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Throughout history, Zadar and its surroundings have witnessed many turbulent events which have turned Zadar into a sort of a city–museum. Zadar is a city where huge spaces are left for pedestrians. Using your ArrivalGuide, your walk along the cobblestone streets of the city will become a walk through history, but also an experience of the contemporary city life. When tired, take a break in one of the restaurants, pastry shops or coffee shops that you can find in this guide. Enjoy listening to the concerts, visit the theatre, museums, and exhibitions.
Church of St Donat

Built in the early 9th century on the site of the Roman forum, the largely circular building is one of the finest Byzantine examples in Croatia. It is no longer used as a church, but hosts a wide variety of musical and cultural events.

​Address: Zeleni trg, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 250 542​Website: http://www.amzd.hr
Cathedral of St Anastasia

It is the biggest cathedral in Dalmatia and its oldest parts are an early Christian basilica, but its present Romanesque appearance was shaped in 12th century. During the crusaders´ siege and conquest of the city in 1202, the Cathedral was damaged, but later it was reconstructed.

​Address: Trg sv. Stošije 2, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 251 708
The Forum

One of the main squares in Zadar and today known as Zeleni trg, the Forum can trace its history back to 1st century. The remains of ancient architecture are on display.

​Address: Forum, Zeleni Trg, 23000 Zadar
Church of St Chrysogonus

Notable as being part of the great Benedictine monastery that was destroyed in World War II, the church houses beautifully preserved 13th-century frescoes and a Baroque altar.

​Address: Trg Sv. Krševana, 23000 Zadar
St Mary's Church and Convent

It is believed that the Benedictine Convent of St Mary was founded by a noble woman Čika from Zadar. The big three-nave church of St Mary was constructed in 1091 in the early Romanesque style.

​Address: Madijevaca 10, 23000 Zadar
Land Gate and Walls

The most impressive gate is the Land Gate - then the main entrance into the city - in the little Foša harbour, built by a Venetian architect Michele Sanmicheli in 1543. It is considered to be one of the finest monuments of the Renaissance in Dalmatia, and it has the form of a triumphal arch with a central passage, and two smaller side arches for pedestrians. It is decorated with motifs such as St Chrysogonus (Zadar’s main patron saint) on his horse, and the Shield of St Mark (the coat of arms of the Republic of Venice).

​Address: Ante Kuzmanića, 23000 Zadar
The Five Wells Square

The Square is located on a site between the medieval city walls with a cornice and the Renaissance bastion Grimani, where the oldest park in Croatia is located, which was named after Queen Jelena Madije. While the wells are no longer in use, the Square has become a popular place for concerts and events.

​Address: Trg pet bunara, 23000 Zadar
St Simeon's Church

At first it was an old Christian three-nave basilica, then a Gothic construction and later an interesting monument of provincial Baroque. On the main altar there is a silver chest of Saint Simeon from the year 1380.

​Address: Trg Petra Zoranića 7, 23000 Zadar
People’s Square

Home of the City Hall, the City Guard that houses the Ethnographic Museum and the City Loggia, the square is the heart of what was the medieval city.

​Address: Narodni Trg, 23000 Zadar
Permanent Exhibition of Religious Art

Within the monastery of St Mary's church a representative exhibition was set in 1972 - the Permanent Exhibition of Religious Art, one of the most worthwhile exhibitions in Croatia, popularly called 'The Gold and Silver of Zadar'.

​Address: Trg opatice Čike 1, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 250 496
Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is one of the most important museums in the region and houses a collection of local artifacts dating from prehistoric times to the end of 11th century.

​Address: Trg Opatice Čike 1, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 250 516​Website: http://amzd.hr
Treasury of the Franciscan Monastery

The Treasury exhibits valuable examples of sacred art: the large Romanesque painted crucifix from 12th century, the painting of the Dead Christ - the work of Jacopo da Ponte Bassano, the large Renaissance crucifix from 15th century, ancient liturgical vessels, precious illuminated codices and corals, documents, incunabula etc. The painted Ugljan polyptych from 15th century is without any doubt the finest and the most representative example of the entire Gothic painting in Croatia.

​Address: Trg sv. Frane 1, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 250 468​Website: http://www.svetifrane.org
Museum of Ancient Glass

The museum is one of the city´s newest attractions and rightfully so. It´s housed in the 19th century Cosmacendi Palace. The museum contains one of the premium collections of Roman glassware outside Italy, with a cornucopia of goblets, jars and vials retrieved from archaeological sites across Dalmatia. Take the opportunity to see the replicas of Roman glassware on sale as you will no doubt enter one of the classiest souvenir shops in the city.

​Address: Poljana Zemaljskog odbora 1, HR-23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 363 833​Website: http://www.mas-zadar.hr
National Museum Zadar

It consists of the Fine Arts Gallery, Natural History Department, Ethnological Department, Department of the Zadar City Museum, Regional ethnographic collection and Regional cultural-historical collection of island Iž. Periodic exhibitions put up by the Fine Arts Gallery are held in the exhibition pavilion of the City Loggia and Rector's Palace.

​Address: Poljana Pape Aleksandra III 4, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 251 851​Website: http://www.nmz.hr
The Sea Organ

This site is a blend of human ideas and skills and the energy of the sea, waves, tide and flood, a place for relaxation, contemplation and conversation while listening to an endless concert of mystic harmonies of the "Orchestra of Nature".

​Address: Istarska obala, 23000 Zadar​Website: http://www.zadar.travel
The Greeting to the Sun

The Greeting to the Sun consists of three hundred multi-layered glass plates placed on the same level with the stone-paved promenade in the shape of a 22-metre diameter circle. Simultaneously with the "most beautiful sunset in the world" the colourful lights turn on, and they produce a marvelous, exceptionally impressive show of light in the rhythm of the waves and the sounds of the Sea Organ.

​Address: Istarska obala, 23000 Zadar​Website: http://www.zadar.travel

The sea promenade called Riva is a wonderful place to walk around and enjoy its beautiful green parks and palm trees. It is a first class city promenade with the view over the Zadar channel, the islands of Ugljan and Pašman and the open sea to the northwest.

​Address: Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV, 23000 Zadar
Zadar Archipelago

Zadar archipelago consists of more than 300 islands, although only a handful are inhabited. Daily ferries run from the ferry port to the larger islands. Among the most visited are Dugi Otok, the largest of the islands and a popular haunt of fishing enthusiasts, and Ugljan, where many Zadar residents own properties, along with the smaller islands of Pašman, Molat, Olib, Silba and Premuda. All offer relaxing coastal or beach walks, while most have restaurants, historic sites to see and opportunities for water sports.

​Address: Zadar archipelago, Zadar County​Website: http://www.zadar.travelSubway: www.jadrolinija.hr, www.gv-line.hr, www.miatours.hr
Activities & Tours

A city of exceptional 3000-years old history and extremely valuable cultural heritage, Zadar will always offer something new and original. Indented coastline, hundreds of islands and islets, numerous coves and suitable climate are a paradise for all types of nautical activities. The natural surroundings of the great mountain of Velebit and the Zrmanja River canyon are a real paradise for adventure and extreme sports lovers. Discover the beauty of nature, the flora and fauna of the Zadar region through numerous activities such as walking and climbing in the outdoor or bird watching.


Combining the beauties of the past and preferences of modern-day tourism, the Zadar region offers numerous tourist attractions. The Zadar archipelago is the place where one can experience direct contact of man with the untouched nature and sea. The Zadar region is surrounded by five National Parks: Paklenica, Kornati, Plitvica Lakes, Krka Waterfalls and Northern Velebit. One should definitely visit the interesting Nature Parks in the Zadar region Telascica Bay on Dugi otok, Lake Vrana (the largest natural lake in Croatia) and the Velebit Mountain.


Visit and enjoy the numerous events and manifestations of the destinations of the Zadar region and its islands. The variety and vast offer of numerous events and manifestations in the Zadar region will thrill every visitor. Everyone can find something for himself. If you like music concerts or theater performances, folklore tradition, gastronomic manifestations, sports events... come to the Zadar region and choose a manifestation you wish to enjoy and participate in.

Zadar is surrounded by fertile valleys of the Ravni kotari region in the hinterland and with a group of sunny islands abundant in natural beauties and chrystal clear sea. Mild Mediterranean climate is ideal for an organic food production. Vegetables, olive oil, aromatic plants, oily fish and seafood in general are the basics of Mediterranean cuisine which is well-known worldwide and appreciated as the healthiest and the tastiest diet. In addition, some of the best-known local delicacies are spit-roasted lamb and pašticada. For a starter you should try well-known sheep's cheese of Pag and Dalmatian smoked ham or prosciutto. Our region is an ideal place for those who enjoy good food and wine, and for those who want to experience the scents and sounds of a typical Dalmatian atmosphere.

The ambition is to bring you closer to the aromas and tastes of the Mediterranean, Dalmatia and Croatia by following their culinary tradition, and combining specific foods and preparing dishes in specific ways.

​Address: Mihovila Pavlinovića 12, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 312 915​Website: http://www.bruschetta.hr

A traditional pizzeria with a very respectable reputation with the interior decorated in the atmosphere of an old trattoria.

​Address: Stomorica 8, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 212 081
Dva Ribara

A popular restaurant for tasty, inexpensive luchtime treats. Serves a wide selection of Croatian and Dalmatian dishes.

​Address: Blaža Jurjeva 1, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 213 445​Website: http://www.restorani-zadar.hr

A Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of Zadar that organizes banquets to the highest standards with a wide range of food, from finger-food to sumptuous fish and meat dishes.

​Address: Široka ulica 22, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 778 981​Website: http://www.restaurant-groppo.com
Malo misto

Malo misto is located in the old town, just a few metres from the People's Square. A combination of traditional and modern ambient will provide great moments on their beautiful outdoor terrace. Food from local producers is prepared in a traditional way, grilled on charcoal.

​Address: Ulica Jurja Dalmatinca 3, 23000 zADAR​Phone: +385 23 301 831

Buffet MORE offers you an unique experience of authentic local food and rustic atmosphere. Their offer includes octopus brodetto, smoked bacon and ham with seasonal vegetables, etc. Feel the taste of Dalmatia!

​Address: Brne Krnarutića 3, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 644 130
Pašta & svašta

This quaint bistro is beautifully decorated with a huge painting of the coast, along with flower pots adorning the walls. As the name implies, they offer traditional Italian pasta dishes, such as Fusilli and Fettucini, as well as bruschetta, octopus salad and many more delicious options.

​Address: Poljana Šime Budinića 1, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 99 731 02 32
Pet bunara

In the process of preparing dishes the focus is on enriching the offer with a variety of seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables as much as possible. The vision of our cuisine is based on seasonal, original, traditional and organic preparation, but also considering the new global trends and insights.

​Address: Stratico Street, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 224 010​Website: http://www.petbunara.hr

A pizzeria and a restaurant close to St Simeon's Church.

​Address: Elizabete Kotromanić 7, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 666 259
Konoba Stomorica

A traditional restaurant in Dalmatia is called a 'konoba' and Stomorica is definitely one of the most famous ones in Zadar where you can enjoy the best of Dalmatian cuisine, wines, spirits and delicious cakes made of the finest ingredients.

​Address: Stomorica ulica 12, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 315 946

A grill restaurant and pizzeria in the city centre.

​Address: Plemića Borelli 5a, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 213 275

Restaurant TINEL is a restaurant, bistro, pizzeria and a spaghetteria. It is a casual and relaxed restaurant, with a friendly crew and excellent chefs. We offer traditional Mediterranean and Dalmatian cuisine with a touch of creativity and contemporary themes.

​Address: Don Ive Prodana 2, 23000 zadar​Phone: +385 98 975 7130​Website: http://www.tinelzadar.com
Konoba Trata

This konoba is set in a sheltered garden with the foundations of a 2nd century Roman temple in its centrepiece. The menu is based on ancient Dalmatian recipes, mainly fish. “Trata” was the word for a big net used for communal fishing in past times.

​Address: Jerolima Vidulića 5, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 250 319
Tri Bunara

Pizzeria Tri Bunara is located in the city centre, near the Three Wells Square. They offer a large selection of pizzas, sandwiches and salads.

​Address: Trg tri bunara bb, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 250 390
Zadar Jadera

A large, busy restaurant next to St Chrysogonus' Church with a wide choice of local and international meat and fish dishes. Perfectly respectable food at decent prices.

​Address: Brne Karnarutića 4, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 251 859​Website: http://www.restorani-zadar.hr
Zlatni vrtić

A family restaurant with a charcoal grill and a lovely courtyard terrace.

​Address: Ulica plemića Borelli 12, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 214 076
Atrij Restaurant Bar

Restaurant Bar Atrij, with a variety of dishes and drinks, awaits its guests from early morning until late evening. For breakfast Atrij offers muffins, croissants, toast, omelettes, and various types of cakes, for lunch they offer simpler dishes like pizza, pasta, fish and meat dishes, while in the evening, the restaurant transforms into a cozy lounge bar.

​Address: Jurja Barakovića 6, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 316 424

One of the best places in the old town, not only because of its romantic location with a wonderful terrace in the little Foša harbour, but because this restaurant is well respected among locals for great fish.

​Address: Kralja Dmitra Zvonimira 2, HR-23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 314 421​Website: http://www.fosa.hr
Kaštel Slow Food Restaurant

Located in the 13th century Venetian Kaštel (Hotel Bastion) in the old town of Zadar, the menu oozes Dalmatian cuisine and creative modern culinary trends. Try the fresh fish, homemade bread and pasta filled with various creams. If you want local gastronomy, look no further!

​Address: HOTEL BASTION, Bedemi zadarskih pobuna 13, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 49 49 50​Website: http://www.hotel-bastion.hr
Gourmet Kalelarga

Gourmet Kalelarga offers a relaxing and enjoyable experience of unique Dalmatian atmosphere. Here you can start your day with coffee and fresh pastries from its own bakery, order a delicious morning meal before enjoying fresh, seasonal dishes and selected wines in the afternoon and spend an evening relaxing with a glass of champagne.

​Address: Art Hotel Kalelarga, Široka ulica 1, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 233 000​Website: http://www.arthotel-kalelarga.com

Delightfully modern and refined with a classy offer of inland and Dalmatian specialities and a great wine list, this place really is in a class of its own in the old town. Inventive, top quality cuisine!

​Address: Liburnska obala 6, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 254 501​Website: http://www.restaurant-kornat.com
La Bodega

This wine bar, breakfast & brunch restaurant serves prosciutto, cheese, free style food and high quality wines.

​Address: Široka ulica, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 95 456 4556​Website: http://labodega2014@gmail.com
Pearl of Siam

Enjoy Thai cuisine in an original Thai ambience. Join the culinary trip to Thailand and feel its warmth and cordiality!

​Address: Put Dikla 9, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 337 713​Website: http://www.pearlofsiam.com.hr
Konoba Skoblar

Right next to the Five Wells Square and Captain's Tower, this konoba happens to be the oldest in the old city. It is a typical cosy konoba with a charming stone interior and a pleasant outdoor terrace with usual fish and meat dishes, specialized in food cooked under an iron bell ('pod pekom').

​Address: Trg Petra Zoranića 3, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 213 236
Food & Drink

The gastronomic offer of the Zadar region blends the best quality features of Dalmatian cuisine, which is very tasty and healthy. Gastronomy is essentially based on fish, seafood and mollusk dishes and everything is seasoned with home made olive oil, which is of exceptional quality in this region. The Zadar region is an ideal gastro-location for those who enjoy good food, wine, scents and the atmosphere of Dalmatia.

Each street in the Zadar old town is studded with cafés. You can pull up a chair and watch the fashion show as the locals go by.
Art Kalelarga

What better way to put the icing on the cake of your stay than by trying some amazing cake combinations from authentic maraška sour cherry to fig and cheesecakes.

​Address: Majke Margarite 3, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 233 000​Website: http://www.arthotel-kalelarga.com

A super spot to sit and enjoy the buzz of conversation and the view of the handsome footbridge and the Old Town peninsula opposite.

​Address: Obala kneza Branimira 10, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 305 684

It is located just by the 'Riva' promenade and close to the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun, with a nice leafy terrace and an inside bar which is actually within the city bastions.

​Address: Obala kralja Petra Krešimira IV bb, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 91 208 55 61

It has the most beautiful view over the old Roman Forum. From its position, you can kick back and watch other people strolling through the famous street Kalelarga.

​Address: Široka ulica 18, 23000 Zadar

A sparklingly modern cafe opposite the National Theatre, very popular because of good homemade cakes.

​Address: Široka ulica - Kalelarga, 23000 Zadar​Website: http://www.restorani-zadar.hr/kavana-danica
Đina café & gallery

It is wildly popular after dark and famous for good music, a tiny art gallery and an older crowd all crammed into a little space in an atmospheric stone street.

​Address: Varoška 2, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 31 47 74

Forum offers a good selection of light meals and beverages and it is centrally located – just a stone’s throw from the main attractions of Zadar city centre.

​Address: Široka Ulica 18, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 250 705
Illy Concept Bar

This café offers some really colourful drinks, Illy coffee and a chilled out atmosphere. With its indoor and outdoor seating it is a nice place to relax and have a conversation.

​Address: Ruđera Boškovića 4, 23000 Zadar

Kult café has a gorgeous terrace in a little park with a stone balustrade. It is a popular hangout with the locals.

​Address: Stomorica 6, Varoš, 23000 Zadar

One of the coolest chill-out spots for a slightly older crowd. After sundown, comfy cushions are strewn on the steps by St Anastasia's Cathedral.

​Address: Trg Sv. Stošije 3, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 25 08 51

The best location at People's Square, next to the City Guard. Inside you can see the church of St Lawrence from 11th century.

​Address: Narodni 1, 23000 Zadar​Website: http://www.restorani-zadar.hr/kavana-lovre
Novi Café

It is located at the Five Wells Square, right by the column from the Roman Forum.

​Address: Ilije Smiljanića 4, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 311 514

Riva café has a pleasant terrace on the Riva promenade, near the Roman Forum

​Address: Ul. zadarskog mira 1358 br.22, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 251 462
Much of the city’s evening entertainment takes the form of relaxing meals at traditional restaurants, having a couple of drinks in a bar or a lounge bar and after that dancing the night away in one of the clubs.

A place to meet friends or business partners. Relax in comfort on the stylish sofas or take in the atmosphere at the long bar. From a night out with friends to a corporate function for 500 we are sure you will enjoy the Arsenal experience.

​Address: Trg tri bunara 1, HR-23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 253 833​Website: http://www.arsenalzadar.com
The Garden Lounge Bar

This spectacular garden on top of the city walls has always been the coolest hangout in Zadar. Now, coolly minimalist with ultra-comfortable loungers, it´s a perfect place for enjoying drinks, sunshine, the view and hot summer nights to the tune of nu jazz, dub, latin, breaks and downtempo electronica.

​Address: Bedemi zadarskih pobuna 5, HR-23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 254 509​Website: http://www.thegardenzadar.com
Hitch Bar

If you want to spruce on in to this popular night club with somewhat of a modern and minimalistic interior. Keep an eye on this summer’s entertainment guide with theme nights, international DJs, and concerts by Croatian and international artists.

​Address: Kolovare bb, HR-23000 Zadar​Website: http://www.hitch-bar.com
Lounge & Bar Ledana

Lounge & Bar Ledana in the historic centre of Zadar might be the new coolest hangout spot in the city. It´s a perfect place for enjoying drinks and music in the beautiful surroundings of the romantic Queen Jelena Madije Park and the Five Wells Square with a spectacular view over the city.

​Address: Perivoj Kraljice Jelene Madijevke, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 98 630 760​Website: http://Ledana.hr
Maraschino Bar

Venture out in the morning or afternoon and it’s a café, head on down late in the evening and it transforms into a night club. With live bands and various DJs performing, you have every excuse to sip cocktails and party.

​Address: Obala kneza Branimira 6a, HR-23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 91 421 23 23​Website: http://www.maraschinobar.hr
Q Bar

A mix of good Croatian and international music, ethnic furniture and fine cocktails and wines keep this waterside evening venue top of the list of favourites.

​Address: Liburnska Obala 6, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 251 716
Yachting Bar

A super, modern bar by the Borik marina, with a great selection of drinks and a terrace with live music. Recommended for easy early evening drinking.

​Address: Obala Kneza Domagoja 1, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 95 539 5391
Zadar offers a wide range of specialized boutiques, where everything from antiques and fashion to crafts such as ceramics, paintings and woven textiles made by local artisans can be found to some impressively spacious shopping centres.
ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM - Souvenirs and replicas

In addition to the restoration of artifacts, the museum produces souvenirs and replicas that are mostly copies of archaeological material. The workshop possesses almost a hundred varied objects in the form of copies and souvenirs made of pottery and artificial stone.

​Address: Trg opatice Čike 1, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 250 516, +385 23 250 542​Website: http://www.amzd.hr

A wine shop with a good selection of gourmet products and gifts.

​Address: Kraljskog Dalmatina 7, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 25 02 46
City Galleria

City Galleria, with its architectural beauty and impressive size, is a place where you can find almost everything you need. They offer a large city market on the main open square and an indoor market with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and all sorts of delicacies. A large number of world renown fashion brands can be found right here, which speaks of the diversity of their offer where everyone can find something for themselves. With a secured underground public parking and a truly pleasant ambiance, City Galleria has become a very popular place for meeting friends over coffee, business meetings, fun shopping trips, and in the evening hours it offers relaxation in a number of cozy cafés or excitement of a new movie in one of 6 cineplex screens.

​Address: Murvička 1, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 300 100​Website: http://www.citygalleria.hr
The City Market

In most Dalmatian towns the market is a sight for sore eyes, and Zadar's is one of the biggest and best. It's been here since the Middle Ages, but the large open space dates back to WWII, when many buildings were flattened in this part of town.

​Address: Pod bedemom bb, 23000 Zadar
Croatian Design Superstore

Croatian Design Superstore is a hybrid of a design exhibition and a pop-up shop, hosting the very best of Croatian designers, including items of fashion, gastronomy, oenology, jewellery and furniture. It's also an excellent place to find unusual gifts and souvenirs.

​Address: Rector's Palace, Poljana Šime Budinića bb, 23000 Zadar​Website: http://www.croatiandesignsuperstore.com​Opening hours: Every day from 10a.m. to 10p.m., until 25th September
Etno DI

Etno DI is located in the heart of the Old Town. This small ethno souvenir shop offers handmade, one of a kind gifts and souvenirs that will make your holiday in Zadar memorable.

​Address: Ulica Knezova Šubica Bribirskih, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 95 9258 718
GLIGORA Cheese Shop

Produced exclusively from the milk of the autochthonous sheep on the Island of Pag, Paški Sir (Pag Cheese) is the most awarded ewes’ milk cheese in all of Croatia. Paški Sir is a protected source product and has received numerous awards and honours. Gligora Paški Sir has a peculiar and subtle piquant taste and smell, it crumbles and melts in your mouth.

​Address: Hrvoja V.Hrvatinića 5, 23000 Zadar​Website: http://www.gligora.com

Gallery of sacred art and Croatian souvenirs.

​Address: Ulica don Ive Prodana 11, 23000 ZADAR​Phone: +385 23 300 749​Website: http://www.laudato.hr

L'Occitane is a top quality French beauty brand formulated with natural, active ingredients inspired by Provençal traditions. The products represent the customs and traditions of the Mediterranean, enhanced by its welcome and hospitality. In L'Occitane stores, you will find everything for body care, from head to toe, as well as friendly and educated staff who will be more than happy to give you advice on your ideal well-being.

​Address: Narodni trg 3, 23000 Zadar​Website: http://www.loccitane.hr
Boutique MAR&VAL

The most famous multi brand store in Zadar is the best place to visit if you are looking for prominent Croatian designers that you haven't heard of yet. It sells clothes and accessories by Ricov. In addition to the clothes, you will find sandals and ballet shoes signed by Diana Džepina, purses by Baggiz and Slaven Milić and jewellery by Iva Stojković, Oh Tiger, Emily K design, Ljilja, Lubotomy, Midžo and glass necklaces by Antonija Gospić.

​Address: Don Ive Prodana 3, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 213 239
Maraska Shop

The Royal pearl of the Maraska Inc. production crown is, without a doubt, Maraschino - the original and noble liqueur originating from Zadar.

​Address: Mate Karamana 3, 23000 Zadar​Website: http://www.maraska.hr
Museum of Ancient Glass - Souvenir Shop

Take the opportunity to see the replica Roman glassware on sale as this is one of the classiest souvenir shops in the city.

​Address: Poljana Zemaljskog odbora 1, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 363 833, +385 23 363 833​Website: http://www.mas-zadar.hr
Supernova Zadar

Supernova Centre Zadar offers enjoyable, affordable and relaxed shopping experience. At an easily accessible location, only 10 minutes drive from the centre of the city, you will find a large selection of brands. At Zadar Supernova Centre you will find the best European brands, as well as local manufacturers. The Centre is organized to fulfill the needs of an entire family - their offer includes a large selection of clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery, gadgets, supplies for the youngest, sport, home and office equipment, as well as audio and video equipment, pet supplies, leather accessories, optical products, perfumery and drugstores and a huge supermarket and a free playroom for children. The Supernova brand offer will satisfy even the most sophisticated fashion tastes.

​Address: Ulica akcije Maslenica 1, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 327 301​Website: http://www.supernova.hr/zadar/
Vitlov Chocolate

In the ancient city of Zadar there were many distilleries which processed the local marasca cherries and other fruit. Maraschino, Cherry Brandy, Triple Sec. and other delicious and famous liqueurs were served on royal courts and were considered to be beverages of the nobility. The heart of the pralines is the aroma of local liqueurs and the body is made from fine couverture chocolate worked on marble following the ancient Belgian method. While indulging in this delicacy, the chocolate lovers may feel the spirit of those magnificent ancient times.

​Address: Ulica plemića Borelli 7, 23000 Zadar​Phone: +385 23 322 251, +385 91 720 15 55​Website: http://www.cokoladavitlov.com

While staying in the Zadar region do not miss buyingthe bottle of Maraschino - the original and noble liqueur originating from Zadar. The perfect souvenir is also Pag lace, a unique handcraft often considered as one of the best Croatian souvenirs. If you wonder what to take home you can also buy some good local wine, olive oil or some famous Pag cheese.

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Zadar Airport

Zadar’s international airport is located around 14 kilometres from the city centre and is served by taxis stationed outside, buses and car hire companies.

​Phone: +385 23 313 311
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