If you want to explore Lyon and the Alps, book flights to Grenoble with Ryanair and land right in the capital of the Dauphiné region. Grenoble itself is a big, busy city with some fabulous sights, superb dining, incredibly welcoming people and a fascinating Antiques Quarter. But best of all, from the bustle of the city you can always see the snow-capped Alps on the horizon, a perfect reminder that no matter what you’re doing in the city, you’re just a short drive away from an amazing Alpine adventure! Book flights to Grenoble today.
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The administrative centre of Isère department, Grenoble is the third municipality of the Rhône-Alpes region. It is a historic, cultural, scientific and sports city and there are a wide range of discoveries to be made there. In the heart of the alpine mountains, the city is situated less than one hour from forty winter sports resorts. It is a centre for the technology industry and has an exceptional heritage also – you can find here the old palace of the Parliament of Dauphiné, and can travel in the cable railway of the Bastille Mountain. It only takes a few minutes, either during the day or at night, for the famous "bubbles" to bring you up to the old centre of the city and the fort of the Bastille to observe one of the most beautiful viewpoints on the Alps. Don't miss Grenoble’s museums with an impressive diversity of themes (art, culture - in particular the Stendhal museum-, sciences). http://www.isere-tourisme.com
La Bastille

At the foot of the Chartreuse Massif is one of Grenoble’s top attractions, La Bastille, a fort with a spectacular view over the city and the mountain. You get there by means of the "egg lift" téléphérique, one of the most popular excursions.

​Address: Fort de la Bastille, Grenoble
Palais Ideal

At first, one man’s dream of creating his own castle had many people shaking their heads. But the simple postman Ferdinand Cheval struggled for 33 years, stone by stone, to create a castle, which is now world famous for its mythical scenes.

​Address: 8, rue du Palais, Hauterives​Phone: +33 4 75688119​Website: http://www.facteurcheval.com
Horloge Solaire

Nowhere else in the world is there a reflective sundial of this size, and astronomers from all countries come to Horloge Solaire to study the sundial, which still keeps the time today. In 1673, under Louis the XIV, the Jesuit, Father Bonfa, and his pupils painted frescoes covering 100 square meters of the walls.

​Address: Lycee Stendhal, Grenoble​Phone: +33 476 548 383
Musée Stendhal

You cannot visit Grenoble without being reminded of the author Stendhal. His book "The Red and the Black" contains impressions from his early years in the city. In the museum there are manuscripts, documents, portraits and memorabilia from his life and career.

​Address: 1, Rue Hector Berlioz, Grenoble​Phone: +33 476 544 414
Le Magasin

Le Magasin was founded in 1986, and is one of Europe’s leading contemporary art centres. Here you can go see numerous exhibitions and visit the onsite bookshop.

​Address: 8 esplanade Andry Farcy, Site Bouchayer-Viallet, Grenoble​Phone: +33 476 219 584​Website: http://www.magasin-cnac.org
Grenoble is a dream location if you enjoy food. The region is renowned for using local produce in recipes that have been handed down generation after generation. A local dish is Gratin Dauphinois, a creamy potato gratin, which is available at most restaurants.
Chez le Per´Gras

Take the lift up to this restaurant which is located beside La Bastille, you will be rewarded. The restaurant has a view that extends to Mont Blanc on clear days. The kitchen offers both French and Alpine dishes such as cheese fondue and casseroles. Known for its gastronomic cuisine, they use seasonal fruit and vegetables, meat and fish.

​Address: 90 Chemin de la Bastille, Grenoble​Phone: +33 4 76420947​Website: http://www.restaurant-grenoble-gras.com​More info: Next to La Bastille
Auberge Napoleon

On March 7th 1815, Napoleon and his men passed through Grenoble. They stayed to eat and spend the night and the site became the restaurant Auberge Napoleon. This cosy little restaurant offers good French food.

​Address: 7, Rue de Montorge, Grenoble​Phone: +33 4 76875364​Website: http://www.auberge-napoleon.fr​Opening hours: Dinner Mon-Sat
Le 5 Café Comptoir

This restaurant and café can be found at the entrance of Grenoble’s museum. Here you can dine in a great décor with exotic art, antiques and modern furniture. Light meals include Thai prawns, lasagne and pies.

​Address: 5, Place Lavalette, Grenoble​Phone: +33 476 632 212​Website: http://www.le5.fr​Opening hours: Closed on Tuesdays
Iberico delicatessen

At Iberico delicatessen you can try some really good tapas. This place is claimed to have dishes of excellent quality and high level service.

​Address: 5 Rue des Clercs, Grenoble​Phone: +33 679 98 33 24​Website: http://www.iberico-delicatessen.com
L'As de Pique

At this restaurant you can enjoy beautifully cooked French food and the steaks are claimed to be juicy and just great here. From the wine list you can choose a great glass of wine to accompany your meal.

​Address: 14 Rue du Lieutenant Chanaron, Grenoble​Phone: +33 4 76 87 32 91​Website: http://www.asdepiquegrenoble.com
France is the promised land for brasseries and cafés. Here you can have a coffee with a chocolate croissant in the morning, a coffee with a baguette for lunch, afternoon coffee with a cake and a glass of wine in the evening. All meetings and rendezvous are arranged at one of Grenoble’s cafés.
Café Decitre

Café Decitre is both a bookshop and a café where works of young artists hang on the old walls. The bookshop has the city’s largest selection of non-French books. Here you can have excellent salads and both coffee and tea.

​Address: 9-11, Rue Grande Rue, Grenoble​Website: http://www.decitre.fr
The Cake Shop

If you like cupcakes you will love the cute The Cake Shop. Here you can choose from colourful, tasty cupcakes of all kinds. There is definitely one for everyone here.

​Address: 11 Rue Thiers, Grenoble​Phone: +33 476 958 662​Website: http://www.thecakeshop.fr
Jardin du The

At Jardin du The you can have a nice cup of tea and breakfast in a nice atmosphere. Here you can choose between a wide selection of teas from Japan, China and India.

​Address: 2 Rue Millet, Grenoble​Phone: +33 476 27 09 45​Website: http://www.jardin-du-the.com

If you enjoy bagels you should go to the O'Bagel restaurant. This place is very popular with its customers and the bagels are prepared right in front of you.

​Address: 23 Avenue Alsace Lorraine, Grenoble​Phone: +33 4 56 00 28 92​Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9am-10pm
La Petite Idée

La Petite Idée is a small and cosy café/restaurant that is popular among locals and tourists alike. There is a nice outside area if you prefer to sip your coffee while flirting with passers-by.

​Address: 7, Cours Jean Jaurès, Grenoble​Phone: +33 4 76 47 52 95​Website: http://www.la-petite-idee.fr
Late evenings and long nights characterize Grenoble’s entertainment scene. The large numbers of students keep the bars, cafés and discotheques going. Start the evening with an aperitif at one of the many brasseries on the square.
London Pub

This pub, with the somewhat misleading name, is one of the hottest places in Grenoble. Here French rock is mixed with International hits and you can dance both evening and night time on the two floors. This place is especially popular with students.

​Address: 11, Rue Brocherie, Grenoble​Phone: +33 4 76444190 ​Opening hours: Mon-Sat 6pm-1am
Le Barberousse

This is a small wood-panelled bar in the shape of a boat with a high cosiness factor. The bar specialises in rum and offers 60 different types, some with fruit flavours. Here you can also get light meals in a genial and relaxed atmosphere.

​Address: 3, Rue Bayard, Grenoble​Phone: +33 4 76511453​Website: http://www.barberousse.com​Opening hours: Tue-Sat 6pm-2am
Le Vertigo Club

You can dance until the late hours at Vertigo. DJ’s flown in from all over Europe make the club one of the most well attended. The club has free admission on Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursdays it is free for women.

​Address: 18, Grand Rue, Grenoble
Le Dotty Night

The largest club in the city has been open for six years. "Grotte", the cave, plays music from the 1970’s and 1980’s. This is a popular place for the 30+ crowd. Here you can also enjoy international hits.

​Address: 56, Avenue Route de Lyon, Grenoble​Phone: +33 4 76860486​Website: http://www.discotheque-grenoble.fr
Le Tord Boyaux

Most of the decor in this cosy bar is made up of 65 wine barrels. Here you can taste different wines from the region. Patrick, the owner, is happy to share his knowledge of wines. French popular music is played here in a relaxed environment. It is even more relaxed in the back bar.

​Address: 4, Rue Auguste Gaché, Grenoble​Phone: +33 4 76441890​Website: http://www.tord-boyaux.fr​Opening hours: Tue-Sat 6pm-1am
Grenoble has a good range of shopping. Exclusive shops are intermingled with artists’ studios, alternative clothes designers and sweetshops. At the centre of the shopping district is Galeries Lafayette, a large department store with most things for the home, clothes, food and fun items. You can start your walk in the city centre at the Arthaud bookshop, which offers coffee table books about the city and small souvenirs. If you are in need of some energy, take a break at Paris Delices, which has won several prizes for its pastries. Gabriel Gay has made clocks with his own hands and you can place a special order here for your own creation. They also sell exclusive clocks made from all over the world. If you have a hard time to choose a present for your friends at home, Wegelin has lots of tips and products which are typical to the region. La Boutique Gourmand sells canned delicacies, easy to bring home and store. A popular destination for many is the Grand Place department store, which is situated just south of the city. It is easy to get there by tram and the department store contains food halls, a variety of clothing chains, a music department and shops selling designer clothes from the largest fashion houses in Paris. You can find clothes chains such as Zara, Jennyfer and Naf Naf here. Twelve restaurants and cafés provide a respite from shopping.
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