Book flights to Rodez with Ryanair, and whether you’re hoping for a fun family adventure, a relaxing weekend break or an active Aveyron holiday, you’re sure to have the time of your life! Rodez is situated right at the foot of the Massif Central, so you’re really on the doorstep of some of France’s most gorgeous mountainous scenery, and it’s begging to be explored. If you prefer to stay in the city itself you’ll have a great tome too – it’s charming, with plenty to see and lots of great places to eat fabulous local food. Book flights to Rodez today!
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The old Rodez features several historic townhouses and mansions from the 14th -17th century, or beautiful religious buildings like the chapel of the old Jesuit College. You will love wandering on and through Rodez’s footpaths and alleys, where you’ll also find some truly excellent restaurants with their regional specialities, small cafés with shadowy terraces, and beautiful open-air markets.
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rodez

With its late Gothic and sculpted red sandstone bell-tower, the cathedral is the perfect starting point for your visit. The hidden treasures of its architecture are unveiled at night by the five hundred projector lamps.

​Address: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rodez​Phone: +33 465 75 76 77
Fenaille Museum

Located in a beautiful Renaissance mansion in the old town, the museum features a collection of the largest Menhir statues in France. You will discover the history of the Rouergue province from 300, 000 years ago up to the 17th century.

​Address: Place 14 place Raynaldy, Rodez​Phone: +33 565 73 84 30​Website:​More info: Near town hall
Denys-Puech Museum

The Museum of Fine Arts is a not to be missed attraction. This has been a meeting place for modern and contemporary creation since 1989. It is named after the famous sculptor Denys Puech who lived in the area in the late 19th and early 20th century.

​Address: Place Georges-Clémenceau, Rodez​Phone: +33 456 577 89 60
The Haras National Farm

This stud farm occupies a beautiful and quiet old charter house from the 16th and 17th century. It is home to 50 retired stud animals and guided tours and presentations are offered for visitors.

​Address: Rue Eugène Loup, BP 13313, Rodez​Phone: +33 5 65 73 84 03 ​Website:
Le Monastère

If you have time, touring around Rodez is memorable. The region is home to unique historical sites and a rich architectural heritage in several villages. Le Monastère with its abbey and medieval bridge crossing the Aveyron River is a must.

​Address: Le Monastère​Website:
The Old Town

There is much to see in the old part of Rodez, like the historic town houses and private mansions from the 14th -17th century, the chapel of the old Jesuit College (17th century) and the Bishop’s Palace (17th century).

​Address: Old Town, Rodez
Sainte-Radegonde Aveyron

This small town not even 10 km from Rodez hides two amazing fortified churches. With walls and ramparts they look more like castles. They even have sheltered rooms that visitors can climb the 70 steps to see.

​Address: Sainte-Radegonde Aveyron​Website:
The River Aveyron

Stroll along the river that flows through the city and be charmed by the beautiful buildings that are built on the bank of it. In the outskirts of the city, the area around the river is more natural and perfect for a more relaxing walk.

​Address: The River Aveyron
The Millau Viaduct

This is one of the tallest bridges in the world and you find it on the motorway about an hour south-east from Rodez. The view from the bridge is amazing since it crosses a deep valley.

​Address: The Millau Viaduct
Royal Fortress of Najac

The small village of Najac is mostly famous because of this castle, built in the middle of the 13th century. It features several towers and a secret corridor for archers. Najac is located a little more than an hour from Rodez.

​Address: Najac
Jewellery Making

If you wish to make your own souvenirs from your trip to Rodez, join a jewellery making workshop at La Vidalerie Jewellery Making. Choose between beading and silversmithing and design your own unique piece. They also offer packages over several days including accommodation.

​Address: La Vidalerie, Rodez​Phone: +33 6 30 74 20 35​Website:

This 18 hole golf course is located in the area of Onet le Château, close to Rodez. While playing here you are able to enjoy the stunning view and contrast of the beautiful countryside and the city of Rodez and its cathedral.

​Address: Avenue de Vabre, Onet le Château​Phone: +33 5 65 78 38 00​Website:
Hiking and Walking

In the city of Rodez there is a self-guided walking tour of the old city centre but there are also several paths and hiking trails outside the city on the beautiful countryside in the area of Aveyron. There are all levels of difficulty and length but all of them have stunning views and breathtaking nature in common.

Aquavallon Aquatic Centre

This is fun for the whole family. At Aquavallon Aquatic Centre visitors can splash around in the different swimming pools, go on the water slide, play water games or just relax in the Jacuzzi or the sauna.

​Address: Vallon des sports-Chemin de l'Auterne, Rodez​Phone: +33 5 65 73 40 10
Parc de Loisirs de Combelles

This 300 acres big park is located in the comune Le Monastère. Here you find horse riding, an array of sport activities and just lush and green areas to relax and have a picnic at. If you feel that you don't want to leave, they also offer accommodation.

​Address: Le Monastère, Rodez​Phone: +33 5 65 77 30 00​Website:
The local gastronomy is renowned for its range of excellent foodstuffs and labels, including the famous Roquefort or Bleu des Causes cheeses, as well as the wines of Marcillac and Aubrac beef. In Rodez, the gastronomy is varied and heartily flavoured. Among the specialities, the foie gras, tripous confits, stuffed cabbage and Estofinado are the most popular.
La Taverne

La Taverne is one of the best restaurants in town, serving rustic food straight from the French countryside. The charming décor makes you feel right at home and there is an extensive wine menu to complete your culinary adventure.

​Address: 22, rue de l'Embergues, Rodez ​Phone: +33 565 42 14 51​Website:
Les Jardins de l´Acropolis

Les Jardins de l’Acropolis has a varied menu, skilled staff and wine to match. The portions served are generous and you will leave satisfied although wanting more.

​Address: Rue Athènes, Rodez​Phone: +33 5 65 68 40 07​Website:
Goûts et Couleurs

In a quiet street in the heart of the old town lies Goûts Et Couleurs, where you can expect some of the finest food. Their seafood specialities are excellent and the “Croustillant de cabécou” (small goat cheese) is well worth a try.

​Address: 38 rue de Bonald, Rodez​Phone: +33 565 42 75 10​Website:
Le Cèdre

Le Cèdre is a Lebanese restaurant with all the ambience and exotic feel of the beautiful country. Certain evenings you can enjoy your meal while watching an inspiring belly dancing performance.

​Address: 15 Bd Denys Puech, Rodez​Phone: +33 565 42 19 03​Website:
Les Colonnes

If you fancy a lunch or dinner in a pure French Brasserie style, Les Colonnes is a good place to go. They serve delicious food to reasonable prices.

​Address: 6 Place d’Armes, Rodez​Phone: +33 565 68 00 33

This is a recommended restaurant for trying the local specialities. It is situated in the heart of the old town centre, in front of the Notre-Dame cathedral which obviously offers stunning views.

​Address: 8 place de la Cité, Rodez​Phone: +33 565 72 22 91​Website:
La Table Ruthenoise

La Table Ruthenoise offers exciting flavours and high quality. Their menu includes treats like lamb sweetbreads, mashed potatoes with goat cheese and duck with caramelized onions.

​Address: 16 Boulevard de la Republique, Rodez​Phone: +33 565 42 18 58
Les Arômes

This small restaurant, owned by a couple, is located on a small side street and might not be the easiest to find. If you do make a try and come here you can lose yourself in delicious typical French dishes, cooked to perfection.

​Address: 5, rue Ste Catherine, Rodez​Phone: +33 5 65 87 24 41​Website:
Le Physalis

Le Physalis serves food from all over the world but still with high quality. On the menu you find Italian specialities side by side with Mexican Fajitas and Asian spring rolls and you and your company can choose different cuisine and still sit together in a friendly and cosy ambience.

​Address: 40, rue de l'Embergue, Rodez​Phone: +33 5 81 37 40 01​Website:
Auberge du Chateau

20 minutes from Rodez, in the small village of village of Muret le château you find this gem. Auberge du Château is a country house restaurant and hotel and one of the owners, Marc Cordy, is also the chef. Guests can see his passion in the beautiful and delicious dishes he creates.

​Address: Le bourg, Muret le Château​Phone: +33 5 65 47 71 57​Website:
Le Kayamb

Reunion Island is a French island outside the African coast but in Rodez, you are able to taste the specialities from this tropical paradise. At Le Kayamb, dishes such as massalé, rougail sausages and cari chicken are served to the tones from traditional Reunionais music.

​Address: 42 rue Saint Cyrice, Rodez​Phone: +33 5 82 95 02 10​Website:
Le Parfum des Délices

This restaurant is located just behind the cathedral and despite the tourist-friendly location this is a venue serving well recommended local food. Large portions are served by the friendly staff.

​Address: 24 Place du Bourg, Rodez​Phone: +33 5 65 68 95 00​Website:
Mamma Mia

As the name reveals this is an Italian restaurant and here guests can indulge in homemade pasta, pizzas and other Italian delicacies. Finish it all with the scrumptious Tiramisu.

​Address: 8 Rue Aristide Briand, Rodez​Phone: +33 5 81 37 67 93
La Toiles Ciree

This is a perfect spot for lunch. In a quite simple but charming and cosy setting, French dishes with an exciting twist are served to affordable prices. The restaurant is located right in the heart of the city.

​Address: Rue de la Barriere, Rodez​Phone: +33 5 65 60 84 71
Maison de Cecile et Aime

The restaurant Cecile et Aime is situated right in the city centre and in the summer time the patio is a popular place for people watching. Friendly staff serve large portions with local food and the desserts are highly recommended.

​Address: 2 Boulevard flaugergues, Rodez​Phone: +33 5 65 69 57 97
You’re never more than a few steps away from the town’s restaurants and cafés and their traditional specialities. Sit down at a patio and enjoy the people-watching with a café au laît and a croissant.
Résolument Plus Net

This cyber café is perfect to check your mails while having a soft drink or a coffee. With its 20 computers, there is plenty of room.

​Address: 11, Rue Béteille, Rodez​Phone: +33 565 75 66 87​Website:
Le Grand Café

This café is located in the heart of the city. Grand Café is an ideal place for a break in the afternoon, either you wish to just have a coffee or eat a small snack.

​Address: 19 Place De La Cité, Rodez​Phone: +33 565 68 00 95​Website:
Le Petit Moka

Le Petit Moka is a charming brasserie and “Salon de thé” (tea room), a gathering place for everyone, age aside. Who doesn't enjoy to sit down and relax for a while, and catch up with friends?

​Address: Place des Maçons, Rodez​Phone: +33 565 75 63 34
Les Cafés Ruthéna

When you like good coffee there are no short cuts. Here you will find coffee made of 100% Arabica beans, great taste straight from Papua New Guinea. Lean back and enjoy a perfect espresso.

​Address: 6 pl Charles de Gaulle, Rodez​Phone: +33 5 65 68 01 15​Website:

For some really good sandwiches, gingko is the place to visit. Here you can choose from a wide selection of fillings and bread and you can finish your lunch with one of the delicious pastries offered.

​Address: 3 Rue Abbé Bessou, Rodez​Phone: +33 5 65 68 02 84​Website:
Rodez is a provincial city and you’ll find great bars, with a friendly atmosphere and a mix of locals and visitors. People love to go bar hopping, from one bar to another. There are a few nightclubs in the greater Rodez area.
Le Divan

Le Divan is a popular venue among the young, where you can choose between playing pool, video games or having some of the greatest homemade cocktails in town. All surrounded by a beautiful décor.

​Address: 71, rue Béteille, Rodez​Phone: +33 565 68 63 30​Website:
White Rose

This pub is popular for broadcasting major sports events on giant screens on Thursdays and Fridays. Great ambiance and great fun, even if you’re not a giant sports fan.

​Address: 2, Rue de Bonald, Rodez​Phone: +33 565 68 04 21
Café de la Paix

Café de la Paix is open 7 days a week and late into the night, with a large selection of beer. It is another great venue to meet the locals and start sampling Rodez’s nightlife.

​Address: 3, Place Jean Jaurès, Rodez​Phone: +33 565 42 56 22
Au Bureau

In a typical French pub atmosphere, Au Bureau has great beer and homemade cocktails. It’s warm and friendly and very popular with the locals.

​Address: 5, Boulevard de Gally, Rodez​Phone: +33 565 68 00 01​Website:
Maurice Bompard Lounge Bar

This lounge bar is situated in the Mercure Rodez Cathédrale Hotel right in the heart of the city. Relax with a classic cocktail in the elegant 1930's atmosphere with red velvet cushions and dark wooden furniture.

​Address: 1 avenue Victor Hugo, Rodez​Phone: +33 565 685 519​Website:
Rodez is the capital of the Aveyron Region and is traditionally an agricultural trade centre. For food shopping, the gourmets will certainly find some of the greatest regional delights. It is enjoyable to experience the open-air markets that are held on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, and Friday afternoons. There, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with the local farmers and sample the special flavours of the region. On rue Vieille du Temple, the shop “A la Ville de Rodez” is one of the best places to find genuine Aveyron products. Every Saturday on Place d’Olmet, the clothing market is worth a visit, where you find inexpensive and original items. Behind the cathedral is another shopper’s paradise. If you walk through the narrow alleyways that connect the Place de Bourg, Place de la Cité, Place de la Mairie and Place Reynaldi, you will find plenty of specialist shops and boutiques clothing and fashion for all ages, leather and handbags, fishmongers, cheese, booksellers, bakers etc. Perfect for a leisurely stroll and shopping break while visiting the old town. If you’re looking for a more urban style shopping, the Leclerc Mall is a huge supermarket with foreign produce, open Monday to Saturday, located just outside east of the city. You also may find cheap local wines there, depending on the season.
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Aéroport de Rodez – Aveyron

Rodez is served by an international airport, “Aéroport de Rodez – Aveyron” located 12 km north of the city. The only way to get in to town is by taxi and the journey takes about 20 minutes. The price is approximately €15 to €20. Cars and drivers are just at the exit and they all know the air carriers’ schedules.

​Address: Aéroport de Rodez – Aveyron​Phone: +33 565 42 20 30​Website:​More info: Prices updated August 2013
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