Book flights to Kos with Ryanair, for a brilliant break in the Greek sunshine. Kos is a gorgeous Island, and one of Greece’s most popular tourist hotspots. If you want a party, you’ll get one here – the resort areas are jam-packed with pubs, clubs, bars, and people who are hell-bent on having the time of their lives. But there is a quieter side to Kos, and you can easily avoid the noise and neon lights if you want to, in favour of total relaxation, lazy days, great food, history and sun worship! For a great Greek getaway, book flights to Kos today.
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The time marks and the passage of many cultures and civilizations through Kos are alive until today. From the mythological era of Hercules and King Charmilos and the Hellenistic era of Asclepius, the ancient stadium, the ancient agora and the ancient theater, until the present day with the modern infrastructures and residential development, a number of monuments and residues, evidenced in various cultures that have shaped the history and local tradition.
The Ancient Agora

Walking around the Ancient Agora gives you an experience and imagination of how a Greek market looked like in the early times. The archaeological site no longer functions as a marketplace today. However, visiting here lets you uncover a series of historical ruins including the Shrine of Aphrodite, the Temple of Hercules, and many other remarkable remains.

​Address: Platía Eleftherías, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4202 8326
The Castle of the Knights

One main attraction to keep on your list while sightseeing in Kos is The Castle of the Knights. This is a 14th century castle which stands as a secure fortress against the attacks of the Ottomans in the early times. In the present day, this castle functions as a museum exhibiting various historical sculptures.

​Address: Leoforos Foinikon, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4202 7927
The Western Excavation

One notable archaeological site, where magnificent Roman ruins can be found, is The Western Excavation. Amidst the monuments of the 4th and 3rd century B.C. in this area, you will find the important remains of the ancient gymnastic ground called Xystos and the western public baths. The Roman Odeon amphitheatre is also close to this place.

​Address: Gregoriou E Street, Kos Town

Asklipieion is considered an important site on the island of Kos. Since it is settled on the top of a hill, it lets you enjoy a panoramic view of Kos Town. This is where it is said that Hippocrates experienced his trainings pertaining to medicine.

​Address: Platini, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4202 8763
Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a traditional tourist activity that you must try when in Kos. Upon visiting vineyards, you will discover how the Greeks make their wines. The three must visit wine productions on the island are Chantziemmanouil, Mores and Triantafyllopoulos.

​Address: Kos Town
Casa Romana

Casa Romana, also referred to as the Roman House, is a beautifully decorated mansion which was built out of the ruins of another house during the Hellenistic period. It has an impressive appearance that is based on the 3rd century type of architecture. Along with its interesting ornaments and statues, you can find that on its mosaic floor, there is a depiction of a panther tearing a deer apart.

​Address: Leoforos Patriarchou Grigoriou Pemptou, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4202 3234

Your tour on Kos should begin at Nisyros. This is a famous tourist attraction located in the Aegean Sea. The spot is a volcanic Greek island and here you will find gas and sulphur coming out of the ground. The site of it is quite impressive and a truly must visit for everyone.

​Address: Nisyros​Phone: +30 69 7623 7664​Website:
Agios Theologos

Agios Theologos is one of the beautiful attractions on Kos. It is also referred to as Wave Beach and it is a great place for water surfing or flying a kite. During afternoons, when it is not too hot, you may walk around the zone to view other charming parts of the place.

​Address: Kefalos, Kos
Hippocrates Garden Cultural Centre

Hippocrates Garden Cultural Centre was built to portray the ancient way of life of the Greeks through their culture and history. Every year, hundreds of children and tourists visit this place. The settlement is a two-storey house that is made of stone. Inside it, you can find handmade furniture and some artefacts.

​Address: Antimachia, Mastichari, Kos​Phone: +30 69 0776 1521​Website:
Plaka Forest

When wanting to go on a picnic, let Plaka Forest be on top of your list. This place is a familiar destination, for both residents and tourists, during Easter and summertime. The sight of the imperious wild peacocks and the reinvigorating serenity of nature will surely calm your mind.

​Address: Kefalos Road, Kos
The Roman Odeon

The Roman Odeon is an ancient open-air theatre that you should explore during your visit in Kos. It is a living fragment of history portraying the sight of the 2nd and 3rd centuries. Today, its floor, wings, and orchestra pit are still in very good condition. Seeing the place would bring you to thoughts that its purpose was to host music and fight competitions in the early years.

​Address: Leoforos Patriarchou Grigoriou Pemptou, Kos
Lido Waterpark

Besides going to the beach during summer, Lido Waterpark is a great hangout for family and friends in Kos. They do not only have huge, inviting pools and exciting slides but the cost of their facilities are also very reasonable. It will definitely be an awesome day out for everyone.

​Address: Mastichari Road, Mastichari, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4205 9241​Website:
The Folklore Museum

At The Folklore Museum, you will discover refined Greek artefacts of folklore and cultural heritage. Various ancient items are exhibited here including beautiful embroideries, impressive woven draperies and silks. Most of these relics are actually donated by the residents of Kos. A traditional settlement in the town of Kefalos is housing the said museum.

​Address: Kefalos, Kos
The Archaeological Museum of Kos

Famous Greek monuments and splendid artworks from different historical periods are exhibited at The Archaeological Museum of Kos. The most extraordinary displays here include sculptures from the Hellenistic era, mosaics, anaglyphs, statues, and a lot more.

​Address: Eleutherias Square, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 8326​More info: Located opposite the Deffendar mosque
Tree of Hippocrates

One known tourist attraction in Kos is the oriental plane tree called the Tree of Hippocrates. This perennial plant is regarded as the largest in Europe. This is where the said Greek physician mentored his students about medicine.

​Address: Kos Town​More info: Located opposite the entrance of the Castle of Neratzia
Dolphin Fountain

The Dolphin Fountain is a popular tourist spot on Kos. It is situated on a small square along the harbour. This place is often noted as the Dolphin Square. It is best to tour here during early mornings and late afternoons.

​Address: Kanari Street, Kos

Xerokambos is an exotic beach in Kos that you should not fail to visit. It is one of the most peaceful beaches on the island. This place is actually a part of the long beach of Kefalos Bay. Its great water sports and nice view should provide you a tranquil feeling.

​Address: Kefalos, Kos
Embros Therme

For an enlivening dip, Embros Therme is an excellent spot to check aside from the beach. It is a popular tourist attraction and could also be quite crowded at times. This place is known for its fair thermal springs which are surrounded by circling rocks that are forming an enormous pool in the sea.

​Address: Tigaki, Kos
Exhibition Centre of Modern History and Italian Architecture

For people who would like to have a good scrutiny concerning the culture and history of Italy, this place is ideal for a visit. An impressive display of masterpieces of various Italian artists can be found here. More specifically, Italian sculptures and paintings from the year 1912 to 1939 are exhibited on-the-spot.

​Address: Grigoriou E, Kos Town
The Venetian Castle

This fortress castle sits perfectly on top of a small hill in the village of Antimachia. Inside you will find two Venetian churches known as Agios Nikolaos and Agia Paraskevi, which are respectively built in the 16th and 18th century. Take your time to enjoy the amazing sea view.

​Address: Antimachia, Kos

Kos is not just about the sea, the sun and the fun. The visitor is worth spending some of his time to visit and admire the important sights of the island. You shouldn’t come to Kos and not visit to Asclepion, or admire the unique sunsets or have a taste of the local culture through events held each summer on the island. It is also worth to visit and get to know several other smaller sights that are scattered in throughout the island and uncover its history and its secrets.

Activities & Tours

Kos is regarded as the island of the bicycle! The bicycle path of Kos starts from Faros beach and extends to the end of the beach of Psalidi, a distance of about 13 km ( ! ) .With many side roads, some of which lead into the city of Kos, one can go wherever he wants, just by having a bike. The locals that prefer this means of transportation to go to work, the beach, the cafeteria or just a stroll in the beautiful city are a lot.​Beyond routes in the city of Kos, there are many more, mountainous, with dirt road, overlooking the nature in one side and the panoramic view of the island of Kos on the other, and other with paved road but with limited traffic, that can lead to beaches and villages, just like the one that starts from the town of Kos, crosses Tigkaki and reaches the village of Marmari and its beautiful beaches.

The trendy looking restaurants at the waterfront in Kos town are very touristic as a rule of thumb. However, the small backstreets in Kos have plenty of really good restaurants serving excellent food as well. The choice of dishes varies from typical Greek to a more sophisticated French cuisines.
Caravan Restaurant

Caravan Restaurant is a popular family-owned restaurant located on the Amerika Street in Kos Town. They offer excellent traditional Greek dishes with quick and efficient service from breakfast to late night dining. The atmosphere is friendly and ideal for families and large groups. You do not need to worry about rushing to move on when you have finished your meal. What is more? Try their steak - it is amazing!

​Address: 52 Amerikas Street, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 7064​Website:
Taverna Barbas

Taverna Barbas is a small and busy grill house that serves fabulous Greek specialities. Their Chicken Souvlaki basically melts in your mouth! This restaurant is also known for its delicious mayirefta. They always offer fantastic service, which is the reason why most locals and tourists often keep returning to the place.

​Address: 6 Evripilou, Agia Marina, Kos Town​Phone: +30 69 3714 2802

Karnagio is probably the best fish restaurant on the island. The owner of the place goes fishing every day to ensure their customer gets the best fish available. Their stuffed squid, pot-baked prawns and fish soup are among the favourites of many locals and tourists. The amusing see breeze near the setting is enticing as well.

​Address: Karnagio Beach, Kos Town​Phone: +30 69 5658 2685
Pote tin Kiriaki

Pote tin Kiriaki, the most genuine and picturesque ouzeri on the island, is well known for its traditional Greek cuisine. They serve exciting delights such as fried mussels, grilled chops and pancetta. The place is popular among the local population.

​Address: Peissandrou 9, Kos Town​Phone: +30 69 3035 2099
La Prima Restaurant

La Prima Restaurant is an excellent sunny place to dine on Diagora Square. They are known for their fresh seafood and other fantastic Mediterranean dishes. You will surely enjoy their amiable staff and authentic Greek food without worrying on rushing to eat.

​Address: Diagora Square, Old Town, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4202 5220​Website:
Olympiada Restaurant

Olympiada is a family-owned business specialising on Greek cuisines. It is an unpretentious restaurant that serves several stuffed dishes such as stuffed tomatoes, aubergine and zucchini. They are known for their amazing food and lovely service from breakfast to late night dining.

​Address: Kleopatras and Vassileos Pavlou Street, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 3031

Kalua is one of the immense bars in town. Its outdoor venue serves up a great mix of throbbing music and sensual dancing every night. During daytime, when the atmosphere gets too hot, this bar boasts a swimming pool for its guests to enjoy.

​Address: Akti Zouroudi, Kos Town

Broadway is one of the most popular restaurant located at the heart of Kos Town. They are known for their inviting and sweet-smelling home-cooked American cuisines. You will surely enjoy your food with a glass of the house wine and great service and would definitely want to be back there again.

​Address: Megalou Alexandrou Street, Kos Town​Phone: +30 69 7830 9078
Cuvee Restaurant

Cuvee Restaurant is not only known for its delicious food and gorgeous ambience but also for its elite blends of grapes and wines. Their scrumptious dishes include Caprese salad, baby lamb plate and Halva. It is suggested that you choose a table near the window to watch the gorgeous sunset over Bodrum.

​Address: Lambi Beach, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 2440​Website:
Delon Pub Restaurant

If you are looking for a venue where the atmosphere is cosy, come to Delon Pub. They offer the best English cuisine in town from early morning to late night. Kostas, the funny waiter at the place, teams up with his lovely wife as they make certain for every customer to be served excellently.

​Address: Lambi, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 2824
Taverna Mike

Taverna Mike serves fresh Greek cuisine and seafood. Mike, the owner of the place, always offers lovely tips to his customers on what appropriate wine to pair up with his dishes. You can expect that everything here is absolutely a great value for your money.

​Address: Ethelonton Paleon, Polemiston, Lambi, Kos Town​Website:

This place is a known to be one of the great family restaurants in town. At Elia, you can enjoy an authentic Greek way of dining from their uniquely decorated ambience to their fantastic selection of many small dishes. Their prices are very reasonable paired up by an excellent service.

​Address: Apellou 27, Old Town, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4202 2133​Website:
Trattoria 33

Trattoria 33 is a cosy family-run restaurant located in the Old Town. They serve a mix of lovey seafood, pasta and traditional Greek cuisines. It is highly suggested that you finish all your meal off with their sweet milkshake.

​Address: Kolokotroni Street, 33, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 1778​Website:
Far East

If you feel as if you need a change of food then Far East invites you to a delicious Chinese dinner. They offer an extensive menu of high quality food with reasonable price and great service. This place is definitely a perfect break from the Greek food.

​Address: Boumboulinas Street 3, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 0969
Bitter Sweet

People visit here first and foremost for the cosy, almost magical, atmosphere. While enjoying the music and relaxing, you must try their delightful ice cream and crepes or a cooling drink with some snacks or homemade burgers.

​Address: Apellou 19, Palia Poli, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 2133​Website:

Caravelle offers an extensive menu of different mezze, supplemented with Turkish starters. Occasionally they have a live band playing both Turkish and Greek music. If you are not in the mood for different meze then their sea food comes highly recommended.

​Address: 24 Averof Street, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 2129
Jackson's Beach Bar

Jackson's Beach Bar has a wooden setting that functions both as a bar and restaurant along the beach. It serves excellent snacks and meals during the day and fantastic bar experience during the night. You will definitely have a good time with its warm and friendly service.

​Address: 36 Averof Street, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4203 0122​Website:
Food & Drink

One of the undeniable cultural qualities of any given place is its cuisine. Kos Island is home to a rich gastronomic tradition following Greek and Mediterranean routes. Despite its statues as a cosmopolitan destination, Kos Island has managed to preserve a distinct and true to its beginnings gastronomic identity. Many of the local treats are prepared in connection with religious celebrations, while the islands fertile soil and promising climate have given birth to many peculiar products and unique varieties of wine.

The island offers several very nice and cosy cafés. They are the traditional meeting places for many of the locals when taking a break, having a snack or just doing people-watching.
Zero Café

Zero Cafe is a modern and colourful little coffee bar in town. They offer delicious milkshakes and good coffee. For book lovers, they have a mini book stand for you to check out. A live gig adds up to its fun and relaxed ambience.

​Address: 1 Irodotou Street and Meg. Alexandrou 2, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 0182
Ciao Café Bistro

Ciao Cafe is not only known to be the best coffee bar in town but also for extending excellent cocktail drinks, meals and snacks. They have a wood-fired oven for cooking pizza, which is quite traditional and amusing.

​Address: Filita and Ifestou 12, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 7718
Lobby Café

Lobby Cafe is a place where not only good coffee and enjoyable sandwiches are offered but also fun activities for kids and adults at all ages. It is a sports café where games like ping pong, backgammon and billiards are played and watched live.

​Address: Mandilara 22, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4230 0997
Active Baguettes

If you desire for a sandwich, try Active Baguettes on Kanari Street. Niko, the owner of the place, and his wife serve the best baguettes and almost all sorts of sandwiches with fresh juices or a warm coffee. This snack bar is a perfect spot for coffee breaks and chitchats.

​Address: Kanari 28, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 5562
Crepa Mania

Crepa Mania is a cosy, little snack bar on the island. They serve savoury sandwiches, delicious crepes and good coffee. Its outdoor setting is a perfect spot to watch the world go by.

​Address: Platia Agias Paraskeuis, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 1804
The nightlife in Kos town is based around two streets, Diakon and Nafklirou, and it is where you will find most of the bars and nightclubs. Summertime action is guaranteed! Naturally, there are also several nightclubs outside Kos town and many of the resorts have their own nightclubs for their guests as well.
Kahlua Bar and Restaurant

Kahlua is one of the immense bars in town. Its outdoor venue serves up a great mix of throbbing music and sensual dancing every night. During daytime, when the atmosphere gets too hot, this bar boasts a swimming pool for its guests to enjoy.

​Address: Akti Zouroudi, Kos Town
The XClub

The XClub formerly known as the Fashion club continues to be one of the most popular places to visit for partying crowds in Kos. It is one of the oldest nightclubs around on the island, but it is still going strong. The place has 3 bars, which should make a good setting for anyone who loves night leisure.

​Address: Kanari Street 2, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 2592​Website:
Harem Beach Bar

Harem Beach Bar is located between Lambi and Kos town and is decorated to resemble a harem. It has colourful drapes, velvet cushions, atmospheric lightning and plays good music. You can choose between a cushion on the floor or the more traditional seating in chairs. This bar also has an outdoor area by the beach.

​Address: Averof 32, Kos
Tropical Island Club

Tropical Island Club is a great daytime bar located next to Heaven. It plays good music throughout the day and is a fairly relaxed place during daytime. The temperature rises a bit through the evening when the crowd starts to arrive for a good night out.

​Address: Zouroudi Antigonis, Kos

B-52 is deemed as one of the best party bars in town. You can chill and enjoy throughout the night away while sipping the cocktail of your choice or dancing all night long. This place is a must visit if you are a tourist in Kos.

​Address: Lambi Beach, Kos Town​Website:
West Bar

West Bar is considered ahead compared to other nightclubs on the island. It offers an awesome atmosphere of lights, music and people. The place is packed, especially during weekends, but you will surely enjoy the dancing and music throbbing throughout the night.

​Address: Plotarchou Blessa 3, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4203 0130​Website:
The Camel Bar

The Camel Bar is a fun bar at the harbour with plenty of atmosphere and partying people. This place is visited by thousands of visitors every year. The best thing is that you can come in the morning for breakfast, stay for lunch in the middle of the day, have dinner and ultimately start your evening right after.

​Address: 13-15 Akti Kountouriotou Street, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4202 6898​Website:​More info: Located in the harbour
Memories Bar

Memories Bar is one great karaoke bar and nightclub in Kardamena. They are open even during very late nights. Good slush cocktails are being offered by their brilliant and friendly staff. This place is a perfect hangout during holidays.

​Address: Kardamena, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4209 1839​Website:
Stone Roses Bar

Stone Roses Bar is an extensive hangout with classic music playing in the background. It is considered a quality bar where good tunes, fine beers and cocktails are being served as you wait and chill the night away.

​Address: Kardamena 190, Kos​Website:
Jackson's Beach Bar

Jackson's Beach Bar has a wooden setting that functions both as a bar and restaurant along the beach. It serves excellent snacks and meals during the day and a fantastic bar experience during the night. You will definitely have a good time with its warm and friendly service.

​Address: 36 Averof Street, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4203 0122​Website:

Mylos is a fantastic bar, with an open-air disco, by the beach. You can anticipate a comfortable atmosphere of sea breeze while good music is playing in the background. This place is a centre of attraction for hundreds of locals and tourists every day and most during summer days.

​Address: Lambi Beach, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4202 3235​Website:
Starlight Club

When you are at Kardamena, come to Starlight Club for a unique clubbing experience.This nightclub has been around the island as one of the big spots for night hangout. It is famous for its paint and water parties along with cool beats of music and crazy, wild dancing.

​Address: Kardamena, Kos​Phone: +30 69 5505 3692
King Size

The King Size beach bar is a private beach and bar in Tigaki. It is a buzzing place of fun and activities during summer as locals and tourists enjoy the site of the beach and the sun. At night, its sunny ambience transforms into a mixed neon lights of yellow and green as people enjoy sipping their fresh drinks, superb cocktails and delicious snacks.

​Address: Beach Road, Tigaki, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4206 8075

Sitar is a cosy and sedating cocktail and dive bar on the street of Akti Kountouriotou. The bar is known for its distinctive style of presenting its cocktails. Moreover, the place is perfect for a night cap while enjoying the scenery of the harbour.

​Address: Akti Kountouriotou, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4202 1725​More info: Located in the harbour

In 1980s, the Heaven disco club opened its doors on the Lambi beach in Kos Island. With its huge setting and reputation, the club has been a hub for several parties including beauty contests. Today, it is still one of the liveliest spot for such activity and leisure. It starts the day as a calm site, where its guests can relax and enjoy, and eventually transforms into a pulsing disco from night until dawn.

​Address: Zouroudi, Lambi, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4202 3874

In Kos, the nightlife choices are plentiful. You can have fun in coffee bars that stay open until late at night and continue your night sortie in nightclubs and clubs located in every part of the island. Besides these options, Kos offers many choices for you to have fun. If you explore the island, you will definitely find something that suits you!

Kos offers a proud heritage of traditional Greek products together with what you will normally find at popular tourist destinations. A stroll through the old town of Kos offers you everything from olive oil soap and a jar of locally produced honey to the latest game console for kids. Kos is also an exciting place to shop for jewellery, leather goods, perfumes and souvenirs—there are plenty of good deals to be found. The more traditional artwork and craft items are also widely available throughout the island. The supermarkets have an array of traditional products. However, if your are looking for a fresh local produce of fruits and vegetables, you can find it at the main square in town. The bakeries in Kos fill the morning air with an unmistakable aroma of freshly baked breads. They are definitely worth a visit as there are several delicious cookies and pastries available. The more fashionable shops and all big brands are located in the modern part of the island, where you will find the latest designer accessories. Many of the mountain villages offer lovely handmade ceramics as well as exquisite hand-woven fabrics and embroideries. The village of ‘Pili’ is known for its fantastic selection of top-notch cheese products. The ‘red cheese’ - a cheese baked in red wine - comes highly recommended.
Olive Wood

For wooden utilities, come and visit Olive Wood. They feature handmade wooden items from artistic decorations and jewellery to traditional games. Besides that, they also sell cosmetics that are made of organic olive oil like soap, lotion, and shampoo.

​Address: 13, Apellou Street, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 9958​Website:​More info: Located in Old Town
The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a pretty little shop that sells fancy presents for tourists to take back home. The shop stocks sophisticated cosmetics of sweet smelling perfumes, natural soaps, body washes and Greek sponges. Try to swing by and you will certainly find a treasure for yourself.

​Address: 10 Eleftheriou Venizelou Street, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 1546​Website:

FFL is a clothing shop for women, and it has been around for 10 years in Istanbul, Turkey. It opened its doors on the island of Kos last May 2013. The clothes you find here, are inspired by the vibrant colours of the wings of a butterfly, as FFL actually is an abbreviation for the word "Farfalle" - which means butterfly in Italian.

​Address: 33 Vasileos Pavlou Street, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 4480
Planet New Generation

If you are looking for a clothing shop where top international sports brands are being displayed, come and visit Planet New Generation. They have almost all sorts of labels like Billabong and Polo by Ralph Lauren. Along with these items, they also promote various footwear brands including Converse, Addidas, Nike and Mizuno.

​Address: 25th Martiou 8, Kos Town​Phone: +30 69 4249 4242​More info: Located near to the Main Square
Hippocrates House

If you are looking for traditional confectionery to bring home, come to Hippocrates House. It is a souvenir and gift shop of pastries, featuring handmade products such as classic Greek sweets, various treats, and spices. If you have a sweet tooth you will definitely find something here.

​Address: Asfendiou, Zia, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4206 8839
Silver Vision

Silver Vision is a fashion shop located in the heart of the Old Town. They offer assortment of female products such as handbags, jewellery, shoes and other accessories. Their wide collections are from Italian and Greek designer labels including Axel, Elefterious Jewellery, Anatomic Collection and a lot more. This shop is definitely a dream for every woman.

​Address: Apellou 10, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4202 7962

Delfis opened its doors to the public in 1997 as an artistic gift and tourist shop. The highlights of the workshop are Greek handmade items such as colourful wooden magnets, ceramics, and other miniature decorations. All of these products are carefully crafted and painted by the shop owner to meet the taste of a Greek tradition.

​Address: Asfendiou, Zia, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4206 8305​Website:

Diakogiannis is a famous family run jewellery shop on the island. Since 1885, it has offered beautiful handcrafted jewels made through a high quality of meticulous workmanship. This shop promotes precious pieces from inspired Greek jewellery designers such as Katerina Ioannidis, Margarita Meitani, and Dolly Boukoyiannis. You also find an extensive collection of exclusive watch labels, including Swatch, Seiko and Dolce & Gabbana.

​Address: 2 Hippokratous Street, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 3392
Haroula Souvenirs

For more traditional products to take home, make a visit at Haroula Souvenirs. They offer an assortment of handcrafted wooden articles, hand-painted ceramics, gorgeous apparels, and much more. Natural beauty products with 100 percent Aloe Vera are also sold here, like hand and foot cream, body lotion and shampoo. Furthermore, you will find an array of unique designs of leather goods at the upper floor of the store.

​Address: Zia, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4206 9271
Leather House

Do not forget to make a stop at the Leather House. This shop has the finest quality of leather accessories, shoes, clutch bags, and handbags. They opened their first shop back in 1979 on Rhodes Island, and eventually they also opened a store in the Old Town of Kos Town. Today, they continue to establish an undisputed reputation of authentic leather goods.

​Address: Ifaistou 26, Palia Poli, Old Town, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4202 1330​Website:
EFFE Accessories

For impressive fashion add-ons, EFFE Accessories is one the best place to visit. They manufacture and offer an extensive collection of stylish handbags and footwear of of high quality at very reasonable prices. With all their gorgeous products, it might be difficult to choose what you should to buy.

​Address: 30 Ippocrates Street, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4201 1261
Limnoupoli Toy Shop

Limnoupoli Toy Shop, on Konitsis Square, is a real entertaining toy store for kids and everyone with a childlike mind. They have almost all sorts of international toy brands like Lego, Playskool, Mattel, and a lot more. You will also be amazed since everything here are sold at great prices - a real heaven for children and adults.

​Address: Konitsis Square, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 6814
Country Crafts

For a wide selection of authentic Greek items, make a visit at Country Crafts. They have everything from knick-knacks to silver jewellery and many of their products are handmade. You will definitely find something amusing for you and your friends.

​Address: Ypsiladou 5, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4204 1324​More info: Located near the National Bank Of Greece and the Main Square of Kos Town
Mixahl Shoes

If you want to buy a new pair of shoes to bring back home, make a stop at Mixahl Shoes. This shop offers a wide collection of Greek brand names in terms of footwear and this is where you can find the ultimate collection of Kokka shoes.

​Address: Hippocrates, Kos​Phone: +30 22 4202 7561
Miss Mambo

Miss Mambo is a beautiful shop of extensive collection of hats, gloves, scarves and handbags for women. They have all sorts of gorgeous accessories that will transform an everyday wear to a spectacular outfit.

​Address: Konitsis Square, Kos Town
36 – 43 Shoes and Accessories

For fashionable and comfortable pairs of shoes, make a visit at 36 – 43 Shoes and Accessories. It is a family run business, offering footwear on Konitsis Square. The shoes you find here are mostly made in Italy, Germany and Greece. With a bit of luck there might be a sale on while you are there.

​Address: Konitsis Square, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 0342
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Kos Island International Airport

Kos Island International Airport is located 24 km southwest of Kos Town in the centre of the island. If you arrive with Olympic Airways, you can catch the shuttle bus into Kos Town, but otherwise you will have to find your own means of transport. The easiest thing to do then will be to catch a taxi, which is available from the airport arrival gate, or, you can head out to the big roundabout outside the airport gate and catch the orange and cream coloured KTEL bus. En route to Kos, the bus stops at Mastihari, Kardhamena and Kefalos.

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