Book flights to Nimes with Ryanair, and while you’re most definitely in the South of France, you might feel like you’ve landed in Rome! Nimes has such perfectly preserved Roman architecture that it was actually used for the set of Gladiator – in fact, the magnificent amphitheatre still hosts concerts, so you might even be able to combine your visit with a great show! And if you hire a car at Nimes airport, you’re just a short drive from some beautiful little villages and towns that are well worth visiting. For a fantastic French escape, book flights to Nimes.
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Nîmes a city with two thousand years of history which are displayed around the city with cathedrals, roman temple, amphitheatre, gardens and the medieval market town of Uzès. Here you can wander through streets and squares and look at the historical attractions. You will find plenty of interesting things to do while visiting Nîmes.
Maison Carrée

Despite its relatively small scale, this is a world-class attraction. It is the best-preserved Roman temple anywhere. Built in 19 B.C. by Roman emperor Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, the original patron of the Pantheon in Rome.

​Address: Place de la Maison Carrée, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6621 8256​Website:
Notre Dame and Saint Castor

Notre Dame And Saint Castor is a massive church building from 1096, with a delicate interior that has some of the best examples of Roman sculpture in France.

​Address: Rue Saint-Castor, Nîmes
Carré D’art

This futuristic glass, steel and concrete palace has the same proportions as Maison Carré. Only a small part of the building is visible, with five of its nine floors underground. Many good exhibitions are held here.

​Address: 16 Place de la Maison Carrée, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6676 3570
Pont Du Gard

This Roman aqueduct is striking in itself. Its size is impressive, but its surroundings help to make it one of the most magnificent structures in France. Water travels through it for 31 miles before reaching Nîmes.

​Address: Pont du Gard, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6637 5099​Website:​More info: La Bégude 400 Route du Pont du Gard
Les Arènes

The Nîmes Arena was inspired by the Coliseum in Rome, built under Emperor Augustus, and is the best preserved amphitheatre of the Roman era in the world. It has seating capacity for an amazing 20,000 people over 34 tiers and is used for bull fights, pop concerts and sporting fixtures. There is also audio guided tours where you can relive the Roman gladiator games.

​Address: Boulevard des Arènes, Nîmes​More info: Half an hour from Orange, Fifteen minutes from the Pont du Gard, 45 minutes from the Palais des Papes or Baux de Provence.

If you have your thoughts on a day trip, this is the perfect one. The medieval market town of Uzès is a treasure. Taken a round trip from Nîmes, including the Pont du Gard (just 20km away), and find yourself wander around antique shops and sit in shady squares sipping coffee. Make sure to see the old ducal castle and the Tour Fenestrelle, a local equivalent of Pisa’s Leaning Tower.

​Address: Uzès, Nîmes​Website:​More info: Languedoc
Jardins de la Fontaine

This water garden is a must visit when you are in Nîmes. These colourful gardens are located just 10 min from the town centre and is a welcoming, serein place to spend a couple of hours. Feel free to bring a picnic.

​Address: Quai de la Fontaine, Nîmes
Cinema Le Semaphore

This cinema is not big but it has a large personality. It is a wonderful art theatre which plays low-budget and independent movies which are not shown on other cinemas.

​Address: 25 rue Porte de France, Nïmes​Phone: +33 4 6667 8311​Website:​More info:
Golf de Nimes Vacquerolles

This course is suitable for both beginners and experienced golfers. It offers a 9-hole pitch & putt, putting green, chipping green, two holes of training and 60 practice stations. It invites you to challenging golf time.

​Address: 1075 Chemin du Golf, Nïmes​Phone: +33 4 6623 3333​Website:
Musee des Beaux-Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts holds beautiful sculptures, paintings from the revolutionary confiscations and architecture. Here you will also find many interesting exhibitions all year around. The lower and upper gallery shows paintings from different eras and countries.

​Address: Rue de la Cite Foulc, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6628 1832
Parc Panda

Parc Panda greets you with a warm welcome and is a great place for the whole family. Despite the name, they do not have pandas here but when climbing in the trees you might feel like one.

​Address: 709 Chemin du Puech Vert, Nîmes​Phone: +33 6 2169 1198​Website:
Laser Game

If you would like to get your competitive spirit on and challenge your children or your parents then you should visit Laser Game. It is always tons of fun here!

​Address: 314 Avenue Pierre Mendes France, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6667 6489​Website:
Temple de Diane

This temple is built sometime during the reign of Augustus and it says that it might have been a library. The building has beautiful vaulted ceilings, big archways and passageways. It is worth a visit.

​Address: Quai de la Fontaine, Nîmes
Green Park

Green Park is the perfect place to spend a whole day with the family. They have a water area with many fun water games, a play area and a small farm with different animals and pony riding.

​Address: Les Pellissieres, Saint-Chaptes, Nîmes​Phone: +33 6 2832 7247​Website:
Escattes Aventure

Escattes Aventure is an adventure park suitable from 2 years old and up. Test your ability to combine balance and concentration while you are up in the air...

​Address: Rue de la Picholine, Nîmes​Phone: +33 7 6196 3030​Website:
Many nice restaurants can be found hidden among the Roman alleys and buildings. Nîmes is situated in the Languedoc region, but its proximity to Provence makes for an interesting culinary combination.
Le Chapon Fin

Le Chapon Fin is a popular bistro in a square by St Paul’s Church. In addition to Languedoc specialities, there are also dishes from Alsace on the menu. Guests can sip Muscat de Lunel as an aperitif before they order coq au vin or a flambéed entrecote.

​Address: 3 rue du Château-Fadaise, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6667 3473​Website:​More info:
Aux Plaisirs Des Halles

The name gives it away – this restaurant is close to the city’s large indoor food market. The food, and the interior, are good enough to compete with Parisian eateries. Guests who sit down in this 1950s style food hall, complete with shiny wood panelling and worn furniture, will be served what is possibly the best food in Nîmes.

​Address: 4 rue Littré, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6636 0102​Website:
Le Magister

At this popular gourmet eatery, the design is almost as important as the food itself. Behind the bright red facade is an inventive restaurant with hand-made plates and artful displays that are part of the experience.

​Address: 5 rue Nationale, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6676 1100​Website:
Le Bistrot Nîmois

Le Bistrot Nîmois is located at the heart of Nîmes, close to historic center and arena. The atmosphere is described as charming and warm with very professional service. The bistro serves traditional food made from fresh local produce. On the menu you will find dishes like snail casserole, duck breast glazed with honey, classical beef and much more.

​Address: 22 rue de la Curaterie, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6636 1575​Website:
Buffalo Grill de Nîmes

This is a warm and welcoming restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. Buffalo Grill is inspired of the Wild West which is shown by the décor and on the menu. On the menu you will find barbecue ribs, cowboy steak, chicken, burgers and a lot more. There is also kids menu here. Very good value for money.

​Address: ZAC Ville active, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6629 2848​Website:​More info: 185 route de l'Hostellerie

This exclusive restaurant invites you to an unforgettable experience. It is set in beautiful green gardens in Nîmes countryside, the service is impeccable and there is a reason to why they have earned a Michelin star.

​Address: 2 rue Xavier-Tronc, Garons​Phone: +33 4 6670 0899​Website:​More info:
L' Esclafidou

L' Esclafidou serves Mediterranean cuisine in a fusion with South African flavours. The food is delicious and beautiful presented. The wine is from the region and South African.

​Address: 7 rue Xavier Sigalon, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6621 2849 / +33 6 8130 3493​Website:​More info:
Le Nocturne

Le Nocturne welcomes you in to a creatively designed world. The cuisine is specialised in flavours from the Southwest region making it a great venue for a romantic dinner with your loved one.

​Address: 29 bis Rue Benoit Malon, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6667 2028​Website:​More info:
Halles Auberge

Halles Auberge is located in the central market in Nîmes. Make sure to mark your name at the door as there can be a queue before you get seated. The restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine prepared in a la plancha style.

​Address: 5 Rue des Halles, Halles Centrales, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6621 9670​Website:
Le Resto

After walking around and enjoying Nîmes, this little spot is the perfect place to rest your feet and indulge in a welcoming lunch. The menu is not extensive but the food is lovely and fresh.

​Address: 6 rue Saint-thomas, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6621 8012​Website:

Skab is open every day for both lunch and dinner. It has a private room which takes up to 16 people and a lovely terrace where you can enjoy the afternoon sun. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and the food holds tasteful French flavours and is beautifully presented.

​Address: 7 Rue de la Republique, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6621 9430​Website:​More info:
Wasabi Restaurant, SushiBar & Brochettes

Wasabi Restaurant, SushiBar & Brochettes is a great place to enjoy a lunch or dinner when you are in the mood for Japanese. They have a cooling terrace for warm summer days and a room in the attic which you have to booking.

​Address: 53 Avenue Georges Pompidou, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6676 0122​Website: http://See their http://Facebook page
Carre Jazz

The atmosphere is what makes this place a real gem. Of course the great tapas is a plus but this is cool place to come with friends and relax to some jazz tunes and a nice glass of wine.

​Address: 25 rue de l'Horloge, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6664 8499​Website:
Le Petit Tortoni

Eating at this bistro you better reserve a table as it quickly fills up. The decor is stylish, modern and the waiters are very attentive. The menu is French is a tasteful wine list.

​Address: 72 avenue Jean-Jaures, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6621 8675​Website:
Villa Roma

Villa Roma is a welcoming and warm Italian restaurant. The flavours and their pasta take you back to Italy and if you can, you should enjoy your meal on the terrace.

​Address: 73 Bis Avenue Jean Jaures, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6621 4616​Website:
The Old Town’s small squares are the places to go for cafés - place aux Herbes, place du Marché and place de la Maison-Carree. Boulevard Victor Hugo also has its fair share of cafés.
La Grande Bourse

One of the most popular cafés are La Grande Bourse. Located directly behind the Roman amphitheatre Les Arènes, nowadays home to concerts, athletics competitions and other events. La Grande Bourse offers various breakfast menus and brunch.

​Address: 2 boulevard des arènes, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6667 6869​Website:​More info:
Le Napoleon

Boulevard Victor Hugo is home to classic French boulevard café Le Napoleon, perfect for people-watching. The café also serves meals to your coffee.

​Address: 46 boulevard Victor Hugo, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6667 2023
Le Ciel De Nîmes

The name, meaning roughly ”the sky above Nîmes”, refers to the views from the terrace. This modern café also serves meals in addition to its excellent cappuccino. Le Ciel de Nîmes is on the third floor of Nîmes Mediatek.

​Address: 16 Place de la Maison-Carrée, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6636 7170​Website:
The Everín Café and Bar

The Ever’In, close to the centre of Nîmes, has everything you need if you are looking to hang out in style. This is a modern lounge-bar with a touch of Baroque about the décor. Sunny terraces, private rooms for hire and open from 8 am to 2 am. No matter if you´re looking for a great coffee, some afternoon tea, or if you are more into swaying to the rhythm of a DJ set until early morning, don´t look any further.

​Address: 1 Place Séverine, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6676 2181​Website:
Maison Villaret

Maison Villaret is an artisanal bakery and patisserie specialising in Nimois delicacies, macarons, bisquits, pies as well as great bread.

​Address: 13 rue de la Madeleine, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6667 4179
The squares and alleys of Old Town are full of bars, but there are few clubs. For a city with a population of only 148.000, the nightlife is surprisingly good – especially in the summer.
Le Victor Hugo

This popular bar/club attracts both those who want to party and those who simply want to listen to a hip French house DJ. This is one of the most popular places in Nîmes.

​Address: 36 boulevard Victor Hugo, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6621 2090​Website:
Au Bureau

Despite its name, this is a British-style pub, complete with pints of beer and a popular, and cheap, bar menu. It is folksy and fun.

​Address: 24 bd Amiral Courbet, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6667 3459 ​Website:
Le Wine Bar

With over one hundred different wines available by the glass, Le Wine Bar is popular with wine connoisseurs. Others will also appreciate the art nouveau bar with its leather sofas, mahogany panels and painted lamps. Le Wine Bar also serves good food.

​Address: 1 Place des Arènes, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6676 1959​Website:
Bar Lounge Restaurant Le KLS

If you fancy a night out in a modern ambience and a chick lounge bar then Le KLS is the place for you. Here you can enjoy delicious cocktails like Mojito, they also serve non-alcoholic cocktails. If you are feeling hungry they serve food at the KLS restaurant.

​Address: 18 Bd Amiral Courbet, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6664 7990​Website:
Le Joy club

Le Joy club is one of the oldest club in Nîmes, it open its door 1963. This place offers different themed events and is one of the top night clubs in the city.

​Address: 150 Route de Sauve, Nîmes​Phone: +33 4 6667 5623​Website:
There are several well-known vineyards in the area, including Château Mourgues de Gres. The best place to sample and buy local wine is at the Les Cave du 41 wine shop on 41 rue Emile Jamais. La Vinothèque on 18 rue Jean Reboul is another good wine merchant. As in so many other French towns and cities, the indoor food market (on rue General Perrier), is worth a visit. This street, together with rue des Marchands and pedestrian streets in the Old Town such as rue de l’Aspic and rue de la Madeleine, form the bulk of the shopping areas. The latter has many expensive fashion stores. A cheaper option is the Sunday flea market by the football stadium Stade des Costières. Many tourists buy Santons, small clay figurines in the shape of farmers, maids, priests, etc. They can be found at Boutique Provencale on place de la Maison Carré.
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Nîmes-Arles-Camargue Airport

Nîmes-Arles-Camargue is only ten minutes away from the city of Nîmes. Airport coaches, rental cars, and taxis are available at the airport. No frills airline Ryanair offers services to Nîmes-Garons airport, some 20 km south-east of the city. A shuttle bus service is available.

​Address: Aéroport Nîmes Alès Cévennes Camargue​Phone: +33 4 6670 4949​Website:
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