Take a trip to Trieste! Book flights to Trieste with Ryanair and explore this charming Italian city that, for all its abundant, incredible coffee, enjoys a wonderfully relaxed pace of life! Situated in the heart of Europe on the Adriatic, and surrounded more by Slovenia than Italy, Trieste is the perfect place to kick back and relax. Discover the surrounding Italian and even Slovenian countryside, sip cup after cup of the beautiful coffee that the city is famous for, and just let the wild Bora wind blow your cares away when you book flights to Trieste.
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Trieste’s city centre offers a nice walk among criss-cross roads in the Borgo Teresiano part of town, while taking in the many elegant Neo-classical buildings that define the city’s architecture. Situated by the sea front, the city holds some gorgeous scenery, which can be experienced when visiting the Castle of Miramare.
Piazza Unità d´Italia

This is one of the largest and certainly most beautiful squares facing the sea in Europe, in the very heart of the city. Looking at the sea, on your right you’ll find Palazzo Modello, Casa Stratti and Palazzo del Governo. On your left, you will see Palazzo Pitteri and Palazzo del Lloyd Triestino. It is an absolute must to stop and sit in one of the old cafés lining the square.

​Address: Piazza Unità d´Italia, Trieste
Teatro Romano

The Roman Theatre was built between the first and second century AD, on behalf of Quinto Petronio Modesto from Trieste and it can hold about 6,000 spectators. The statues that adorned the theatre are now preserved in the Town Museum.

​Address: Via del Teatro Romano, Trieste
Cattedrale di San Giusto

The entire city lives in the shadow of this Saint. The Cathedral is dedicated to San Giusto, patron saint of Trieste, and dates back to 1300.

​Address: Piazza Cattedrale 1, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 309 666
The Basilica

The Basilica’s main feature is a large 14th-century Gothic rose window and central location. There are three entrance portals, decorated with Roman material. To the side stands the 14th-century bell tower built in large blocks and decorated with a Romanesque style border and Gothic relief work depicting San Giusto, the city’s patron Saint.

​Address: 1 Piazzetta San Silvestro, Trieste
Museo del Mare

This museum provides an interesting opportunity to get an overview of the history of Trieste as a city born of the sea. In connection to that, a comprehensive exhibition of reproductions of different types of ships and means of navigation.

​Address: Via di Campo Marzio, 5, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 304 885​More info: Email : museomare@comune.trieste.it
Castello di Miramare

In 1855, the Archduke Massimiliano of Hapsburgs built this palace and lived here with his wife Carlotta del Belgio, until 1864. Though beautiful, this castle holds a tormented story behind it: Massimiliano was killed in Mexico in 1867, and Charlotte died insane in a Belgian castle, sixty years later. The Duke of Aosta, who lived there some sixty years later, died in Africa during World War II.

​Address: Viale Miramare, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 224 143​Website: http://www.castello-miramare.it
Castello di Duino

At the end of the Rilke path, you will find the Castello Vecchio (10th-11th century), which survives today as the ruins of a tower and an arch. The Castello Nuovo is today a group of buildings of different ages, with a central courtyard and surrounded by a beautiful park.

​Address: Duino Aurisina, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 208 120​Website: http://www.castellodiduino.it
Sentiero Rilke

Sentiero Rilke is one of the most enchanting paths in Carso, a wonderful walk starting from Sistiana and leading to the castle of Duino along white cliffs. Named after Rainer Maria Rilke, the famous poet from Prague, who loved walking here.

​Address: Sentiero Rilke, Trieste
La Grotta Gigante

This cave is a spectacular jewel of natural phenomena. It was discovered in 1840, and opened to the public in 1908. An indeed unusual excursion into what looks like another world.

​Address: Borgo Grotta Gigante 42/a, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 327 312​Website: http://www.grottagigante.it
Golfo di Trieste

Enjoy the lovely views over Gulf of Trieste with its deep blue waters. On a warm day you can enjoy a picnic here.

​Address: Golfo di Trieste
Teatro Verdi

Take an evening and visit the lovely Teatro Verdi for an opera or theatre experience. Have a look at their website to see what is on while you are there.

​Address: Trieste​Website: http://www.teatroverdi-trieste.com
Strada Vicentina

Take a walk along these beautiful trails with gorgeous panoramic views. Following the main trail will take you about 1.5 - 2 h so bring comfortable shoes.

​Address: Strada Vicentina, Trieste
Civico Museo Sartorio

This lovely home is a contribution from the Costantinide family because of the legacy of Anna Segre Sartorio. Inside you will find furniture from the rococo and neo-gothic style.

​Address: Largo Papa Giovanni XXIII, 1, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 301 479​Website: http://www.retecivica.trieste.it
INAF Trieste Astronomical Observatory

INAF Trieste Astronomical Observatory was founded by the Empress Maria Theresia of Austria and dates back to 1753. This Astronomical Observatory is a great place to visit if you love science.

​Address: Via Tiepolo 11, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 3199 111​Website: http://www.oats.inaf.it
Golf Club

Take the chance and play some golf under the Trieste sun at this 18 hole course. They have a practice area which can be used even on a rainy day.

​Address: Padriciano 80, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 226 159​Website: http://www.golfclubtrieste.net
The multicultural atmosphere in Trieste is reflected in the cuisine, where culinary influences from Veneto, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia come together. Among the traditional dishes not to be missed are: Brodeto a la Triestina and Granzievola alla Triestina (fish), Gnocchi di patate o pane filled with raisins and the Jota soup. When it comes to cheese, try these local specialities: Tabor del Carso and a wonderful cream cheese called Liptauer. The local wines are a fine compliment to the local cuisine. Vitoska, a white wine ideal for fish, and Maalvasia, perfect for an aperitif, are highly recommended. Buon Appetito!
Ristorante Al Bagatto

Al Bagatto offers, with almost 45 years of experience, unbeatable quality and a wide range of Trieste fish specialities. This is not to be missed in a sea side city.

​Address: Via Cadorna 7 , Trieste​Phone: +39 040 301 771​Website: http://www.albagatto.it
Al Cantuccio

Taste dishes prepared with creativity at Al Cantuccio. This is Italian food at its best, appetizers, fish, meat and hand-made desserts. In particular you can choose among different types of cheese and cold cuts.

​Address: Via Rossetti 20/a, Trieste​Phone: +39 331 952 4015
Al Barattolo

Al Barattolo is located close to the Canal Grande, and offers any type of pizza your heart desires, as well as meat, fish and traditional Italian starters such as gnocchi, pasta and lasagna. To heighten the experience further, they have an extensive wine list, with wine from various Italian regions.

​Address: Piazza S. Antonio Nuovo 2, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 631 480​Website: http://www.albarattolo.it
Antica Trattoria Suban

Since 1865, this is one of the most appreciated restaurants by the inhabitants of Trieste. Antica Trattoria Suban serves wonderful local specialities.

​Address: via E. Comici 2/d, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 54 368​Website: http://www.suban.it
Bar Ristorante Primo

This restaurant offers fish dishes and typical Trieste specialities. Triestini Doc Bar Prime is a buffet restaurant that has everything from gnocchi with goulash to barbecued fish.

​Address: Via Santa Caterina 9, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 634 398
Trattoria al Nuovo Antico Pavone

At Trattoria al Nuovo Antico Pavone you will find fish of excellent quality and prepared according to original recipes. The chef makes innovative dishes that are simple yet elaborate.

​Address: Riva Grumula 2, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 303 899​Website: http://www.nuovoanticopavone.it
Tavernetta al Molo

Tavernetta al Molo is one of the best fish restaurants in town. It is located just in the bay under the castle of Miramare, simply charming.

​Address: Riva Massimiliano e Carlotta 11, Loc. Grignano, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 224 275

Home is a modern, wonderful Italian restaurant with excellent service. The menu is refined and the dishes are beautifully served.

​Address: Via Diacono 5, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 764 519
Buffet Bier Stube

Buffet Bier Stube is an excellent little pub which serves real traditional food with genuine and tasty flavours. Of course, many comes here just for the beer as well.

​Address: Via Ugo Foscolo 3, Trieste​Phone: +39 342 718 6941
La Rosa dei Venti

La Rosa dei Venti is a quiet and relaxing place with friendly waiters. The fresh Italian flavours are enhanced with great quality products.

​Address: Via Carnaro 29, Trieste
Trattoria al Pescatore

Trattoria al Pescatore has been run by the same family for over 20 years and the quality of the food never seizes to amaze. Not only will you love the food but all the desserts are homemade.

​Address: Viale Miramare 211, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 411 134​Website: http://www.trattoriaalpescatore.com

At Spetic you can try a true Neapolitan pizza made out of real quality ingredients. You can also come here for breakfast or brunch.

​Address: Strada di Fiume 425, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 913 114
Mini Pub 2

Maybe you have eaten too much of all the lovely Italian food, if you have then Mini Pub 2 is a welcoming break. Enjoy a delicious burger with a cold beer.

​Address: Gatteri 23, Trieste​Phone: +34 969 541 64​Website: http://www.minipub2.it
Ristorante C'era Una Volta

If you are in the mood for meet then Ristorante C'era Una Volta will give you one of the best steaks in town. Top of your dinner with a delicious tiramisu.

​Address: Via di Giarizzole 8, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 827 346​Website: http://www.ristoranteceraunavoltatrieste.it
Kapuziner Keller

At Kapuziner Keller it is like taking a step into little Germany. Take the chance to try German cuisine and some real German beer.

​Address: Via Pozzo del Mare 1, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 307 997​Website: http://www.kapuzinerkellertrieste.it
In Trieste, the cafés have always been the perfect meeting point to discuss politics, art, literature and philosophy. It is here that the tradition of drinking coffee prepared in many different ways started. Tasting the different cakes Trieste offers is a must. In particular, you need to taste the Putizza, the Strucolo de Pomi and the Palacinke.
Caffè Tommaseo

In Caffè Tommaseo rooms decorated with mirrors, you can taste all the coffee and sweet specialities of Trieste. It is one of the oldest coffee houses in Trieste and is part of the Association of the Italian Historical inns.

​Address: Piazza Tommaseo 4/c, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 362 666​Website: http://www.caffetommaseo.com
Gelateria Udevalla

This ice cream is made of natural ingredients and high quality products, there are no short cuts when it comes to making the best Italian ice cream. Even if you’re not a big fan of ice cream, you will surely find something here to satisfy your sweet tooth, pie, cannoli and cookies.

​Address: Strada di Rozzol 117, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 912 887​Website: http://www.udevalla.com
Pasticceria Pirona

James Joyce was among the regulars at this joint, where he started writing Ulysses. An absolute must-try is the presnitz, putizza and pinza.

​Address: Largo Barriera Vecchia 12, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 636 046​Website: http://www.pirona.blogspot.com
Pasticceria Penso

At the bakery Pasticceria Penso you will have a lot to choose from. It is centrally located and has a charming interior design.

​Address: Via Diaz 11, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 301 530​Website: http://www.pasticceriapenso.com
Caffe Degli Specchi

Both outside and inside it is possible to feel the atmosphere of fin de siècle Trieste. Very famous is the Caffè Vienna, prepared with chocolate and whipped cream.

​Address: Piazza Unità d’ Italia 7, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 661 973​Website: http://www.caffespecchi.it
Apart from the “historical caffè”, Trieste is full of nice places where you can have a typical aperitive or snack, in Italian called “spuntini,” as well as coffee, sweets, beer and wine. For those who want to “Tirare Tardi,” Trieste offer night owls many pubs, enoteche, and disco pubs where live music is often played.
Caffè Stella Polare

Bar Stella is located in the city centre. It is a great meeting point to start the night with aperitive and continue on into the night.

​Address: Via Dante Alighieri 14, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 632 742

Knulp is located close to Piazza Unità and is a nice place that comprises of a little bookshop, bar, internet point and a space for expositions while drinking tea, infusions, beers and wines and eating delicate sweets. Really for all kind of people and tastes.

​Address: Via Madonna del Mare 7/a, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 300 021​Website: http://www.knulp.org
Naima Jazz Club

This is a very picturesque place to enjoy breakfast, snacks, stuzzicherie, lunch, aperitives, everything accompanied by swing, cool jazz a new rhythms.

​Address: via San Francesco 30, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 366 900
Bierstrasse - Mea Culpa

Bierstrasse - Mea Culpa is truly the place to be if you love beer. Choose your type from many different brands of beer.

​Address: Via Giulia 57, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 51111​Website: http://www.bierstrasse.it
Nettare diVino

This is a lovely wine bar with typical products from Trieste and the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Welcome in and enjoy!

​Address: Via Armando Diaz 6, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 310 200
Antiques, second-hand books or unique art pieces can all be found in Trieste.
Il Tarlo

Il Tarlo offers antique trade. Here you will definitely find items of all ages and styles.

​Address: Via S. Michele 7/a, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 311 474
Libreria Achille

Founded in 1934, Libreria Achille sells new and second-hand books. This is a real historic place.

​Address: Piazza Vecchia 4, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 638 525​Website: http://www.libreriachille.com
Libreria Antiquaria Umberto Saba

Libreria Antiquaria Umberto Saba is a historical place, where once Umberto Saba himself, was selling books.

​Address: Via San Nicolò 30, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 631 741
Artigianato Artistico Hrovatin

Not very far from the Grotta Gigante, this laboratory is specialised in creating pieces of art with Carsic rocks.

​Address: Borgo Grotta Gigante 9/a, Sgonico, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 327 077
Saint Honoré

If you are looking for delicacies and sweet’s to bring home then this is the shop you are looking for. You will not go from here empty handed.

​Address: Via di Prosecco 2, Trieste​Phone: +39 040 213 055
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