Book flights to Marrakesh and let yourself get totally lost in Morocco’s capital city. The city of Marrakesh is the ultimate sensory overload, and we mean that in the best possible way. It’s difficult to accurately describe it in just words – we really think you just have to go there and experience it for yourself. Taste the tagine, barter in the souks, mingle with the Moroccans and rock the Kasbah… you could even follow your nose to the city’s tanneries if you’re brave enough to face the foul smell. They are worth a visit, but we recommend that have an escape route to a nearby Hammam all prepared, for when it gets to be too much! Book flights to Marrakesh and see for yourself.
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The city divides into two highly contrasting districts. The medina, founded by the Almoravids nearly 1000 years ago, and the Ville Nouvelle, a French colonial modernist project from the early 20th century. It is the medina, and its central square Djemaa el-Fna, that will undoubtedly fire the imagination.
El Badi Palace

El Badi Palace was built in the 16th century and reputed to have been one of the most beautiful palaces in the world. Originally there it had 360 rooms, a grand court yard and a pool which was 90 m x 20 m.

​Address: Place des Ferblantiers, Marrakech
Saadian Tombs

The Royal tombs of the Saadian dynasty are beautifully adorned with domed ceilings, intricate carvings and ornate plasterwork. This is a popular sight in Marrakech, so prepare yourself to stand in line when you're going there.

​Address: Rue de la Kasbah, Marrakech​Opening hours: Daily 8.30-11.45, 14.30-17.45
Menara Gardens

Menara Gardens has a wonderfully tranquil location set amidst olive groves and with the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains. They were built in the 12th century.

​Address: Avenue de la Menara, Marakech​Phone: +212 524 426 887
The Souks

This labyrinth-like market is a place to wander around and let your senses be assaulted by the sights, smells and sounds. Prepare yourself to bargain if you feel like shopping.

​Address: Djemaa el-Fna, Marrakech​More info: North of Djemaa el-Fna
City Walls

The 12 km long city Wall of Marrakech was mostly built for the looks than for the purpose of defence. Today it is a perfect place to enjoy a romantic moment with your loved one. There are caleches (horse drawn carts) for tours of the Medina and the city’s ramparts and these tours are best at dusk.

​Address: Place de Foucault, Marrakech​More info: North side of Place de Foucault

A visit to a bath-house or hammam is a "must do", to wash away the stresses and strains of daily life. Enjoy the luxury of getting washed with black olive soap, having hair treatments and being washed clean with exfoliating gloves.

Koutoubia Mosque and Minaret

The Koutoubia Mosque and the Minaret was built in 1120 and standing at 70m, this is the spiritual landmark of Marrakech. Unfortunately non-Muslims cannot enter but the building itself is impressive to watch from the outside too.

​Address: Avenue Mohammed V, Marrakech
Djemaa El-fna

Djemaa El-fna is a square and market place in the pulsing heart of the medina. This is where Marakshi life is at its most colourful and vibrant, particularly when dusk falls on another balmy day.

​Address: Djemaa el-Fna

At the Tanneries you can watch and be amazed when the hides are stretched, dyed and dried. A piece of advice is to have a guide to take your there, if not, you will find someone at the location who will be willing to help you for a small compensation.

​Address: Nr Bab Debbagh Gate, Marrakech
Maison de la Photographie

This museum, located in the heart of the city, shows the history of Morocco through 3, 500 photographs taken between 1870 and 1950. From the rooftop, one of the highest in the area, you can enjoy the beautiful view, while eating a light lunch.

​Address: 46 Rue Ahel Fes, Marrakech​Phone: +212 05 24 38 57 21​Website:​Opening hours: Open every day from 9.30 – 19.00​More info: Located in the medina, 200 m behind Ben Youssef Medersa - Koranic School)
Ali Ben Youssef Madrasa

Ali Ben Youssef Madrasa is an old Koranic school, built in the 14th century. It housed up to 900 students at its most, and it was one of the largest theological schools in North Africa. It closed down in the 1960's but opened again in 1982 as a public sight and even if it doesn't look like much to the world from the outside, the inside will amaze you with its beauty.

​Address: Rue Souk el Khemis, Marrakech​Phone: +212 44 39 09 11​More info: Just off Rue Souk el Khemis
Oasiria Water Park

For a refreshing break from the bustling hot city, a trip to Oasiria Water Park can be a good idea. Splashing water slides and pools combined with relaxing lounge areas in the shadow make this place attractive to the whole family.

​Address: Km 4, route d'Amizmiz, Chrifia, Marrakech​Phone: +212 524 38 04 38​Website:
Majorelle Garden

When the alarming city becomes too much for you to handle, this is a perfect refuge. Stroll in the shade of the palms and watch beautiful plants, fountains and birds and when you're tired you can sit down at the garden café.

​Address: Rue Yves Saint Laurent, Marrakech​Phone: +212 5 24 31 30 47​Website:​Opening hours: Open every day of the year

Golf is considered a royal sport in Morocco and in the area of Marrakech only, you find several courses to play at. The oldest one, Royal Marrakech, is from 1933 but there are also more modern clubs to choose from.

​Address: Old route of Ouarzazate B.P 634, Marrakech​Phone: +212 5 24 40 98 28 / +212 5 24 40 47 05​Website:
Atlas Mountains

From Marrakech you can take a day trip to the Atlas Mountains. These tours often include a visit at a Berber village and camel rides. One of the companies providing this kind of tour is 4X4 Camel and they also make a visit at a Berber family's house, where a meal is served.

​Address: Azli Janoubi 911, Marrakech​Phone: +212 66 1226663
Moroccan cuisine, in general, consists of the staples of meat―mainly chicken and lamb―a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and couscous. The most renowned Moroccan dish is the tagine, a slowly cooked stew of meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts. Another famous dish is pastilla, which is composed of either chicken or pigeon between layers of pastry.
Dar Marjana

Dar Marjana serves delicious traditional food. A spectacular setting and live traditional music makes this a gem in the imperial crown of Marrakech dining options.

​Address: 15 Derb Sidi Ali Tair, Marrakech​Phone: +212 524 38 51 10​Website:​More info:
Ksar El Hamra

Ksar El Hamra serves excellent Moroccan specialities accompanied to the rhythms of a folkloric show. Guests can choose to sit inside the house where the dining room is decorated with enchanting details or outside in the beautiful courtyard with orange trees and fountains.

​Address: 28 Riad Zitoune Lakdim, Marrakech​Phone: +212 524 42 76 07​Website:
Casa Lalla

At Casa Lalla you find exquisite food conjured by a Michelin starred chef. With only 14 settings a night, you’d be best to book ahead. The gourmet dishes are served at tables underneath the stars.

​Address: 16 Derb Jamaa, Marrakech ​Phone: +212 524 42 97 57​Website:​More info: Set in Riad Zitoune Lakdime
Dar Moha

Dar Moha is a beautiful restaurant where traditional Moroccan dishes are served with a twist. This is a nice break from the traditional food.

​Address: 81 Dar el Bacha, Marrakech​Phone: +212 524 38 64 00​Website:
Le Foundouk

Le Foundouk serves wonderful Moroccan classics with an interesting fusion of European and Asian influences. This is a trendy restaurant with beautiful décor, where the jet set of Marrakech meet and eat together.

​Address: 55 Souk Hal Fassi, Kaât Bennahid, Marrakech​Phone: +212 524 37 81 90​Website:

This women’s cooperative serves some of the finest tagines and offer a wide range of meat dishes in Marrakech. This is one of just a few restaurants in the city, where you can choose different dishes from the á la carte and not just between set menus.

​Address: 55 Boulevard Zerktouni, Marrakech​Phone: +212 524 43 40 60​Website:​Opening hours: Open every day, except Tuesdays, for lunch and dinner.
Djemaa El-fna

For the most authentic Moroccan dining experience head for the Djemaa el-Fna, sit among the crowds at the open-air food stalls and dine on such traditional delicacies as steamed snails or stewed sheep’s head.

​Address: Djemaa El-fna, Marrakech
Gastro MK

At the riad Maison MK, the restaurant Gastro MK offers a limited numbers of tables for non-guests of the hotel. Start your dinner with a refreshing cocktail on the rooftop and then savour a 5 course set menu inside the beautiful dining room. If you enjoyed your meal so much that you want to relive it, you can attend to one of their cooking courses.

​Address: 14 Derb Lafkih Sbaai, Marrakech​Phone: +212 661 09 61 27​Opening hours: Closed on Wednesdays​More info: Quartier Ksour
Pepe Nero

Pepe Nero features two different menus that still go very good together. There is one Italian and one Moroccan and the drink-list provides wines that accompany both menus. Enjoy your fusion meal in a romantic atmosphere at this restaurant.

​Address: 17, Derb Cherkaoui, Douar Graoua, Marrakech​Phone: +212 524 389 067​Website:​Opening hours: Closed on Mondays​More info: Closed from July 6th to 31st, 2013
Les Jardins de la Medina

For a Moroccan fine-dining experience you should head to Les Jardins de la Medina. Relax in the lush garden or feel the atmosphere of ancient times in the dining room while you savour the gastronomic dishes.

​Address: 21 Rue derb Chtouka, Marrakech​Phone: +212 5 24 381 851​Website:
Korean Barbecue

If you long for some other flavours than the Moroccan, this could be a good option. Generous portions of Korean food are served to reasonable prices in this restaurant located in the Almazar Shopping Centre.

​Address: Almazar Shopping Centre, El Haouz, Marrakech​Website:​More info: Located at level one in Almazar Shopping Centre

Azar restaurant serves delicious Lebanese mezze in a stylish and modern décor. The atmosphere is glamorous but yet cool and the cocktail list tempts to long nights at this trendy restaurant.

​Address: Avenue Hassan 2, Marrakech​Phone: +212 524 43 09 20​Website:
I Limoni

This small restaurant is a tucked gem in the heart of the medina. Superb Italian dishes leave the kitchen and are served in the beautiful and romantic courtyard.

​Address: 40 Dyour Saboun Bab Taghzout, Marrakech​Phone: +212 5243 83030

Bagatelle restaurant will not disappoint you if your thing is French cuisine. Escargots, oysters and escalope cordon bleu are just a few of the dishes you find on the menu. A wide array of fine wines are also there to accompany the food.

​Address: 103, Rue de Yougoslavie, Guèliz, Marrakech​Phone: +212 5 24 43 02 74
The Restaurant of La Sultana

For a romantic moment, book a table at The Restaurant of La Sultana and let you and your loved one indulge in the beautiful view from the rooftop and the delicious Moroccan dishes. This is one of the city's fine-dining options and here you can also sign up for one of their cooking classes.

​Address: 403 rue de la Kasbah, Marrakech​Phone: +212 5 24 38 80 08​Website:​More info: For non-residents of the hotel booking is required.
Enjoy the different sounds and views in Marrakech at a nice café with strong Moroccan coffee in your hand. Moroccans also have a liking for sweet things, so be sure to try out their desserts and pastries, washed down with an aromatic glass of the a la menthe or mint tea.
Patisserie des Princes

Patisserie des Princes is another well-established patisserie in the city. They serve excellent pastries and strong Moroccan coffee to reasonable prices.

​Address: 32 Rue Bab Agnaou, Marrakech​Phone: +212 524 44 30 33
Dar Cherifa

Dar Cherifa is an attractive literary café and gallery housed in a 17th-century riad. It is located in lovely surroundings and from the rooftop you have a stunning view over the city.

​Address: 8 Derb Cherifa Lakhbir, Mouassine, Marrakech ​Phone: +212 524 42 64 63
Café De Livre

Watch the world go by or sit back and lose yourself in a book in this literary café. The delicious pancakes swimming in honey should not be missed here.

​Address: 44 Rue Tarkiq Ben Ziad, Gueliz, Marrakech ​Phone: +212 524 446921
Café De France

This is probably the most famous café in Marrakesh, due to its rooftop terrace overlooking Djemaa el-Fna. Sip a cup of mint tea while watching the drama unfold.

​Address: Place Jemaa El Fna, Marrakech​Phone: +212 524 442 319
Patisserie Amandine Marrakech

At this bakery you can enjoy traditional or modern home-made pastries in a light and contemporary but yet tranquil setting. This is a perfect place for a coffee break after a visit at the Majorelle Garden.

​Address: 177 Rue Mohammed Al Béqal, Marrakech​Phone: +212 524 449 612​Website:​Opening hours: Every day from 7.00 to 21.00
Drinking in Marrakech is a discreet affair that takes place strictly behind closed doors. However, once you’re safely inside, the party starts to swing to rhythms of the gnaoua! Hidden away from view on the outskirts of the town, the clubs are a place for locals and tourists to let off steam and get down to some seriously funky beats. Be prepared for a unique brand of Marrakshi mayhem!
Jad Mahal

At Jad Mahal you will find delightful drinks, a sumptuous setting, dancers and musicians. Enjoy a meal of their Moroccan, Thai and French fusion cuisine and dance the night away. This place is popular so it is recommended to book in advance.

​Address: 1o Rue Haroune Erracid Hivernage, Marrakech​Phone: +212 524 43 69 84​Website:
Comptoir Darna

This is the place to be seen! Comptoir serves wonderful food and cocktails and is well-visited by both locals, tourists and businessmen. Enjoy their belly dancing shows and lose yourself in the rhythms of the Arabic night.

​Address: Avenue Echouhada, Hivernage, Marrakech​Phone: +212 524 43 77 02​Website:

This former theatre is now pumping to the sounds of the techno and house beat. Theatro features famous DJ's on a regularly basis and attracts a young and trendy crowd.

​Address: Rue Ibrahim El Mazini, Marrakech​Phone: +212 5244 48811​Website:
Nikki Beach

Join the Marrakchi in-crowd at this seriously hip joint. Here you can relax on a giant sun bed and sip a cocktail to the sound of DJ's playing in the background. It is located in the five star Palmeraie Gold Palace.

​Address: Circuit de la Palmeraie, Marrakech​Phone: +212 24 36 87 27 ​Website: /​Opening hours: From March 10th to January 2nd.

This gigantic disco with bars and restaurants has a glamorous but relaxed atmosphere. To explain it in short: This is where Ibiza comes to Marrakech.

​Address: Boulevard Mohamed VI, Marrakech​Phone: +212 6 61 10 28 87​Website:​More info: Located in Zone hôtelière de l'Aguedal
Marrakech is a shopper’s nirvana! A place where some of the finest hand crafted goods won’t cost you the earth and, to add to the paradisiacal tone, you’re actively expected to bargain, what more could one ask for? If this sounds like your idea of consumer heaven then head direct for the souks in the North of the Medina, where you will find different artisans fashioning all manner of products. If you’re looking for accessories for that special night out, then head along Rue Souq-el-Kebir, where you will find the jewellery and bag makers’ markets! There’s also the slipper market, for that most essential of Moroccan footwear…the babouche, which you can slip into after the night’s revelries. Other markets to look out for include the leather market and the carpet market where you can pick-up high quality hand-woven rugs. For sheer interest alone, and to watch real craftsmen at work, be sure to wander through the blacksmiths’, dyers’ and carpenters’ markets. If the bustle of the souk gets to be too much, and you’re all bartered out, then head over to the Ville Nouvelle where the shopping experience comes air conditioned-boutique style. Here you will find exclusive designer wear and one-off original items, artisan and antique shops and warehouse outlets. Happy shopping!
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Menara Airport

Menara Airport is located 6 km from Marrakech. The bus numer 19 runs to Djemaa el-Fna every 20 minutes during the week and less frequently during weekends and public holidays. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes. Bus fare from the airport to Inezgane costs Dh20. A taxi for maximum 5 people plus bagage from the airport to the city centre takes about 20 minutes. The drive costs about Dh150 before 19.00 and Dh200 after. Agree on the price before set off.

​Address: Marrakech Menara Airport​Phone: +212 5 24 44 79 10​Website: /​More info: Prices updated May 2013
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