Book flights to Szczecin, the capital of Poland’s West Pomerania region. Szczecin is a charming place, full of beautiful green areas and parkland, and it makes for a really interesting city break destination. The best way to see the city is the ‘Red Route’, a route around the city that has been marked in spray painted red arrows throughout the city to help tourists find their way to the most interesting and important sights and sites. In fact, the red route is a great example of what Szczecin is like –pleasant, welcoming and totally charming! Book flights to Szczecin with Ryanair, and discover it for yourself.
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This region begs to be explored, both the city and its surroundings. The area is full of the wild and fertile with an array of leisure activities for those of you with a taste for the outdoors. If you like hiking, cycling, fishing and canoeing this is wonderful place for it with all the forests and huge lakes.
Waly Chrobrego

This beautiful embankment with its great views is great for a walk. No wonder it is a popular meeting place for the locals. In the summer months many events are organised along the banks so it is wise to keep an eye on this area.

​Address: Waly Chrobrego, Szczecin
Red Tourist Route

The so called Red Tourist Route guides the visitors of Szczecin around the major attractions around town. The walking tour is 7 kilometres long and covers 42 of the city’s main landmarks. If you feel like exploring the city, look for the red arrows sprayed on street pavements.

The Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle

As one of the main cultural centres in Szczecin, The Pomeranian Dukes' Castle is definitely worth a visit. Keep yourself updated and look out for the numerous concerts, international artists and cultural exhibitions held throughout the year at this beautiful historic landmark.

​Address: ul. Korsarzy 34, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 433 8841​Website:
National Museum of Szczecin

The National Museum in Szczecin was established in 1945 and is situated in a beautiful, old building. Here you can see exhibitions including ancient and modern works of art as well as ethnographic and archaeological objects.

​Address: ul. Staromłyńska 27, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 431 5200​Website:​Opening hours: Open Tue, Wed, Sat 10am-6pm. Thu 10am-8pm. Sun 10am-4pm. Closed on Mondays and Fridays
Historical Museum of Szczecin

The Historical Museum of Szczecin is a part of the National Museum. In the Old Town Hall you can find various cultural installations to be viewed in this fine Gothic building. Seize the opportunity to take a stroll around the beautifully reconstructed facades along the narrow streets.

​Address: ul. Msciwoja 8, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 431 5200​Website:
Cathedral Basilica of St. James the Apostle

The Cathedral Basilica of St. James the Apostle was first built in the 12th century but has been renovated after suffering severe damages by, among other things, a storm and war. When visiting this cathedral you should check out the bell and the vicarage.

​Address: Kar. Stefana Wyszyńskiego 19, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 433 1196​Website:
Rose Garden 'Rozanka'

In the rose garden, "Rozanka", you can stroll among thousands of roses and their wonderful scent. The garden was reconstructed in 2007 to make it look like it did in the 1930’s. Today you can also find playgrounds among the roses.

​Address: Ogród Różany w Szczecinie, Szczecin
The Royal Gate

On a busy street you will find The Royal Gate that was built between 1725 and 1727. The ornamental town gate is today occupied by Brama Jazz Café where you can go for dinner and have a drink or snack.

​Address: Holdu Pruskiego Square, Szczecin
The Angel of Freedom

Built in memory of the workers protesting here in the 1970’s, The Angel of Freedom is a monument located on Plac Solidarnosci. The anti-communist protests had a tragic outcome and today the angel stands in all her splendour for remembrance of this day and its victims.

​Address: Plac Solidarnosci, Szczecin
The Harbour Gate

The Harbour Gate is a tourist attraction located in the heart of Szczecin. The gate is one of the two in the city and is surrounded by a throng of people each day. Inside you will find art works and souvenirs.

​Address: Brama Portowa Square, Szczecin
The Theatre of Contemporary Arts

The Theatre of Contemporary Arts is located at Wały Chrobrego. From here you can get one of the most famous views in Szczecin. The theatre was previously a part of a larger institution but became a separate institution in 1976.

​Address: Wały Chrobrego 3, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 434 2467 / +48 91 489 2323​Website:
Central Cemetery

The unique Central Cemetery in Szczecin counts as one of the largest ones in Europe. You can wander around in this huge park among the old monuments and chapels. Despite the fact that it is a cemetery, this is a great place for relaxation.

​Address: ul. Ku Słońcu 125a, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 485 6866​Website:
The Museum of Technology and Transport

The Museum of Technology and Transport exhibits many types of old vehicles that the Poles used to love. You can find this interactive museum in an old tram depot. This is definitely a good museum to visit if you like charming, old cars.

​Address: ul. Niemierzyńska 18A, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 459 9200​Website:​Opening hours: Open Tue 10am-3pm. Wed-Thu 10am-4pm. Fri-Sat 10am-6pm. Sun 10am-4pm. Closed on Mondays
Szczecin's Underground Tourist Routes

Szczecin's Underground Tourist Routes offer guided tours in the shelters from World War II. The former secret underground route is fascinating and a given choice for everyone who are looking for a thrilling experience.

​Address: ul. Kolumba 1, Szczecin​Phone: +48 605 433 433​Website:​More info: Tour starts every day at 12pm for individual tourists
Pionier 1909 Cinema

At Pioneer 1909 Cinema you will find yourself in the oldest cinema in the whole world. The cinema opened in 1909 and has showed movies ever since. The movies are shown in English which is beneficial for all tourists visiting the city.

​Address: al. Wojska Polskiego 2, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 434 7702​Website:
Szczecin offers an abundance of restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets. The choice is yours but whilst here you ought to indulge in a hearty traditional Polish meal. Savour one of Poland’s favourite meat dishes "kielbasa" (Polish sausage) and do not forget to sample the numerous pickled dishes. The Polish food is truly flavoursome and plentiful.

This Italian restaurant serves delights such as Gnocchi ai funghi, Carpaccio, Spaghetti aglio e olio and different pizzas. Avanti is located in the centre of the city and is ideally situated for a lunch or dinner in town.

​Address: Aleja Papieża Jana Pawła II 43, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 434 3131​Website:

Treat yourself to the Boti Kebab or the Goa Fish Curry at Bombay. At this restaurant you will find high standards and courteous staff. You never tire of Indian food because the cuisine is like the culture, varied and intriguing.

​Address: ul. Partyzantów 1, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 812 1171​Website:

Serving a temptingly curious menu, the charming Chata is a Polish establishment with a nostalgic rustic setting. The restaurant is located in the heart of Szczecin and serves various traditional dishes.

​Address: Plac Hołdu Pruskiego 8, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 488 8881​Website:
Christopher Columbus

At Christopher Columbus you can try different seafood dishes and other dishes like spinach fried with butter, egg and smoked salmon served on toast for starters, followed by Golonka, Beef Stroganoff.

​Address: ul. Wały Chrobrego 1, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 489 3401​Website:​Opening hours: Open Sun-Thu 10am-1am. Fri-Sat 10am-2am
Colorado Pub

Dim lightening and the wooden décor add the Wild West feel to this steakhouse. Here you can enjoy tasty steaks while overlooking the beautiful river. Your dinner will be accompanied by live performances on most evenings.

​Address: ul. Wały Chrobrego 1B, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 488 19 21​Website:
Karczma Pod Kogutem

The friendly staff, excellent food and reasonable prices are what guests like about Karczma Pod Kogutem. Here you should come and enjoy beautifully prepared traditional dishes such as "Rolled Cabbage Stuffed with Meat".

​Address: pl. Lotników 3, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 434 6873​Website:
Bachus Winiarnia

This wine and bar restaurant is located near the water in a stylish building. At Bachus Winiarnia you can choose wine and typical Polish dishes like salads, soups and different main courses from an extensive menu to suit all tastes.

​Address: ul. Sienna 6, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 488 3721​Website:
Buddha Thai & Fusion Restaurant

The Thai cuisine offers distinctive flavours and freshness. Buddha Thai & Fusion Restaurant is located in the Old Town of Szczecin and has an interesting décor. Here you can try excellent Thai dishes like spring rolls, dumpling and much more.

​Address: ul. Rynek Sienny 2, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 433 4033​Website:

In the edge of the city you can find this cosy and unique restaurant surrounded by flower gardens. At Bohema Restauracja you can choose between many different types of dishes like pastas, soups, fish and specialities like clams and lobster.

​Address: ul. Wojska Polskiego 67, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 433 2230​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Fri 12pm-11pm. Sat-Sun 2pm-11pm
Z Drugiej Strony Lustra

Z Drugiej Strony Lustra is a café and restaurant located in the centre of Szczecin. Here you can choose between various types of dishes from France, Italy and Poland. If you are a vegetarian there are always alternatives on the menu.

​Address: ul. Piłsudskiego 18, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 488 8202 / +48 605 234 537​Website:​Opening hours: Open Tue-Thu 12pm-9pm. Fri 12pm-10pm. Sat 1pm-10pm. Sun 1pm-7pm. Closed on Mondays
Browar Stara Komenda

The characteristics of a restaurant, a pub and a brewery can be found at Browar Stara Komenda. This charming place offers a wide range of different nice beers and some great Polish food like sausages.

​Address: Plac Stefana Batorego 3, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 423 4445​Website:​Opening hours: Open Sun-Mon 1pm-10pm. Tue-Thu 1pm-12am. Fri-Sat 1pm-1am. Closed on Wednesdays
El Globo Restaurant & Pub

With a Mediterranean and Polish cuisine, El Globo offers its guests dishes with mixed flavours. The restaurant is located in the centre of town and has a cosy interior. Choose between dishes like grilled meat/seafood platters and clams.

​Address: ul.Józefa Piłsudskiego 26, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 820 0903​Website:
Restauracja Secesja Cafe

Coming here you will find yourself in a stylish, Art Nouveau apartment with elegant décor. Here you can indulge yourself in various dishes, ranging from pancakes with cheese to soups and different breakfast options.

​Address: Aleja Papieza Jana Pawla II 19/1, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 434 4545​Website:

For Polish cuisine you can come to charming Harnás, a restaurant located in the Old Town offering traditional dishes and much more. In the summer you can enjoy a good meal while overlooking the garden in front of the restaurant.

​Address: ul. Sienna 7, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 813 7655​Website:
Stary Szczecin

With a nice atmosphere, this cosy restaurant offers an International and Polish cuisine to its guests. This restaurant is located in Hotel Victoria and is perfect for larger groups as it can seat up to 220 people.

​Address: Plac Stefana Batorego 2, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 433 6230​Website:​Opening hours: Open daily from 7am-12am for breakfast, lunch and dinner
There is definitely an innovative vibe about the city of Szczecin. The street Boguslawa has plenty of restaurants and clubs for the visitor to enjoy and explore. If you are looking for a panoramic view while having a drink you can visit Café 22 at Radisson Blu. You can also go to Cafe Popularna for a lunch in a cool retro setting.
Café 22

Located as high as on the 22nd floor of the Radisson Hotel, Café 22 offers a cool spot for having a coffee, tea or drink. Here you can enjoy the fantastic panoramic views whilst having a cocktail or a light lunch with wine.

​Address: pl. Rodła 8, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 359 5200​Website:
Brama Jazz Café

This stylish and cultural café offers a wide selection of drinks and lunches. It is situated right by The Royal Gate that was built between 1725 and 1727. Over the entrance you can see the crest with the Prussian eagle encircled by the chains of the black eagle and the royal crown.

​Address: Pl. Hołdu Pruskiego 1, Szczecin​Phone: +48 66 076 5211​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Thu 10am-11pm. Fri-Sat 10am-1am. Sun 12pm-10pm
Soffi Flowers & Cafe

As the first place in Poland, Soffi Flowers & Café combines a café, restaurant and a flower shop. Here you can sit and enjoy a good cup of coffee and buy a beautiful bouquet of roses on your way home.

​Address: Ksiecia Boguslawa X 1/1 | Jagiellonska, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 831 4444​Website:​Opening hours: Open every day Mon-Thu 9am-10pm. Fri 9am-11pm. Sat 10am-11pm. Sun 12pm-9pm
Cafe Castellari

Cafe Castellari provides its guests with coffee and ice cream of high quality and fresh ingredients. Coming here you will have more than 30 different ice cream flavours and 50 types of desserts to choose from.

​Address: al. Jana Pawła II 43, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 434 6414​Website:
Cafe Popularna

The stylish, retro Cafe Popularna has a quirky and interesting design inspired by the 1960's. Here you can listen to some good music playing in the background while having some coffee, drinks, soups, salads and much more.

​Address: ul. Panieńska 20, Szczecin​Phone: +48 69 556 5525​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Fri 9am-12am. Sat-Sun 11am-12am
A city abundant with old vaulted cellars was made for convivial evenings, sharing good times and drinks with friends. There are many bars to choose from and you will find a warm welcome from everyone. Like every university town there is a hive of activity once night falls. Classic trance, electro, funk, rock and blues, they all showcase among the city’s club nights.
Irish Pub Dublin

The Irish Pub Dublin is a popular bar playing Irish and Polish music. The pub is located in the centre of Szczecin. Here you can come to enjoy a Guinness and the company of your friends and family.

​Address: ul. Kaszubska 57, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 434 3941​Website:
Taverna Cutty Sark

Taverna Cutty Sark is a great place that has a fine selection of whiskeys to sample, one by one. The interior of Taverna Cutty Sark is rustic with plenty of wooden planks and lit candles.

​Address: Aleja Bohaterów Warszawy 111, Szczecin​Phone: +48 50 207 8478​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Sun 2pm-1am
Rocker Club

You can dance the night away until the early hours of the morning at Rocker Club. This place is located in the centre of town and is known for being a place where people let go of the shyness and just let their inner rockers take over.

​Address: ul. Partyzantów 2, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 488 5500​Website:

At Hormon you can have some drinks and listen to great music. This venue has two large rooms, one to let loose on the dance floor and one for listening to live music. If you feel like it, you should definitely dance until dawn.

​Address: ul. Monte Cassino 6, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 434 1303​Website:
Boston Pub

Boston Pub is a great place for having fun, dancing, singing or just hanging out. Occasionally they have karaoke nights here for those who want to sing and of course, for those who want to listen.

​Address: ul. Niepodległości 22, Szczecin​Phone: +48 91 433 5502​Website:
Szczecin is a shoppers’ paradise. The shopping malls are filled with internationally recognised brands in abundance. You can get some retail therapy at Centrum Handlowe Galaxy, al. Wyzwolenia 18, and whilst there do not miss Galeria Centrum, Sp. z o.o. at al. Niepodleglozci 60. There are a few market places to rummage around too. At pl. Tobrucki you should not forget to pick up your fruit and vegetables. Whilst you are out for food, why not pick up something to try at home like Hunter Stew or Gulasch Seasoning? While trying to warm up in winter, a street market on pl. Zolrnerza Ploskiego lights up with Christmas decorations to take home even if you cannot take the trees away. Woodcarving, particularly wooden boxes and dolls, embroidery, religious depictions on painted glass and pottery are amongst the many local handicrafts tempting the visitors. Amber is characteristic and found in this region and you will find fine jewellery fashioned in local galleries. You cannot leave this city without taking away a little bite from the many confectionery shops. The cakes here are delightful and you should try the Karpatka Cake or the Praline Wafers.
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The airport Port Lotniczy Szczecin Goleniów is located about 40 kilometres from Szczecin. For all airline passengers there are transfer buses available. One ticket costs 15.50 PLN if you buy it at an Interglobus office or online. If you buy a ticket from the bus driver the ticket costs 19.50 PLN. You can also choose the Airport Hotel & Home Transfer which means you go straight to your final destination, like a hotel or an office, for 29 PLN. +48 91 485 0422 The LOT Airline Minibus runs from the terminal to the city centre for 25 PLN. The buses depart from the city 90 minutes before a flight and depart from the airport 15 minutes after landing. +48 91 481 7400 Taxis are available from outside the terminal. The estimated travel time is 30 minutes and the journey costs approximately 110-150 PLN. Airport Taxi Group +48 91 481 7690

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