: Haugesund Airport, Haugesund​Phone: +47 67 03 10 10​Website:
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