Book flights to Frankfurt and discover more than just a business hub – yes, Frankfurt is the financial heart of Germany, but you’d be doing it a disservice to dismiss it as just skyscrapers and suits. If Frankfurt likes to work hard, it knows how to play hard too, so you won’t find yourself short of a good time! Sachsenhousen is where the fun really kicks off – go to a traditional tavern and try the city’s famous Apfelwein – and if you fancy a bite, you must visit Fressgasse (its literal translation is ‘Munch Alley’). If you fancy a trip outside the city, you’re never too far away from some superb vineyards and relaxing spa towns! Book flights to Frankfurt with Ryanair.
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Sachsenhausen is a charming area with cobbled streets and many museums by Schaumainkai. In the north of central Frankfurt lies Bornheim, nicknamed das Lustige Dorf – the funny village. It is the city’s most densely populated area and has recently seen an influx in bohemian-chic. Westend is comparable to London’s fashionable West End.
Goethe Hause

The name gives it away. This is the birthplace, in 1749, of Germany’s great poet and author Johann Wolfgang Goethe. His most famous works are ”The Sorrows of Young Werther” and ”Faust”.

​Address: Großer Hirschgraben 23-25, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 138 800​Website:​Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10 am-6 pm. Sun and holidays 10 am-5.30 pm
Alte Oper

This adorned Renaissance opera house was destroyed during World War II. Today, its facade is a replica and its interiors are entirely modern. On the third floor is a restaurant and bar with a terrace, which stays open late.

​Address: Opernplatz 1, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 134 0400​Website:
Main Tower

The Main Tower was completed in the year of 2000 and has quickly become one of the most popular sights in Frankfurt. It measures 200 meters and is a very impressive 56-storey skyscraper. It is the only skyscraper in Frankfurt with a public viewing observatory, which draws the crowds.

​Address: Neue Mainzer Straße 52, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 3650 4740​Website:
Städelsches Kunstinstitut

The Städelsches Kunstinstitut is one of many museums along Schaumankai. Here you will find works of art by masters like Rembrandt, Renoir, Rubens, Van Eyck and Botticelli.

​Address: Schaumankai 63, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 605 0980​Website:​Opening hours: Closed on Mondays
Adolph von Holzhausen Park

Holzhausen Park is an oasis of green located in Frankfurt’s North End district. The park’s small castle is a popular attraction for both young and old visitors.

​Address: Holzhausenstraße, Frankfurt
Ebbelwei-Express - Applewine Express

Apple wine, or cider, is a very popular and famous beverage in Frankfurt, and goes by many names; Ebbelwei, Apfelwine, Ebbelwoi, Äppler and Stöffsche. The Ebbelwei Express is a way of exploring the city, including the Old Town and Sachsenhausen, while enjoying a bottle of apple wine. This particular way of sightseeing also entails background music and plenty of laughs.

​Address: Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 8, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 21 32 24 25​Website:

Römerberg is a medieval square and the hub of the Old Town, Altstadt. The original Römerberg was destroyed during World War II, but it has been rebuilt since and nowadays you can once again stroll around this beautiful square and look at the various buildings. Hopefully your timing is right and you will get to witness one of the public festivals that are held here. At the centre of the square lies the Fountain of Justice (Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen), where the statue of goddess Justitia holds the scales of justice. Perhaps the most famous building here is the "Römer", which is the city hall, and has been so for the last 600 years.

​Address: Römerberg Plaza, Frankfurt
St. Paul's Church (Paulskirche)

St Paul's Church is an important political and democratic symbol in Germany. It became the seat of the first all-German parliament in 1848, although it did not remain so for very long. Today the church is mainly used for ceremonies.

​Address: Paulsplatz 11, Altstadt, Frankfurt
Frankfurt Zoo

Stepping into the Frankfurt Zoo is like entering another world, hold on to your hat while you marvel at all the majestic African animals and the exciting, colourful world of Madagascar. The list of foreign and exotic places and settings goes on and on and there is a total of 4,500 animals and over 450 species here. Apart from the fixed features, there are festivals, exhibits and themed tours to enjoy as well.

​Address: Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 212 33735​Website:​Opening hours: Daily

Lohrberg is an amazing lookout point which gives you panoramic views over the city. There is an entire park here well suited for hiking or sports, you can also opt to come here in the summer as there are barbecue areas available.

​Address: Am Lohrberg, Frankfurt
Iron Bridge (Eiserner Steg)

The Iron Bridge is a pedestrian bridge built in 1869 with stunning views of the river Main and the city's skyline. It connects the centre of Frankfurt with Sachsenhausen.

​Address: Eiserner Steg, Frankfurt
Höchst Porcelain Manufactory

Höchst Porcelain has been manufactured for more than 260 years and now you can learn all about it. A visit to this manufactory will take you through the different production departments which allows you to follow the process all the way to the end.

​Address: Palleskestraße 32, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 3 00 90 20​Website:
The Museum Embankment (Museumsufer)

Walking along the river Main, head for the area that is called "the Museum Embankment", both sides of the river is lined with some excellent museums here. A few examples are the fine art Städel Museum, the German Film Museum, the Communication Museum and the Jewish Museum. Each Saturday you will find the largest flea market in the city here.

​Address: Schaumainkai, Frankfurt ​Phone: +49 69 212 36325​Website:

This is one out of two botanical gardens in Frankfurt, founded in 1868 and the largest in Germany. Here you can revel in the splendour of colourful plants and flowers from all over the world, a total of 6,000 botanical species.

​Address: Siesmayerstr. 63, Frankfurt​Website:
The English Theatre

If you want a cultural experience when in Frankfurt, you can go to the English Theatre. It is ideally located in the heart of Frankfurt and some of its past productions include The Full Monty, Peter Pan and Fiddler on the Roof.

​Address: Gallusanlage 7, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 242 316 20​Website:

The old Waldstadion was refurbished and the new Commerzbank-Arena was born. If you are going to a big event in Frankfurt, this is probably where you will end up. The arena hosts sports events, large gatherings and concerts.

​Address: Mörfelder Landstraße 362, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 2380 80121​Website:
Dialog Museum

Dialog Museum is a rare museum, in fact, at this museum you cannot see anything. Here you will be led around by a blind guide in a pitch dark museum. During the tour you will be exposed to everyday situations, in a whole new way.

​Address: Hanauer Landstr. 137-145, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 90 43 21 44​Website:
Money Museum

If you are interested in money you can visit the Money Museum, by the German Bundesbank. Here you can find a large collection of coins from different currencies around the world.

​Address: Wilhelm-Epstein-Strasse 14, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 9566 3073​Website:
Ernst May Haus & Museum

For all architect fans there is the Ernst May Haus & Museum. If you are interested in urban planning, this Ernst May house is a great example.

​Address: Im Burgfeld 136, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 1534 388 3​Website:
A wide variety of restaurants and upscale eateries can be found all over Frankfurt. The most exciting ones are located in bohemian Sachsenhausen and fashionable Westend. Most tourists walk down Fressgass, the city’s culinary main street. Though cafés, restaurants, bistros and delis line both sides of the street, only a few offer something special.
Gasthof "Steinernes Haus"

Sample German classics and giant pints of beer at long communal wooden tables. Try Zigeunerhackbraten, a spicy meatloaf and rippchen, a smoke-cured loin of pork with gravy and dumplings.

​Address: Braubachstraße 35, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 283 491​Website:

This is possibly the best place for rich, heartening soups in Frankfurt, situated close to Römerberg square in Altstadt. Eight different soups are on the menu, available to eat in or take away.

​Address: Weißadlergasse 3, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 297 245 45​Website:

This fresh produce market also has German, Italian and Greek food. Here you can stroll around for hours and get a taste of different types of food.

​Address: Hasengasse 5, Frankfurt​Website:​Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8 am-6 pm. Sat 8 am-4 pm
Erno’s Bistro

Erno’s might not look like much, it is small, with only a few tables with chequered tablecloths, and is tucked away in a quiet part of Westend. Despite this, it is considered one of the premier restaurants in the whole of Germany. Choose any of the fish dishes from the French menu.

​Address: Liebigstraße 15, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 721 997​Website:​Opening hours: Closed on weekends
Trattoria i Siciliani

If you are craving Sicilian-Italian food, then this restaurant is for you. The owner has a big heart and will do his very best to make sure you enjoy your evening as well as your meal. The menu is available in English, German and Sicilian and the staff is very accommodating and friendly.

​Address: Walter-Kolb-Str. 17, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 696 199 33 21​Website:
Restaurant Sèvres

The hotel restaurant Sèvres serves national and international dishes of high quality and some dishes are cut into fillets right by your table by the maître himself. The elegance of the hotel also permeates the restaurant.

​Address: Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 40, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 754 00​Website:​More info: Located within the Hotel Hessischer Hof
Im Herzen Afrikas

This is a unique restaurant where you can sit on the floor and wiggle your toes in the sand. You will be surrounded by lit candles and music to help you imagine you are actually right there - in the heart of Africa, a feast for all your senses.

​Address: Gutleutstr. 13, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 24 24 60 80​Website:
Surf 'n Turf Steakhouse

Surf 'n Turf Steakhouse serve some of the best steaks in the whole of Germany, the meat is flown in from top notch ranches in the United States. The menu holds treats like filet mignon, rack of lamb and also alternatives for those of you who prefer fish.

​Address: Grüneburgweg 95, Frankfurt ​Phone: +49 697 221 22​Website:
Römer Pils Brunnen

Römer Pils Brunnen is a traditional German restaurant with delicacies like schnitzels, pork knuckle and "handkäs" (a local cheese specialty). During summer, when the weather is nice and balmy you can sit on the charming patio and watch the people pass by.

​Address: Töngesgasse 19, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 28 7712​Website:​Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10 am-12 am
Blumen - Restaurant in der Bar

"Blumen" means flowers, and that is a concept that brings true harmony to this place. This is a pleasure for the palate as well as for the eyes. The restaurant values high quality ingredients and that is obvious in the dishes that are little pieces of art.

​Address: Rotlintstr. 60, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 490 865 10​Website:

What better mark can a Japanese restaurant get than frequently returning Japanese guests? Going to Iwase means you'll get to share the experience with many Asian people. The fish is fresh and tasty and the environment is authentically Japanese.

​Address: Vilbeler Straße 31, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 283 992
Restaurant Medici

Mediterranean cuisine is the specialty at this gourmet restaurant situated in the city centre. The menu holds daily changing specials and the cooking is always prepared with a seasonal consideration.

​Address: Weissadlergasse 2, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 21 99 07 94​Website:

Klosterhof is a beer hall just as much as a restaurant, and the selection of beers they have here is quite impressive. It all breathes authentic German, the portions are generous and the atmosphere soars up to the ceiling - great experience and always crowded.

​Address: Weißfrauensstraße 3, Frankfurt ​Phone: +49 69 913 990 00​Website:
Rama V

This excellent Thai restaurant has been around for more than ten years and they keep adding to their frequent visitors. A typical Thai atmosphere and fresh food are the characteristics of Rama V.

​Address: Vilbeler Straße 32, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 21996488​Website:
Erno's Bistro

Erno's Bistro is claimed to be a hidden gem with a lovely atmosphere. This cosy bistro with red-checked tablecloths offers good food and great wine to accompany the food.

​Address: Liebigstr. 15, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 721 9977​Website:
Frankfurt is well-known for its apple cider, "Äppelwoi," so do not miss the city’s famous cider pubs! You can easily find a place to try the famous drink or maybe just an ordinary, nice cup of coffee.
Café Karin

This exciting café and restaurant has a healthy mix of guests - students, local old ladies and the odd banker who’s bravely ventured outside the financial district. Chèvre salad, ratatouille crêpes and large sandwiches made with freshly baked bread are all on the menu.

​Address: Grosser Hirschgraben 28, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 29 52 17​Website:

Zarges has a restaurant as well as a café, both of these are highly appreciated. The café part has a dizzying number of pies, cookies, candy and jam on the menu and they also serve the Frankfurt tea specialty "Mariage Frères".

​Address: Kalbächer Gasse 10, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 6929 90 30​Website:
Wacker´s Kaffee

Wacker’s Kaffee is appreciated thanks to its high quality coffee beans and friendly baristas. You can find it ideally located next to Bornheim Mitte.

​Address: Berger Strasse 185, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 46 00 77 52​Website:
Coffee Fellows

Coffee Fellows is a peaceful oasis right in the middle of the bustling city. The minute you enter, the enticing smell of fresh cookies, coffee and chocolate puts you in a good mood.

​Address: Kaiserstraße 14, Frankfurt​Phone: +69 210 897 87​Website:​Opening hours: Daily
Café Mozart

Café Mozart, established over 100 years ago, provides an appreciated haven after shopping all day - it lies right by the main shopping street Zeil. Drop in for breakfast or lunch and enjoy the friendly and cultivated atmosphere.

​Address: Töngesgasse 23, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 291 954​Website:
Frankfurt has a very diverse and surprisingly un-German mix of bars. The reason for this is the large student population, the expats, businessmen, the city’s young banking elite and its very wealthy inhabitants. The truly unique places to go are the cider pubs in the Sachsenhausen district. When it comes to trendy nightclubs and discos, the best advice is to ask around for the latest and greatest places.
Adolf Wagner

Adolf Wagner is Frankfurt’s most famous apple cider bar. Similar in style to a beer hall with its brown wall panelling, this is the place to sample cider served in large blue and white pitchers. Beer and wine are also available.

​Address: Schweizer Straße 71, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 61 25 65​Website:

A park, a few benches, some tables and beer. It sounds simple enough, but in the summer people congregate here, fill the surrounding lawns and drink Weiss bier. Maincafé lies by the River Maine and comes into its own when the summer sun sets behind the city’s skyscrapers.

​Address: Schaumainkai 50, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 696 616 97 13​Website:
Stereo Bar

Stereo Bar has red wallpaper, an aquarium and a small dance floor. It is a popular place with students and young professionals.

​Address: Abtsgäßchen 7, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 219 905 70​Website:
Jimmy’s Bar

Jimmy’s Bar is an American cocktail bar located in the 5-star Hotel Hessischer Hof. Frankfurt’s wealthy have met at this classic bar since 1951. Watching them from one of the red armchairs is an interesting experience. A pianist performs every evening.

​Address: Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 40, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 75400​Website:​More info: Located within the hotel Hessischer Hof
Maintower Lounge & Restaurant

With a view over the rooftops of Frankfurt, the Maintower Lounge & Restaurant offers a modern and first-class place to enjoy a drink or two. Here you can also have dinner or an aperitif before a night out.

​Address: Neue Mainzer Strasse 52-58, Frankfurt ​Phone: +49 69 36 50 47 77 ​Website:
KingKamehameha Beach Club

Even though a city without coastline, Frankfurt offers one of the best beach club scenes in Germany. At the KingKamehameha Beach Club you can enjoy colourful drinks and play a game of volleyball.

​Address: Hafeninsel 2, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 4800 3790​Website:​Opening hours: Open during summer
Cocoon Club

Techno guru Sven Väth is Germany’s premiere DJ and he really shines at his very own techno palace. The Cocoon Club occupies a former factory and within its modernist architecture is also a club, a lounge and a restaurant.

​Address: Carl-Benz-Straße 21, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 174 445 5522​Website:

This old bomb shelter is nowadays a dance club full of young people and students. The music ranges from reggae and pop to old classics. Sometimes you can go and see local live bands play here.

​Address: Stegstrasse 59, Frankfurt​Website:

Right in the heart of the city you can find Jazzkeller, a club that has hosted some of the world’s best jazz musicians through the years. The club is normally closed on Mondays and Tuesdays unless there is a special concert. All other nights of the week you can enjoy live concerts and jam sessions.

​Address: Kleine Bockenheimerstr. 18a, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 28 85 37​Website:
Dauth Schneider

Another good place to try the famous apple wine is at the Dauth Schneider. You can find it in a cellar down a cobblestoned street. Here you can also enjoy dishes like potatoes and sausages.

​Address: Klappergasse 39, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 61 35 33​Website:
Club Voltaire

Club Voltaire is a cultural club that offers different events and readings, perfect for all culture vultures out there. Here you can also enjoy traditional food and wine.

​Address: Kleine Hochstrasse 5, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 2924 08​Website:
Luna Bar

This bar was once called the best cocktail bar in Germany, to see if this statement is true you should pay this one a visit. Luna Bar offers a cosy atmosphere and live bands on Mondays.

​Address: Stiftstrasse 6, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 84 77 65 72​Website:

Barhundert is a bustling bar right in the middle of the city. Here you can drink cocktails, both classics and unique ones, in the company of friends and listen to DJ's spin electronic music.

​Address: Stiftstrasse 34, Frankfurt ​Phone: +49 69 928 827 57​Website:
Elfer Music Club

If you are a rock, metal or indie fan, you will feel right at home at the Elfer Music Club. Here you can enjoy live music and grab a few beers.

​Address: Klappergasse 5, Frankfurt​Phone: +69 4786 9559​Website:
Balalaika Bar & Music Venue

This old bar, dating back to 1968, is a real favourite among many of its guests. At the cosy and guest friendly Balalaika Bar & Music Venue you can enjoy live music and good beer.

​Address: Schifferstr. 3, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 612 226​Opening hours: Closed on Sundays
Birmingham Pub

For a traditional English and guest friendly pub you can head to the Birmingham Pub in the heart of Frankfurt. This cosy place shows major sport events and offers great food and drinks.

​Address: Battonnstr. 50, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 287 471​Website:
Goethe Bar

This place is probably not a good alternative if you want to go out, considering that it is located at the Frankfurt Airport. However, if you want to enjoy a last treat while in Frankfurt, The Goethe Bar is a good choice. Here you can order a glass of champagne as well as wine and coffee.

​Address: Frankfurt Airport, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 690 73127​More info: Terminal 1, Area B

The Minibar is just what it sounds like, a small bar, and you can find it at the beautiful Berger Strasse. This is a good place to go for a drink and if you are hungry, there are plenty of restaurants nearby.

​Address: Berger Str. 14, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 162 849 23 76​Website:
Katana Club

The classy Katana Club combines glamour and taste, and the interior is truly stunning. If you are looking for a world class level club, you can definitely give this one a try. This place is located right by the Japan Tower.

​Address: Taunustor 2, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 710 489 411​Website:
O'Reilly's Irish Pub

The traditional Irish pub O'Reilly's offers a cosy atmosphere and good homemade food. Besides eating and drinking, you can also watch sports event or visit for one of their karaoke nights.

​Address: Am Hauptbahnhof 4, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 264 878 78​Website:
There are fun shops in most areas of Frankfurt, but the most popular shopping area is in the centre of the city. The main pedestrian street Zeil offers two classic department stores, Kaufhof and Karstadt. This is also where you will find the Zeilgalerie mall with its seven floors and a roof terrace with great views of the city. The westernmost part of Zeil eventually changes its name to Fressgass. If you are looking for Gucci, Escada and Versace your best bet is to head for Goethestrasse, a more exclusive version of Zeil. Nearby, Schillerstrasse has a nice market every Friday morning. In the Sachsenhausen area, south of the Maine River, is a more charming shopping area that caters to younger people. The main street, Schweizerstrasse, is full of delis, bookshops, trendy cafes and shops like Hype and Bailly Diehl. The general pace of things is also slower here than over on Zeil. On Saturdays from 8 am-2 pm a large flea market takes over the area around the Museumsufer Embankment. Those who are looking for funkier shopping should go to the Bornheim area. Bergerstrasse has exciting design, fashion and vintage shops. Go there on a Saturday morning and experience the farmers market by the Uhrtürmchen clock tower. Kontrast, on Hanauer Landstrasse 297, in the Ostend area, has six floors of modern furniture design in a distinctively East Berlin style building.
Wertheim Village

The serene setting of Wertheim Village promises exclusive German labels as well as international names, reduced by up to 60% off the former recommended retail price, 50 minutes from central Frankfurt.

​Address: Almosenberg, Wertheim​Phone: +49 9342 91 99 100​Website:

The main pedestrian street Zeil offers two classic department stores, one of them is the Kaufhof. This department store is famous throughout Germany and offers everything from clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, sports equipment and much more.

​Address: Zeil 116-126, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 2191 0​Website:

The other famous German department store in Zeil is called Karstadt. Like Kaufhof, the Karstadt department store offers everything from clothing for the whole family and cosmetics to accessories and eateries.

​Address: Zeil 90, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 92905 0 ​Website:
Zeilgalerie Mall

At Zeil you can also find the Zeilgalerie mall with its seven floors and a roof terrace with great views of the city. Here you can find shops like H&M, United Colors of Benetton and Lush.

​Address: Zeil 112-114, Frankfurt​Website:​Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10 am-8 pm

If you are looking for Gucci, Escada and Versace your best bet is to head for Goethestrasse, a more exclusive version of Zeil. This is the place to find high-end brands.

​Address: Goethestrasse, Frankfurt
Market on Schillerstrasse

Near Zeil there is the Schillerstrasse street that has a nice market every Friday morning. Here you can buy fresh food and vegetables, handicrafts and a bunch of oddities.

​Address: Schillerstrasse, Frankfurt​Opening hours: Every Friday
Sachsenhausen Area

The Sachsenhausen area, south of the Maine River, is a more charming shopping area that caters to younger people. The main street, Schweizerstrasse, is full of delis, bookshops, trendy cafes and shops like Hype and Bailly Diehl. The general pace of things is also slower here than over on Zeil.

​Address: Sachsenhausen Area, Frankfurt
Flea market at the Museumsufer Embankment

On Saturdays, in the Sachsenhausen area, there is a large flea market from 8 am-2 pm that takes over the area around the Museumsufer Embankment.

​Address: Museumsufer Embankment, Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt​Opening hours: Sat 8 am-2 pm

The boutique Kontrast, on Hanauer Landstrasse 297, in the Ostend area, has six floors of modern furniture design in a distinctively East Berlin style building.

​Address: Hanauer Landstraße 297, Frankfurt ​Phone: +49 69 90 43 93 0​Website:
Farmers Market

Go to Bergerstrasse on a Saturday morning and experience the farmers market by the Uhrtürmchen clock tower. Here you can find fresh vegetables, food and much more.

​Address: Bergerstrasse, Frankfurt​Opening hours: Saturday morning

Those who are looking for funkier shopping should go to the Bornheim area. Bergerstrasse in particular has exciting design, fashion and vintage shops.

​Address: Bergerstrasse, Frankfurt

This world famous brand soon has a store in every mid size town and in Frankfurt you can find several outlets. Here you can find the latest fashion for men, women and children, everything from street wear to the more up-dressed look.

​Address: Zeil 72-82, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 920 376 84​Website:

At Mango, the urban young woman finds everything from sleek work-wear to the fabulous cocktail dress to reasonable prices. Match your new outfit with the perfect shoes and accessories that you also find here. There are several shops across the city and one of them is located on:

​Address: Zeil 72-82, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 699 288 18 55​Website:

At Görtz you can go shopping for shoes and accessories for the whole family. Here you can find famous brands like Michael Kors, Marc O'Polo, Birkenstock and UGG Australia.

​Address: Zeil 65-69, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 209 768 00​Website:

C&A was founded by Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer and dates all the way back to the 17th century. Today it is a widely recognized clothes shops and you can find it in various locations all over the world. This is a good place to go for the latest trends, sustainable fashion, and all at an affordable price.

​Address: Zeil 48, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 299 810​Website:
Peek & Cloppenburg

This popular clothes chain can be found in various location in the centrals parts of Europe. Peek & Cloppenburg offers the latest fashion trends at affordable prices.

​Address: Zeil 71-75, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 298950​Website:

This international brand offers quality and creativity and in 2010 the largest Esprit store in the whole world opened its doors in Frankfurt. You can find what they call the ‘World of Esprit’ ideally located at Zeil.

​Address: Zeil 121, Frankfurt​Website:​Opening hours: Mon-Sat 10 am-8 pm

For all women and men in need of new make-up, perfume, accessories and other products, Douglas is there save you. Douglas is a well-known perfume chain, perfect for both spontaneous shopping sprees and those times when you seem to be running out of everything in your bathroom cabinet.

​Address: Zeil 98-102, Frankfurt ​Phone: +49 69 1338 69150​Website:

s.Oliver can be found in various locations throughout the city. Here you can find clothes for everyone and every occasion, something they say is the secret to their success. Come here for excellent quality and the latest trends.

​Address: Europa-Allee 6 DE, Frankfurt​Website:​Opening hours: From 10 am
Gerry Weber

Gerry Weber is a well-known international brand that combines lifestyle and fashion. They aim to inspire women all over the world and you can find their stores in 68 countries. Frankfurt has several outlets, one of them is located on:

​Address: Zeil 98, Frankfurt​Phone: +49 69 2972 2308​Website:
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