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A ‘must see’ in Zadar is the Church of St Donat – one of the finest Byzantine buildings in Dalmatia and the venue for countless musical festivals and theatrical events.
Church of St Donat

Built in the early 9th century on the site of a Roman forum, the largely circular building is one of the finest Byzantine examples in Croatia. It is no longer used as a church, but hosts a wide variety of musical and cultural events.

​Address: Sv Donat, Zadar​Phone: +385 23 250 516Subway: On foot, bus or car to Sv Donat, off Obala Kralia
Cathedral of St Anastasia

An enchanting cathedral dating from the 9th century and rebuilt to a Romanesque style several years later, the Cathedral of St Anastasia houses paintings and Baroque artifacts.

​Address: Forum, Zeleni Trg​Phone: +385 23 251 708Subway: On foot, bus or car, off Obala Kralia
The Forum

One of the main squares in Zadar and today known as Zeleni trg, the Forum can trace its history back to the 1st century. Remains of ancient architecture remain.

​Address: Forum, Zeleni TrgSubway: On foot, bus or car, off Obala Kralia
Land Gate and Walls (Kopnena Vrata)

Originally built as an entrance to the fortified city, the Land Gate, along with the 16th century walls and their medieval tower, Bablja Kula, are notable landmarks.

​Phone: +385 23 212 412​More info: Off Rudera BoskovicaSubway: On foot, bus or car to Rudera Boskovica
People’s Square

Home of the Town Hall, the city courts and the Town Guard Palace that houses the Ethnographic Museum, the square is the heart of what was the medieval city.

​Address: Narodni Trg​Phone: +385 23 212 412Subway: On foot, bus or car to Narodni Trg, off Barakovica
Church of St Chrysogonus

Notable as being part of the great Benedictine monastery that was destroyed in World War II, the church houses beautifully preserved 13th-century frescoes and a Baroque altar.

​Address: Sv Krsevan​Phone: +385 23 212 412Subway: On foot, bus or car, off Aleksandra III
The Museum of Sacred Art

A superb collection of gold and silver artifacts, paintings and famous statues form the main exhibits in this museum housed in a former monastery.

​Address: Zeleni Trg​Phone: +385 23 212 412Subway: On foot, bus or car, off Aleksandra III
Zadar Archipelago

More than 300 islands make up the Zadar archipelago, although only a handful are inhabited. Daily ferries run from the quayside to the larger islands. Among the most visited are Dugi Otok, the largest of the islands and a popular haunt of fishing enhtusiasts, and Ugljan, where many wealthy Zadar residents own properties, along with the smaller islands of Pasman, Molat, Olib and Premuda. All offer relaxating coastal or beach walks, while most have restaurants, historical sites to see and opportunities for watersports.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is one of the most important museums in the region and houses a collection of local artifacts dating from prehistoric times, including rare glass from the Roman period.

​Address: Trg Opatice Cike 1​Phone: +385 23 250 516Subway: On foot, bus or car, off Aleksandra III
Recommended links

Welcome to Zadar region tourist board: http://www.zadar.hr/index.asp?switch=_gb Zadar Tourist Board: http://beta.tzzadar.hr/en

Activities & Tours

A city of exceptional 3000-years old history and extremely valuable cultural heritage, Zadar will always offer something new and original. Indented coastline, hundreds of islands and islets, numerous coves and suitable climate are a paradise for all types of nautical activities. The natural surroundings of the great mountain of Velebit and the Zrmanja River canyon are a real paradise for adventure and extreme sports lovers. Discover the beauty of nature, the flora and fauna of the Zadar region through numerous activities such as walking and climbing in the outdoor or bird watching.


Combining the beauties of the past and preferences of modern-day tourism, the Zadar region offers numerous tourist attractions. The Zadar archipelago is the place where one can experience direct contact of man with the untouched nature and sea. The Zadar region is surrounded by five National Parks: Paklenica, Kornati, Plitvica Lakes, Krka Waterfalls and Northern Velebit. One should definitely visit the interesting Nature Parks in the Zadar region Telascica Bay on Dugi otok, Lake Vrana (the largest natural lake in Croatia) and the Velebit Mountain.


Visit and enjoy the numerous events and manifestations of the destinations of the Zadar region and its islands. The variety and vast offer of numerous events and manifestations in the Zadar region will thrill every visitor. Everyone can find something for himself. If you like music concerts or theater performances, folklore tradition, gastronomic manifestations, sports events... come to the Zadar region and choose a manifestation you wish to enjoy and participate in.

Zadar hosts numerous restaurants, inns, tavernas and pizzerias serving European cuisine as well as local delicacies. Take the chance to try the paprika flavoured salami (kulen), Buzara – a dish of scampi in a tomato and garlic sauce – walnut bread and, for dessert, palačinka – a filled pancake – or cheese strudels.
Restaurant Tamaris

A large and elegant restaurant with a terrace set in the popular Tamaris Hotel. It serves specilaities of the Zadar area and roasted meats.

​Address: Zagrebacka 5​Phone: +385 23 318 700​Website: www.tamaris-zadar.com.hr​More info: Inside Tamaris HotelSubway: On foot, bus or car to Zagrebacka

Kornat is a centrally located restaurant with a good menu of fine local cuisine and wines, with a distinctive upmarket feel. Good for evening dining as well as lunches with friends.

​Address: Liburnska Obala 6​Phone: +385 23 254 501​Website: www.restaurant-kornat.comSubway: On foot, bus or car to the quayside, Liburnska Obala

A delightful restaurant decorated in a modern Croatian style, Foša specialises in local fresh fish dishes. It overlooks the bay.

​Address: Kealja Dmitra Zvonimira 2​Phone: +385 23 314 421​Website: www.fosa.hrSubway: On foot, bus or car to the Old Town

Freshly made fish dishes inspired by generations of Zadar residents is the theme of the menu at this reasonably priced restaurant in the Borik district.

​Address: Put Dikla 47​Phone: +385 23 331 137​Website: www.albin.hr​More info: Within Pansion AlbinSubway: On foot, bus or car to Put Dikla, Borik
Dva Ribara

A popular huant for tasty, inexpensive luchtime treats. Serves a wide selection of fast food such as pizza, but also many Croatian and Dalmatian dishes.

​Address: Blaža Jurjeva 1​Phone: +385 23 213 445Subway: On foot, bus or car to Blaža Jurjeva
Food & Drink

The gastronomic offer of the Zadar region blends the best quality features of Dalmatian cuisine, which is very tasty and healthy. Gastronomy is essentially based on fish, seafood and mollusk dishes and everything is seasoned with home made olive oil, which is of exceptional quality in this region. The Zadar region is an ideal gastro-location for those who enjoy good food, wine, scents and the atmosphere of Dalmatia.

The city centre can easily be explored on foot. Art galleries, museums and restaurants serving traditional delicacies as well as gourmet cuisine unite with shops – large and small – displaying ceramics, paintings and textiles created by local artisans.

Established in 1972, hence its name, this popular café serves a good choice of snacks along with light beverages.

​Address: Ul. Posedarskih Knezova 2​Phone: +385 23 314 221Subway: On foot, bus or car

Ambiental is renowned as much for its seemingly endless selection of teas and hot chocolates as its great view over the city. Relaxing, intimate and popular eaterie.

​Address: M Pavlinovića 2Subway: On foot, bus or car
Canoli Bar

Canoli Bar serves a good selection of coffee, cocktails and light meals, all in a relaxing atmosphere within a good shopping centre.

​Address: Rudera Boškovica 4​Phone: +385 23 315 203Subway: On foot, bus or car to Rudera Boškovica
Coffee Lounge

Popular with residents as well as tourists, the Coffee Lounge offers the chance to unwind and enjoy sandwiches, cocktails and some fine local wines.

​Address: Rudera Boškovica​Phone: +385 23 318 870Subway: On foot, bus or car to Rudera Boškovica

Forum offers a good selection of light meals and beverages and is centrally located – just a stone’s throw from the main attractions of Zadar city centre.

​Address: Široka Ulica bb​Phone: +385 23 250 537Subway: On foot, bus or car to Široka Ulica
Much of the city’s evening entertainment takes the form of relaxing meals at waterfront restaurants, although Zadar has a lively urban culture that attracts many young Croatians, along with venues that host theatre and musicial events, and several good casinos.
Barbara Bar

Located within the Falkenstiener Borik hotel complex, the Barbara Bar oozes chic with its rattan style furniture and white soft furnishings. Open until late.

​Address: Majestora Radovana 7Subway: On foot, bus or car to Borik
Maya Pub

A mix of good Croatian music, ethnic furniture and fine cocktails and wines keep this waterside evening venue top of the list of favourites.

​Address: Liburnska Obala 6​Phone: +385 23 251 716Subway: On foot, bus or car to Liburnska Obala on the quayside
Casino Zadar

As one would expect, the Casino Zadar is a sophicated venue where Poker, Roulette and Black Jack are among the games played for hard cash. It is located in the marina complex and stays open until the early hours.

​Address: Ivana Mazuranica bb​Phone: +385 23 239 400Subway: On foot, bus or car to the marina, off Rudera Boškovica
City Club Forum

City Club Forum is one of the livliest clubs in town, and a popular haunt of the young and trendy set. Opens around 11pm and stays open till the sun comes up.

​Address: Marka Marulica bbSubway: On foot, bus or car to Marka Marulica
The Garden

A classy, minimalist club set within the city walls, The Garden combines fine wines and cocktails with sophiscated music. Open early evening till around 1 a.m.

​Address: Bedemi Zadarskih Pobuna​Phone: +385 23 254 509​Website: www.thegardenzadar.comSubway: On foot, bus or car to Bedemi Zadarskih Pobuna
Zadar is a mix of specialist boutiques where everything from antiques and fashions to crafts such as ceramics, paintings and woven textiles made by local artisans can be found, to some impressively spacious shopping centres. Billa in Jadranska Cesta bb, Kaufland at Andrije Hebranga 2, and the Trgovinski Centar Relja in Murvička, along with the legendary Getro, also in Jadranska Cesta bb, where just about anything can be purchased, are the main shopping centres. Most stay open until late in the evening. With good sailing waters that attract boating enthusiasts in large numbers, the city has a plentiful supply of shops selling nautical supplies, too. If market shopping is your passion, then Zadar has a number of markets including the Drogerie Markt in Elizabete Kotromanić, Konzum at Široka Ulica 1, Kod Mare at Ul Plemića Borelli 6 and Sarag at Dalmatinskog Sabora 8. Most are daily events and sell fruit and vegetables, crafts and antiques.

While staying in the Zadar region do not miss buyingthe bottle of Maraschino - the original and noble liqueur originating from Zadar. The perfect souvenir is also Pag lace, a unique handcraft often considered as one of the best Croatian souvenirs. If you wonder what to take home you can also buy some good local wine, olive oil or some famous Pag cheese.

Zadar Airport

Zadar’s international airport is located around 14 kilometres from the city centre and is served by taxis stationed outside, buses and car hire companies.

​Phone: +385 23 313 311
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