Customer Feedback

Some of our passengers have taken the time to let us know that we’ve done well, or that a member of the Ryanair team has helped make their journey that bit better. We’ve committed to improving your journey with us from the moment you search for cheap flights to the moment you arrive at your destination, so we really appreciate the positive feedback. Thank you, and keep it coming.


Dear Sirs,

Please can you pass on my thanks and appreciation to the steward on our flight to Rhodes on Saturday 5th September whose action when I spilt my hot coffee into my lap prevented burns/blistering to my legs and hand. He provided me with gel packs for my hand and some gel for my legs. Unfortunately I do not know his name but his quick action and attention after the incident was greatly appreciated.

Our flight was on Saturday 5th September 2015 departing at 06.35 from Stansted (FR8584) to Rhodes and I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks for all his help.

Yours faithfully,

AC, 19th September 2015 UK

Dear Ryanair Customer Service,

Last night I wrote to you with a claim for a refund because of the untimely passing of my mother-in-law. A reply was sent to me within hours with words of condolence and advising me of the acceptance and processing of a refund to my account.

I am writing to say Thank You for your exceptional customer service.

This is the first time I have booked with Ryanair and prior to this I had only heard of people complaining of your airline's service. I feel it is only right to provide you some positive feedback that you are indeed customer focussed now that I have experienced this personally.

I appreciate your timely and sympathetic handling of this matter and I shall be spreading the word that the service you have provided me has been outstanding.

Many thanks,

LW 18th September, New Zeeland

Dear Sir

My friend and I decided on a short holiday to Dublin, I went to visit a friend and she, to visit her son. As my friend is registered as having a disability, I was advised to contact your Special Assistance Team and what good advice that was!

From the first of many calls many months before departure to the end of our return journey, the service provided was faultless: the phone was always answered immediately, the operative was always pleasant professional and knowledgeable and we both felt we were going to be safe in your hands.

On the day of departure, our driver was given a free 40 minute car park voucher (we showed my friend’s disabled Parking badge). At check in, not only did they check in her luggage but also her hand luggage which was such a help as I was worried about manoeuvring her wheelchair plus my luggage plus her bag of medication etc. From there, we were helped every inch of the way through security. At the gate we were made comfortable while waiting to be lifted onto the plane. Even her wheelchair was stowed in the hold.

Our flight to Dublin was non-eventful but on arrival at the airport, again the same polite, professional approach to the task of lifting us off the plane. We went through passport control and while walking towards our carrousel to collect the luggage, a member of staff approached my friend asking. Are you Mrs Moody’ I’m here to help.” We both felt very emotional at this point and could not believe the fantastic service we were receiving.

A week later and again, the service was faultless so much so that once settled in our seats, I (too late) realised that the sweater I had rolled up on the 1st flight to place behind my friend’s neck for support was actually now inside my checked luggage. I asked the steward if there were any pillows or blankets I could use. He gallantly removed his jacket, folded it and offered it to us for the length of the flight, I suggested to him that he must surely be our modern Sir Walter Raleigh but I’m afraid that due to his young years, he didn’t understand the compliment!

Please share our experience with the relevant staff and please

Congratulate them on a job VERY well done.

With very kind regards,

S.M B 07th September 2015 UK

Dear Sirs

I would like to compliment both your cabin crew and lost property office staff based in Dublin Airport.

I had the misfortune of being extremely ill on the return flight from Zadar, Croatia. I was continually vomiting, shivering and sweating the entire journey.

I cannot compliment the cabin crew enough for the care and attention shown to me. People are quick to complain about Ryanair and their attitude but in my case this could not be further from the truth.I was rushed to hospital when we landed in Dublin Airport therefore unable to collect my bag.

Once discharged from hospital on Sunday 30 August I contacted Dublin Airport Authority lost luggage and was then referred to your lost property department. The staff member in the DAA was incredibly helpful as was the staff member in Ryanair lost property who promptly advised they had my case in their possession.

I called to the airport on Monday 31 August to collect my case and once again the staff member I dealt with was extremely helpful and professional. Unfortunately in each case I did not take the employee name.

I would like to say a massive thank you for all your assistance throughout my unfortunate return flight and the lost property office. It is greatly appreciated which has been relayed to my family and colleagues alike.

Yours faithfully,

K O’Sullivan 04th September 2015 Ireland

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you to compliment Ryanair on the excellent assistance service by partially sighted husband and myself received on our flight from East Midlands to La Rochelle and on our return flight.

We were very apprehensive about flying since his sight deteriorated, but Ryanair’s staff made the process very comfortable.

Please pass out thanks,

Yours faithfully,

J Coates 30th August UK

Dear Sir

Just a note to say that the crew on board Flight No. FR6610 from EFL to STN were superb last night (24/08/15) and deserve recognition for providing great service. My son was sick and they were attentive, efficient and helpful. Please pass on our gratitude to all members of staff and especially Rodriguez.

G. Katsalitis 25th August 2015 UK

Dear Sir/Madam

Just a note to compliment Ryanair on the quality of your staff:

Shortly after boarding the above flight my wife became ill. It was a traumatic time for all my family, however, your flight crew minimised the trauma by calmly and professionally organising medical attention for my wife.

She was evacuated from the plane to a waiting ambulance for assessment. After a short while she was cleared to fly by the medical staff and indeed the pilot visited the ambulance to check she was OK and was allowed to re-board.

I write this letter, because Ryanair does from time to time receive criticism, however, our experience showed the highest care and compassion by your flight crew with regard to my wife, myself and our family.

If this crew reflects the professionalism of all your staff then Ryanair is indeed a very professional and caring organisation.

We thank you.

Kind regards

K. Garforth 21st August 2015 UK

Dear Sir,

I was very upset to read the article ‘Ryanair’s caught up in disability plane access row’.

My wife Gilly is registered as being a disabled person. Both she and I recently visited our son and his family in Ireland. The tickets were booked by e-mail and we made it clear that Gilly was disabled. The issued ticket made it clear regarding her disability, but there were no extra charges. On arrival at the airport we were taken to the desk which deals with disabled people. From then on Ryanair’s staff looked after us, and the service was faultless. We were taken through the checking-in desk, and helped into the aircraft. We were seated near the rearmost seats to be near the staff who stayed in that area during the flight. It also had the advantage of being next to the toilets. Our luggage was taken into the pilot’s cabin.

On arrival we were asked to stay in our seats until the ( rather pushy) passengers had disembarked. Then we were taken to the aircraft’s rear door where a vehicle with a lift was able to take us down to ground level. On reaching the ground, a member of staff looked after us and remained until we had contacted our son who was waiting at the exit.

On the return flight from Dublin the situation and treatment was exactly the same. I suggest that it was rather thoughtless of the complainant to arrive at the airport and book a ticket and then declare that they had special needs.

Ryan Air and the airports deserve an apology.


B Smalley. 13/08/2015 UK

Dear Sir,

I'd like to thank you all, staff and pilots of the flight FR4827 from Treviso to Cagliari, aug. 7th 2015.

My father had a light heart attack. The staff was very professional and kind to assist him! I 'd like to thank the cabin manager: she was really kind and helpful, managing the situation with the others passengers too, and giving the right tasks to the others cabin attendants.

It's my fault, but I forgot to ask her name so please help me to forward my thanks.

Best regards

A. Piras 08th August 2015 Italy

Dear Sir

I travelled Montpellier to Leeds Bradford on the 04th June and returned to Montpellier on the 18th June, where I live. This is the first time I have travelled requesting assistance due to an ankle injury.

I would like to thank your staff for the excellent assistance offered.

The assistance given was second to none and I wish your airline company success.

Yours Faithfully

France 29th June 2015

Dear Sirs

We wish to thank Ryanair cabin staff, desk staff and all who helped at Manchester Airport when my husband was taken ill after boarding flight no 3441 to Palma on 03rd June.

We couldn’t have been treated any better and thanks to your helpdesk we managed to fly the day after.

We would certainly have no hesitation with recommending Ryanair and we shall certainly be flying with you in the near future.

Once again many thanks to all. You should be very proud of your staff.

Yours Sincerely

L and J G UK 23rd June 2015

Let me start by stating that this is not a complaint. I was a passenger on flight FR8132 on the 14th June. During the flight I felt unwell and passed out. I would like to thank all the cabin crew that came to my assistance when my wife called out. They provided me with sugared water and kept an eye on me. I would particularly like to thank and nominate please, Daniel, male head steward for re-arranging the seating so that I was able to lie down. This was a great help and although a little embarrassed I quickly made a full recovery.


Hello, this isn’t a complaint it’s a compliment to one of your air hostess’s. Her name is Laura, a Spanish hostess and she was part of the cabin crew on a flight from Bristol to Italy. I was very nervous to fly and if it wasn’t for her I may not have been able to cope as I suffer with anxiety. Thanks to Laura she kept me calm, made me feel extremely safe and comfortable. She didn’t draw any attention to the fact I was nervous and didn’t smother me and she knew just how to deal with the situation. People like her are hard to come by so I really felt the need to commend her and let you know how much of an asset to your company she is. Also compliments to the captain for a very smooth flight.

Many Thanks,


My Husband and myself flew with your good selves on Tuesday 28th April from Edinburgh to Gran Canaria to Las Palmas airport. Our flight no FR6698.

My husband had an accident in January on our way home from holiday then, and he had snapped the patella tendon in his right knee. After an operation in February this year, he had to wear a heavy brace for 8 weeks, and this was taken off in early April. He was still unable to walk very good, and so had to rely on his walking stick. The surgeon had given his approval from him to fly on 28th April.

I am simply writing to thank you so very much indeed, for the wonderful service provided by your good selves at both airports. It was just fabulous and such a relief for him to have the wheelchair assistance, which helped him tremendously. We have never had to ask for this service before, but we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you did and also to the wonderful crew on board too who were, as always so courteous and more than helpful too in every way. Both flights were so smooth and we thoroughly enjoyed cabin crew services on board too.

We have booked our Christmas flights with you again, going to Fuerteventura on 12th December and returning 09th January 2016.

A million thanks for a wonderful and efficient service provided on both flights, for my husband.

Our warmest good wishes and thanks again,

P and G Ramsay Scotland 01st June 2015

Dear Sirs

My partner and I were booked on a flight from Liverpool to Bergerac on Saturday 25th April.  Unfortunately that morning my partner, who is 80 years old, found he could hardly walk and we were extremely worried that he would not be able to cope in the airport.

I asked at your desk if there was any possibility of a wheelchair and my requested was immediately attended to with great politeness and within five minutes someone was there with a wheelchair.  From then on all went very smoothly both at Liverpool and with the air hostess’s help at Bergerac.  Can I congratulate you and your staff on such wonderful treatment and helping us with a difficult situation.  Thank you so much.  I do hope you are able to pass on my thanks to the staff involved.

Yours Sincerely,


UK 28th April 2015


Dear Sir / Madam

I’m writing to thank the cabin crew on flight FR9152 from Knock to Alicante on the 11th April.  They could not have been more helpful to my husband and I when there was a mix up in our boarding passes.

Please pass on our thanks to them.

Yours Sincerely,




Dear Sir / Madam

I want to say thank you to one of your crew members.  His name is Jose.

He was working during the flight number FR1214 from Birmingham to Kaunas 24th March 2015 16:15.

He helped me with my suitcase.  He also helped a young lady with a baby a few weeks before.




Dear Sir / Madam

My family and I travelled with your airline FR102 at 7.05 from Shannon to London Stansted on February 14th 2015.

There was only one female flight attendant on this flight all (all others were male) I did not get the ladies name but she had a Scottish accent, I would just like to let you know was extremely pleasant , helpful, charming, happy and efficient.  When you have a flight attendant like that it makes your journey very enjoyable.

This young lady is a real asset to your company.


Ms D.J Ireland 27th February 2015.


Dear Ann

My very sincere thanks to you for the extraordinary kindness you showed me when I recently travelled from Dublin to Stansted.

I will always remember your great empathy and compassion which helped me so greatly when I was at a very difficult and painful moment.  Your competence and dependability were there for all to see.  I was and am greatly touched by your caring help and I often remember and tell others about the wonderful experience I had.

I was delighted to receive your telephone call later that evening.  Thank you so much for taking so much trouble to contact me.  May you often receive similar kindness throughout your life.

With sincere gratitude and every good wish, I will always keep an eye out for you when I pass through terminal 1.

Yours Sincerely,

Sr. J.H UK 11TH February 2015

Dear Sir / Madam

I recently took three flights of Ryanair, CRL-KRK on FR 6728 on the 26/01, KRK-DUB FR 1927 on the 30/01 and DUB-BRU FR 1452 on the 02/02.

I would like to congratulate all the staff of these 3 flight’s, they were very professional and did their job pretty well.

Furthermore I would take this opportunity to thank all the company. I think Ryanair really revolutionized the airline sector by introducing low fares ticket. It allows people like me to travel around Europe at a cheap price. I think without you company it would be impossible to discover so many cities in a few times.

Your entire business model based on cutting down the cost have born fruits long ago and it really meets needs of consumer just wanting to go from a place to another at the cheapest price. This can be seen from the booking procedure to the unloading of the passengers, everything is done quickly and it is what I think it should be done.

Thanks again

Best regards

Mr G.S Belgium 09th February 2015.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to commend Ryanair on your business plus flights from Edinburgh to Cambridge.  I booked flights back in October 2014.  Fell ill and wasn’t able to travel until last week.  We then got held up on our return flight with an accident on the M11 and missed our flight to Edinburgh.  Again Ryanair were able to offer us another flight the next morning with no extra cost or hassle.  I will certainly be using this flight again in the future and recommending the flexible flight change options to my friends as it really was superb.

Thank you Ryanair for making our short break so easy and enjoyable,

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs J.M UK 08th February 2015


Dear Sir or Madam

I am delighted to give all cabin crew members of your company my personal compliments on how they let me enjoy the last flight that I had from Trapani to Charleroi on the 18th January 2015.

All cabin crew were friendly, polite and professional but one of them impressed me, his name is Sebastiano.  I still remember because I had to call him for helping my elderly Mother as she had difficulties walking and carrying on the luggage.

He was very kind and he took care of her for all the flight.

In my opinion this guy is a very kind person who loves his job and a true gentleman.

It has been and enormous pleasure travelling with Ryanair, hope to fly soon with you.

Best Regards



Dear Sir / Madam

Just wanted to drop a note to congratulate Air Stewardess Shirley, who was part of the crew on Ryanair flight Barcelona to Dublin flight FR6394 on Friday 30th January 2015.

There was a situation with a very lewd group of young men.  They were using terrible language, shouting and generally upsetting fellow passengers during the flight.

They went on to insult a young 15 year old girl who walked past them, resulting in her tears.  Shirley brought the group to task, gave them a stern talking to and finally, marched 2 of them back down the plane to apologise to the girl and her mother.

There wasn’t another word out of them for the rest of the flight.  Bravo!

She restored a very uncomfortable flight back to normal.  Quite an achievement,  as they were cheeky to her also but she remained calm and in control.  Well done to her.

Thank you

Ms S.F 02nd February 2015 Ireland


Dear Ryanair,

I flew with you to London Stansted on the night of the 27/01/2015 on flight FR108 and flew home with you on flight FR 103 29/01/2015.  I was in seat 11Ffor both flights.

I’m writing to tell you your Pilot on FR 103 on Thursday 29/01/15 is brilliant!  On the way to Shannon there was a small amount of turbulence for maybe the last 10 minutes of the flight.  We came into what seemed 2 air pockets and the plane went up, down and back up again, but what I was most impressed with was his landing.  It was fantastic so smooth no massive thud when the plane met the ground no thud at all really.  It really was the perfect landing, thanks a million for getting me home safely and please pass on my compliments to that amazing pilot and to the cabin crew staff.

Keep up the good work,

Regards to all,

Ms S.K 30th January 2015 Ireland.


To whom it may concern,

Pm December 23rd we travelled from Dublin to Malaga flight no FR7044.  When we arrived in Malaga and later to Nerja, my husband missed his wallet, which included €900.00, cards and licence, naturally he was devastated.

We took ourselves to the beach for lunch, my phone rang to tell us his wallet was in the Ryanair office in Malaga not a penny was touched.

Congratulations to the honest of the staff.

We are following the bugle since.

Yours Faithfully,

J & C.B Ireland


Dear Mr O’Leary

My name is Dr Marian Smyth, I am a frequent flyer between Dublin and London due to family commitments x 1year. On Sunday 18th January I was returning home, which my 14 year old niece and we were booked on the Ryanair 19.40pm flight from Stansted to Dublin, due to numerous hold ups ie. Tube closure and bus only transfer to Stansted we arrived at the gate at 19.30pm and the gate had closed.

I spoke to a member of staff at the Ryanair desk and she informed me that the last flight of the day to Dublin was full and we were unable to book seats. I returned to the desk to ask if the Ryanair staff knew were there was a local hotel that we could stay in. During this conversation the duty manager Amy made herself known to me, and asked what the problem was. I explained that my situation. She was extremely helpful and went out of her way to help myself and my niece and managed to get us two seats on the last flight to Dublin on Sunday night.

Amy showed great leadership qualities, initiative and managerial skills and was extremely helpful, considerate and kind. I want to express my sincere gratitude to both you and your excellent staff for the manner my niece and I was treated on the 18th January.

Many Thanks

Yours Sincerely

Dr M.S 20th January 2015 Ireland

Dear Mr O’Leary

When my travel advisor suggested a number of flights with various airlines for our week of winter sun I chose Ryanair because of the very convenient flight times for us.  As soon as this was done, I had second thoughts having never flown Ryanair before and having heard various less than complimentary stories about the quality of the service.  I feel therefore that I must write to you firstly to compliment but also to apologise for holding ill found thoughts.

From the moment we met the young lady at the bag drop at Birmingham to our return at the end of the week nothing could have been too much trouble for your staff who carried out their duties in a most friendly, calm and helpful way,   that is without being subservient or displaying obsequiousness but behaving like fellow human beings doing a job to the best of their ability, I applaud you all.

I have a spinal problem with though I do not consider myself to be disabled does mean that standing still for more than a few minutes causes pain and discomfort.  The way I was helped at Birmingham was much appreciated.  The members of cabin staff on both flights were very attentive and approachable and both flights arrived on time.

What more can one say?  Than you of course but I have already told my friends of the excellent service and value for money that Ryanair offer.

With very best wishes

Yours Sincerely

P&J.J 13th January 2015 UK


Dear Sir or Madam

I was a passenger on the above flight from Bratislava to Dublin, which was diverted to Belfast due to adverse weather conditions which prevented landing in Dublin and necessitated a diversion to Belfast.

I would like to sincerely compliment the cabin crew on their handling of this stressful situation.

Unfortunately I do not recall her name, but in particular I would like to single out for praise the chief stewardess/pursar for he exemplary behaviour, helpfulness and grace under pressure, despite received incomplete and sometimes contradictory information and status update from the Belfast airport official.  She handled aggressive behaviour from at least one passenger with remarkable composure.

I would be grateful in my appreciation could be conveyed to the lady concerned and her assistants on this flight.

Your Sincerely,

Dr M L Ireland


Dear Sir/Madam

I had to deal with your Customer Service based in Stansted airport after my family and I missed our flight to Bucharest on Wednesday 17/12/14.

Although we were all upset to miss our flight by only a couple of minutes, I’d like to report that we had a very positive experience of your customer service.

We’d like to thank one of your agents Darren for his help and understanding; we feel that he went beyond his call of duty so we are left with a positive image of Ryanair after such misfortune.  Please extend our thanks to the laky that was also on duty at the customer service desk at the same time.  Unfortunately we don’t have her name, but her help with our initial enquiry was much appreciated.

I would very much appreciate if you could forward our appreciation to the 2 staff members mentioned above and their managers.

Kind Regards,

Mr F M 18th December 2014 UK



Dear Sir / Madam

May I compliment your whole team of staff for my most wonderful experience with Ryanair.

I flew for the first time this year with your company and could not have asked for a more outstanding service, starting from my online booking process to returning to Pafos following a week in the United Kingdom.

I had occasion to speak directly to one of the online reservation team who treated me with courtesy and respect following me making as error whilst processing my online reservation.  The solution was given to me and executed as stated within the time stated.  Thank you.

The team on the airport terminal albeit Swissport handling staff, I understand, were extremely professional in their representation and promotion of Ryanair.

The team on board the outward journey to the UK were a delight to encounter, and displayed great enthusiasm for their role within the organisation.  Nothing was too much trouble for them and they emitted a feeling that they really loved their jobs.  This is something that to me represents a great “feel good” factor when I deal with any organisation and for me customer service is paramount.  Clearly for them also!

The handling team at Manchester airport were very positive and welcoming on behalf of Ryanair.

And finally the team on board my return journey were more than excellent and I in fact spoke to one of the cabin crew sand complimented her and her colleagues.

It’s refreshing and encouraging to encounter such perfection from start to finish in a team of professionals and I am happy to let you all know that I cannot wait to travel Ryanair again.

Please compliment and thank all concerned for their individual contribution to one very satisfied customer’s experience with Ryanair.

Well done to everyone involved and keep up the good work.

Yours Faithfully

Ms E K 07th December 2014 Cyprus



Dear Sir

I felt that I must write and express my thanks to the cabin staff on the above flight, who were so kind and efficient when my husband collapsed soon after taking off for Tenerife.  Luckily he only fainted due to the heat on the plane but it was a very frightening experience for myself and the friends who were travelling  with us, not a good start to our holiday.  The cabin crew were very quick to respond to my cries for help and took good care of us both,  I think I was in a worse state than my husband and it took me a couple of days to get over the shock.

Unfortunately I omitted to get the name of the gentleman who looked after us but he was supervising a young lady on her first flight, she also took everything in her stride and carried on with her duties even though I don’t think she would have expected that kind of excitement so early in her career.

I do hope that you can pass my thanks onto the relevant staff and hope that one day we will travel with them again and know that we will be safe in their hands.

Once again many thanks.

Mrs V M & Mr B M 20th November 2014 UK



Dear Ryanair customer services,

I am writing to extend my gratitude to the pilot and the crew of the above flight.  A friend of mine had an epileptic seizure whilst walking to the gate and the captain shared a lot of compassion to wait for her to recover and allow her on the flight.  So often the impression is that airlines must meet their departure times above all else but this pilot’s kindness meant our holiday could continue as planned.  Please pass on this note so it can be used in any personal appraisals in the future.

Many thanks

Dr A.M UK 14th November 2014


Dear Sir/Madam

I am a frequent flyer with your airline and would like to bring to your attention the outstanding rapport I noticed in a member of your cabin crew. The flight departed from Glasgow Prestwick to Fuerteventura on the 02nd October 2014 and returned on the 09th October 2014.

The professionalism of Leanne was exemplary. The composure she maintained was fabulous, considering all the difficulties that she endured, Leanne continued to smile.

Well done Leanne. I personally appreciate all the help and support she provided to me. I was fortunate enough to have her as cabin crew on my return journey and nothing was an issue to her. I would also like to thank the airport staff that were put in place on my return journey as I required assistance.

Kindest Regards

Mrs A.MC G 05th November 2014, Scotland

Dear Mr O’Leary

I just wanted to say that the tune you play upon landing at the destination on time is a wonderfully uplifting touch.

On a recent flight I took to Ibiza the passengers all broke out into applause it was great.  Please never get rid of this ritual.

I would also like to suggest you plat the classic “sad trombone” sound for flights that land late, it would be endearing and make people laugh.

Best Wishes

Ms A.W UK 05th November 2014


 To whom it may concern

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who was involved in ensuring the safe transport home of my mum, from Majorca to Liverpool on Sunday 15th May 2014 and strongly recommend that the cabin crew share a service excellence award.

My mum Mary aged 82 had a dreadful accident on the morning of 19th May.  She fell in our hotel reception, broke her right leg in three different places and suffered excruciating pain.  The accident occurred at 10am and we were due to fly home at 6.05pm on the same day.

Being elderly, mum did not want treatment in Majorca and so the doctor in Juaneda made her as comfortable as possible, put her leg into a temporary cast and provided her with a fit to fly certificate.

Once we arrived at the airport in Majorca until we arrived back in Liverpool, nearly everyone we came into contact with was absolutely wonderful.  The check in staff arranged for comfortable seats enabling mum to fly with her leg raised up in an attempt to reduce swelling. The cabin crew did everything they could to make mum’s journey as comfortable as possible.  The special assistance teams that lifted mum o and off the plane were fantastic and your cabin crew arranged similar support for our arrival in Liverpool.

I cannot thank your staff enough for making a very stressful situation feel like an everyday occurrence.  They kept us all very calm and dealt with the whole unexpected situation in a calm friendly and totally professional manner.

I felt such relief when we finally arrived in Liverpool with mum feeling as comfortable as possible.  Once again you have my true gratitude.  We all look forward to flying with Ryanair soon again.

I can only apologise for not writing sooner.  However until mum had recovered I never gave it a thought.  Now she is up and about and mobile again, I can finally catch up with my overdue thanks you.

Yours faithfully

Mrs J.D UK 25TH October 2014




My name is Sharon and I received excellent customer service today when I accidently booked the wrong time for my flight.  I spoke on the phone to an Alex.  He was extremely helpful and professional regarding my situation and was very clear and concise. 

Thank you so much



Last Saturday 18th October we flew with Ryanair from Seville to Dublin on the flight which landed in Dublin at

I don't know the hostesses name but she had a very distinctive Imelda May type look. (Short cropped dark fringe and pony tail). I Just wanted your company to know that she is doing a great job, was more than helpful as I was boarding and disembarking with my visually impaired husband. Compliments are in order.




Dear Sir / Madam

I haven’t travelled with Ryanair for a while but flew to Derry in September and I have just come back from holiday in France. I flew to Lourdes on Tuesday and came back on Saturday morning.

To be honest I have never had any serious issue with Ryanair before apart from your policy on luggage which I thought was too strict. But I must admit that Ryanair has definitely improved on that front. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much more relaxed it is. My entire experience was very much enjoyable.

Ryanair is definitely and airline that listens to its customers. The prices are very competitive and the service from start to finish is excellent.

Well Done!

Yours faithfully,

Mrs N.C UK 20TH October 2014.



In the service industry it is unusual to receive positive feedback. People are quick to complain but often slow to acknowledge good service.

I travel from Dublin to Liverpool on a weekly basis. The service is generally very good. Last weekend I left my ipad on the aircraft on the outward journey. I knew as soon as I arrived home that I had left it on the aircraft but as it was 1.00am I decided to wait until the next morning to do anything. I was unsure how to go about enquiring. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a call in the morning from Eve at your Liverpool office. She had managed to track me down through my label on the ipad and your systems. The ipad was ready and waiting for me at Liverpool airport to collect on my return journey to Dublin the next day.

I am grateful to Eve and Ryanair for your efficiency and customer service.


M.M Dublin 16th October 2014.



Dear Sir / Madam

Just a short note to say how wonderful two of the staff were on the Bergerac to Liverpool flight on Tuesday 14th October FR9919.

I find it difficult to lift a case up to the overhead locker so after climbing the stairs asked for assistance. The young lady said leave it with me and picked it up on leaving. On leaving she passed my case over and asked would I like help down the stairs. Paul came and carried my case down which was great help to me. I travel this route a lot and never has anyone offered to lift or assist me even after asking. I didn’t get the young ladies name they were great. They were on duty at the rear door and I hope that they are both on my return journey again.


B.H France 15th October 2014



Dear Sir / Madam

I thought I would take the time to let you know as a company we cannot fault your service. We have flown with you for many, many years and unfortunately, we went on holiday last week where we had booked the whole package though a company and sadly it was a total fiasco.

We will as near as possible continue to book through yourselves and continue to tell all friends and family of service and value. We do get a bit fed up when hearing negative feedback on your company and nobody gets it perfect every time but compared to others we think your not bad.

Thank You,

A&E H UK 06th October 2014



Dear Sir/Madam

I was a passenger on Ryanair FR3662 to Birmingham on 10th September returning to Dublin the same evening on FR669. I can scarcely walk and needed special attention. I was scared making the trip but a family member was dying.

From the moment I reported at the desk for special travellers at Terminal one, I was taken in hand by the most caring and attentive Ryanair staff. This continued at every interval on the journey and on the return flight FR669.

I commend every one of the ground staff and cabin crew. I still have difficulty walking but I shall make that trip again without any fear.


M.A O’B Dublin 15th September 2014



Dear Mr O’Leary

I am writing with regards to an incident concerning my granddaughter on a Ryanair flight from Tenerife to Stansted on Tuesday 05th August.

My granddaughter had a nasty anaphylactic reaction to peanuts being eaten by a passenger, after the captain had requested that people refrain from doing so during the flight.

My husband and I wanted to tell you how grateful we are for the professional and caring crew on board that day. Their actions, along with a wonderful passenger undoubtedly saved our precious granddaughter from further harm. We cannot comprehend that any adult would ignore the instructions of the captain and put a child in grave danger.

Given the less than favourable press so called budget airlines often receive, we wanted to say that we believe the service our family received on that day was anything but budget. We would be so grateful if you would convey our sincere thanks to the crew of flight FR8167. We will be forever grateful to them.

With our sincere thanks,




I would like to thank Ryanair and the appropriate people on the ground for their care and assistance to me on my flights on 07th and 12th August 2014 from Carcassonne to Stansted and return.

Not only was I able to carry an essential piece of medical equipment without charge, but was assisted by wheelchair with care and concern throughout. This service was invaluable to me and my husband and was done with cheerfulness.

I wish to mention in particular your staff at Carcassonne and especially Dean all of whom are great ambassadors for your company.

Please pass on our grateful thanks to everyone once again.

Yours Sincerely,

C G France 08th September 2014



Dear Sirs

I have travelled on most airlines during my life and always avoided your line until I read of the improvements in the financial press earlier this year.

As I was going on a cruise from the Canary Islands and their flight times were very bad for my wife especially as she had had a recent heart valve replacement I came to you for your better times flights and have to say I was very pleased and even impressed by your flight.

Your check in was excellent at both airports and the on board service was very good, the reserving of seats has now taken the hassle out of your flights and the fact that the seats do not recline is a very good advantage.

I was so pleased that I have booked with you again for a flight from Leeds to Palma on the 10th September and return on the 18th September.

As a summary I would say you are now “as good as any and better than most” (may be a good future slogan for you)

Yours Sincerely,

Mr R. H UK 06th August 2014.



Dear Ms Greene

I am writing to praise one of the pilots who work for Ryanair.

Whilst in Pisa airport on 03rd August 2014 between 10pm and 10.30pm the pilot was happy to help myself and two other passengers. Sadly I did not get an opportunity to ask his name but he is a French gentleman and had flown into Pisa that evening.

He should be commended for his work ethic as he was happy to help people even though his working day had come to an end and as he said he has very little knowledge of Pisa airport.

I trust you receive this letter and have a record of the Ryanair’s pilot’s schedules so the gentleman receives the praise he deserves. I realise you are not able to provide any information to myself however I am happy for the content of this letter to be passed onto the said gentlemen.

Yours sincerely

J.H UK 08th August 2014



Dear Mr O’Leary

I am a frequent passenger with you airline and I recently travelled with my daughter and young grandson to Fuerteventura, which I found to be a most pleasant experience.

On the return flight from Fuerteventura to Dublin flight reference FR7129, on Friday 25th July an unfortunate medical incident occurred. A young girl aged between 8 to 10 years old suffered a severe epileptic seizure lasting approximately 15 minutes. I have only praise for the way you cabin crew handled the situation. They acted calmly and efficiently and treated the young girl with dignity and compassion. The child and her family were seated mid cabin and when the child came out of her seizure she was carried to the back of the plane by two of the cabin crew. As I was seated in the very back row I was aware of the very professional manner in which the cabin crew treated and comforted the child. I know it is unfair to single out any particular member of the crew but Ricardo was exceptional in the manner he cared for the child and dealt with her family.

I hope my mention of this incident will not go unnoticed and that the actions of the crew will be acknowledged in some way.

A very satisfied customer,

Yours Sincerely,

Ms R. McE Ireland 04th August 2014



To Whom it may Concern,

On Thursday 17th July 2014, we were flying from Faro Airport to Shannon on flight no FR2304 when my wife took ill and she fainted. The three stewards, two male and one female were so helpful and looked after all out needs yet with no fuss or panic. They were outstanding and I am taking time out to ask you to personally thank them on our behalf. People take time to complain whenever possible but I would like it placed on the record how good these Ryanair stewards were and how well trained and professional they were while dealing with our problem and not neglecting anyone else at the same time.

Over the years we have travelled a lot around the world, but I must say the attention we got was top class. I have no problem in recommending Ryanair to family and friends as the best airline in the world. I have no problem with you putting this on record or using it wherever you feel appropriate.

Again I would like you to pass on our thanks to the crew of flight FR2304.

Yours Faithfully

Mr V,C Co Meath 21st July 2014


I flew Dublin to Malaga on 29th June 2014 and I have to say the staff on board were excellent. I was travelling with my 2 children, my sister and her 2 young children, we all had hand luggage, hand bags and kids to look after, the crew assisted us in putting the bag up into the overhead lockers and the service on board during the flight was excellent.

I was also lucky to have the same PU on my return flight on 13th July, as we boarded the aircraft, she asked me if she could help, I gave her the baby I was carrying! Which she took and I proceeded to find space for the bags, I couldn’t find any space above where we were sitting so I went down to the middle of the aircraft and one of the male crew took the bags from me and placed them in the overhead lockers for me.

All the staff were great but in particular, I would like to mention Jane, she was extremely helpful to everyone on board, she managed the other crew very well and always had a smile on her face.

My sister who wouldn’t be a fan of travelling with Ryanair, was very impressed as she was dreading travelling with 2 young children and she was very happy with both flights;

The captain upon landing in Malaga let my 7 year old son sit in the cockpit, which he was thrilled about, ,so a special thank you to him too.

C.R Ireland 16th July 2014



To whom this May concern,

Generally, people are great at giving out about Ryanair, but to be honest I don't think people are quick enough to commend them on great service.

I have just returned from a holiday in Murcia, Spain. I flew out from Dublin with my family, and from the minute we checked in, to the minute we landed the service was excellent. The fact that you now have assigned seating made it extremely easy for me and my family, in that we were not sprinting to the aircraft to get 3 seats together. I also thought the Ryanair representative that took my bag and complimentary stowed it for me in the hold was a nice touch when we were waiting to board the aircraft. One less bag to carry, it made a big difference to me, as it was less to carry with the small kids already in tow.

On the way back home, the service again was outstanding, and the whole experience was a pleasant one for me and my family.

I don't usually have this positive opinion of Ryanair but obviously things have changed (for the better) and I think it should be said.

Thanks again all at Ryanair,

J.K, Tramore, Co. Waterford



On the 27th May my wife and I travelled from Manchester to Dublin on the midday flight FR555. Because of our age we let the other passengers leave the plane first. When we reached the exit door the captain happened to be standing there. He insisted on carrying our bags down and having waited at the bottom of the steps, he then arranged transport for us from the plane to the terminal.

Mr J.K Ireland


Dear Mr O’Leary

I could have gone on the internet to lodge my feeling about our recent trip to Spain but I have opted to write to you instead. This letter will make you aware how wonderfully we were treated by your staff in Liverpool.

We were scheduled to travel from Liverpool to Reus on the 25th May 2014 on flight FR9824 at 7.10 in the morning.

Unfortunately while staying in the Hampton at Liverpool I slipped in the shower and ended up for 4 hours in The Royal Hospital A&E where I had 5 stitches over my eye and a very sore nose.

I was checked out for concussion and I had none was free to travel so we went back o the Hampton, who were wonderful to gather ourselves.

Now everything was up in the air for our 2 week holiday.

We went over to the Ryanair desk and we were dealt with by Emma. She was marvellous. Rang through to wherever and on checking I was fit to travel, managed to get us on the flight to Barcelona which was checking in at that time flying at 13.30. We arrived at 17.30.

We could not believe at 20.00 that night we were safely in our apartment after such a terrible start.

Emma was a lovely optimistic girl who could not have done enough for us at that particular time so well done to her and the rest of your staff in Liverpool.

Again many thanks for all the effective kindness shown to us when we needed it.

Yours Sincerely

M.O’S 18th June 2014 UK


To all Ryanair Staff

A huge thank you for the excellent help I received. This year was the first time of using your mobility service. I am a senior and now disabled. My daughter organised all of our flight etc. which is why I no longer have the information to thank you by email. We flew from Stansted on 27th May at 11.30. A wheelchair was waiting plus a carer, amazing!

We returned on 03rd June and when we landed at Stansted a quick phone call and a carer with a wheelchair appeared, got us all ( we also had granddaughter and a 4 month old baby) through customs with lightning speed.

I was very apprehensive about my journey, but thanks to you and your organising for the disabled the whole journey was trouble free.

I will most definitely use Ryanair again.

A very grateful traveller,

P.A S-M 06th June 2014 UK


Dear Sir / Madam

My family and I flew recently with Ryanair from Dublin to Birmingham on a short city break. My daughter, Amber wanted me to send in the plane that she made. I just want to compliment the Ryanair staff both on and off the flight for providing us with an excellent service and exceeding our expectations.

With the new user friendly website, competitive prices, new allocated seats and the facility to stow carry on bags in the hold for free, my family and I will be flying Ryanair again in the near future.


Mr L P Co Meath


Dear Alessandra,

I’m writing you to let you know that you are the best flight attendant that l’ve seen on a Ryanair flight and l want to thank you for everything you did on our flight leaving Dublin on the 15th May 2014 towards Comiso.

I also had the pleasure to be a part of your guests last year in 2013 on a flight from Milan to Dublin where we got stuck, because of the snow for the 3 hrs and you dealed in the best way with success for all complaints you could receive.

I saw as well a really high & excellent sales skills. I think you are able to handle all your colleagues for the best performance for your company.

I wish you all the best and l hope you can grow inside your company. Best regards

Mr A.R


Dear Customer Services,

On my recent flights with Ryanair I was greeted by two exceptional flight attendants, who upon looking at my boarding pass greeted me by name, directed me to my appointed seat and remembered my name throughout the flight and made me feel like a special customer as they did with the rest of the passengers they came in contact with.

They appeared to enjoy their work and smiled genuinely throughout the flight. I would give Ryanair priority in the future on the chance of flying with them again.

One lady was Italian, called Elizabetha from Sardinia and the other a blonde lady from Poland. If you are able to pass this small message onto them, it would be greatly appreciated. “Sel sempri nel mio cuere”

Yours truly, till my next flight with Ryanair

Mr PJ. M Spain 19th May 2014


To Ryanair,

Having flown with Ryanair a number of times, along with its shortcomings in the early days, I have to now stand back and fully compliment one member of Ryanair.

I have visited a number of Countries inexpensively, which would never have been considered 20 years ago. On top of the fact that when I land in Spain, Italy, Krakow, etc. it is a proud thing to see a number of Ryanair jets with the Irish flag on their side and a harp on their back.

The member of Ryanair I wish to applaud is MR. Michael O’Leary himself. He has received and given a lot of hassle over the years, but in absolute fairness to the guy, he has done a wonderful job, well done to him.

Mr B.O’C Ireland 13 May 2014


Dear Mr. O’Leary

Both my husband and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the way in which your staff looked after my mother on a recent trip to Bristol. We accompanied her on a visit to our son who lives in Wales. My father died at the end of January and she had never managed to travel over to see his house due to the fact that my father had been too ill to travel for a long time. She travelled via your special assistance service which is excellent. We know that in the past Ryanair has received some “bad press” and so we thought it might be of benefit to give you some positive feedback. She will now feel confident to travel on her own via this service in the future which will be of great benefit.

Once again, many thanks.

Yours sincerely

Ms S.A Ireland


Dear Ryanair

I have travelled with you many times, in my work and with my family and I would say that you have a very good service most of the times. Now to an event when one of your personnel acted world-class. I can tell you that I know what world-class is after working 20 years in the consumer industry.

I travelled with my wife and 4 children from Skavsta to Gran Canaria on the 15th December. What occurred was that my wife and 3 of my children started to feel very ill and sick for 2 full hours.

Ricardo one of your team acted very professional by helping us to move to the back of the plane. He also helped us with towels, bags and made sure we had drinks to stay hydrated. He also informed the plane frequently and made some calls to the ground so everybody was updated.

I would like to say that Ricardo acted as a manager and safety officer at the same time, without forgetting the team and the supervisors, I’m impressed.

As I left the plane I told him that I would like to give him something but he said that it was his way of service. I find that incredible and I would never have done the same.

First I think you have educated your teams very well and second the crucial thing is that there isn’t anyone else like Ricardo, he acted as he has done this forever.

Salute him!!

Thank you Ryanair for hiring such incredible, amazing world-class people like Ricardo.

Best Regards

Mr M.N


Dear Sir

I am writing to praise most highly your special assistance staff. They could not have been more courteous, friendly and efficient. I wasn’t to commend Amir and Siobhan in particular. As I do not have a computer of my own I had to ask my daughter to book for me. Inevitably there were a number of comings and goings but the staff wee most patient.

Yours Sincerely

A.S Scotland 03rd May 2014


I recently flew out on flight number FR9142 from Stansted airport on the 30th April and would like to your cabin crew were very nice, especially a lady called Rosy Raguso. Very pleasant and very informative about nice places to eat in Portugal so if possible I would like you to let her know how much she made our journey very special.

Mrs R.K UK 02ND May 2014


My wife and I travelled on flight FR9282 to Faro on the 03rd April 2014 and I write to ask you to pass on my sincere and grateful thanks to the cabin crew on that particular flight.

On the flight I felt unwell and fainted, falling in front galley area hitting my head on hard metal on the way down. The crew quickly with great care attended to me with first aid, oxygen, drinks etc, even offering to land the plane at Porto.

For the remainder of the flight the crew were most attentive and kind to me and even arranged an ambulance to meet the plane at Faro for a trip to Faro hospital.

Whilst the first few days of our Portugal stay were slightly slower and at a gentler pace we enjoyed the rest of the time albeit with a bandaged head.

So please do give my thanks to that crew for their excellent care and attentions they so kindly gave me.

Yours Sincerely

Mr E.G UK 25th April 2014



I have a compliment concerning your wonderful agent Victoria. I had booked a flight for a friend but included his middle name in the surname slot, and she had the common sense to know that this was a silly mistake and assured me I would run into no issues at the airport. I have flown with Ryanair nearly 15 times and especially after today I will continue to recommend the airline to my peers.

P.A 18th April 2014



To Mr Michael O’Leary

Greetings of the day and the season!!

We wish to thank your staff at Dublin airport and on board FR662 Dublin to Birmingham on the 14th April 2014 and again your staff at Birmingham airport and on board FR667 Birmingham to Dublin on the 16th April 2014.

We write this because it was our first time out of Ireland as Irish citizens and proud to travel in Irish Ryanair. We came to Dublin in 2006 and in 2013 became Citizens.

We took the trip for our Son Ashwin who is 10 years old and a member of Special Olympics Ireland. We always looked into his ability and passion for sports especially skiing at Kilternan through Special Olympics Ireland.

Our trip was specifically to expose Ashwin to ski in snow at the snow dome at Tamworth and was a 100% success. Indeed right from the booking, alerts, information to the trip even on board the warm sandwich and wrap were all served with a smile that made Ashwin relaxed thus directly making us both relaxed.

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards

E, T, and A. M 18th April 2014



I spoke to customer service UK today to a woman named Marti and she gave me great service and advise. My booking was made out on my husband’s name, and in my Dutch passport it states both my birth name as well as my husbands' name. She confirmed she would confirm to airport staff by mail and advised me to bring copy of my marriage-license as well, and all will be ok then without any charge, great. You get so much negativity , so I thought to share also this positive vibe :-) Keep it up, thanks again Marti.

M.K The Netherlands



Thank you to your flight attendants who took care of me when I passed out on my early morning flight to Rome from Manchester on Thursday 10th April my family told me they were great, many thanks once again.

J.B 17th April 2014



After a nightmare trip to the airport, after self induced sleeping in, forgetting boarding passes and my wife leaving her purse at security, (recovered thankfully), we would like to thank sincerely the Ryanair check in girl at Gate 21, Edinburgh, on 6 the April for her understanding, compassion, calmness and all round helpfulness on getting us onto the flight and away on holiday. None of us thought we'd make it. Well done Ryanair . From frequent Ryanair users who have NEVER had cause to complain. Your airline, you make the rules!!

G.W UK 16th April 2014



To the customer service people at Ryanair

I want to write and tell you about the lovely flight attendant that looked after me this week. I have now flown in an airplane four times so consider myself a seasoned flier and therefor qualified to comment on such matters.

We flew back from a holiday to see my Nanna and Pappa in France on Flight FR3886 from Limoges to Bristol on Tuesday the 08th April 2014. Although Id had beans on toast for my breakfast I missed lunch and my Mummy didn’t pack me anything for tea so when we arrived at the top of the steps a lovely flight attendant called Sylwia heard Mummy comment that she would be looking for a snack for me when the trolley came round. Sylwia immediately said that she would bring me some mini cheddars as soon as we found our seat and within 5 minutes I was sat happily eating my favourite snack.

Not only that, Sylwia helped Daddy to find space in the lockers for our two bags and then told us that there was a spare row of seats towards the back so that we would have a little more room and not disturb the nice lady in our row trying to read her gardening magazine. She also got Mummy some duty free goodies quickly as Mummy had left her lip balm in my buggy and she chatted to me when Daddy took me for a walk up and down the plane.

Anyway Sylwia made what could have been a very stressful flight really enjoyable, relaxing and easy for us all and I wanted to make sure that she gets this letter so that she knows that she has been the best, most helpful and happy flight attendant that me, my Mummy and Daddy have ever known. Although your company provides low cost, no frills flights, she provided a first class service.

Please give her a nice big bonus and lots of recognition. I would like to nominate her for the Customer Service Excellence Award, please let me know how I do this.

Love D.C (age 1year and 7 months) xxx

UK 09th April 2014



Dear Airport special assistance team,

Thank you all for your wonderful help for my husband when we were travelling on the 21st February to Frankfurt Hahn. As this was our first flight since his stroke we were rather apprehensive, but you made it so easy for us that we will have no hesitation in flying from Dublin again.

Again our thanks


G.K Co Down 08th April 2014



I flew with your company from Dublin to Comiso, Italy (return) on Thursday 3rd and Sunday 6th April. I dislike flying and find it a stressful experience. On both flights the crew were, as usual, accommodating and courteous but I would especially like to commend Igor who worked on the Sunday evening flight from Comiso to Dublin. Igor's courteousness and assistance towards me at a time of stress was very much appreciated. Igor may consider his helpfulness as but one part of his general customer service duties but I just wanted to express my gratitude and relate my positive travel experience to Ryanair management.

Thank you for your time.

C.B 08th April 2014



To whom it may concern.

I am writing to express my gratitude to your employees on flight FR8405 departing from London Stansted and flying to Wroclaw on the 09th April 2014.

I had fallen very ill while aboard your plane. Your staff had showed exceptional skills and showed great support to make me feel as comfortable as possible before we landed. Furthermore they worked alongside the Wroclaw airport paramedics to assist me safely off the plane.

Finally although this was not necessary part of their work, the airhostesses had checked on me in the airport clinic an hour after the flight and got in touch with my family to let them know my situation.

They had made this difficult time for me more bearable and I would like to show my appreciation to them.


M.M Poland 08th April 2014



Dear Sirs,

I am flying with Ryan air about 10 times every year because my daughter lives in UK. I took this flight to Stansted airport and I must say that in that flight FR14, I met the most nice crew I ever meet in my life. Those guys, Lee, Dora, Emanuel and Simone, made that flight totally different. Those guys they know how to make you happy, they know how to sell and I can't find any words to say how good they are. Ryan air must be proud of people like this working for the company. Keep up the good job guys, hope to see you again in one of the flights.

Many regards from Alex.

08th April 2014



To whom it may concern

I am writing to you to express my appreciation with a recent flight to Limoges, France. I took the flight on Saturday, 05/04/2014. One member of the cabin crew, Charlene, particularly impressed me.

After a difficult boarding due to some passengers not keeping to their allocated seating, Charlene kept a cool head and had the situation under control and promptly helping to find place for additional overhead luggage!

During the flight itself she was polite and genuinely friendly when dealing with passengers. Towards the end of the flight she went beyond duty and helped a mum with a toddler who was a bit restless by pretending that the child was her helper and walk her up the aisle which was really funny and enjoyed by all. This really put everyone into the holiday spirit.

I would like you to take these comments into consideration during her next performance review. It really is the small things that make the difference!

Well done Charlene.

R.vd M 08th April 2014.



Hi, we travelled from Rygge Oslo to Edinburgh on Wednesday 2 April and wanted to send compliments for one of the staff on the flight, Paulo. He was very friendly, cheery and helpful, not only to us but I saw him making a special effort with a group on the flight by offering to take their photos. Also, there was an elderly lady travelling on her own and he was incredibly helpful and kind to her too, chatting and making sure she was happy and comfortable. I travel nearly every month from Oslo to Edinburgh (for the past 4 years) and although the service is efficient, often the cabin crew are a wee bit curt and abrupt, but on this flight, Paulo was the exception, I wanted to pass this on as he deserves either promotion or a pay rise for his outstanding manner and was a credit to the company. What a difference!

Hope you can pass this onto whoever is appropriate.

Many Thanks Linda

08th April 2014



I have recently taken the Ryanair flight from Krakow to Edinburgh ( 3/4/14) and had a nicest flight experience thanks to Laurence (his name badge said Karol though), the Ryanair flight attendant from Scotland. He did not only make my flight pleasurable but was genuinely nice when engaged in the conversation with me. Truly a committed person loving his job. Thanks a lot, would definitely fly with him again.

Ms A.S 06th April 2014



I would like to say thank you to Alessio, a cabin crew who was on board the Ryanair flight FR7952 from Catania to Bergamo on the 18 Feb 2013. He was very kind and funny with passengers but professional at the same time, making the journey very comfortable.

I wish him a very good career, for him and for Ryanair as well!

05th April 2014



I would like to express my gratitude towards your employees (staff): DAMIAN and ANNA for their amazing help during the flight number 8665 from London Stantsed to Wrocław on 23.03.2014m at 13:55. I am afraid of flying and I told them that. They had patience for me and they helped me "survive" this trip talking to me, joking, smiling and explaining me details of the flight. This was amazing and helped me a lot!!! I wish you to have more employees like Damian and Anna because for the passengers like me it's very important to travel with such staff, with good people.

Please provide them with my sincere thanks and best wishes!!

Ms J.G 02nd April 2014



I called the call centre to change flight dates for my partner and father in law who have both been unwell, to allow them longer to recover. Diane was fabulous and very polite and helpful. Certainly a credit to Ryanair and the call centre and would highly recommend her to win a reward. Thank you and keep up the fabulous work!

Mw S.H



Dear Sir / Madam

We flew with Ryanair to Brussels on Friday 28th March, flight FR7352. It was my 81year old Mother’s first time flying and unfortunately she took unwell on the flight.

I would like you to pass on our thanks to the four male stewards who were all so helpful, attentive and professional. They are a credit to your company

With Thanks

Ms J.G UK 01st April 2014



I just wanted to write a quick note to say how impressed I was by the recent service. I'm a private chef for a fashion designer in England and often fly private, but had to use commercial this time. The service I was shown was exceptional. In particular our head flight Steward Luke. I didn't get his last name. But I was on the 10pm flight from Rome flight number 3015. He was exceptional and an asset to your company. He went out of his way to accommodate and also (you'll be pleased to hear) sold snacks very well.

I hope this will get back to him in some way as it'll make it worthwhile for me. Thanks again.

J.R UK 01st April 2014



Dear Sirs,

I would like to commend your staff at Dublin Airport and in particular the staff member manning the baggage courtesy phone line at Terminal 1 on Sunday night 30th March. I did ask her her name, but I find it hard to pronounce it, and believe it to be Raisa or similar and I apologise to her for not noting her name correctly.

I foolishly dropped my small and very new camera on the floor as I left my seat as we deplaned from FR029 from Paris Beauvais on Sunday night last, only realizing this when I reached the car park. Whilst I understand that the company policy, not unreasonably, is that passengers property is their own responsibility, I was most impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of the person who answered the courtesy phone at about midnight, promising to ask the despatcher to look at Row 32 ( I had been assigned seat 32B). She asked me to call her back in ten minutes. At this point she was apologizing to me for the delay, though she was the one to whom the apology was owed by me. When I next called her, she had my camera and directed me to meet her at security point, where she returned my camera to me.

I was very relieved and happy to have the camera returned quite apart from the fact that I had taken many photographs from our weekend in Paris, the camera is less than two weeks old. I was I suppose particularly fortunate that FR029 was the last flight for that aircraft for the night.

Although this problem was entirely of my own making and whilst your staff could legitimately have told me that personal property was my own problem, I was impressed by the courtesy, friendliness and helpfulness of the person I was dealing with and wish to put on the record my thanks to her and to her colleagues on the ramp. I am sure that at midnight on a |Sunday night they had better things to do than look for my lost camera.

Many thanks,

Yours Gratefully

Mr P.J Co Wicklow 31st March 2014



Dear Sir, Madame,

I was flying yesterday, on March 30th 2014 from Bergamo/Milano to Warsaw/Modlin, flight departing from Bergamo at 6:50pm.

This is to congratulate you on a excellent customer service of your employee, Mr Filippo.

His engagement and interest in passengers was amazing, As I was travelling with a child, he helped me especially, being very king and supportive to me and my small child.

Please pass this information to the manager of Mr Filippo. He deserves the promotion and congratulations!

Thank you,

Ms M.J 31st March 2014



Good afternoon, dear Sir or Madam!

My name is Julija, I've been flying with Your Company "Ryanair" for few years. It's always a pleasure to have a good service on board! I would like to express particular thanks for professionalism(safety and excellent service on board)to: Senior cabin crew member Farouk and his team Charlotte, Kieran and Rosa (FLIGHT BRUSSELS-VILNIUS, MARCH,29) Senior cabin crew member Martin(FLIGHT BRUSSELS-VILNIUS, approximately, one year ago) Senior cabin member Mantas (FRANKFURT-KAUNAS, ONE YEAR AGO), and cabin attendants Ivo and Angelo(FRANKFURT-KAUNAS). Thank your for your friendly, warm, attentive and careful attitude to passengers. I give my best regards and I wish you happiness, success and all the best!

Sincerely Yours, Julija 31st March 2014.



This is thanks to Rita who dealt with my concerns in a very professional manner and proved to be very helpful for my upcoming school trip. I think she was fantastic on the phone and deserves to be recognised as someone who has excellent customer service skills. Thank you Rita

Ms R.S 28th March 2014.



Can I compliment Amir who was most helpful when I dealt with him in relation to Special Assistance which I will be using when travelling to Malaga on April 3rd.

many thanks.

Teresa 26th March 2014.



Dear Ryanair

I was a passenger on flight FR1883 from Lisbon to Stansted on the 08th March 2014 and I wish to pass my sincere compliments on to Ryanair for the wonderful friendly service from the attendants. In particular, Alessandro ( whom I think was coaching others) was an inspiration. I had some disappointing new before boarding that flight and it was amazing what a mood lifter it was to be on that flight with the friendly, humorous, yet professional service I received. I would have sent this earlier but could not find a place on your site to leave comments, so here it is by snail-mail. Do pass my comments on to the attendants as I had promised them that I would send in a commendation.

Best Regards

A.SJ.F Newcastle 26th March 2014



Dear Sir / Madam

We were travelling on your flight FR3902 from Malta to Birmingham on the 21st March 2014, when my wife was taken ill. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sergio and the rest of the cabin crew for the way they looked after my wife in a total professional and caring manner.

Ryanair doesn’t always received good press but I cannot praise your crew enough. Many thanks once again.


P& V G 26th March 2014 UK



Dear Sir / Madam

We flew from Bristol to Lanzarote on March 11th. The crew were most attentive and the flight arrived early, so we were delighted. My husband left his spectacles on the plane. We would like to thank the cabin crew member who informed us of their finding. We were able to reclaim the glasses before booking in for our return flight.

Thanks you for your excellent service.

Yours Sincerely,

M.P Cardiff 24/03/14



Dear Sirs,

I am writing to bring your attention to what I found to be the excellent qualities of one of your flight staff: Ruben on flight FR 195 on Tuesday 07th January 2014 from Bologna to Ferrara.

He was unusually helpful, sensitive and polite and is a real credit to your airline. I am sure he will go far!





To whom it may concern

I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate Ryanair with their new image which in my opinion is proving to be a tremendous success.

I have travelled three times this year with your airline and the service was excellent, from check in to the friendly air crew.

Continue the good work,


Mr D.F



I am writing this letter in order to pass on my thanks to the staff of Ryanair for the excellent flights which I recently experienced.

On Thursday 20/03/14 I travelled on flight FR1724 and on Sunday 23/03/14 I returned on FR1725. On both of these flights, all of the crew were pleasant, attentive and provided excellent customer service. It was a pleasure to travel on these flights and the crew ensured that I had a wonderful experience while flying. I would be most grateful if you could pass on my thanks to the crew concerned.

In addition, I found the recent service improvements excellent. In particular, I found the allocated seating much more convenient; it made my journey much less stressful. I also found the procedures followed for the nights flights regarding the limiting of sales announcement and dimming the cabin lighting most beneficial. I would not hesitate to use Ryanair again and hope to travel on another Ryanair flight in the near future.

Yours Faithfully

Mr S.W 24th March 2014 UK



I wanted to say thanks for all the great experiences you have given me in life

Without Ryanair my life would have been very different, for the worse.

Ignore the naysayers, Ryanair are the ultimate budget airline.

R.G 18th March 2014



I would just like to thank Ryanair and in particular their assistant (whose name could have been Katie) at Lanzarote airport when I had to change my return booking from 27th to 25th February due to a family bereavement. My flight change was on 23 Feb and the assistant couldn't have been more helpful and the change was made quickly and efficiently through your system - many thanks. Liz

L.D 15th March 2014



I would like to nominate for excellence a member of your cabin crew operating on Flight FR6622, Departed 12:05 from Tenerife South to Edinburgh on 11/3/14. I have travelled many, many times with Ryanair and have been well served at all times. However, I have never been more impressed by any individual on any airline than I was by one, Dorota, stewardess on the flight I quote. She is a shining light, forever smiling, laughing, joking and chatting to passengers plus her actual service was of the very highest quality. She is what I`d describe as a `natural` and I have no doubt she touched many more people on this journey than me and I`m certain she achieves this with great consistency. Dorota is funny. A refreshingly charming individual who made a difficult job look easy and put a smile on many a tired traveller’s face! I wish her every success in her future ........ promote her as soon as you can, she`s a star!

W.S 13th March



Myself and my family recently travelled from Lanzarote to Liverpool, Flight FR3812 this is quite a regular journey as we have family in Lanzarote. We observed a steward name of Lee who has the most efficient, friendly and helpful manner we have ever witnessed. He was FANTASTIC, and deserves some token of praise for this.

G.H UK 12th March 2014



As a fairly regular user of Ryanair I get the opportunity to observe your cabin crews in action. On my return from Tenerife south on the 06.30 flight FR8167 on Tuesday 11th March there was an all male team on duty led by Alberto. I felt compelled to write to you to let you know that they were extremely efficient and Alberto himself was customer service personified. Excellent rapport with passengers, friendly and seemingly un-flappable. I work with organisations to improve customer service so I recognise good service and feel that there are times when such good service should be noted - hence this email. I was able to observe from a seat in row 1.

Also, congratulations to Ryanair for relaxing the rules on passengers taking on board a cabin bag and one small bag. It means that extras such as cameras, and in my situation, medical items, can be more easily packed - and it really doesn`t take up any more cabin locker space.

A.J UK 12th March 2014



Dear Ryanair:

We have just returned from a trip to Spain EMA/ALC/EMA.

We had great service with Ryanair. No queues at check-in, friendly crew and ground staff and on-time flights. Well done!

Particular praise to Silvia one of the stewardesses on our return flight yesterday evening - always smiling, happy and professional on what was a very full flight.

We look forward to flying with Ryanair again in the near future.

N.O 12th March 2014.



We would like to say that we were extremely impressed with the crew members on the return flight (FR8348, 05/03/2014, department from Porto to Stansted @ 17:40). The team, Nuno, Dina & Robert were extremely attentive but the highlight has to go to Nuno! Nuno customer service was outstanding and I think he should be praised for it. We weren't the only customers making this comment! Nuno was kind and attentive, smiled to everyone on the flight, took the time to speak to customers and even to the children on board. We were so impressed with the staff on board. Thank you! Nuno, you are an example to all!!! From all of us, on board that day, Armanda, Kevin, Madalena and Ines, a big thank you to the staff, in particular to NUNO!!! Well done!!! Was a pleasure to flight back home!!!

All the best

P.W Family UK 11th March 2014.



I want to give compliments to the captain of FR 9777 from Gothenburg to Ciampino on the 10th of March. The landing was superb I did’nt noticed it!!

Kind regards from an always flyscary client.

12th March 2014.



Dear Mr O’Leary

I am a customer of your airline. I often travel with you and I am fine. I have nothing to complain about with you.

Thanks to Ryanair I have discovered wonderful places in Europe and would like to see many more.

I greet you and thank you,


G.S Italy



Dear Sir

Having been loyal customers of Ryanair for some 10 years, my husband and I have come to appreciate the straightforward nature of the flights and the efficient timekeeping of arrivals / departures. We were particularly impressed when, during a snowy Christmas some years ago, our train bookings to Paris were cancelled yet a Ryanair flight got us to our destination in France. I wrote at the time to thank Ryanair for its efficiency.

We would like you to know how kind and helpful the staff at Rodez airport always are. The facilities there have been considerably improved over the past few years and it is a pleasure to fly in and out of this airport.

Yours faithfully

J.D UK 06th March 2014.



One of our Italian staff in Dublin got a call today to say his 6 month old baby had been rushed to hospital and he needed to get home. The 16.25 flight today was the best option. Our appointed travel agent was unable to help as they said it was within the 6 hour window of the flight that it could not be pre-booked. They gave me a Ryanair number that was no longer in service anymore. Extremely frustrated and worried I got onto the website, retrieved your customer service number and spoke with a lady called Fruzzsi who immediately put Mr.Russo on the flight, took payment of the company credit card and used my details as confirmation. She was efficient, caring and thorough, I received excellent service and compassion. Thank you Fruzzsi and thank you Ryanair.

AM.C Ireland 05th March 2014.



I did not add baggage when making my booking and the young lady I spoke to at customer service was extremely helpful and polite and she added our baggage for us. Her name was Diane. Many thanks Diane.

P.M 04th March 2014.



I would like to feedback about the excellent customer service we were provided by Susan during our check in on the 21st February 2014. We were running late and feeling stressed and she did an excellent job of sorting out our problems and making the experience far more pleasant. Thank you Susan.

03rd March 2014.



Dear Sir / Madam,

We recently were to travel to Tenerife but due to an illness on the part of my daughter we had to cancel our flight at very short notice.

On contacting your customer services we were able to arrange a flight going out on the 12th March at a little extra. We would just like to thank your representative for this kind understanding and his helpfulness in what was a stressful time.

Yours Sincerely

T.S and family Dublin 03rd March 2014.



On flight yesterday from London Stansted to Biarritz, 13.05 I would like to compliment Michelle, I think the title is no 1, who is in charge of cabin crew. There was a difficult passenger who was vulnerable due to probably learning disability and who was hungry but had no money. she was somewhat agitated in the line waiting to board and was escorted to the gate. The cabin crew organised for her to have some food despite this. She was then calm throughout the flight. They were clearly alert to her presentation. I thought it was done very professionally with humanity and respect.

J.R UK 02nd March 2014.



Please Commend Flight Attendant Louis

I flew from Paris to Tangier this morning on Ryanair flight FR7774. I am approx 6'4" tall and weigh about 350lbs. In the past, I liked Ryan air because we could choose our own seats. I would choose a window seat where the window lined up with my shoulder, thus providing me with a few extra inches for my wide shoulders.

The row to which my wife and I were randomly assigned happened to have a structural support directly in line with my shoulder. This meant I'd have to sit crooked all flight. I was in a tremendous amount of pain simply waiting for the other passengers to board prior to take off.

Louis noticed my predicament and, without being asked to do anything, took it upon himself to help. He politely asked the passenger in the aisle seat if he'd be willing to move. Because of this I was able to enjoy the flight and sit comfortably. Please commend Louis, he is deserving of the highest Ryan Air honours. His actions ensured my wife and I will remain loyal Ryan Air customers.

02nd March 2014.



Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude and appreciation to a Ryanair flight attendant named Meghan who was attending my flight to Zaragoza FR 2364 on the 21st October 2013.

Unfortunately I became ill and unwell on this flight which rendered me weak and feeling extremely vulnerable. Meghan came to my rescue and if it wasn’t for her care I dread to think how the situation would have turned out. She was very caring and helpful and is in My opinion a wonderful advocate for representation of Ryanair.

Thank you to her from me.

I will be travelling again soon as my son lives in Zaragosa.

I do hope that I meet her again but in very different circumstances.

Yours sincerely






Thank you to Sara

On a flight 13/2 from Marseille fr6535 departing at 21.55 for the first time in my life I suffered claustrophobia when allocated a window seat. I was so ill I asked an attendant, Sara, if I could exchange for any isle seat. She saw my distress and within moments had transferred me to a spacious seat near the front of the plane, where I recovered. Throughout the flight she checked if I was ok, which I was and also rather embarrassed for this to have happened. Her kindness, consideration and professionalism was quite outstanding. If possible I would like my gratitude and appreciation passed on to her. I have always had good service on-board Ryanair flights, but this was exceptionally kind & considerate... my thanks to Sara....

26th February 2014.






I would like to thank Balazs for sorting out the complication around my booking so well. He dealt with the issue really quickly and professionally. He was polite and reassuring. I want his line manager to know how helpful and efficient he was. Thanks.

26th February 2014






I had a potential problem after my booking that was of my own making. Gabbby in customer service took care of it, and quickly too. The problem was resolved and information communicated in less than 24 hours. She is a credit to your team. Many thanks!

25th February 2014




I travelled back to Spain on Sunday (23rd Feb). On boarding the plane, I was met half way down the aisle by one of your stewardesses. (her badge said 'Emma') she was great, she helped people with their bags, she calmly directed us to our seats. Her calm, helpful manner continued throughout the flight. Now, was her professionalism from her training or was she just great at her job, who knows. So, please Ryanair, could you either train or employ more 'good ens' like Emma.

25th February 2014.



On my flight from London to Dublin on 21st Feb I would like to compliment the Air Hostess, I didn't catch her name, she was tall, thin and had a foreign accent, she did the announcements at the top of the plane. She was so kind and helpful, it just made my flight so nice as I was in a pretty anxious state, she just seemed to understand and was extremely patient and helpful. I would definitely fly with her anytime, and thank you for having her on your team.

G. K

24th February 2014.



My husband and I travelled on your Malta to Birmingham flight on Monday 17 Feb 2014. We should like to compliment the cabin crew for their excellent work during the flight. We should especially like to commend a young lady named ERICA for her professional and friendly manner. By coincidence we travelled into Birmingham from the airport on the same bus and had a most pleasant and companionable conversation. It emerged that she is from our favourite part of Italy and we exchanged many reminisces of the area. She did mention that she would like to transfer to Pisa airport to be closer to her family. She is such a good ambassador for Ryanair, we would hope that Mr O'Leary could see it in his heart to be her fairy godfather and grant her wish.

L.P UK 22nd February 2014.



Thank you for looking after me as a person with a wheelchair

I cannot walk at all and need crew assistance to my seat. I am a full time wheelchair user. In both directions I was treated with dignity, respect and humour. I am very anxious flying probably because I worked as cabin crew directly 7 years, but have avoided travelled due to the possible complication.

Thank you for making what could have been a nightmare journey for me so easily

22nd February 2014.



For many years we have had the pleasure of flying Ryanair, mostly to France but also to other destinations.

Thank you for many pleasant flights.

With Regards,

Two very pleased Ryanair travellers from Norway.

G&E. C Norway



Dear Ryanair

I recently flew from Bristol to Dublin and Dublin to Bristol. I sat near the front of the plane. The cabin crew on both flights were Awesome! Great service, great teams and just wanted to say thanks.

Best Regards

D.D Bristol



Just want to say I have flown many times with Ryan Air and never had a problem .This time though the staff excelled themselves both ways so much that i asked for their names. They are. Martin, Chiara, Joao and Karolina.

So thank you very much to them for making the flight so enjoyable and I look forward again to flying with Ryan Air soon.

21st February 2014.



I would like to commend staff member Francisco for his attention to help with my baggage during my flight to Madrid on the 17th February 2014.

19th February 2014.



I travelled home from Tenerife to Prestwick on your flight on the 15th February 2014 and not sure if you do and employee of the month, however, my husband and I as well as the other passengers had the pleasure of being attended to by Iain who was absolutely outstanding. Nothing was too much trouble and all delivered with a smile and plenty rapport, even though your flight was full.

Could you please pass on our thanks to Iain who made a long boring flight most enjoyable.

Thanks again Ryanair

L.M UK 17th February 2014.



Just wanted to say what an amazing service I received today from 3 of your customer services staff, I was due to fly in the morning to Spain but my father had a heart attack today and is awaiting an operation as I type this, and phoned to see if I could change the date of the flight, you staff all serviced me with respect and helped change the flights to a different date in May for me. I can honestly say the manner I was dealt with was outstanding. Thank you for making this happen, I truly am thankful for your outstanding service, I did ask the last lady I spoke too for the names of the staff that had dealt with me today and she said that just quoting the reservation number and flight number was enough.

G.G UK 17th February 2014.




Last week I flew with your company for the first time of my life. I spend every second of my days dreaming to become an airline pilot, to fly for a living. Since sometimes I feel like I need to fly, I decided to take advantage of th very good fares offered for Ciampino to Fumicino so that I could fly for 2 hours on a B737. I had a great experience. They all answered my questions about a career in the field of aviation. Pilots were very satisfied of their jobs and grateful of their careers in Ryanair.

I had read something not very positive about Ryanair on the net. It all turned out to be false . You are a great airline company.

C.B 17th February 2014



I just wish to congratulate the following cabin crew on their outstanding service during my flight (FR4188) to Milan-Bergamo on 1st February this year; Gabriela, Rudolf, Celia and Jose. They were professional and efficient throughout the flight, especially Gabriela and Rudolf. Please pass my compliments on to them.

15th February 2014.



I wish to compliment a member of your Air Steward team on board flight FR554 from Dublin to Manchester which was due to depart at 18.00 from Dublin on 12th February 2014.

The weather conditions were pretty horrendous and not being a good flyer normally, these conditions left me feeling extremely uneasy about flying.

The steward in question I think was called Thomas. I would like to let you know he was just fantastic and put me at ease in what must be an extremely stressful situation for him to be in also.

A fellow flyer was very upset and he handled the situation with discretion and sympathy for the lady.

Please pass on my sincere thanks to him.

Regards B.R 14th February 2014.



Dear Bernadette

Many thanks for resolving my recent issue with you. I feel the manner in which you have treated myself and my wife has been exceptional.

I will ensure that I tell as many people about the resolution as I can especially as you do not get great publicity over these types of matters.

My experience from raising the issue with you to resolution as been exemplary.

D.M UK 13th February 2014




I have no way of forwarding this to your line manager so I would appreciate if you could do so.

When I recently booked a flight to travel to Dublin for a funeral you were so incredibly helpful. I really appreciate it. If you remember I booked the flight the wrong way round i.e. Dublin to Luton rather than Luton to Dublin. I have been traveling backwards and forwards for more than 20 years and have never done anything like that before. I should also have requested assistance and forgot. You saved the day. I would not have been able to do the long airport walk by myself as I am still incapacitated by knee tendon and ligament injuries.

A heartfelt thank you for making a very difficult journey so pleasant as possible.

The staff at the airports assistance and on the planes were also all very kind and helpful.

Yours gratefully

S.M UK 12th February 2014.



I would like to compliment Air Steward by the name of Edson for the amazing service he provided on the last two Ryanair flights. Both my husband and I travelled to Tour, on the last flight there in November. We were returning our four grandchildren to their parents in France. They ranged in age from 3 years to 11 years. He could not have been more helpful with the children and ourselves. It made the journey so much easier. On February 6th we were returning on flight FR1987 from Nantes to Dublin. To our surprise Edson was again on this flight. We did not have any children with us this time but he came to us and asked about them, as he had remembered us traveling with the children in November. He was so attentive to all passengers but in particular to parents and young children. He provides a very personal service which is not often seen nowadays. He is a great asset to your Team. Please commend him on the service he provides. He is a role model for his co-workers.

M.H 11th February 2014.



This evening, very late in her day, I had the pleasure of dealing with Margareta in Special Assistance Customer Care. Having explained that I needed to book a flight for a friend who was travelling to the UK because of bereavement, Margaret took enormous care in organizing the ticket and travel with the minimum fuss.

Ryan Air is lucky to have her. Hats off to whoever hired and trained her, but a especial "thanks" to Margareta herself.

07th February 2014.



Hi there

I would like to complement Diane on her great customer service - I had a duplicate payment to sort out over the phone and she was fantastic. To be honest I was so surprised as I didn't expect that from Ryanair - I use the airline quite a lot over the years - I'm loving the new Ryanair customer service!

H.B 07th February 2014.



Rebooking from Shannon-Nantes to Shannon –Poitiers, excellent service, completed within minutes by an excellent agent.

Robert was his name, and I hope still is!

Take a bow.

06th February 2014.



I was on a flight from Murcia Spain last Monday lunch time with 3 girlfriends and want to compliment your air steward Cormac. I do not have his surname. From the time we boarded the flight until we left he was very pleasant, friendly and made us laugh. Everyone complains re service and I thought I should give the time to make a compliment. Please pass on our compliments from all the ladies in row 17.

A.M Ireland 06th February 2014.



I am sure you receive many letters / emails regarding your services and staff but I would like to officially comment on one of your cabin stewards on our flight yesterday 03rd February 2014.

Myself and three friends were returning on flight GFR7095 from Murcia to Dublin and were lucky enough to be served by Cormac. He was efficient, charming and made our flight a pleasurable experience. We would like to say thank you to him from all the ladies in row 17.

Yours Faithfully

S.R UK 04th Febrary 2014.



I just wanted briefly to record my appreciation and gratitude for your very prompt and most helpful reply to my original letter needing advice regarding carriage of a personal respiratory device.

Your letter answers all my concerns fully and I am sorry if I missed the guideline you have offered in my original internet research. I trust this has not been a waste of your time. I must say in my contact with Ryanair since being provided the C Pap machine I have received nothing but exemplary customer service both from airport staff and your good self.

Thanks you!

P.J.L UK 03RD February



I would like to compliment Joanne from Murcia for her incredible people skills and the way she goes above and beyond to help Ryanair customers, she is a credit to your team. She must be an amazing asset to your company. If there is an employee 5award within your company then I would like to nominate Joanne for it.

K.C 03rd February 2014.



Dear Sir

We would like to thank you for the excellent care and service we received from your desk personnel last Sunday 26th January 2014.

We were booked on the late evening return flight to London Stansted. Unfortunately we had a family emergency and rushed to Dublin Airport at 6.30 in the morning. We didn’t have to explain our plight, only say it was an emergency and we were booked on to the next available flight.

We cannot thank you enough for the consideration we were given.

G & M. W UK 01ST February 2014.



I am writing this to thank a staff member who has helped me after I made a mistake in booking flights for 9 passengers, which could potentially have been extremely costly. The lady who helped fix my situation was amazing.

We really feel that the level of customer service has improved greatly. The staff member Andrea has by far exceeded my expectations and I would like to offer to pay for a flight to Portugal to thank her for her help. Also for your information we book over 200 flights a month and now much happier to book all of our flights with Ryanair

Thank you on behalf of the Ideal Homes Portugal Team, who are now raving fans of Ryanair.



Dear Ryanair

I write to express my sincere thanks for the support my partner and I were given by the Ryanair help desk in Rome’s Ciampino airport. The young man who provided us with assistance did not give me his name, but I believed him to be a supervisor.

F.M UK 29th January 2014.



My wife booked us a flight with Ryanair to Gdansk, don’t remember flight number right now, but departure was around 7-8 pm, 24th of January 2014, from Stansted airport to Gdansk. To keep me calm she added reserved seats (as I need to have some extra room for legs and definitely no kids kicking my seat during the flight - everything because of motorcycle crash last summer) and made sure we’ll be on time. First thing which made me sure “hey, maybe it’s worth giving Ryanair a chance” was great “queuing service” ( tickets checks just before boarding ) - smooth as never before, no more people waiting on stairs for 30 minutes! Second and most important - our “main” stewardess (which we’ve observed a lot as we’ve had front seats) - Mrs. Izabela, I haven’t seen more professional person in my life. Kind, very helpful and with great attitude towards passengers! Even when one of the passengers just before flight started asking her about possibility to pay for ‘reserved seat’, then stole her 20 minutes during the flight with another attempt - Mrs. Izabela have explained him that it’s against company policy with a lot of patience and in VERY professional way (even I was annoyed with him asking the same questions all over again).

Summary: Ryanair won my heart, our return flight (FR2375) was great as well. Since now, you’re our favorite line. Next time when I’m going to check it - St. Patrick’s day in Dublin - see you at the airport! :)




I would like to say thank you to Ineta. She was very friendly and helpful, also thank you Ryanair for a nice flight.

29th January 2014.



Dear Marie,

I am almost speechless with the excellent, polite and pleasant service you have given us in Connection With the problem of printing out our boarding passes. I had just finished making my notes on my papers with the information you gave us - and in minutes you were there with your e-mail confirmation!!! This deserves a high recommendation not only to Ryanair - but also to you. And I appreciated being able to hear and understand your voice - clear and pleasant. And on top of it all you even made seat reservations for us!!!

As we have said to many friends and acquaintances - we have only had good - now also excellent - service from Ryanair all the years we have travelled With you.

Thank you so much again - as we say in Norway "tusen takk" - a thousand thanks


S.H Norway



Dear Sirs

I just had to write to you to thank Sifa for the efficient manner in which she revised the itinerary, for our party of 10 people after the departure times from Dublin Airport had been changed. Sifa was very pleasant and helpful and a credit to Ryanair.

Best Regards

D.T UK 28th January 2014.



I would like to nominate Maria who helped me today for an award, she was excellent thanks.

26th January 2014.




I would like to thank you for excellent work and for your wonderful Airline.

E.V 22nd January 2014 Ukraine



Dear Sir / Madam

A quick note to compliment the crew and ground crew of the Ryanair flight 18:15, from Birmingham to Dublin last Friday evening 17th January 2014.

The professionalism and courtesy began with the service air personnel before boarding. They had us ready for smooth quick boarding with their good mannered approach. The aircraft was stuffed literally but we got to Dublin before time.

On board Flavio, Bruno, Mohammed and a fourth person whose name I didn’t get ran the interior of the aircraft like a military operation but with consummate courtesy. They loaded people and baggage and had us at our ease well before leaving. I have to send them my compliments.

Many thanks again,

Yours Sincerely

D.Mc G Ireland 22nd January 2014.




On 05th January 2014, I boarded a flight from London Stansted to Berlin with my girlfriend. She suffers from serious anxiety when flying and so travelling has always been very difficult for her. On this particular flight however, the presence of a flight attendant named Ana made all the difference.

After taking our seats, Ana noticed how nervous my girlfriend was and took the time to exchange a few words, reassuring her that everything would be fine. During the flight Ana came by a few times to briefly chat and ensure us that we’d soon be landing safely. This attention mad a world of difference. My girlfriend was much calmer than usual on the flight and afterward she said that it was one of her most pleasant journeys ever thanks to the kindness of Ana.

Many thanks to a wonderful flight attendant,

21st January 2014.



To Whom it May Concern,

I was travelling from Knock to Luton on 18th December 2013, and made a stupid error by getting in the wrong queue and missing my flight even though my name was called out.

As you can imagine I was very annoyed with myself but a lady at departure called Collette was such a wonderful person. She realised my annoyance as I am a Senior Citizen. She allayed my fears. Got me booked on the afternoon flight to Stansted and took care of all the paper work, payment etc. I feel I must compliment her as people seem to complain so easily but never acknowledge a kind helpful deed. I do hope you can see why I wished to let you know you have a wonderful lady there. Good luck to your airline. I always Ryanair as I go to London very often from Knock to visit family.

M,Mc.G Ireland 18th January 2014.





To the Manager of Special Assistance,

On the 04th January my husband and I flew from Stansted Airport to our home in Malta FR 8853. My husband had suddenly become unwell and unable to walk and we would both like to thank Ryanair so very much for putting in place all necessary assistance to make it possible for us to travel.

With our thanks and sincere gratitude,

S.H Malta 14th January 2014.



I want to thank Ryanair for the kindness and compassion I met from your staff in the difficult situation in which I found myself during a journey last week.

I travelled with another sister from Dublin to Stansted on Ryanair flight FR206 on the 09th January and was due to return with her the same night. Unfortunately she was taken ill as we boarded our return flight FR2909 and it was necessary to call an ambulance for her. The staff on board the flight and a lady doctor on the same flight who attended to Mary were very helpful and compassionate towards us and I am sincerely grateful. As we were boarding the ambulance a stewardess kindly informed me that there would be no need to worry about the return journey as our tickets would be transferred to a new flight.

The following day when I came to the desk at Stansted to inquire about a return flight I met with equal kindness and compassion from the staff member who attended to me. I received a seat on the next flight departing the airport.

Please accept my sincere gratitude for all the help afforded by your staff, their kind and understanding towards us in our difficulty. I do not know if you have any way of expressing our thanks to the lady doctor who assisted us before the arrival of the Fire Brigade and Ambulance personnel but if you have I would be glad if you would do that on my behalf.

Yours sincerely,

Sr. M.N.C Dublin 14th January 2014.



Just have to say thank you to the crew on board FR554 on Friday they were amazing while we waited on QS services, fab service.



I was a passenger on Flight FR1183, which was delayed at Gatwick airport last night. We were subsequently transferred to another plane which arrived in Shannon.

I would like to compliment the flight crew, and in particular the cabin crew on the way they handled this issue. I understand that the pilot’s name was Duncan and the head of cabin crew was Michelle. I kindly request, that you forward this email to the Director of Personnel at Ryanair and to Mr Michael O’Leary for their attention.

At all times through this incident, the staff delivered a highly professional level of service. They remained friendly and courteous throughout, showing patience with all passenger queries, keeping us informed as soon as they had any new information to hand and generally assisting in any way they could. Their concern to put passengers first had a level of sincerity that is often sadly lacking in the hard sell environment of modern competitive business. The staff continued to provide a top quality service until we disembarked at Shannon.

Frontline staff are the public face of Ryanair and in tough, competitive economic times, I believe quality staff are you airline’s greatest asset. They deserve to be highly commended and I look forward to seeing Ryanair on the “Best Workplaces in Ireland” list in the not to distant future.

Thank you,





I flew from Dublin to Katowice yesterday, our cabin crew, gentleman called Edson as well as Tiago and lady called Maria (if I remember correctly?) deserve a recognition. They were absolutely brilliant! With not a single doubt - TOP CUSTOMER SERVICE! For the past 8 years, I flew many times with various airlines, my fiance is your frequent flyer, she flies once a month from DUB to KAT and we both were impressed with yesterday's cabin crew service. Absolutely awesome!

I'm writing this letter, because I think people should not only complain, there are loads of people working hard and doing their best every day (as the mentioned crew) and they absolutely deserve a recognition!


M. O Belfast. 08th January 2014



I contacted the call centre today regarding and email I had sent regarding a booking issue. I got through quickly which was great. The agent I spoke to was very helpful and polite and assisted me fully with the matter.

This is a great example of positive customer service and a much improved Ryanair. I will happily share this good experience with others.

D.C 06th January 2014.



Last year I flew for the first time in my life, I am 52. We had 3 breaks two to Majorca and one to Italy, each time flying with Ryanair. I was a very nervous passenger although my partner is used to flying.

I would like to say the professional, pleasant and calm attitudes of the staff and the flight experiences each time were commendable.

I was lucky enough to have pleasant flights each time. On our last flight home, staff dealt with an ill passenger with reassuring professionalism.

So this is a letter of thanks for Ryanair making my flying experiences such that I now look forward to our next holiday / flight with confidence.

Thank you and kind regards

V.P UK 06th January 2014.



We would like to thank Bilikis at the Ryanair baggage office, Dublin airport most sincerely for her excellent assistance in helping us to track down our suitcase at Dublin airport on the 20th December 2013.

A fellow passenger on our flight from Memmingen, Germany accidently took our case instead of his own from the carousel. Bilikis acted swiftly to get in contact with the person who had already left the airport and was eon route to an unknown destination. After 90 minutes both suitcases were reunited with their owners.

Bilikis then went beyond the call of duty by ensuring that we made the most convenient connection from Dublin Airport to Heuston Station where we caught our train to our final destination that evening despite the delay.

Bilikis calm and professional handling of the situation meant that we felt completely confident that she would resolve the problem as quickly as possible which she did.

She represents the concept of Customer Care at its best.


J & L S Germany 06th January 2014.



I am writing to give my appreciation of the very good service my wife and I received from your company Ryanair on our recent flights to lanzarote and back to Stansted.

We flew out on flight FR8288 on 27th December 2013 at 06.30am. The flight was on time, the pre booked seats with extra leg room were there waiting for us and your staff were very efficient and courteous.

We were in seats 1A and 1B so were first off the plane and with no hold baggage we were booking into our hotel within 45 minutes. With the flight being on time this meant we had most of the day to enjoy our break.

Our return flight on 30th December 2013 was again on time and our pre booked seats were waiting for us, this time we had seats 16B and 16C, flight staff were again excellent. We arrived at Stansted approx 20 minutes early, which was great. Throughout the flight the flight staff were coming round asking for any rubbish, we always make sure we get rid of any rubbish we have on or around us.

All we can say is that our experience of flying with you was excellent and we will do it again.

Yours Faithfully

R.C UK 02nd January 2014.



I would like to compliment the crew on my flight from Budapest to London on the 28th December. Andre and George were both very lovely, smiley and helpful. I flight quite regularly with Ryanair and always find the crew pleasant but these two young men stand out. Happy Ney year to you all,


T.M 01st January 2014




Dear Sir,

I flew from Malaga to Dublin yesterday December 27th and I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the cabin crew were simply outstanding. They were friendly, helpful, and attentive and it was a pleasure to watch them because they looked as if they really enjoyed their work.

Thank you for a great flight and my best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2014.


P.R Ireland 28th December 2013



Dear All, A Happy New year to you!

I am writing to let you know about a member of your staff. I think her name was Sonya. We were travelling on the East Midlands to Knock (FR1742) on 27th December 2013 at 11.35am.

I must say we were very worried about delays because of the stormy weather but were almost on time and had a very smooth landing.

Anyway back to Sonya. She was very helpful and efficient but more importantly she was extremely friendly to us passengers and especially the young children. I travel to England East Midlands – Knock every six weeks because my dear Dad has Alzheimer’s. It is not easy but this was the first time we had been looked after by someone with genuine warmth and friendliness. I don’t know whether she is from the Liberties area of Dublin, but she sounded to me just like Imelda May! It may not be possible for you to let Sonya know personally how much she was appreciated but I am letting you know anyway.

Yours sincerely,

L.C Ireland



I am a travel agent in Rome and I was on board flight FR 8114 from Marrakech to Rome on the 14th October, 2013. I would like to on behalf of myself and my travelling companions compliment all of the crew for their professionalism and courtesy, especially Ruggero for the extreme kindness and availability to all passengers and in particular for his sympathy with which it has managed to attract the attention of everyone during the sale of products by making it fun and enjoyable.

In the hope that our gratitude may get people interested send our best regards.

D.I Italy 19th December 2013



To all the staff and crew for the Santa flight.

Thank you so much for such a magical experience. It’s probably the only time Sam will ever go on a plane and it was the best flight ever! Everyone was so helpful and kind.




Firstly, I’d like to commend Ryanair on their recent changes in operations, namely friendlier ground staff and in particular the most welcome change in hand baggage rules, which now allow an additional small bag. These changes have significantly improved the Ryanair experience, and as a frequent flier to the UK, have made me look to book with you as first choice, rather than as a last resort.

A.H Ireland 01st January 2014



I am unlikely to send a letter, if you could pass this on to your compliments department.

I have been very critical of Ryanair for many reasons. Today my family and I experienced first-hand a professional team on flight FR223 13:45 to Dublin from Stansted.

Soon after take-off my wife fainted and had a slight seizure which led to unconsciousness, physical sickness and a very deep sleep. I knew what to do for my wife but being in an airplane with two young boys frightened and crying led to lots of challenges. The crew were calm helping me to stay calm and arranged everything on the plane and assistance through to our luggage on the ground.

I did not get their names but all of them were wonderfully helpful whilst being discreet and understanding. A credit to any company and I am thankful for everything they did. Hopefully this will reach them and they will know my gratitude.


R.A 29th December 2013



On behalf of Natalja, Mother of my girlfriend, I would like to say a big thank you to flight FR1977 crew especially to the plane captain (unfortunately we don’t remember his name). In extreme weather situation crew of the plane handled it in a very professional manner. It was my 4th trip to Ireland using your airline and it was a very first time landing during a stormy weather.

The plane couldn’t land from a first go but we safely landed from the second try. Please send our warmest New Year wishes to the captain on the flight. I feel like it was my second birthday yesterday.


N.B 26th December 2013



Dear Sir /Madam

I travelled with my wife Ann on Ryanair FR 552 from Dublin to Manchester on 18 December 2013.

Ann took ill during the flight, collapsed and required urgent medical attention. We were fortunate that passengers with medical and nursing care came forward and assisted Ann on the flight.

We were especially fortunate with the attention provided by the Ryanair cabin crew who were simply brilliant. The senior cabin crew member took charge and calmly managed the situation. There appeared to be excellent communication between the cabin crew and the Captain of the flight as to what needed to be done and decisions were communicated to us clearly and with great understanding of our concerns.

I would like to say a very sincere thanks to the crew of FR552 on 18 Dec 2013 for all their kindness and professionalism.

Thankfully Ann has fully recovered from her illness.

Yours sincerely








T.H Dublin 24th December 2013



On the 15th of December, I was a passenger on flight FR3453, scheduled to depart from Murcia, Spain at 21:15, destination Luton. Unfortunately earlier that day I had suffered a minor back injury which made walking very painful.

On presenting myself at the baggage drop-off, the female member of your staff on duty, whose name I did not record, noticed my condition and suggested I should have wheelchair assistance. She arranged for a colleague on the airport staff (Gregorio) to organise it.

The Ryanair lady was later on duty at the boarding gage and checked that I was happy with the arrangements and that I would be boarded appropriately, which involved entering the aircraft on a hoist. Disembarkation at Luton was equally efficiently handled.

I was most impressed by the helpful courtesy and professionalism of the staff involved and would like to thank them through you. Please ensure that their immediate management is also informed.

Yours very sincerely,

MJ.G UK 17th December 2013



I recently flew a return journey on Ryanair. I am writing to you regarding one of your flight attendants named Sameer. As a disabled person, flying can be very stressful and I thought now just how much of a credit Sameer is to you company.

His efficiency, professionalism and thorough knowledge of his job to fly stress free on both legs of my journey.

My disability demands extra attention and Sameer was very consideration and took it upon himself personally to make sure I needed to enable me to relax and enjoy my fligtht.

You have a fine young man working for you, a real asset to your company.

My recent journeys are my first with Ryanair and as a direct result was looked after by Sameer, I will also have no hesitation recommending friends and associates.

I know I am only one person and not very important when you look at the picture but I do believe in credit where credit is due and your employee Sameer deserves a huge pat on the back and a huge thank you from me.

Ryanair are doing a great job, please keep up the good work.

Yours Sincerely,




Hi Siobhan

Thank you so much for your assistance. Your help was professionally offered and gently executed. I wanted to let Ryanair know how much it was appreciated so thought I’d drop you a line of thanks.

Incidentally, I had a meeting with my manager yesterday and told him that they could learn a lot from your customer service department.


S.T UK 14th December 2013.



We thought you may wish to know of the superb professionalism shown by a member of Ryanair cabin staff when we returned on FR1464 from Bergamo to Birmingham last Saturday – that nightmare day of Air Traffic problems for all.

However Anna the supervisor on our flight moved such calmness and composure.

She was in-flappable, maintaining coolness throughout, so impressive

Please thank her on our behalf for making a very difficult situation a relaxed and controlled event.

Yours Sincerely.

M.R Wales 09th December 2013



Myself and my son Cathal were on flight FR206 yesterday morning. Cathal had to sit an exam and attend for interview in Cambridge University so we were under severe time pressure.

Ian was the senior flight attendant on the flight and could not have been more helpful. His thoughtfulness and kindness was above and beyond the call of duty and without his help and assistance we would not have made the appointment. If at all possible can you pass on our sincere thanks to him.

The Interview and exam went well – results pending!!

Many Thanks

A and C. S Ireland 11th December 2013.



I would like to compliment your cabin staff on a recent flight FR6078 that I had on the way back from Rome to Trapani on the 24th November 2013.

I really enjoyed on board especially the cabin crew who was very kind with me and all passengers. I saw at the end of the flight that everybody during the disembarking was smiling and congratulated the flight attendants.

The cabin crew were exceptional in their job especially Sebastiano. He has been polite and professional and very friendly.

This is the first time that I have taken Ryanair and I will go on travelling with you. Congratulations and well done.

Yours Sincerely,




I travel a lot in Spain 9 between Islands and mainland Spain) with Spanish companies but, last April I took for the first time a Ryanair flight from Las Palmas to Madrid.

I would like to send this letter to Ryanair because the flight was perfect.

The boarding, the service and all the attention during the 2.45 hour flight.

I would like to thank you specially to one of your cabin crew, Joao (Madrid Base) for his attention to all the passengers, his customer service and all the passion that we do his job.

I send now this letter because I was outside Spain for some months and I travel with other companies but after my experience with Ryanair, I would like to recommend Ryanair for his service and people like Joao on board.

Best Regards

MJ.V Spain



Myself and my friend travelled from Dublin to Manchester on flight number FR554 on Monday 18/11/13 at 18.25.

I have a fear of flying and find it difficult to cope with the whole experience from stepping on the plane to getting off. Part of my coping mechanism is to speak to the flight attendants upon boarding to find out what the previous flight over was like. On this flight I was fortunate enough to speak to a flight attendant called Brian.

He completely put me at ease and continuously checked on me throughout the flight. He even came to the reassure me when the flight became a little bumpy.

I believe he went out of his way to help me and for this I am extremely thankful and felt it important that this did not go unrecognised. As a company I feel you are very lucky to have an employee who is so outstanding at his job.

I really hope you are able to identify Brian and pass on my thanks to himself and his direct management

Kind Regards


21ST November 2013



I was to fly on the 9.15pm flight on Friday 08th November 2013 from Murcia to Manchester.

Whilst at the airport I was robbed of my handbag which contained everything including my passport.

I write now to compliment the staff at Murcia Airport, in particular Joanne who in my opinion went above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy and help her customer.

Without Joanne’s care I would not have got home in time for my 60th birthday party which was on the following day.

I would like to not only thank and compliment Joanne buy Ryanair as an airline also. Since you have been flying to Murcia I have been using your airline. I find them efficient, on time, reasonably priced and value for money.

Please if it’s possible can Joann4e receive some reward for her caring service? She is an asset to your Company

Yours faithfully

L.B UK 14th November 2013



My wife and I have recently returne4d from a very enjoyable trip to Dublin, flying with Ryanair for the first time.

Work and personal commitments have sent us on trips worldwide and with various airlines so I felt it important to contact you as soon as possible to pay tribute to the outstanding personal service we received from everyone at Ryanair during our flights and on the ground.

The day before we left Dublin for home, my wife fell at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, badly injuring her knee. This meant she could walk with difficulty and we would undoubtedly have missed our flight as the distance from check-in to the departure gate was physically impossible.

Upon realising this, Ryanair’s ground staff immediately arranged a buggy to get us to the gate, ensuring she was comfortable with ta glass of water and had a wheelchair available to get her onto the plane.

We have been unable to discover the names of those involved but our flight number was FR172 09th November 2013, from Dublin to Newcastle. Hopefully this will allow you to identify those concerned and thank them, on our behalf for all their kindness, consideration and courtesy.

Without their help we would certainly have found ourselves in a very difficult position remembered with so much fondness and their gracious, patient handling of Anja will all ways be appreciated.

We have now pledged never to fly anywhere without first checking whether we can do so with Ryanair. In fact we are already visiting Dublin in November 2014 and are frustrated that we cannot yet book our flights with you. Nonetheless I know my wife will be checking the Ryanair website every other week.

Thank you again for such a rewarding and enjoyable experience. We hope you manage to track down the members of your staff we had the pleasure of meeting and look forward to our next trip with Ryanair with excitement and confidence.

Yours Sincerely,



11th November 2013



We recently went to Gran Canaria from Birmingham on Oct 16th at 7.45 in the morning FR1129. On this flight was a male steward called Nicholas. He was the best ever. He was chatting and laughing to everyone while doing his job.

We just wanted to let you know how good he is and to say thank you to him for excellent service.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs S.D



Flight Fuerteventura to Leeds/Bradford. What a pleasant journey Telmo made for myself and indeed the rest of the passengers on board that day. He was cheerful, friendly and very humorous. He made time to speak to each of his customers as he performed the trolley service and the flight seemed to pass by in half the time. I have travelled with many airlines but I have never had the pleasure of meeting such a young man as Telmo. He truly deserves and award as he definitely puts 200% effort in to ensure that your passengers enjoy their flight.

08th November 2013



Many thanks for your reply to my query. I was happy to find second name on Insurance had been changed before we flew. Compliments, and thank you again for your letter.

M.O’K 05th November 2013



Please can you pass on my gratitude to Naomi on the flight from Malaga yesterday taking off at 21.25 landing at Stansted at 11.00 as she helped greatly when my son fell ill mid- flight. I want to commend her for going that extra mile in her assistance and would recommend friends to fly with you based on my experience of your cabin crews professionalism and kindness.

03rd November 2013




I telephoned Ryanair the other day to ask a question about baggage, a female answered the phone. She was polite, friendly, knowledgeable about the services Ryanair offer and efficient without being abrupt, she also has a good speaking voice. I want to let you know she made a very good impression. I am due to fly with Ryanair early in the coming week and I wanted to make doubly sure I would not encounter any hassle or problems at check in with my baggag4e so I probably asked the same questions a couple of times but your colleague was professional, patient and helpful.

Your colleague’s name is Maxine. I hope you will take note as it is so pleasant dealing with Ryanair on occasions like this.

Best Regards

E.P 31st October 2013



I travelled from Bristol to Dublin on Ryanair flight 507 at 15.10. The head stewardess was Jean.

I just wanted to say that she is a real treasure to be cherished. My initial reaction to the way in which she handled things on board the flight was that she should be put into your training programme as a trainer of stewards/stewardesses, but on reflection I realised that the skill and presence that she has is probably not transferable.

She was efficient and relaxed and confident, so that people were encouraged to follow her instructions without feeling stressed. Some head stewardess are clearly stressed when they ask us (passengers) to go to our seats and settle down as quickly as possible. This feeling of stress then upsets or irritates some passengers – not desirable.

She was pleasant and helpful during the flight and her announcements were efficient and to the point but at the same time she managed to put a human edge to them. The plane landed 10 minutes early in Dublin and she invited us to give a round of applause. Very relaxed, friendly, light hearted and of course elicited a suitable response.

You could say she represents the best of the Irish character and of course is a great advertisement / asset for your airline.

29th October 2013



On the 23/08/2013 I flew with yourselves to join my husband and grandson in Spain from East Midlands.

I boarded the flight and began to feel hot and clammy just after take-off. I then became quite ill and the passenger net to me alerted the cabin crew.

Within seconds your cabin purser Bugi had taken charge. He moved the passengers next to me and elevated my feet and brought oxygen and water. As I regained consciousness he was still holding my legs up against his chest and instructing the crews to block the exits to my seat. Without his swift action I dread to think what might have happened. Cabin crew Ashley then took a woolly from my suitcase and place it over me and I was told to lie down until I felt better. The crew checked on me regularly and Bugi came to sit by me before we were due to land ascertain if I needed anything further.

I can’t express my thanks enough to Bugi and as a regular flyer I was most impressed with his handling of the incident. I would like to thank him most profusely and I will always remember his care and quick actions.

Many thanks

H.C UK 27/10/2013



I would like to nominate a cabin crew member for a flight I had back from Tenerife, however I am unable to use the correct form also can’t remember his name. I flew back on a flight on 23rd of October from Tenerife at 11.55am. This was the first flight for my 3 year old and obviously very important to me. I pre booked seats so we could be near the toilets and also refreshments. Ryanair always seem to run on time. He loved the crew, was very god all the staff were excellent. The cost after checking baggage in was fine what you would expect to pay for that journey. I have used Ryanair for leisure and business and never an issue.

26th October 2013



I travelled from Bristol to Dublin on Ryanair flight 507 at 15.10. The head stewardess was Jean.

I just wanted to say that she is a real treasure to be cherished. My initial reaction to the way in which she handled things on board the flight was that she should be put into your training programme as a trainer of stewards/stewardesses, but on reflection I realised that the skill and presence that she has is probably not transferable.

She was efficient and relaxed and confident, so that people were encouraged to follow her instructions without feeling stressed. Some head stewardess are clearly stressed when they ask us (passengers) to go to our seats and settle down as quickly as possible. This feeling of stress then upsets or irritates some passengers – not desirable.

She was pleasant and helpful during the flight and her announcements were efficient and to the point but at the same time she managed to put a human edge to them. The plane landed 10 minutes early in Dublin and she invited us to give a round of applause. Very relaxed, friendly, light hearted and of course elicited a suitable response.

You could say she represents the best of the Irish character and of course is a great advertisement / asset for your airline.

29th October 2013



I would just like to say what a pleasure it was travelling home on your FR 1767 flight on the 15th October 16.40 from Faro to East Midlands. The steward on board was a delight, he had a sense of humour that has us all laughing which is a nice change. I thought it would be nice to receive a letter of praise.



I spoke to Siobhan on Wednesday the 16th October and would just like to say what a very helpful person she was. I am sure she went one step further to help me. I needed assistance at the airport to board the plane after having to book a flight at last minute to attend a funeral and could not get assistance as all the assistance seats were taken. After using your online chat I spoke to the above and she sorted it out for me and called me to confirm. Ryanair always take a lot of stick but I cannot fault them as we use them a lot from Spain-UK so once again a big thank you.

25th October 2013



I booked some flights to Valencia to take my Mother away to visit family. My Mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer this year at age 62. Mum’s cancer is in her bones she suffers with pain and tiredness and can’t walk very fast or far.

After booking the flights we noticed that Ryanair offered a special assistance service. Mum rang up and it was very easy for her to process this request and the lady who took her call was very helpful.

I hope I will have the opportunity to take my mum away again and will definitely be using Ryanair/Stansted airport service again.

22nd October 2013



I recently had the pleasure of flying Ryanair to Lanzarote FR7125 on 02nd October 2013 from Dublin with return FR 7125 on the 09th October 2013.

I found that all staff were very friendly courteous and helpful. I would particularly like to commend the two male stewards on the return flight who graciously and without hesitation helped me go through some of the rubbish bags to look for a holiday photo of great importance, which I mistakenly binned during the flight. Thanks to your great mid-week fares we were able to spend a little more on accommodation and treats during the holiday.

Keep up the great work.

14th October 2013



I would like to highlight the excellent service I received on a recent flight. FR 7843 Murcia– Glasgow Prestwick 04th September 2013.

Not that I had any particular issue to resolve, though this particular cabin crew member was exceptionally polite, respectful and helpful to all passengers eg. Some passenger’s luggage had to be placed further from their seat’s, this young gentleman ensured the luggage was returned to the appropriate passengers before they left the plane. He was pleasant when delivering snacks nothing was a bother to him.

The cabin crew member’s name is Ian unfortunately I am unsure of his surname, however I wish to bring this young man’s work ethos to your attention and wish to commend him to you. I firmly believe this young man is an asset to your company. I hope this compliment will be acknowledged to Ian.



I would like to pass on my gratitude to your airline for giving myself, my partner, and our 6 children (ranging from 6-16) the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic low cost, holiday to Italy earlier this year. All eight of us flew return from Knock to Milan (weekend flights) for a total cost of €775.84.

Thanks to the excellent organisation at Knock airport all eight of us together with 8 little suitcases ( all within the specified dimensions and weighing less than 10kg) got our flight on time without any squabbling. Amazingly, the exact same thing happened on our return flight – no hassle at all.

Working in Health and safety, I am naturally suspicious of all things suspended in the air so of course I well researched this angle and was happy to fly Ryanair- I must admit I did read flying without fear on multiple occasions prior to boarding. The staff on both flights were very nice and attentive to all our needs.

In summary, we would not have got away this year was it not for the Ryanair. So thank you for that. Also the luggage rule is actually genius. Taking minimal clothes on holidays (in other words just what you need to wear) means minimal washing for Mum on homecoming, believe me this is a good thing. We even managed to pack in a lovely Italian pottery plate and a 12 piece espresso set on the homeward journey.

Yours in anticipation of similarly good value flights next June.



I am contacting you to inform you how impressed my husband and myself were with one of the cabin crew who attended to us on the Faro to East Midlands flight on Tuesday afternoon 01/10/2013. His name is Artur and he is a credit to Ryanair. We were impressed by his general personal skills but more than this he has an outgoing personality and talked to his customers as if we were long lost friends. He obviously loves his job.

He goes the extra mile when it is not expected. An example being when he noticed me struggling down 2 flights of stairs on the way to the plane he stopped me and insisted that he carried my case for me. We both thanked him for this kind gesture and he modestly said that it was no trouble to him.

I would like you to inform Artur about our thoughts and we hope to see him again soon because we are regular customers of Ryanair. Thank you.

06th October 2013




A Huge Thank You to the pilots, cabin crew, air traffic control, baggage handlers, customer service, airport staff, maintenance workers and everyone who made flight FR 4967 on Friday 27th September. The staff were amazing, the pilots were wonderful and our trip went perfectly, weather was perfect!

Safety is VERY important to me and you made me feel like I was in good hands.

Thank you all of you!

Warmest Regards



Dear Sir

I have just used your airline for the first time and can honestly say that it was a pleasure

Excellent price, on time, friendly staff and modern planes.

I would not hesitate using Ryanair in the future and would recommend to anyone

04th October 2013



I am writing to express my gratitude to your excellent cabin crew member Ryan, who looked after us on our flight home on Sunday 29th September.

My Mother in law’s partner unfortunately passed away whilst they were on holiday and I had to fly out to Majorca to be with her and to escort her home. Luckily I managed to get on the same flight.

As you can imagine she was very sad and tearful but as they had already pre-booked their seats, Ryan allowed me to sit with her in David’s vacant seat, he also supplied her with tissues and most importantly, when the baggage people queried why we had an extra suitcase ( David’s belongings) he sorted it all out for us and was just generally very sympathetic.

His actions helped make our sad journey home so much more bearable.

I wonder if you could possibly pass on our heartfelt thanks to this very hardworking and sensitive young man, and I hope that his lovely caring attitude helps him go a long way in your company.

I wish him all the very best for the future.

30th September 2013



I wanted to compliment a member of your cabin crew on a recent Ryanair flight I took from Malaga to Stansted on Sunday 22nd September 2013. I was on the FR8165 flight which departed Malaga at 12.15pm.

I am afraid I did not get his name but he was the only male attendant on the flight. I sat in seat 2A near the front of the cabin and from there witnessed the way he greeted and assisted passengers who were boarding and also the way he communicated with his fellow attendants.

I was so impressed with how he expertly greeted passengers and handled their queries while overseeing the boarding process. I thought his manner, tone and professionalism were second to none. I did not interact with him directly throughout the flight but just wanted to pass my comments on to you. If all of your staff were so dedicated and thoughtful, you might well be the best airline going.

24th September 2013



On Saturday 07th September 2013 we flew out to Majorca with Ryanair, the flight was fantastic (a little turbulent but nothing out of the ordinary), staff were friendly and helpful and overall we were very happy with the airline.

However the main reason I am writing is to compliment one particular member of your staff, Karim. He was our host on the journey over to Majorca and again on the return flight on Saturday 14th September.

Karim was extremely professional. I get the impression that Karim has been doing this job for a long time. He seems the sort of person who takes his job seriously and he genuinely made me feel safe.

Very happy overall with the flights and just wanted to say thanks to the staff for their professionalism and kindness

Kind Regards

24th September 2013



On reading the enclosed in last Saturdays Daily Mirror, I first felt I would like to give you my views. I have travelled to Alicante and back twice in the last 6-7 weeks with your airline and I’ve nothing but praise for them. I am 84 years old and I walk with a frame and I could not have had any better attention than if I’d gone 1st class with any other airline. I was boarded with great care and attention throughout the journeys and wonderful help each end of the trips. I congratulate and thank you and all your staff for making my trips as comfortable as possible.


24th Sept 2013



Recent press coverage about customer (dis)satisfaction with Ryanair has persuaded me to put proverbial pen to paper in a manner that I have in fact never done before. Perhaps it is the inherent feeling that an Englishman has for the underdog that has made me sent this email but I have to say that my recent experience of Ryanair could not have been more positive

As your records will show, I contacted Ryanair recently to arrange for in-flight oxygen to be supplied on my flights to and from Jerez on the 2nd (FR8396) and 13th (FR8397) September 2013. It did, admittedly, take a couple of attempts to get through on your assistance line but once in contact the service provided could not have been better.

I do not have their names but the staff to whom I spoke on the helpline knew precisely what I was talking about from the start and could not have been more helpful or efficient in their handling of my request. This included chasing me by phone (more than once) to ensure that all the forms were back in time for you to process them before my flight. I am sure that my calls were recorded and so you will be able to identify the staff involved.

Furthermore, the staff at both Stansted and Jerez airports were equally knowledgeable and helpful as were the flight attendants on both the outbound and return flights. The latter included:

  • gentle but detailed instructions on how to use the ‘equipment’
  • checking with me on more than one occasion during both flights to ensure that everything was in order and that the oxygen supply had not reached the critical point in the cylinder which meant that it needed to be replaced
  • replacing the cylinder when that point was indeed reached.

As I say, I am not in the habit of writing such emails and hope that this will reach someone in sufficient seniority to allow proper recognition for all those concerned.

23rd September 2013



I travelled to Carcasonne from Dublin on Friday Sept 20th 9.35am flight and I want to compliment the Senior Cabin Crew member. I did not get his name but his attitude, cheery outlook and wit was very refreshing and he was a great ambassador for your brand. He even gave us his own version of the Ryanair Trumpets. His English was exceptionally good and he was very easy to understand.

23rd September 2013



I flew with flight FR5173 the 17th September.

First of all, me and my girlfriend are 205 and 190 cm tall and took a seat in a regular seat (free seating). A kind crew member came to us and asked if we would like to sit at the emergency exit with extra space – thank you so much!

Then we forgot our ipad mini in that very seat, which we noticed at the hotel in London later the same day.

Today I contacted Billund airport, who told me that they had received an ipad mini with a note: “This ipad was forgot on flight FR5173 by a Danish passenger. We are going to Krakow now but we don’t want to risk to deliver it to a big airport as Stansted where it may get lost. We will contact the new crew who are going to Billund and ask them to bring it”

Thank you so much. I really hope that the crew of flight FR 5173 gets to know how happy we are and I wish that I could give them all a hug and a big box of candy to show them my regards.

A happy Ryanair passenger



On Friday 06th September my husband was taken ill on flight FR 8928 to Malta, leaving Liverpool at 7.40. I would like to pass on my appreciation for the excellent care and consideration given to us by the staff. They were calm, helpful and very kind. I know that you sometimes get bad reports and this is one very satisfied customer. Thank you

16th September 2013




Just wanted to say that 3 of us flew on Ryanair Air flight no 1802 Stansted to Corfu on 26/08/13 returning on Ryanair flight 1803 Corfu to Stansted. What wonderful flights we had both times. Flights on time, baggage on the carousel so

fast but most of all how very courteous, helpful and charming all the airline staff were. So a BIG thank you to everyone at Ryanair. We’ll be back!

06th September 2013



I travelled with you from Stansted to Kerry on Sunday, 18th August and back again on the following Thursday 22nd August. I needed a wheelchair and attendance and my Daughter had previously arranged this with you but I was very nervous about travelling alone. I need not have worried however, as my Daughter took me to Stansted and handed me over to the airport staff. I should like to say a heartfelt thank you to all concerned as I received excellent service on both the outward and the return flight. Kind people wheeled my pushchair and everyone was extremely courteous and helpful. So thank you very much Ryanair!!

02nd September 2013



With reference to my recent flight from Lamezia Terme to Stansted Airport on Monday 29th July, I would like to leave some feedback for the flight attendants.

Half way through the flight my youngest daughter Alessia aged 8, started to feel sick. She got increasingly worse to the point that her arms and legs were shaking (it looked like a panic attack).

I informed the stewardess (Kate or Katy) who provided me with a paper bag. I then took my daughter to the toilet and stopped by the cabin crew seated (by the toilet entry).

I would like to say how fantastic Kate and steward’s Richard and John have been with Alessia. They looked after my girl for the rest of the flight in a genuine, lovely manner offering drinks and talking to her trying to take her mind off.

We would be very grateful if you could pass our thanks to Kate, Richard and John again for their professionalism and commitment shown.

Kindest Regards

Maria and Malcolm (Alessia’s parents)



I travelled from Gdansk to Dublin on Monday 19th August 2013 on flight FR1909 and I wanted to thank the Ryanair staff at check-in in Gdansk, Carolina in particular and the cabin crew who were most helpful in arranging special assistance for my husband who had recently left hospital and was finding it difficult to walk unaided.


They were helpful, polite and made our journey more manageable under circumstances.

26th August 2013



Top praises for all your staff both ground and in the air!

Cabin staff were excellent on our flights in July/August between Stansted and Dublin, Dublin and Tours and Paris and Barcelona and one particular crew member stands out(more excellent than the other!) Andreas a Portuguese man, superb!

25th August 2013



Based upon the excellent service that I received and observed being provided to my fellow passengers on both of my flights, I would like to nominate two of your employees for Excellence Awards with your company.

Both employees were the flight attendants on the way to Morocco on July 1st, one whom was named Sophia. Unfortunately, I did not get the name of the second male flight attendant, who was also the flight attendant on my return trip on July 5th. I would like to recognize both of them for creating an uncommonly pleasant, sociable atmosphere, in which everyone was so full of camaraderie and at ease and with one another that it seemed by the end as if we had all come there together!

Because of this experience I will recommend your airline in the future, and I hope that Sophia and her co-worker are properly rewarded for providing such a positive experience for your customers.

22 August 2013



I was flying to London Stansted on Monday 19th August 2013 on the 6.35 flight when I began to feel very unwell. I subsequently fainted and would like to thank two members of your cabin crew who were very kind, calm and supportive. As well as supporting me they also calmed my husband down. I felt strongly that they needed to be thanked because they were very busy but at no time did I feel in the way so THANK YOU to Ondrej and Elisa. People like that give your airline a good reputation. Thanks

22 August 2013



My daughter Maria phoned up today to organise some special assistance for me. Fiona G was the girl who took the call and she was so helpful, professional and kind in her manner. So many people do complain and I just wanted to say thank you to Fiona on a job not only well done but for being the person any company would be proud to have represent them. Have a great day and I am one very relieved pensioner, much gratitude.

13th August 2013



To Fiona (Customer Services) thank you for the great customer service you provided me with and making my experience with Ryanair such and pleasurable one! Will definitely be using Ryanair again. Thank you.




I would like to extend a very big thank you to Ryan Air and Angela in particular. We had a fantastic holiday in Benidorm and Ryan air certainly took the stress out of getting to Spain. Your procedures are spot on! I will be recommending Ryan air to other families with children with reduced mobility/ wheelchair dependent. We certainly look forward to flying with you again!

07th August 2013



On a recent flight FR4755 from Bristol to Lanzarote, I would like to nominate one of your staff for an excellence award. His name was Jose. He definitely exceeded more than customer expectations. We travel very often with Ryanair, this young man was truly exceptional. Excellent.

17th July 2013



I would like to send a letter of thanks to Ryanair for their exemplary service. I found no hardships or difficulties with the booking process and the flight staff were highly professional.

21st June 2013



I just wanted to compliment your air steward Krzysztof, who was on our flight from Bristol to Palma & back Monday and Wednesday. He was very polite, professional and excellent at his job and I feel deserves some form of recognition for it.

21st June 2013



On the 05th June we were flying out to Alicante on Flight FR 9887. I would like to nominate Jan the Ryanair Supervisor for going that extra mile in fining and assisting my husband with a wheel chair to the aircraft.

20th June 2013



I want to thank you and your lovely staff on Ryanair for a wonderful flight to and from Krakow last weekend. I know you get a bad press but as far as I am concerned I find your airline excellent and may God bless you and keep your planes and staff and customers always safe.

11th June 2013



Diana, adviser on your Chat line solved my problem instantly. Thank you very much Diana.

18th June 2013



On 6th June I flew from Kefalonia to Stansted and returned on 13th June, I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the flight and how impressed I was with the staff on the flight.

17th June 2013



We were delayed because of the French Air Traffic Control strike and we were not sure if we would fly home the day we had booked. Despite many flights being cancelled all over Europe, Ryanair got us home – Thanks

14th June 2013



I was on a flight from Malaga to Dublin FR7055 on June 13th and I wanted to let you know how fantastic one of the flight attendants was, his name was Fernando, he was so professional, friendly, helpful and efficient – Top Marks !

13th June 2013



Flight FR5945 Tuesday 11th June from Malaga to Bournemouth I was taken ill. I would like to convey my thanks to Ryan for his care whilst still maintaining an excellent service.

13th June 2013



I found the staff at Murcia airport on Thursday 13th June to be outstanding in their customer Service, attention to detail and assistance, we were extremely grateful

13th June 2013



Hannah was looking after us on flight FR7125 on 3rd June 2013, she was exceptional at her job and made our flight home a pleasure.

12th June 2013



I want to say a huge thank you to the check in staff at Dublin airport, Friday 31st May flight to Biarritz with 4 children & Dad. Our daughter is in a wheelchair. The staff, without making a fuss made all the necessary arrangements for us to keep the wheelchair until at the plane and reserved seats for us. Huge Thanks for making our trip a pleasure.

12th June 2013



I’d like to compliment your Portuguese cabin crew on flight FR9283 from faro to Stansted pn 9th June 12013. They were excellent throughout, work4ed very hard the whole 3 hour trip, smiling and helpful, highly professional, a great credit to Ryanair.

12th June 2013



I would like to send a letter of thanks to Ryanair for their exemplary service. I found no hardships or difficulties with the booking process and the flight staff were highly professional.

21st June 2013



I just wanted to compliment your air steward Krzysztof, who was on our flight from Bristol to Palma & back Monday and Wednesday. He was very polite, professional and excellent at his job and I feel deserves some form of recognition for it.

20th June 2013



On the 05th June we were flying out to Alicante on Flight FR 9887. I would like to nominate Jan the Ryanair Supervisor for going that extra mile in fining and assisting my husband with a wheel chair to the aircraft.

20th June 2013



I want to thank you and your lovely staff on Ryanair for a wonderful flight to and from Krakow last weekend. I know you get a bad press but as far as I am concerned I find your airline excellent and may God bless you and keep your planes and staff and customers always safe.

11th June 2013



Diana, adviser on your Chat line solved my problem instantly. Thank you very much Diana.

18th June 2013



On 6th June I flew from Kefalonia to Stansted and returned on 13th June, I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the flight and how impressed I was with the staff on the flight.

17th June 2013



We were delayed because of the French Air Traffic Control strike and we were not sure if we would fly home the day we had booked. Despite many flights being cancelled all over Europe, Ryanair got us home – Thanks

14th June 2013



I was on a flight from Malaga to Dublin FR7055 on June 13th and I wanted to let you know how fantastic one of the flight attendants was, his name was Fernando, he was so professional, friendly, helpful and efficient – Top Marks !

13th June 2013



Flight FR5945 Tuesday 11th June from Malaga to Bournemouth I was taken ill. I would like to convey my thanks to Ryan for his care whilst still maintaining an excellent service.

13th June 2013



I found the staff at Murcia airport on Thursday 13th June to be outstanding in their customer Service, attention to detail and assistance, we were extremely grateful.

13th June 2013



Hannah was looking after us on flight FR7125 on 3rd June 2013, she was exceptional at her job and made our flight home a pleasure.

Well done.

12th June 2013



I want to say a huge thank you to the check in staff at Dublin airport, Friday 31st May flight to Biarritz with 4 children & Dad. Our daughter is in a wheelchair. The staff, without making a fuss made all the necessary arrangements for us to keep the wheelchair until at the plane and reserved seats for us. Huge Thanks for making our trip a pleasure.

12th June 2013



I’d like to compliment your Portuguese cabin crew on flight FR9283 from faro to Stansted pn 9th June 12013. They were excellent throughout, work4ed very hard the whole 3 hour trip, smiling and helpful, highly professional, a great credit to Ryanair.

12th June 2013



I am very pleased with your recent rebooking service caused by the French air traffic controllers. Your email sent me straight to the booking page and even though i had contacted my wife and daughter in Spain to get all the relevant passport information etc, it wasn’t needed. A few short clicks and they were rebooked - excellent service, very slick. - Well done.

12th June 2013

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