Book flights to Kaunas with Ryanair and visit the city that was once the capital of Lithuania, and that to many is still its heart! Kaunas is a wonderful place with a rich history but an eye on the future that makes it ever more attractive as a city break destination. Take some time to explore the charming Old Town, and if you only do one thing when you’re there, climb the steps of Christ’s Resurrection Church and enjoy an incredible view of the city. A stroll down Laisves Boulevard is the perfect way to really get acquainted with the city and soak up its vibrant atmosphere. Book fights to Kaunas today!
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Visit! The remarkable Old Town which is a collection of ancient architectural monuments: the remnants of the 14th century with remains of Kaunas castle, the buildings of the Middle Ages in the Gothic and the Art Déco styles. The Kaunas Fortress is a valuable military heritage composed of a number of constructions that used to be a military complex. There are nine Forts around the city and the IXth Fort serves a museum. The macabre collection of nearly 3,000 devils at the Devils' Museum and the exhibitions showing the unique artistic styles of composer and painter M. K. Ciurlionis, as well as J. Maciunas initiator of the avant-garde Fluxus art movement.
Kaunas city tour

Working days: II - VI Tour starts from: 1. TOWN HALL 10:00, 11:20, 12:40*, 15:00, 16:10 2. PARK INN HOTEL 10:10, 11:30, 12:50*, 15:10 3. DEVIL'S MUSEUM 10:15, 11:35, 12:55*, 15:15 4. KAUNAS HOTEL 10:20, 11:40, 13:00*, 15:20 * Tour to PAŽAISIS MONASTERY with audio guide. DURATION 2.20 h. Working days: VII - I Tour starts from: 1. TOWN HALL 10:00, 11:20, 12:40, 14:20, 15:40 2. PARK INN HOTEL 10:10, 11:30, 12:50**, 14:30, 15:50 3. DEVIL'S MUSEUM 10:15, 11:35, 12:55**, 14:35, 15.55 4. KAUNAS HOTEL 10:20, 11:40, 13:00**, 14:40, 16:00 **30 min. stop at TOWN HALL SQUARE during this tour. Duration: 1.10 h. 8 languages: English, Russian, Lithuanian, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish.

​Phone: +370 5 261 5558​Website:​More info: NO TOURS ON WINTER SEASONTickets: Price: 40 Lt (12 €) 1.10 h.; TOUR TO PAŽAISLIS MONASTERY 50 LTL (15 EUR)
Architecture. Modernism

Modernism ideas which spread fast among most countries of the Western World after World War I soon emerged in Lithuania as well. In 1920 when Poland occupied Vilnius, Kaunas became the capital of the independent Republic of Lithuania (1920–1939) and the most important Lithuanian city. As the economy was growing, it was sought to make the capital a modern European city. Lithuanian architects started to design and build houses in the style of modernism, in German called the Bauhaus, which was avant-garde in Europe and the USA at that time. Up to the present day Kaunas is probably the only city in the world where so many buildings of this style were built and have remained intact. Each of the architects who created here had their own individual style which was distinguished for different modern variations. These variations included historical elements, a search for national style or just attempts to convey the main modernism principles. Buildings: Central Post Office (Laisvės al. 102); Kaunas City Municipality (Laisvės al. 96) Vytautas the Great War Museum (K. Donelaičio g. 64); M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art (V. Putvinskio g. 55); Christ's Resurrection Church (Aukštaičių g.4);

​Address: Kaunas​Website:
Trips by boat

Boat trips by "Aitra" boat along the Nemunas River. During the trip you can try the Lithuanian dishes and various snacks and meals at the Shepherd’s Inn. Timetable: Friday 19.00 Saturday and Sunday 12.00, 14.00, 16.30, 19.00

​Phone: (+370 37) 200 913​Website:​Opening hours: Friday 19.00, Saturday and Sunday 12.00, 14.00, 16.30, 19.00Tickets: 24.00 LTL
The ship "Perlas"

The ship “Perlas” can carry up to 50 passengers. For overnight stay 4 cozy cabins provide accommodation for 13 passengers. The ship “Perlas” can be hired with the crew for a few hours, a day or a week as required.

​Address: Nemunas Travel, JSC​Phone: (+370) 609 86020​Website:​Opening hours: As required
Town Hall Square – (Rotušės Aikštė)

Town Hall is distinguished by its slenderness and grace; it is often called The White Swan. Its tower of height of 53 meters is the highest in the old city. Present Town Hall located in the square was not the first in Kaunas. The previous one was destroyed by the fire. New Town Hall started to be built in the marketplace centre in 1542. Ceramics museum is founded in the basement. Wax melting furnaces of the 15th century were discovered near the tower in 1973. Since 2002, one of the furnaces is exposed in the paving.

​Address: Rotušės Aikštė Old Town
Kaunas Castle

Supposedly, the first brick castle at the confluence of the rivers the Nemunas and the Neris was built at the 14th century when the attacks of Teutonic Order began. The castle was fence-type, without towers, it had double walls from stones and bricks from the outside. This defensive castle framed a powerful barrier and the knights did not resolve to attack the castle for decades, thus they used to bypass Kaunas in war marches. However, the castle of Kaunas was strongly broken down by a flood of the river Neris. Both northern towers and more than a half of the castle walls were blown down after the water wash.

​Address: Pilies g. 17, Kaunas​Phone: +370 37 300 672​Website:​Opening hours: II-VI 10.00-18.00, VII 10.00-16.00Subway: Trolleybus no. 7 from bus or train station terminates at the castle site.Tickets: 4 Lt
Kaunas funiculars

Aleksotas funicular (Amerikos lietuvių g.) This unique mean of transportation was built in 1935. Authentic traction equipment, which has functioned for more than seventy years, is still in use today, including the genuine pre-war wagon, wooden seats, and stop platforms. Even today the funicular takes people up the Aleksotas hill, from which the panorama of the Kaunas city centre and Old town is wide open. Kaunas is the only city among Baltic States, where such means of transportation is available. Aleksotas funicular operates: I-V 7.00 - 18.00 (10.00 -13.00. break), VI -9.00-16.00 (12.00-13.00 break) VII - Closed. Žaliakalnis funicular (Aušros g. 6) It is the oldest funicular in Lithuania and was constructed by the engineering office Curt Rudolph Transportanlagen from Dresden, Germany with electric equipment from "AEG" and mechanical parts from Bell Maschinenfabrik, Switzerland. The official opening was on 5th of August in 1931 with one passenger car, while the second car was only a platform ballasted with stones used to counterbalance the passenger car. Kaunas is the only city in Lithuania with this type of transport. In the residential district of Žaliakalnis these "climbing cars" serve both as a means of transport and entertainment. Žaliakalnis funicular provides an easy way of reaching the Resurrection Church from the city centre. Žaliakalnis funicular operates: I - V 7.00 - 19.00 VI, VII 9.00 - 19.00

​Address: Aleksotas funicular (Amerikos lietuvių g.)/ Žaliakalnis funicular (Aušros g. 6)​Phone: Aleksotas funicular: (+370 37) 391 086/ Žaliakalnis funicular: (+370 37) 425 882​Opening hours: Aleksotas funicular operates: I-V 7.00 - 18.00 (10.00 -13.00. break), VI -9.00-16.00 (12.00-13.00 break) VII - Closed./ Žaliakalnis funicular operates: I - V 7.00 - 19.00, VI, VII 9.00 - 19.00Tickets: Aleksotas funicular: 1.8 Lt / Žaliakalnis funicular: 1 Lt
Devil's Museum

The most unusual collection of devils in the world. The Devils' museum, as the name suggests is the museum where all the devils are housed. With three floors and over two thousand exhibits of devils of various sizes, shapes, colours and materials, this is a very amazing museum that boasts of having the largest collection of devils in a single place in the whole world. A large part of the collection comes from the personal collector named Antanas Žmuidzinavičius and it is present on the first floor of the Devils' museum.

​Address: V.Putvinskio g. 64, Kaunas​Phone: +370 37 221 587​Website:​Opening hours: II-VII 11.00 - 17.00Tickets: 6 Lt/ 3 Lt
Christ's Resurrection church

It started to be built in 1932 under the project of the architect K. Reisonas. The church is assumed to be the symbol of the Lithuanian independence. It was built from the contributions of people. When Lithuania lost its independence, the construction was already ending, however, there was no interior and the outside was not daubed. In 1940, the church was confiscated, and machine shop of the Radio factory was founded in 1952. In 1989, the building was returned to religious community and after 70 years from the construction beginning the church was sanctified on December 24th in 2004. Visitors have the possibility to go to the observation deck on the church roof to enjoy the panoramic view of the city.

​Address: Žemaičių g. 31, Kaunas​Phone: (+370 37) 229 222​Website:​Opening hours: TERRACE opening hours March - September: Monday - Friday 11.30 - 18:30 Saturday - Sunday 11.00 - 6.30 October - February: Monday - Friday 12.00 - 18.00 Saturday - Sunday 11.00 - 18.00 Tickets: Elevator - 8 Lt/ 4 Lt; Upstairs - 4 Lt/ 1 Lt
The Historical Presidential Palace

The building was constructed in 1860. In 1876, the czarist government bought it and established the residence of the governor. When Lithuanian Independence was restored and Kaunas became the provisional capital of Lithuania, this building from 1919 to 1940 was the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania. Presidents of Lithuania A. Smetona, K. Grinius and A. Stulginskis used to live and work in this palace. Today the Historical Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania in Kaunas functions as a memorial-educational institution of Lithuanian modern statehood. The permanent exposition at the Palace reflects the history of the First Republic of Lithuania (1918 – 1940). Periodic temporary exhibitions commemorate outstanding historical figures and events.

​Address: Vilniaus g. 33, Kaunas​Phone: +370 37 201 778​Website:​Opening hours: II-VII 11 .00 - 17.00Tickets: 4 Lt
Laisvės (Freedom) Avenue

It is the avenue of length of 1621 meters: two lines of trees planted in the middle of the avenue created the recreation and walking area. Already from the end of the 19th century, it became an administrational, commercial and cultural centre of the city. After the reconstruction from 1982, Laisvės Avenue became a pedestrian street. It is favourite place of the walk and meetings of Kaunas citizens.

​Address: Laisvės al.
St. Peter & Paul’s Cathedral

St. Peter & Paul's is the largest Gothic structure in Lithuania as well as the country’s only Gothic church with a basilica floor-plan as opposed to the usual cross-shaped design. The breath-taking interior, which stands among one of the most beautiful of its kind in the country, boasts nine separate altars with the high-Baroque main altar being the central focus. The light Renaissance and Baroque touches are the result of renovations from the middle of the 17th century.

​Address: Vilniaus g. 1, Kaunas​Phone: +370 37 324 093​Website: http://www.kaunoarkikatedra.ltTickets: Entrance free.
Vytautas Church

The first Gothic Church built by Franciscan monks. Kaunas medieval monument is the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary's Ascension, which since 1930, since the years of the anniversary of Vytautas the Great is called by the name of Vytautas. The church of Franciscans was built around 1400. According to the legend, Vytautas the Great Lithuanian Duke who build the church, escaped from the lost battle of Vorskla with tartars in Ukraine. The church suffered from the fires and floods many times; however it maintained its initial design, gothic forms. There is a Nemunas river water-measure scale attached to the side door of the church showing the greatest floods over the last centuries.

​Address: Aleksoto g. 3, Kaunas​Phone: +370 37 203 854​Website: http://vytautine.lcn.ltTickets: Entrance free.
St. George Church and Bernardines' Monastery

It is considered to be one of the first churches in Kaunas. A wooden church near the castle was built for Bernardines monks who settled in the city in 1468. A brick St. George church began to be built in 1471. It is unknown precisely when it was finished, but it was already functioning from 1503. High span roof, large volume and unplastered brick walls accentuate the Gothic nature of the building. The church contains three naves and five spans. The walls of width of 1.4 meter are buttressed by massive abutments. This church suffered from the fires, wars, and was reconstructed more than once. In 1812, Napoleon's army turned the church to the flour storehouse. For the last time big repair of the church was performed in 1936. There was the storehouse during the post-war. The monks recovered the church, which was indeed in a sad state, in 2005. A brick building lying next to the church was built in the 16th century, which maintained many elements typical to the pointed style.

​Address: Papilio g. 7, 9, Kaunas​Phone: (+370 37) 224 659
Stumbras museum

"Stumbras Museum" gives an overview on the development of alcohol consumption culture in Lithuania and presents the role of the company in the process of industrialization. Visitors may get acquainted with the history of the distillery: century-old buildings, documents from archives and photographs. The exposition shows a collection of historical things related with "Stumbras" company including devices used in the process of production, labels and packing variety. A part of the museum is devoted to a room of Mykolas Velykis who was a co-owner of the distillery in the interwar period. The room is furnished following authentic traditions of those times. Visitors of "Stumbras Museum" have an exceptional opportunity to walk around the distillery and see how Stumbras’ drinks are produced and bottled in present modern factory.

​Address: K.Būgos g. 7, Kaunas​Phone: +370 686 94388​Website:​Opening hours: Opening hours - as greedTickets: Excursion without degustation -18 Lt; Excursion + degustation of 4 drinks - 25 Lt; Excursion + degustation of 8 drinks - 40 Lt; Excursion + degustation of 10 drinks - 60 Lt
Lithuanian Bank

International contest of the project of Lithuanian bank was declared, and the first place was taken by the team of the architects from Paris. However, the designed building was too expensive, therefore a new project was assigned to be prepared by M. Songaila, the professor of Lithuanian architecture and the chairman of the jury committee. The construction was finished in 1928. The Bank is the building on the corner, having different façades, which is monumental, and distinguishes for its magnificence. A sculptural group with national and Lithuania's statehood symbols is pictured in front of a half-round window in the triangle gable on the main façade. Fortunately, it was protected from destruction during the Soviet period by concreting over the Lithuanian symbols - pillars of Vytis and Gediminas. Antique themes predominate in the Operation hall. It is one of the safest banks. The valuables are secure in the pre-war English safe-deposits. Interior of 1929 was restored in 1996-1997. It is one of the most valuable inter-war buildings of social purpose. The Museum was opened in the bank, which presents exhibits related to the development of banking and monetary relations in Lithuania, videotapes on the Bank of Lithuania, production of currency and its security features.

​Address: Maironio g. 25, Kaunas​Phone: +370 37 490 615​Website:
Pažaislis Abbey Museum

In 2011 a small museum was opened inside the ensemble which traces the history of the buildings from their founding to the present and the origin of the Sisters of St. Casimir.

​Address: T. Masiulio g. 31, Kaunas​Phone: +370 37 458 868​Website:​Opening hours: Open II-V 10.00 - 17.00 p.m., VI 10.00 - 16.00 Closed Mon, Sun.Tickets: 10 Lt/ 5 Lt
Vytautas the Great Bridge (Vytauto Didžiojo tiltas)

The original bridge on wooden poles was built in 1812. It was used by Napoleon's Army fleeing from Russia. North-western region, while Aleksotas and Užnemunė belonged to Poland, where the Napoleonic Code and even different calendars were used. Jokingly, Aleksotas Bridge was called the longest bridge in the world: the Slavic (Julian) calendar was used in the province of Kaunas, whereas Užnemunė used the Catholic (Gregorian) calendar; therefore, it took 13 days to cross the bridge (the old calendar was 13 days behind the new one). The bridge had a draw mechanism, which did not function properly and, therefore, was never used.

​Address: Vytauto Didžiojo tiltas
St. Francis Ksaveras Church and Jesuits' Monastery

A baroque Jesuits' church with the buildings of the monastery and the school from the both sides predominates in the southern side of the square. Jesuits started establishing in this block since 1642. The most valuable building of this complex is considered to be the baroque St. Francis Ksaveras Church, which started to be built in 1666, however was sanctified only in 1759. There were difficulties when building this church, it even burnt several times. TERRACE: the rooftop terrace offers undoubtedly the best views of the Town Hall.

​Address: Rotušės a. 7, 8, 9, Kaunas​Phone: +370 641 44614​Website:​Opening hours: Terrace: May-September V-VI 11.00 - 16.00Tickets: 5 Lt/ 2,5 Lt
Kaunas Botanical Garden

More than 7000 plant taxon comprise botanical collections and expositions. Well-groomed and rich plant expositions, the largest Green house in Lithuania, picturesque old park with a unique pond system and bridges, numerous buildings of Aukstoji Freda estate bears romantic historical spirit and creates calm natural environment for visitors.

​Address: Ž. E. Žilibero g. 6, Kaunas​Phone: (+370 37) 390 033​Website:​Opening hours: I-V 9.00 - 18.00 P.M. VI-VII 9.00 - 19.00Subway: Bus N°20 from the Castle or Bus N°25 City centerTickets: 8 Lt/ 6 Lt/ 2 Lt/ 1 Lt
The nuclear bunker. Museum.

The nuclear bunker was established 6 meters underground in the civil safety bomb shelter of the Soviet period. In the nuclear bunker you can see some exclusive exhibits of technical equipment from World War I, interwar, World War II, Cold War and contemporary times. You can also get acquainted with the exposition of the technical development of civil safety. There are many portable devises for scanning radiation and chemical environment and a variety of protection measures from various kinds of dangers exposed in the bunker.

​Address: Raudondvario pl. 164 A​Phone: +370 682 66666​Website:
Open Air Museum of Lithuania

It is a unique and one of the largest (195 ha) open-air ethnographic museums in Europe. It has the biggest quantity of exhibits (140 buildings and over 88 000 mobile exhibits). The museum presents the mode of life, works, and traditions of peasants and townspeople of all Lithuanian ethnographic areas: Dzūkija, Aukštaitija, Suvalkija, Žemaitija and Lithuania Minor. There are fragments of the villages, authentic farms, century-old buildings with flower gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens, with crosses and wooden roofed poles, technical facilities – mills, forges, a fulling-mill and oil-mill lining along 7 km circular route, meandering between forests, meadows and hills. In the centre of the museum there is a fragment of a township with its typical buildings, where pots are shaped, amber and wood works are done and weaving process of linen is presented. Guided tours, educational programs, calendar feasts, folk group concerts are being organized in the museum.

​Address: L. Lekavičiaus g. 2, LT-56337 Rumšiškės, Kaišiadorių r.​Phone: +370 346 47392​Website:​Opening hours: May- September I-VII 10.00 - 18; October-March III-VII 10.00 - 16.00​More info: The museum is situated near the highway A1/E85, Vilnius - Kaunas, 25 km from Kaunas.Subway: The most comfortable access by your own transport. Minibuses and buses from Kaunas bus station to "Rumšiškės" are available. Tickets: 10 Lt /5 Lt
Bike tours/ bike rental

The tours organized by Babilonas are designed for groups of up to 40 people. Services: experienced tour guide, bike rental, transportation and technical assistance, and renting of helmets, gloves and bike baskets. The guests may additionally order lunch packs or other services, including bathhouse, tents, camping sites, etc.

​Address: Žalioji g. 38A, Kaunas​Phone: +370 37 202545​Website:
The Capitals Golf Club

The Capitals Golf Club is the first professional 18 hole golf course in Lithuania. The course lies in a dramatically varied landscape containing natural lakes, streams, wooded areas and magnificent views of the unspoiled surrounding countryside.

​Address: Pipiriškių k., Pastrėvio sen. 21331 Elektrėnų sav. Lithuania​Phone: (+370) 619 99999​Website:​Opening hours: Mon - Sun: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
The city has many restaurants, cafes and bars that offer a wide variety of dishes, ranging from Lithuanian cuisine to gourmet and exotic food to suit every taste and budget. It is highly recommended that while in Kaunas, to try the great potato dumplings – the Cepelinai (Zeppelin), the cold beetroot soup (Šaltibarščiai) and the „live“ (non-pasteurised) Lithuanian honey beer. Wholesome simple ingredients are the key to Lithuanian cooking. Traditionally cold winters and harsh times are reflected in the “Hunter’s” menu we see today – there aren’t many parts of an animal that don’t go into the Lithuanian pot. Meat is heartily served with staple vegetables such as potato and cabbage. If you need an advice where to eat in Kaunas, please visit or contact Kaunas Tourism Information Centre (Laisvės al. 36, tel. +370 37 323 436) qualified specialists will give you the best advice.

Set in the atmospheric basement of the stylish Kaunas Hotel, this restaurant oozes romance. It’s a real treat!

​Address: Laisvės al. 79​Phone: +370 37 750 870​Website:
Bernelių Užeiga

Traditional cuisine restaurant located in the Old Town. Make sure you try the soup in the bowl made from bread.

​Address: M. Valančiaus g. 9​Phone: +370 37 200 913​Website:
Medziotoju Uzeiga

A recognised, local restaurant serving such delights as Venison in a Cherry Sauce.

​Address: Rotušės a. 10​Phone: +370 37 320 956​Website:
Ramzis II

An Egyptian restaurant in the centre of the city, offering a variety of staple Middle Eastern delicacies.

​Address: M. Daukšos g. 29​Phone: +370 37 324 301​Website:
Senieji Rusiai

A terrace to dine at while enjoying views of the Old Town or a medieval brick vaulted cellar inside, complete with frescoed walls by candle light.

​Address: Vilniaus g. 34​Phone: +370 37 202 806​Website:

Legendary restaurant - brewery „Avilys“, situated in Kaunas Old Town in an ancient vault.

​Address: Vilniaus g. 34​Phone: +370 37 203 476​Website:

It is a restaurant settled in the 16th century building in the main square of Kaunas old town. It is not just a wine-house, wine restaurant and beer restaurant – it is also the cultural centre of Kaunas old town.

​Address: Rotušės a. 4​Phone: +370 685 08662​Website:

The restaurant's "Svarstykles" chefs offer delicious European dishes. Here chefs from Beijing to produce for you according to the Beijing City Chinese recipes for special dishes.

​Address: T. Masiulio g. 18E​Phone: +370 37 452 433​Website:
Buon Giorno Taverna

​Address: Vilniaus g. 34​Phone: +370 620 63777 ​Website:
Restaurant 1410

The stylish, spacious "1410" restaurant, located in "Žalgiris" arena.

​Address: Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 50​Phone: +370 611 22033​Website:​More info:

​Address: Savanorių pr. 178, Kaunas ​Phone: +370 657 24242​More info:

The restaurant Diverso offers European cuisine with grill elements. The restaurant is perfect for business lunches or dinners. Restaurant offers cooking show with a degustation of local dishes with a local drinks.

​Address: K. Donelaičio g. 27, Kaunas ​Phone: +370 37 306 226 ​Website:​More info: Hotel „Park Inn Kaunas“
Gan Bei city

Chinese cuisine and Japanese sushi-bar, with a stylish design.

​Address: Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49, Kaunas ​Phone: +370 37 223 223 ​Website:​More info: Shopping center „Akropolis“

Restaurant is located in the authentic, 500-years old wine cellar.

​Address: M. Valančiaus g. 7, Kaunas ​Phone: +370 37 242 282 ​Website:
La Bodega Del Toro

Spanish cuisine and a big variety of wines.

​Address: Vilniaus g. 22, Kaunas ​Phone: +370 620 96464
La Rouge

Le Rouge Brasserie & Cafe. French restaurant, located in the heart of Old Town.

​Address: Vilniaus g. 26 Kaunas​Phone: +370 60662736 ​Website:​More info:

Portofino is all about Italy - food, wines, music – even interior narrates visitors about this special and magical place in the world.

​Address: Savanorių pr. 404, Kaunas ​Phone: (+370 37) 490302 ​Website:
Grizzly Grill & Salad

Grilled food, stakes, salad. Breakfast menu. Free WiFi internet access.

​Address: Savanorių pr. 439, Kaunas ​Phone: +370 690 20000​More info:
Magnus hotel restaurant

European cuisine, cosy and modern restaurant on the ground floor of the Magnus Hotel.

​Address: Vytauto pr. 25, Kaunas​Phone: +370 37 340 000 ​Website:​More info:
In Tilsit

​Address: Vytauto pr. 32, Kaunas ​Phone: (+370 37) 210405 ​Website:​More info:
Piano Piano

Italian cuisine and home wines.

​Address: Rotušės a. 4, Kaunas ​Phone: +370 662 42453 ​Website:​More info:
Flamenco Café & Vino

Great place for a summertime outdoor coffee as well as the great place in town of Spanish food.

​Address: Laisvės al. 74, Kaunas​Phone: +370 620 832 77
Trattoria Piccola Italia

The stylish Italian restaurant radiating homely warmth located in the centre of Kaunas. Homemade pasta, Italian pizzas, salads, desserts and carefully selected wines from the best Italian wine regions.

​Address: Maironio g. 22, Kaunas​Phone: +370 685 61212​Website:

Located in Kaunas picture gallery.

​Address: K. Donelaičio g. 16, Kaunas​Phone: +370 676 36928
Monte Pacis

Restaurant Monte Pacis is headed by chef Darius Dabrovolskas, a bronze winner of Culinary olympics 2012. A la Carte menu, based on local and seasonal products, innovatively and tastefully combines the culinary heritages of different epoques and cultures that once existed and still exist in Pažaislis. The wine list includes authentic wine made by the monks. Two Monte Pacis indoor hallsare perfectly fit for different types of events, conferences or concerts.

​Address: T. Masiulio g. 31, Kaunas​Phone: +37065595185​Website:

Fresh and tasty. Talutti invites you to taste and get to know dishes from all over the world.

​Address: Taikos pr. 12, Kaunas​Phone: +37065668999​Website:

Asian restaurant located in the Old Town. A special and unique place with luxury atmosphere and architecture.

​Address: Vilniaus g. 10, Kaunas​Phone: +37061264640
Galeria Urbana

Mediterranean restaurant located in the Old Town.

​Address: Vilniaus g. 22, Kaunas​Phone: +370 620 96464
Pas Stanley

European cuisine. Our premier goal is hundred percent guests satisfaction, and this is not only the words, but a fact which all our acting and activities are concerned around!

​Address: Vilniaus g. 24, Kaunas​Phone: +370 650 36506​Website:
Raw Inn

Raw Inn - is passionate about supporting you in embracing a new level of body and mind health. Our mission is to share sophisticated, mouth - watering tastes of healthy raw vegan living.

​Address: Vilniaus gatvė 30 - 1, Kaunas​Phone: +370 37 207631​Website:
Kavos Klubas

Literally “Coffee Club” – there is a cosy aromatic air about this place. Also stocks quality teas.

​Address: M. Valančiaus g. 19​Phone: +370 37 229 669
Vero Café

This is a popular coffee shop. From the early morning until late at the evening it is full of coffee lovers at Vero Café.

​Address: Laisvės al. 75​Phone: +370 618 55402​Website:

Presto Cafe has the tasty coffee an excellent variety and different kinds of tea too.

​Address: Laisvės alėja 90​Phone: (+370 37) 210 290​Website:
Coffee Inn

Great central location, cosy atmosphere, very tasty coffee.

​Address: Laisvės al. 72 ​Phone: +370 699 77541
Murklio kepyklėlė

The Bake House offers fresh cakes, rolls, biscuits, buns, cheesecakes and a lot more. This is a great place for a tasty snack.

​Address: Vilniaus g. 37-9​Phone: +370 678 42717​Website:
Caffe Mio

Caffe MIO - located in the city centre, offers you a various coffee types.

​Address: Laisvės al. 31​Phone: +370 640 44297

Alkava is confectionery which offers exclusively handmade cakes, pastries, pies, huge variety of sweets and rolls.

​Address: A. Mickevičiaus g. 40​Phone: +370 37 209 981 ​Website:

An old, but a great place for tasty doughnut. Lithuanian doughnut, known as a "spurga", is similar to the international doughnut but not quite the same. Spurgos a few other snacks plus the array of coffee, tea or other light refreshments.

​Address: Laisvės al. 84​Phone: (+370 37) 200 355

Arbatine is a vegetarian café in the very centre of Kaunas. Vegan-friendly. English menu.

​Address: Laisves al. 106 ​Phone: +370 601 55526
Kavos karieta

​Address: Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49, Kaunas​Phone: +370 687 24334​Website:​More info:
Predominantly in the Old Town, bars are the place to sit and people-watch. Stylish interiors sit comfortably with traditional ale houses – there is something for everyone in this exciting, full of life city. From thumping house to cool jazz, Kaunas has a club scene befitting its young, dynamic image. Bold and innovative, you won’t leave until the early hours of the morning.

This award winning brewery serves one of the most celebrated beers in Lithuania – Alus.

​Address: Vilniaus g. 34​Phone: +370 37 203 476​Website:

Its name is short for “Blue Orange.” Popular with local students, energetic and busy at weekends.

​Address: Muitines g. 9​Phone: +370 37 206 542​Website:
Crazy House

Bizarre and quite unique, the pneumatic furniture actually moves to the beat when the evening starts to heat up.

​Address: Vilniaus g. 16​Phone: +370 37 321 434​Website:

A club that plays live music. Great place for concerts of good music, discos, acoustic evenings, or karaoke.

​Address: Laisvės al. 59 (V floor ), Kaunas ​Phone: +370 657 45003 ​Website:​More info:
Dejavu Party Bar

​Address: Rotušės a. 2, Kaunas​Phone: +370 608 96417 ​Opening hours: IV- VI 11.00 p.m.- 05.00 a.m.

Playing music: Soul, RnB, pop, house, progressive house.

​Address: A. Jakšto g. 4, Kaunas​Phone: +370 650 81579​Website:
W 1640

Whisky bar.

​Address: Kurpių g. 29, Kaunas​Phone: +370 37 203 984​Website:​Opening hours: Tue - Thu: 5:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.; Fri - Sat: 5:00 p.m. - 5:00 a.m.​More info:
YZY bar

YzY bar is very informal, but warm surrounding with perfect service.

​Address: Vilniaus g. 19, Kaunas​Phone: +370 655 15066
The lively street, Vilnius, connects the Old Town Hall Square with Laisves Aleja’s main shopping area. Famous for its amber jewellery, as well as earthenware and woodcraft, you’ll find a selection of souvenir and local craft shops in the Old Town. Here, amber is less expensive than you will find in other Baltic countries, so why not take a little something special back home with you. Many of Kauna’s art galleries are located in the Old Town, just in front of Kaunas Cathedral. You can find interesting works by several local artists, perfect for a personal keepsake.Laisves Aleja, known as Freedom Avenue, is the core of the shopping district – on the whole, you will find many desirable gifts, familiar accessories and fashionable shops. As well as linen items and good quality knitwear, there are plenty of shoe shops. A large central bookstore is located at Laisves Aleja 81 stocking books, magazines, postcards, maps and the essential tourist guides. Of course, an agreeable coffee bar or café is never far away on this pleasant avenue to take a break!

Shopping and entertainment centre AKROPOLIS is a synonym of supermarkets in Lithuania, which means a rich assortment and a unique combination of commerce, entertainment and services. AKROPOLIS embraces the following: Shops selling hundreds of the most popular brands; a wide range of financial, domestic, telecommunication, travel and beauty service providers; lots of entertainments: multiplex movie theatres, bowling, skating rinks, a number of restaurants and delicacies.

​Address: Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49​Phone: +370 659 38262​Website:​Opening hours: I-VII 8.00-24.00

At shopping and leisure centre MEGA visitors can find stores that sell everything from fashion goods to building materials. The centre hosts various events, activities, exhibitions all year long. More than 130 shops and entertainment services, 10 restaurants and coffee-bars. Entertainment: 5-screen multiplex cinema; bowling and pool club; children entertainment club; laser space. The shopping centre stands out among other Europe shopping centres for its biggest marine aquarium.10 m high, 4 m wide, and 11 m long, with 800 exotic fishes and 6 sharks, this aquarium is one of the most spectacular sights in the country.

​Address: Islandijos pl. 32​Phone: +370 37 239 000​Website: ​Opening hours: I-VII 8.00-24.00

MOLAS - Shopping and service centre provides: Cafes, restaurants, bowling, mini golf, 100 shops from food to electronics. Banks, cleaning, sewing, free wireless internet access and other services.

​Address: K. Baršausko g. 66A​Phone: +370 37 45 14 41​Website: ​Opening hours: I-VII 8.00-23.00​More info:

The largest business area in Kaunas, shopping area URMAS today is known as a deep tradition of fostering trade in a commercial complex.

​Address: Pramonės pr. 16​Phone: +370 37 350 662​Website: ​Opening hours: I-VI 9.00-18.00 VII 9.00-15.00
Jaukūs namai (Cosy Home)

Exclusive linen salon.

​Address: A. Juozapavičiaus pr. 21​Phone: +370 37 740 634​Website:​Opening hours: I-V 10-18, VI 10-15
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Kaunas Airport

Kaunas Airport – Karmelava – is located 13km north east of Kaunas City. Bus no. 29 regularly departs for the centre from the front of the airport terminal. City bus No. 29 connects Kaunas Airport and Kaunas city. If you arrive to Kaunas on a late night flight, City bus No. 29E is for your convenience. Every day the bus leaves the Airport for the city centre only after the last flight has arrived. Useful information: Please buy a ticket from the driver immediately after boarding the vehicle. Please note that for security reasons drivers do not carry cash with them, so please be prepared to pay the exact amount of money (2,4 LTL) or one euro. Paper tickets purchased from the driver must not be validated using ticket punchers. Taxis are available and the price to the city centre is 44 LTL (13 EUR) . The “Žaibiškas greitis“taxi firm serves the airport and can be called on +370 37 333 111. Taxis can be also found and hired directly from outside the airport terminal building.

​Address: Oro uosto g. 4, Karmelava, Kaunas district​Phone: +370 37 399 307​Website:​More info: Email:
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