Visit Germany’s lovely Rhineland region when you book flights to Münster with Ryanair. Münster is a really nice city to explore on foot - just walking around the city gives you a wonderful sense of the place. But if you want to experience Münster like a local, hire a bike and cycle just like everyone else does! The city has been meticulously and faithfully restored since it was almost totally destroyed in the war, and today it’s a charming, vibrant and modern university city with a host of restaurants, galleries, museums, bars and much more to keep you entertained. Book flights to Münster today!

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As university towns, Muenster and Osnabrueck offer a range of clubs and bars to spend the night. All kinds of music and sounds are presented by famous DJ’s from all over Germany. At Muenster harbor visitors can choose between several clubs. Osnabrueck’s nightlife spots are spread all over the city. But not only students can enjoy the night here. For those who like it a little bit more quiet: Bars, pubs or taverns are located in both cities and invite tourists to spend a relaxed evening in good company.

Food & Drink

Everybody loves German food. And there is a great variety of it in Muenster and Osnabrueck! Both cities are home of traditional German bakeries or breweries. Besides the famous diversity of bread and the really good beer, the Westphalian cuisine is down to earth and rustic. Famous regional delicacies are Muensterland ragout or peppered beef stew. An addition to the regional cuisine, visitors of Muenster and Osnabrück can dine at several other locations such as Italian, Turkish or Greek restaurants.


Both cities, Muenster and Osnabrueck, have great shopping opportunities. Besides the well-known brand shops visitors can find small boutiques and stores offering regional fashion or local groceries. Muenster with its small alleys and its historical surrounding creates a unique shopping experience. Osnabrueck attracts its visitors with modern buildings and pleasant shopping malls. During the day tourists have the possibility to get from one city to the other by bus or train or even take a tour to the near located Netherlands for a shopping-trip.

Activities & Tours

Muenster strikes with an old fashioned carriage drive through the old part of the city. On the journey visitors will receive a lot of information about the town’s history and be well entertained. Since Muenster is known as the city of bicycles, tourists can explore Muenster’s city area not only by carriage but also by bike. Many of the important tourist places of Muenster like the Krameramtshaus, the modern municipal library or the St. Clemens’ and the Dominican church can be easily reached from the Prinzipalmarkt by bike.


The Muenster harbor-festival is taking place at the beginning of June and welcomes thousands of visitors and generates lots of excitement. Many national stars and acts perform on three separate stages around the harbor area during these days. Moreover Stand-up surfing or paddle board contests are taking place. Many restaurants are located at Muenster harbor and serve their guests all kinds of German specialties. At night several bars and clubs are continuing the entertainment program. It is this vivid atmosphere that makes this event so special and shows off the modern and creative side of Muenster.

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