Book flights to Malmo for a super Swedish city escape! Malmo is a lovely place to spend a few days, and has really grown from a not-too-exciting industrial city into a beautiful, chic and modern metropolis. Malmo castle is well worth a visit, as is the famous Turning Torso skyscraper, and you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice when it comes to great restaurants, bars and clubs to enjoy. Of course, if you do want to explore a little further afield, Copenhagen and Malmo are connected by the Öresund Bridge, with trains running every 20 minutes. Book flights to Malmo today.
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Art and culture life in Malmö has gained a well-deserved reputation as of very varied and high class. Here you will find a rich variety of cultural experiences for the whole family. Malmö invests in a broad cultural range, with both large institutions and many smaller operators and activities. Malmö also offers the best of Scandinavian and international design in the shape of furniture and furnishings, jewellery and textiles. Malmö works for sustainable tourism so it is easy to choose a sustainable stay here. Many hotels are environmentally certified and restaurants and cafés have a wide selection of organic and local produce on their menus. Malmö is a cycling city with over four Swedish “mil” bike lanes and city buses that run on natural gas. The city has lots of green areas in the city centre and around town. For example, Kungsparken, Slottsparken and the large Pildammsparken. Malmö Folkets Park is Sweden’s oldest "folkpark" and has beautiful lawns to sit in, tivoli, cafés, restaurant, terrarium, adventure golf, horse riding and live entertainment in summer. Don’t forget: Malmö’s glorious two-kilometre long beach Ribersborg Beach & Kallbadhuset, or "Ribban" within walking distance from the town centre.
Malmö Konsthall

– 2000 sqm for international and Swedish contemporary art – an exhibition space with great flexibility, generous space and fantastic light. An exhibition space that poses endless challenges to the artist. In 1975, at the inauguration of Malmö Konsthall, architect Klas Anshelm described his creation as a “Big low concrete box open to the park and light of the sky”. Guided tours daily at 14, Wed also at 18.30. Guided tours for children (min 5 years) Sat-Sun at 13. Opening hours: daily 11-17, Wed 11-21. Admission free. Bookshop. Restaurant.

​Address: S:t Johannesgatan 7​Phone: +46 40 34 60 00​Website: http://www.konsthall.malmo.seSubway: Station Triangeln
Malmö Arena

Malmö Arena is the latest addition to northern Europe’s growing number of modern, multi-purpose concert and event venues. Serving the rapidly growing and dynamic Öresund Region, Malmö Arena is the premier venue in the region for world-class sporting events, concerts, family shows, full-scale conferences and smaller meeting, wining and dining or a quick snack.

​Address: Hyllie Stationstorg 4​Phone: +46 40 642 04 00​Website:
Malmö Museums

Southern Sweden´s largest museum is located on Malmöhusvägen in the heart of Malmö in a beautiful park-like setting surrounded by canals. Here you can see everything from the Nordic region´s oldest surviving Renaissance castle to a real submarine and fantastic vehicles. The museum´s permanent exhibitions focus on history, natural history, technology and seafaring. There are also about a dozen temporary exhibitions every year. Next to Malmö Museum are the classic "Fiskehoddor", where even by todays date fresh fish is sold over the counter.

​Address: Malmöhusvägen​Phone: +46 40 34 44 00​Website:

A 2,000 sqm unique custom-designed outdoor skate facility in the Western Harbour, which has been hosting the international competition the Quiksilver Bowlriders. There is also a popular climbing wall if you are eager to test your limits. Next door to the skate facility is the cultural house of Stapelbäddsparken that is well worth a visit. This gathers a bicycle repair shop, “the bicycle kitchen”, where you can fix your bike at a cost price and get practical tips, a container library and a café.

Malmö by foot

Classical sightseeing by foot through Malmö’s history from medieval to modern times. The organizer offers a tour in Swedish, this tour takes about 2 hours. There is also a city walk available in Swedish and English and that one takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

​Phone: +46 708 435 020​Website:​More info: The tours start outside S:t Petri Church.

In the outskirts of Malmö lies a rural oasis that gives you a feeling of peace and harmony. Katrinetorp is a so called "landeri" from the early 19th century that from the start was used as a summer home and for bigger receptions. The city of Malmö runs the operation today and they are constantly working on recreating the former glory of this estate. Markets, music entertainment, events and exhibitions are held here annually and they are always attended by many people. Katrinetorp manor recently opened its new exhibition hall "The Stables", which also has a high-end gift store. Katrinetorp lies 10 minutes from the city centre of Malmö which makes the big city no more than a stone throw away from this idyllic scenery.

​Address: Katrinetorps allé 1​Website:
Turning Torso

Sweden’s tallest building at 190 metres, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava. Turning Torso consists of nine cubes with a total of 54 apartments, where winding from base to peak is 90 degrees. Today the Turning Torso is a residential house with 147 apartments of various sizes, from one-bedroom studios of 45 square metres to threes bedroom flats of 190 square meters. During the summer you have the opportunity to visit the top floor of Turning Torso. Read more about it:

​Address: Turning Torso, Västra Hamnen​Website:

There are many ways to discover Malmo – either through a traditional tour or on your own. Sightseeing possibilities vary according to season, let us tell you about the spring/summer opportunities. See Malmö from the water, come along for a sightseeing on the channels of Malmö. The tour goes under bridges, through parks and with a personal guide you get a lively story about the history, buildings and various anecdotes of Malmö.

Sustainable Malmö

Find out on how you can make your visit to Malmö sustainable. Rent a bike and explore some of Malmö’s over 470 kilometres of bicycle path, stay at a sustainable hotel and buy fair trade products.


Malmö has an interesting mix when it comes to architecture. It has been much affected by Denmark and the rest of Europe. In Kungsparken you find the award-winning City Library. The building consists of an older and a newer part which is interconnected with each other. The new part, "The calendar", was designed by Danish architect Henning Larsen. On Stortorget – a stone’s throw from Malmö Central station is the Town Hall. The building was built in 1546, but has undergone major changes over the centuries. Helgo Zettervall (1860) transformed the façade of a Dutch Renaissance style. In a different part of the big square lies Koc kska House which is one of Malmö’s best-preserved sixteenth century in red brick with a richly decorated stepped gable. Today it accommodates one of Malmö’s most well-known restaurants, Årstiderna (The Seasons), in the basement vaults. Behind the town hall you will see the tip of the St. Petrikyrkan, Malmö's oldest building from the early 14th century, built in Baltic brick gothic. Parts of the medieval paintings in the Church’s vaults were developed and restored at the beginning of 1900.


At Matkaravan, you’ll find food from all over the world, as well as a popular fruit and vegetable market. If you want to familiarize yourself further, you can get a guided tour on a Matkaravan with a guaranteed number of new taste sensations. For reservations: Call the cultural office.

​Address: Möllevångstorget​Phone: +46 40 10 30 20​Website: and
Themed playgrounds

In Malmö, there are 20 themed playgrounds. Children can be really entertained by the creative climbing and play equipment, while learning through play.

Malmö Folkets Park

Malmö’s amusement park offers a variety experiences for the whole family. The amusement park boasts a tivoli, reptile centre, mini-farm, children’s theatre and much more entertainment.

​Address: Norra Parkgatan 2 A​Phone: +46 40 34 10 00​Website:

Ribersborgs open-air baths from 1898, are a popular destination for both swimmers and café guests. Here you can enjoy saltwater swimming and sauna year-round.

​Address: Limhamnsvägen, Brygga 1​Phone: +46 40 260 366​Website:

Experience Malmo on a bicycle. There are over 400 km cycle paths in the city. Bicycles can be rented by the Travel Shop (Skeppsbron 10) or Fridhems bicycles (East Rönneholmsvägen 26th). Get a bike map at the Malmö Tourist Office. You will also find tips for nice cycling tours in and around Malmö.

Boulebar Malmö

Originally French, the game of boule is a fun and very social way to spend time with friends. At Malmö’s boulebar you can enjoy a game on one of the 14 indoor or 8 outdoor boule alleys, accompanied by great food, wine, and why not a glass of pastis? The light and beautifully spacious building has room for up to 100 guests.

​Address: Drottningtorget 8
No other city in Sweden beats Malmö’s epic diversity of international restaurants. Priding itself on over 600 restaurants and cafés, Malmö takes the cake on Sweden’s densest concentration of dining establishments. Here is a sampling of some hot new addresses, and already established names:

This is a restaurant that wishes to create an inn in middle of town on the Old West. They serve only the best from the Scanian soil prepared with modern cooking techniques and present Scanias distinct seasons.

​Address: Tegelgårdsgatan 5
Belle Époque

A restaurant that is one of Möllevångens nicest and trendiest venues, decorated in a slightly worn and charming bistro style. The menu is short but sweet one meat, one fish and one vegetarian dish, these dishes are replaced every week.

​Address: Södra Skolagatan 43
Grand Öl & Mat

Located on the 2nd floor in the courtyard of an old industrial neighbourhood on the Möllevången in Malmö where there once was an old sewing factory. Now the “Grand Beer & Food” serve food reminiscent of the 1950’s and beer halls have moved in.

​Address: Montbijougatan 17

Mexico + Korea = true! The concept comes all the way from L.A. and is inspired by the American West Coast’s street food culture. Mexican dishes filled with classic Korean BBQ offers many exciting new flavour combinations.

​Address: Berggatan/Friisgatan

A hidden gem in Malmö’s innovative neighbourhoods that stay open for lunch only on weekdays. Välfärden - Welfare - choose locally grown and organic ingredients with beef from Friskatorpets natural grazing Angus, pork from pigs at Olinge Wanås monasteries and chicken from Fridhill Farm at Ringsjön.

​Address: Anckargripsgatan 3

A Japanese restaurant that is young and innovative. It’s not just the sushi that impresses but also japasen, the Japanese side dishes, which are great with tempered eggs and ribs with sesame seeds.

​Address: St. Knuts väg 7
La Roche

Spanish food in a very Spanish way. Visit La Roche, and experience a Spanish delight of both good food and wine.

​Address: Lilla Torg
Johan P

According to many, Johan P is definitively Malmö’s best fish restaurant.

​Address: Landbygatan 5
Krankajen 22

Krankajen 22 is a cosy restaurant with an outside terrace right by the dock. This place serves tapas and other small dishes, a great place to enjoy life, good food and the sunset.

​Address: Krankajen 22

Hai is a popular sushi restaurant located at Davidshallstorg, a stone’s throw from the pedestrian zone.

​Address: Davidshallstorg 5

At Mando, guests eat specialty meat served on a plank. Mando’s menu is so classic, it’s basically unchanged since the ’70s. Since 1966, guests have been enjoying the great grilled steaks. Located in the heart of Malmö.

​Address: Skomakaregatan 4

Epicuré is an award winning Italian restaurant in a small format. The food is praiseworthy and the atmosphere lovely. The restaurant lies in the charming block "Old West". At the summer the guests enjoy the cosy patio.

​Address: Generalsgatan 4

From snout to tail - Bastard is one of the most discussed restaurants in Malmö at this very moment. Here they safeguard every single part of the animal and you are served modern home cooking in a delightful environment.

​Address: Mäster Johansgatan 11
Årstiderna by the Sea

Årstiderna by the sea - a seafood restaurant which, despite its elements of Swedish design, gives the feeling of a southern European marine.

​Address: Dockgatan 1
Salt & Brygga

A restaurant with an innovative international kitchen.

​Address: Sundspromenaden 7

A quality bistro right in the heart of Malmo with fish and seafood – especially of the flame grilled variety – as its signature. Swedish classics meet American and South American fare in this crossover cuisine for seafood lovers. Skomakaregatan 10


SOT is both a tapas bar, using fresh local produce, and a steak house boasting hand cut fries and home baked hamburger buns. Located in the beautiful old cellar of the Mayfair hotel and run by local gourmet entrepreneurs the Vollmers brothers. Kansligatan 6

Brasserie KP

The elegant building by Malmö’s central station that was formerly home to the Swedish Royal postal service has been tastefully renovated and is now home to a brasserie named Kungliga Posten – or KP for short. The mood is urban and unpretentious and French inspiration runs through the kitchen. Cheese and seafood can be selected from well-stocked counters. Posthusplatsen 4

The More Bistro

The More Bistro, run by experienced chef Daniel Wallin, offers both traditional and modern Swedish fare, using only the finest seasonal produce. The location of the bistro in the 19th Century Mazetti chocolate factory, today both a cultural centre and a functioning chocolate manufacturer, is a clear influence on the food and desserts. Open for lunch on weekdays, and for dinner five evenings a week. Brunch is served on Sundays, and afternoon tea on Saturdays.

​Address: Norra Skolgatan 24

This ambitious organic restaurant and wine bar brings a tremendous knowledge of Scandinavian produce into each dish.

​Address: Erik Dahlbergsgatan 3
Bistro Royal

In the old royal waiting room at Malmö Central Station, Bistro Royal offers Italian, Spanish and Swedish home cooking. A popular restaurant with a champagne bar.

​Address: Malmö Central Station
Sit down at one of the city's many cafes and soak up all the new impressions. The "café life" in Malmo is varied and you will find everything from large established chains to small, cosy cafés.
Ribersborgs Open-swimming-pools

Combine your beach walk along Ribersborg beach – just a stone’s throw from the centre with a coffee at Ribersborg Kallbadhus. The unique, turn of the century restaurant is located 200m in the sea in a family atmosphere.

​Address: Limhamnsvägen, Brygga 1
Barista Fair Trade Coffée

Scandinavia’s first ethical coffee shop is in three places in Malmö: Pedestrian street, City Quay (College / Central Station), and Entrance Värnhem. Everything served organic and fair trade.

​Address: Södra Förstadsgatan 24
Café Kungsgatan

A beautiful little café and lunch spot with a Rococo-inspired décor, which opened in 2006.

​Address: Kungsgatan 2
S:t Gertrud

Everything here is fresh! The café uses only high quality ingredients such as vanilla bean from Madagascar, and 70 percent cocoa from Callebaut, to all their pastries and cakes. Organic bread is baked every day.

​Address: Östergatan 7 B

Hollandia is a classic coffee shop and bakery - Malmo’s oldest - with very good pastries and a great atmosphere.

​Address: Södra Förstadsgatan 8
Café Grue

Nice and relaxed little café just off the pedestrian street. Salads, soup and sandwiches with good fillings.

​Address: Kärleksgatan 1
Café Sorl

Nice café with relaxed atmosphere, good bagels and sandwiches, great coffee and homemade cakes in all possible shapes.

​Address: Friisgatan 5 A
Lilla Kafferosteriet

Pleasant café housed in a cosy old building, where you’re able to create your own coffee blends, roast them and buy them in bulk, too! Don´t miss the breakfast buffet - Skåne style.

​Address: Baltzarsgatan 24A
Café Agnez

This is a small organic and vegetarian café on Gamla Väster. It is quite an oasis with a cosy backyard for outdoor seating in the middle of the city.

​Address: Agnesgatan 11
Café Slottsträdgården

An oasis of organically and locally produced on the menu, many of the ingredients come directly from Slottsträdgårdens own fields. Malmö Castle Garden is a fully organic garden in Malmö.

​Address: Malmöhusvägen 8

This classic coffee shop at Möllevångstorget is a meeting place for men with moustaches, media professionals and students, they chat with each other and with the staff. Gaze at the vegetable trade over a pesto and pecorino sandwich and a foamy cappuccino.

​Address: Ystadgatan 9
Café Noir

This trendy coffee place is a mere stone’s throw away from the quaint square Lilla Torg in Malmö. A meeting place for creative city types, this is also a haven for true coffee connoisseurs.

​Address: Engelbrektsgatan 6

The vegetarian café Satori chooses its produce, its coffee and its tea with the utmost care. Try their raw food or their hearth-baked bread!

​Address: Kalendegatan 36
Rarely do you see the Danish influence as well as when it comes to nightlife. Malmö residents have fun! And often until four or five in the morning. If all Malmö’s nightlife still doesn't do it for you, then you can always hop the train to Copenhagen and continue the party. Places like Club In has several dance floors and stay open till ten in the morning.
The Bishops Arms

At The Bishop’s Arms you will find a well thought out and wide range of beverages with focus on our specialty; beer and whiskey. There is something for everyone, whether you are a connoisseur and are looking for something exclusive or simply want to enjoy a beloved classic. The English-style premises even serves a popular pub menu. The staff has extensive knowledge and will guide you with pleasure.

​Address: Norra vallgatan 62 & Gustav Adolfs torg 49​Phone: +46 40 66 44 888​Website:

Behind the doors of the old Free Church awaits a newly renovated dance Mecca called Babel. The program consists of jazz, world music and theatre.

​Address: Spångatan 38
Cuba Café

A Cuban cafe/restaurant where a piece of Havana has landed in the middle of Malmö. Music and salsa nights.

​Address: Amiralsgatan 35
Malmö Brygghus

Malmö Brewery is the only pub that serves beer straight from the brewery. Located near Möllevångstorget, commonly known as "Möllan".

​Address: Bergsgatan 33

Debaser is a bar, restaurant, venue, nightclub, patio, festival and much more. With good food, organic wine & beers, avant garde music as well as more well known acts.

​Address: Norra Parkgatan 2
The Pickwick Pub

The Pickwick Pub has everything you could ask of an authentic British pub. Located near Gustav Adolf Square, in the heart of Malmö.

​Address: Malmborgsgatan 5

Lively and popular Irish pub and restaurant with Guinness as a specialty. Live music Fridays and Saturdays.

​Address: Per Weijersgatan 4

Immensely popular rock and nightclub with concerts every week. Over the years, KB had time to arrange more than 2,000 concerts and has booked everyone from the demo-taped local acts to the world-class artists.

​Address: Bergsgatan 18
Centiliter & Gram

Centiliter & Gram is a popular bar, centrally located in the town square, next to Lilla Torg. The style of the bar is international.

​Address: Stortorget 17

Schlager Club every Saturday. The club is full of happy party people and two high-volume bars, dance floors and Blackjack tables.

​Address: Kalendegatan 12

The nightclub is located in the town square, in the heart of Malmö City, just a stone’s throw from bars, hotels and the pedestrian mall. Touting two dance floors, four casino tables, five bars and karaoke bar - what more could you ask for?

​Address: Stortorget
Swing Inn Nightclub

One of Malmö’s largest nightclubs. The Swing Inn is the scene of an open floor plan on two stories and the music is a mix from the 70s, 80s and 90s, mixed with a list of newer songs.

​Address: Malmborgsgatan 7
Moriska Paviljongen

Also called "Moriskan" – an art centre in the Folkets Park where everybody is welcome. During the same evening, an Iraqi superstar can have a concert in one hall while there is a gay club in another. Conversations about democracy can take place in the garden while others are playing hip hop in the bistro. The Moorish pavilion is a place for everyone!

​Address: Norra Parkgatan 2

The popular sushi restaurant at Lilla Torg (Small Square) also holds an equally popular nightclub. This is where the Malmö-inhabitants go to see and be seen.

​Address: Lilla Torg 5
Rosen Bar & Dining

Known as one of Malmö's best bars, not least thanks to the skilled bartenders. They find inspiration in classic cocktails and adapts them for today's tastes. If you want to have a really good cocktail take no short cuts.

​Address: Skomakargatan 15
Malmö has a large selection of designer boutiques and young, trendy fashion. The most commercial pedestrian mall stretches from the Great Square (Stortorget) along Södergatan, Skomakaregatan and Baltzarsgatan by Gustav Adolf Square and Södertull, and further down the Södra Förstadsgatan to Triangeln och Möllevången. Most of the area is free of traffic. Make any trip to picturesque Gamla Väster, trendy David Hall, or Stora Nygatan and Friisgatan. Take a break with sea views in West Harbour or in the crowd at Little Square. The best part is that most things are within walking distance!

Malmö’s best shopping is at Hansa shopping centre, just one block from Gustav Adolf Square.

​Address: Stora Nygatan​Phone: +46 40 77 000​Website:
Triangle Shopping Centers

A few steps from the City Tunnel exit lies Triangeln, Malmö’s most central shopping mall. Here, you’ll find a pharmacy, technical stores, free WiFi and other practicalities, but above all – great fashion shopping possibilities.

​Address: Södra Förstadsgatan 41​Phone: +46 40 23 02 06​Website:

Scandinavia's premier shopping centre! From Station Hyllie you step straight into a relaxed shopping atmosphere where nothing is missing. 200 shops, restaurants and cafés on 93 000 sqm on three floors, with an exceptionally high level of service. Choose freely among fashion stores, grocery stores, unique brand stores, pharmacies, Systembolaget and retail stores.


Mulberry is a piece of celebrated British luxury famous for high-quality leather bags, accessories and ready-to-wear. At the store on Södergatan you can find iconic styles as the Bayswater and Alexa, but also an exclusive pick from the latest collection.

​Address: Södergatan 20, Malmö​Phone: +46 40 607 22 60​Website:
Young Trendy Davidshall

Over the last few years, many new restaurants, cafés and shops have popped up in the area around Davidshallstorg. Most of the stores turn to a young and trend-sensitive audience, but you can still find everything from boutiques with customs designs to vintage shops. Find your favourite designer at Tjallamalla, Popolino , Gry or Liebling.

​Address: Davidshallstorg
Unique Shops Around Fersen

Fersen is one of Malmö’s upcoming shopping areas. The area around Fersen road / Helmfeldtsgatan / Kastellgatan has several unique shops that chose a focus on design, craftsmanship and vintage.

​Address: Fersen, Malmö
Drottningtorget Malmö Eco Square

At Drottningtorget is the most diverse range of organic and fair trade products and the city’s best ice cream parlor with homemade organic ice cream. In spring and autumn, Farmers’ markets are setup in the square, selling locally produced food and raw materials.

​Address: Drottningtorget
Local Crafts and Design In Gamla Väster

West of the Lilla Torg is picturesque Gamla Väster with its beautifully restored old houses, nice small shops, galleries and cafés. Wander around in a relaxed environment, yet still be in the city centre. Around Lilla Torg and Hedman courtyard, you will find many local artisans and Form / Design Centre with exhibits and shop with the best of Scandinavian design.

​Address: Gamla Väster, Malmö

Baltzar is the name of the large glass building at the intersection of Södergatan and Baltzarsgatan. Here are 12 different, first-class specialty shops and cafés.

​Address: Baltzarsgatan 45
Caroli shopping centre

Caroli is a newly redesigned shopping centre with a retro feel and top level service. Come in and take your pick among exciting fashion labels, pop-up stores and great food in the beautifully designed surroundings.

​Address: Östergatan 12, Malmö​Website:
Open on Sundays

More and more stores in Malmö city are opening on Sundays. Take a trip downtown, enjoy a coffee in peace and walk around basking in the pleasant street life. For more information about which stores are open on Sundays:

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Malmö Airport

Malmö Airport is about 30 km east of Malmö and you can go by car, taxi or shuttle bus. The trip takes about 40 minutes.

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