Book flights to Thessaloniki with Ryanair and explore Greece’s fabulous second city. Many consider Thessaloniki to be Greece’s cultural capital, and there are certainly plenty of things to see and do in the city. Wander through Ladadika in the sun, visit some of the city’s many wonderful ancient monuments and archaeological sites, and enjoy the wonderful flavourful cuisine in some of the city’s fantastic eateries when you’re there. Of course, when you fly to Thessaloniki you are also landing on the doorstep of some of Greece’s stunning paradise beaches… Whether you want a city break or a lazy sun holiday, you can get what you want when you book flights to Thessaloniki.
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Thessaloniki has many historically interesting sights reminding us of past times. The White Tower still stands tall. It was once a part of the ancient walls that protected the city, and they have also survived several earthquakes. The romantic alley ways and streets makes Thessaloniki a perfect destination for couples in love.
The White Tower

The White Tower is a widely known symbol of the city and a point of reference for locals and visitors. It stands next to the sea front of the town as a reminder of old times. In the 19th century it was a prison and nowadays it’s a museum of art and history.

​Address: White Tower
Ladadika Quarter

The area from Koudouriotou to Diamanti streets and from Hiou to Lemnou streets is known as Ladadika. Here you can find many bars, restaurants and the Museum of ancient Greek and Byzantine instruments.

​Address: Ladadika
Aristotelous Square

This is the most impressive square in Thessaloniki. It features buildings with great architecture inspired by European and colonial models, cafés, shops etc. This square is where big celebrations take place, such as the coming of the New Year, it is also a meeting place during the day.

​Address: Aristotelous square
Saint Dimitrios Church

The church of the patron saint of the town is a must see in Thessaloniki. The first church of Saint Dimitrios was built in 313 AD. It was completely rebuilt in 1948, according the original plans since it has been destroyed twice by fire.

​Address: Saint Dimitrios church
Galerius Arch (Kamara)

In addition to The Rotonda, this is one of the two most characteristic monuments in town. Galerius arch is situated near the eastern walls of the city, a short distance from the Kassandreotiki gate.

​Address: Galerius Arch
The Rotonda

Unique in Greece, the Rotonda is a cylindrical building of the early 4th century AD. It used to be a Pantheon or a Mausoleum for Emperor Galerius, now it’s the Saint George church. The entrance is free and the mosaics inside are really impressive.

​Address: Rotunda of St George

Mylos is a large entertainment complex in the warehouse district of the port where you will find bars, galleries, restaurants, cafés, theatres and plenty of varieties of live music.

​Address: 56 Andreadou Yioryiou​Phone: +30 2310 551838​Website:
Museum of Byzantine Culture

In Thessaloniki, said to be the most "Byzantine" city of the modern Greek state, you find this unique museum. It shows the everyday life during the byzantine and post-byzantine period and how it has affected the modern society.

​Address: 2 Stratou Ave, 546 40 Thessaloniki​Phone: +30 2310 868 570​Website:​Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 08.00 - 15.00
The Archaeological Museum

Built in 1962 but newly refurbished, this museum provides numerous updated exhibitions. You can easily spend a couple of hours in here, loosing yourself in magical Macedonian golden artefacts and antique treasures.

​Address: Odos Manoli Andronikou 6, Thessaloniki​Phone: +30 2310 830538​Website:
Theatro Dassous

At this open air theatre, concerts and other cultural performances are held. The theatre organization "National Theatre of Northern Greece", one of the biggest in Europe, sets the programme and book famous artists to play here.

​Address: Forest of Seich Sou, Agios Pavlos, Thessaloniki 55438​Phone: +30 2315 200 000​Website:
The Roman Agora

Right in the city centre you will find this important and fascinating archaeological site. It was first built in the late 2nd century AD and was excavate in the 1960's. Grab a coffee from one of the many cafés located close by and enjoy the view.

​Address: The Roman Agora
Agia Sophia Church

Built as a miniature of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople in the 7th century. It is dedicated to the Wisdom of God and contains beautiful Byzantine frescoes and mosaics.

​Address: Agia Sophia Church​Opening hours: Open daily 08.30 to 14.00 and 17.30 to 20.00
OTE Tower

This telecommunications tower reach 76 metres high and on the top floor you can visit the rotating restaurant and café. It was built in the 1960's and in 2005, the inside of the tower was totally renovated.

​Address: OTE Tower
Eat and Walk

These walking tours reveals the true culinary gems of the city. While you learn the history of Thessaloniki and the Greek cuisine you enjoy Greek delicacies. End the tour with a cooking class to make it all complete.

​Address: 112 Egnatia St., Thessaloniki 54622​Phone: +30 2310 278 027​Website:
State Museum of Contemporary Art

This museum with an area of 3,300 square metres was founded in 1997. Contemporary and modern works of art are shown in different exhibitions. From its beginning the museum has steadily increased in popularity.

​Address: 21, Kolokotroni str., Moni Lazariston, 56430 Stavroupoli​Phone: +30 2310 589140​Website:​Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10.00-18.00 Monday: closed
Take a walk at the famous Ladadika area, near Aristotelous square, and you will find a number of traditional restaurants, ouzeries and taverns. Enjoy grills and inventive recipes such as Kontosouvli, Giaprakia and Gardoubes with a glass of wine or ouzo. If you prefer seafood, you will be excited when you taste Mussels’ pilaf, grilled sardine, Frutti di mare, Shrimps Saganaki and stuffed squid, in one of the many fish taverns of the town. Thessaloniki offers a variety of tastes. Traditional Macedonian food, Oriental cuisine and European cuisine.

The décor is dominated by stone and wood and the speciality of Kioupia is the famous gypsy fillet. A meeting place for businessmen, artists and other personalities of the town.

​Address: Square Morichovou 3-5, Thessaloniki 546 25​Phone: +30 2310 553239​Website:

A really nice place where every day means live Greek music and special Greek dishes. The atmosphere is authentic and the service outstanding.

​Address: 3 Ladadika Platia Morihovou Str, 546 25 Thessaloniki​Phone: +30 2310 550888​Website:
Nea Diagonios

The specialties of this tavern are gyros, soutzoukakia and meatballs and the prices suit those trying to dine on a low budget as well. It is located just outside the city centre.

​Address: 89 Plastira Nikolaou, Thessaloniki 55132​Phone: +30 2310 029085

Tasteful cold and hot dishes, a wide selection of beers and wines in a very nice environment. This place is known for its good service.

​Address: Alexandrou Svolou str 46​Phone: +30 2310 256900​Website:
El Correo Cocina Argentina

For Argentinian juicy steaks head to this well-renowned friendly restaurant. Dishes such as Chorizo, Empanadas and Angus Steaks are on the menu together with South American wines and cocktails.

​Address: Katouni 6, Thessaloniki 54625​Phone: +30 2310 506 506​Website:
B. Restaurant

Combine your visit at the Byzantine Museum with a meal at this restaurant or come here in the evening to feel the romantic atmosphere over a dinner. The menu with Mediterranean dishes is changed on a regular basis and is seasonal.

​Address: G'Septembriou 2, Thessaloniki​Phone: +30 2310 869 695​Website:​More info: Located at the Byzantine Museum
The Excelsior Restaurant

Right in the city centre this restaurant provides everything you wish for. In an elegant European atmosphere you can order a coffee in the bar early in the morning, a light lunch mid-day, a gourmet dinner in the evening or delicious cocktails in the middle of the night.

​Address: 10 Komninon St. & 23 Mitropoleos Av, Thessaloniki 54624​Phone: +30 2310 021 020​Website:
Mpakaliarakia tou Aristou

If you like the British traditional dish Fish and chips you shouldn't miss this place where the Greek equivalent is served. This 'fast-food restaurant' is located next to the harbour and the environment makes the experience complete.

​Address: Fasianou 1, Thessaloniki​Phone: +30 2310 542906​Website:

Since 1999, this Greek tavern has been located in a neoclassic building in Bezesteni market area. Traditional Greek cuisine are served to reasonable prices in the warm and friendly atmosphere.

​Address: Karipi 28, Thessaloniki​Phone: +30 2310 241727​Website:
Frutti di Mare

A seafood restaurant at a central location close to the Aristotelous Square. The service minded staff combined with the restaurant's ambiance and interior decorations helps to a memorable dining experience.

​Address: Komninon Str. 20, Thessaloniki​Phone: +30 2310 239100​Website:
Da Vinci

In an elegant setting with the turquoise swimming pool and the lush garden in the background, the best quality Italian dishes are served. The restaurant breathes luxury and you will leave this place with a gourmet memory of Thessaloniki.

​Address: 16-18 Asklipiou, Thessaloniki 57001​Phone: +30 2310 401000 ​Website:​More info: Located at Nikopolis Hotel

Great food to affordable prices in a trendy dining room. Since 2004, this restaurant has offered international food with a twist of Mediterranean flavours.

​Address: Doxis 7, Thessaloniki 54625​Phone: +30 2310 510852​Website:
Rodi & Meli

A family-owned restaurant in the area of Ladadika. It features a feeling of fine dining but still to affordable prices. Traditional Greek dishes are here cooked with passion and creativity.

​Address: Aigyptou 5, 54626 Thessaloniki​Phone: +30 2310 5219 52​Website:
Avenue 48 Restaurant

The menu at Avenue 48 Restaurant provides a mix of traditional Greek dishes and Asian fusion cuisine. Here you can expect top quality service.

​Address: 26th October 48, Thessaloniki​Phone: +30 2310 017 000 ​Website:​More info: Located at the Met Hotel
Tiganies & Schares

This restaurant, located perfectly in the Ladadika quarter, serves mainly dishes with grilled meat. The atmosphere is Greek and the staff is very friendly.

​Address: Katouni 3, Thessaloniki​Phone: +30 2310 510284​Website:
The presence of pastry making and the cuisine of Constantinople complete the tasty puzzle of Thessaloniki. It is worth tasting the traditional Bougatsa, filled either with cheese or sweet cream, the syrup delights, Ekmek kadaifi, Seker pare, Touloumpa, and the famous Trigona of Panorama.
To Mousio (the Museum)

The ideal place for those who want to combine relaxation, a warm environment and nice music. Paintings and the general decoration of the place, makes Mousio a tasteful café / bistro.

​Address: Katouni str 14 and Mitropoleos ​Phone: +30 2310 555267
Il Vento

All day café – bar at the centre of the town. Try a great espresso or chocolate and taste one of the tasteful sweets. During the night they serve a fantastic variety of special cocktails.

​Address: Aristotelous 121​Phone: +30 2310 240000​Opening hours: 06:30-03:30
Café Au Lait

A two floor Parisian style café in the centre of Thessaloniki. They have 25 different tastes of tea from all over the world, 30 different chocolate drinks from Italy and a huge coffee selection.

​Address: Aristotelous​Phone: +30 2310 242450​More info: Ermou and Aristotelous corner
Lena's Bistro

Located in the Ladadika area, this French bistro makes a perfect spot for a coffee break. Take a seat outside and enjoy the vibrant city.

​Address: 7 Katouni str, Thessaloniki 54625​Phone: +30 231 1249 140
Rialto Caffe Wine Bar

Pop in at Rialto for either just a coffee, a light lunch or a cocktail. The menu offers everything from hot chocolate to tortilla wraps and there are more than 70 different kind of wines. Open from the early morning till the late night.

​Address: Alexandrou Svolou 1, Thessaloniki 54622​Phone: +30 2310 239 395
The nightlife of Thessaloniki is well-known all over Greece, with many bars, clubs, music halls and places for all tastes and ages. Ladadika is the hot spot of the town and the meeting place for young ages and, generally, for all locals and foreigners. Eat, drink, and dance without limits!
Elvis Bar

This has been a popular bar for a long time and have now moved to the new hot nightlife area of Thessaloniki. Famous DJ's play electro, new jazz, funky and drum ‘n’ bass.

​Address: Valaoritou 31, 54626 Thessaloniki​Phone: +30 231 055 6828

A three floor club with Greek and foreign mainstream music, for hot nights and dancing till the early morning.

​Address: Orvilou 4, Ladadika area​Phone: +30 6945 067284
Del Arte

Very trendy place, with nice people and great service. It’s a must go place in Thessaloniki, especially during summer. It offers great view over the White Tower and the seaside of town.

​Address: Vasiliko Theatro, Thessaloniki 54640​Phone: +30 2310 224524
Casa La Femme

One of the hottest places in town and a favourite for the Thessaloniki’s elite for the last several years. Very special place in a baroque style.

​Address: 26th Octovriou str​Phone: +30 2310 540607
Kitchen Bar

A special three level place for special days and nights, with a unique view of the city. Tasteful decor, keeping the old warehouse style, open kitchen and bar with a fireplace.

​Address: Deposit B, Port​Phone: +30 2310 502241​Website:
The centre of Thessaloniki consists of big road axes: Tsimiski, Mitropoleos, Ermou, Egnatia, Agiou Dimitriou and Leoforos Nikis streets, which are interrupted by vertical streets, mainly those of Agias Sofias, Aristotelous, Venizelou and Paleon Patron Germanou. Around these streets the commercial heart of the town is beating every day. The market of Thessaloniki presents the newest fashion in clothes, shoes, jewels, accessories and furs. Especially in Tsimiski you will find clothes and shoes from the top fashion designers of the world. Here you will find modern shops, some of them really luxury with products for every style and pocket! Women cannot resist a visit to jewellery like "Mil – Or", which has graced the historic centre of Thessaloniki since 1897. There they can find a rich collection of modern gold jewellery as well as antiques. It’s situated at 21, Karolou Diehl str. ( The market of Kalamaria it’s also well known for its great variety and good prices in all products. There are some "street markets" taking place at the centre of the town, where you can find many products at very low prices.
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Thessaloniki Airport

The Macedonian airport, at the area of Mikra, is the second largest airport of Greece and is linked with most destinations of Europe and the Balkan countries. To get from the airport to the centre of the town will take you from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the traffic. You can go to the centre of Thessaloniki using bus number 78. It runs ever 45 minutes and it takes ap. 45 minutes.

​Address: Thessaloniki Airport​Phone: +30 2310 473212​Website:

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