Book flights to Kraków, and treat yourself to a city break that will surprise you in the best possible way. Kraków is a wonderful, charming city with loads for tourists to see and do, from the spectacular Rynek Glowny and Wawel Castle to the fascinating old Jewish quarter of Kazimierz, and even the hauntingly beautiful underground salt mines just outside the city. An abundance of brilliant sites and sights to visit, combined with a superb dining scene and lively nightlife, makes Krakow a perfect city break destination. Book flights to Krakow and you’ll find a city full of stories just waiting to be told.
800,000 in central Krakow 1.5 million in entire metropolitan area
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There is a lot to see in Krakow, such as centuries-old impressive landmarks, lovely vistas, world-class works of art, and stunning curios. Krakow boasts the best collections in Poland, and museums all over the world envies some of these treasures.
Church of St. Adalbert

Church of St. Adalbert is located to the side of the Main Market Square in Old Town, and is one of the oldest stone churches in Poland. Its almost one thousand year old history goes back to the beginning of the Polish Romanesque architecture of the early Middle Ages.

​Address: Plac Mariacki 6, Krakow​Phone: +48 12 422 83 52​Website:
Town Hall Tower

This is the last surviving part of the former 14th-century town hall. It has become, accidentally, the city’s own leaning tower, as it bends slightly off-centre by 55cm, apparently caused by the wind.

​Address: Rynek Główny 1, Krakow​Phone: +48 12 619 23 18​Website:
Old Synagogue

This 15th-century Synagogue houses a permanent exhibition entitled "the Tradition and Culture of Jews in Krakow". The area surrounding the synagogue has been highlighted in Steven Spielberg’s, "Schindler’s List."

​Address: 24 Szeroka Street, Krakow​Phone: +48 12 422 09 62​Website:
Czartoryski Museum

Here you can see a vast collection of ancient works of art from Greece and Egypt, but the key artworks here, have to be Leonardo da Vinci’s, "Lady with an Ermine” and Rembrandt’s, “Landscape with the Good Samaritan”.

​Address: św. Jana 19, Krakow​Phone: +48 12 370 54 60​Website:
The Florian Gate

This is one of the few surviving parts of the ancient defence system that once surrounded the Old Town. Built approximately 1285 it was the main defence of the north. Further towers were added in the 15th-century, but the Florian Gate is the only remaining gate from the original eight. In 1660, the Florian Gate was extended to include a Baroque roof, raising its height by one metre and today it measures around 33.5 meters.

​Address: Floriańska, Krakow​More info: The Florian Gate is in the centre of Krakow, near Kraków-Główny Bus Station.
Main Market Square (Rynek Glowny)

At the heart of the city lies what was once the largest square in Medieval Europe. It has been the hub of the city, ever since the historical district of the Old Town got its present grid of streets in the 13th century. The Market Square is still very much the soul of the city.

​Address: Rynek Glowny, Krakow
Wawel Hill, The Royal Castle and Cathedral

A tour of the Gothic castle and cathedral on Wawel Hill is essential for any visitor to the city. See the bones of Smok Wawelski, the mythical dragon of Wawel Hill. The Castle itself, where Polish Kings ruled, offers enough to keep visitors interested for the remainder of their trip up Wawel.

​Address: Wawel 5, Krakow​Phone: +48 12 422 51 55​Website:
St. Mary's Basilica

The spiralling twin towers of this ancient church witnessed many of the tumultuous events that have shaken the city of Krakow over the centuries. The top of the church tower is a perfect spot to take photos of the city, however, today it is closed for visitors until further notice, due to renovation work.

​Address: Plac Mariacki 5, Krakow​Phone: +48 12 422 05 21 ​Website:
Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps

This is a more sobering sight for visiting tourists, but almost essential for any visit to Krakow. You can catch a bus for a 90-minute journey to the former Nazi concentration camp, where millions of Jews were exterminated during the Second World War. Most travel agents organise day excursions to the camp. The Museum is about 2 km from the train station Oświęcim, and can be reached from there by local buses.

​Address: Auschwitz​Website:​More info: The Museum is located on the outskirts of the city of Oświęcim on national road 933. Note: entry to the parking lot on ulica Stanisławy Leszczyńskiej.

This is the old Jewish district where the city’s Jewish population have lived for over 500 years. This is an ideal place to experience some of Krakow’s Jewish culture and history. You will also find a range of cafés and restaurants, along with many museums, synagogues and cemeteries.

​Address: Kazimierz, Krakow
Plaza Krakow (Beach in Krakow)

Plaza Krakow (Beach in Krakow) is Poland´s first modern complex of its type, in fact it is one of the biggest city beaches in Europe. Visitors can enjoy sunbathing, 10,000 square metres of sand, deck chairs, volleyball courts, swimming pool and children´s playground. In the evening there are open-air film screenings and all-night club events. The visitors will also find a restaurant serving refreshing drinks, cocktails and delicious meals. There is something for everyone to enjoy at this beach club.

​Address: ul. Ludwinowska 2, Krakow​Phone: +48 530 950 303​Website:
Botanical Garden

This is the oldest botanic garden in Poland and has been operated since 1783. There are several greenhouse complexes as well as a tropical greenhouse with approximately 50 species of palms. A museum of the botanic garden is also to be found here.

​Address: Mikołaja Kopernika 27, Krakow​Phone: +48 12 421 26 20​Website:
Myślenice Adventure Park

Myślenice is an adventure park that offers many fun activities like paintball, quad biking, rope park, climbing wall, volleyball, rugby and baseball. Visitors can also enjoy outdoor events, concerts and cinema evening at this amazing park.

​Address: Myślenice​Phone: +48 796 196 892​Website:​More info: Myślenice is located 35 km south of Krakow
National Museum

National Museum provides a huge collection of objects, almost 780,000 pieces. Visitors can enjoy artefacts from every period of history the oldest date from prehistoric times. The museum also houses art works from different time periods and countries. There is Polish art, Western European works and extremely valuable collection of oriental arts which mostly are from Japan.

​Address: Aleja 3 Maja 1, Krakow​Phone: +48 122 955 500​Website:
Polish Aviation Museum

Polish Aviation Museum provides a wide collection of aeroplanes, helicopters, plane engines and pre-war planes which are made in Poland. There is also an exhibition where the visitors can learn more about the development of world aviation technology.

​Address: prof. Michała Życzkowskiego 39, Krakow​Phone: +48 12 642 87 00​Website:
Polish cuisine offers a whole host of different flavours. Krakow itself is probably the gastronomic capital of Poland, offering many types of worldwide cuisine, while steadfastly holding on to its culinary roots. Milk bars - ’bar mleczny’ - offer great value polish dishes. Look out for thick soups such as zurek (soup with sausages and potato) or barszcz (beetroot and dumplings). Bigos, or hunters stews are also worth a try!
Wierzynek Restaurant

It’s ideally situated on the corner of Market Square and Grodzka Street and known as one of the best and most high profile Polish restaurants.

​Address: Rynek Główny 15, 31-008 Krakow ​Phone: +48 12 424 96 00​Website:
Grunzinskie Chaczapuri

A range of Georgian dishes are served. Some of the specialities include Georgian cheese pie and Lavash, which is a thin roll stuffed with spicy chicken and salad.

​Address: Krakow, ul. Florianska 26​Phone: +48 509 542 800​Website:​More info: Corner of St Mark
Jama Michalika

This café is definitely worth a visit. Since its start in 1895, it has witnessed many legendary faces from Poland’s turbulent past. The artists, actors and men of letters gathered here for coffee or an inspiring glass of absinthe at the turn of the century.

​Address: Ul. Florianska 45, 31-019 Krakow​Phone: +48 12 422 15 61​Website:
Restauracja Sasiedzi

One of the many cheap but good value restaurants known as jadlodajinias, offering filling nutritious traditional Polish meals. Typical dishes include beef stews, potato pancakes, bread crumbed chicken fillets or beef shasliks.

​Address: ul. Miodowa 25, Krakow​Phone: +48 50 00 33 218​Website:
Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac is probably one of the best French restaurants in the city. The Polish owner has created a richly atmospheric cellar restaurant with a menu drawn from her time in France and her own Polish roots.

​Address: ul. Slawkowska 26, 31-014 Krakow​Phone: +48 12 411 72 88​Website:

This is a long-standing Krakowian eatery, named after the Sicilian town from the Godfather trilogy. Offers high standard Italian cuisine, and a garden to enjoy it in when the sun is out.

​Address: ul. Poselska 19​Phone: +48 12 429 51 26​Website:
U Ziyada

Offers the most stunning views over the Vistula River for diners, with meals served at the U Ziyada castle. On a clear day, you can see the peaks of the Tatra Mountains in the distance.

​Address: ul. Jodlowa13, Krakow​Phone: +48 12 429 71 05​Website:

Ideal for vegetarians. Over 40 kinds of salads, at least 50 vegetarian dishes and homemade cakes. Also worth a try is the restaurant’s speciality, the Pietuszkowski nectar - a drink concocted from mint, nettle and lemon balm leaves.

​Address: ul.Sw. Anny 3, Krakow​Phone: +48 12 292 12 12​Website:
Aqua e Vino

Aqua e Vino is an Italian restaurant and opened its door in June 2005. It became a popular restaurant very quickly. The restaurant has a modern décor, impeccable service and offers exclusive Italian cuisine made from fresh high quality products.

​Address: ul. Wiślna 5/10, 31-007 Krakow​Phone: +48 12 421 25 67​Website:
Edo Sushi Bar

Edo Sushi Bar is located in the vibrant district of Kazimierz, a very popular area among tourist. This is a welcoming place with a relaxed atmosphere. The menu offers excellent sushi, sashimi and other Japanese dishes.

​Address: ul. Bożego Ciała 3, 31-055 Krakow​Phone: +48 12 422 24 24​Website:
Hellada Restaurant

This cosy decorated restaurant with warm colours and the sounds of Greek music takes you to the hot Mediterranean climate. Delicious Greek dishes are served here like moussaka, souvlaki and fresh sea bream.

​Address: ul. Królewska 55, 30-081 Krakow​Phone: +48 12 637 20 86​Website:
Nova Resto Bar – Kazimierz

Nova Resto Bar is located in the heart of Kazimierz and is one of the biggest restaurants in Krakow. This modern style restaurant provides very cosy and warm atmosphere. There is also a heated indoor garden where visitors can enjoy their delicious food. The menu offers fusion cuisine, wide variety of steaks and salads, delightful desserts and seasonal dishes of the day.

​Address: ul. Estery 18, 31- 056 Krakow​Phone: +48 12 421 40 11​Website:
Pimiento Argentino Grill

This is a popular restaurant among Cracow and tourists ever since they opened in the spring of 2007. To guarantee high quality food the beef is imported directly from Argentina to the kitchen. A very nice classy restaurant with welcoming staff.

​Address: ul. Józefa 26, Krakow​Phone: +48 12 42 26 672​Website:

Galicyjska is an 18th century Galician restaurant cellar with a warm and intimate atmosphere. The restaurant is located in the centre of the old town in a quiet street and serves the best quality of Polish cuisine like stuffed dumplings, pork neck roast and wild animal’s meat.

​Address: ul. Pijarska 9, 31-015 Krakow​Phone: +48 12 430 07 62​Website:
Kuchnia i Wino

A unique restaurant located in the historic Kazimierz district. It specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and all food is prepared with fresh ingredients. Highly recommended are the fresh fishes like grilled sea bream and salmon steak. This is a cosy restaurant with a warm and romantic atmosphere.

​Address: ul. Józefa 13, Kazimierz, Krakow​Phone: +48 12 430 67 10​Website:
Got a sweet tooth or just curious about Polish cakes and pastry? There is nothing better than to grab a quality ice cream on the way when the sun is shining.
Art Club Cieplarnia

This café is just off the beaten tourist track, found in an old cottage deep within gardens. The café plays host to a number of live jazz concerts and poetry readings.

​Address: Bracka 15, 1-005 Krakow​Phone: +48 12 429 28 98​Website:
Szafe Café

By day, this café offers homemade cakes along with good strong coffees or delicious hot chocolates. By night, you can return for an alcoholic beverage.

​Address: Felicjanek 10, 31-104 Krakow​Phone: +48 663 905 652​Website:
Café Sukiennice

This is a café and restaurant found in the heart of the Old Town Square. Regular karaoke and fashion show nights as entertainment. They offer a great selection of Polish and International dishes.

​Address: Rynek Glowny 1/3, 31-042 Krakow ​Phone: +48 12 422 24 68
Coffee Heaven

If you want a quick coffee pop into one of the various branches of this coffee shop chain to grab a latte or mocha.

​Address: ul. Podgorska 34​More info: M1 Shopping Centre, Al Pokoju 67 or Galleria Kazimierz: ul. Podgorska 34
Loch Camelot

A café found in a converted rickety old art gallery. There are cabaret performances to keep you entertained every Friday night.

​Address: W. Tomasza 17​Website:
Manggha Café

Not really a coffee shop in the traditional sense, Manggha Café offers cups of green tea and sushi, as opposed to the strong espressos favoured by the Krakowians.

​Address: Konopnickiej 26, 30-302 Krakow​Phone: +48 12 267 27 03​Website:
It can be hard to distinguish between bars, cafés, night clubs and restaurants with many fulfilling all four definitions in one. Most bars seem to be found underground, in medieval cellars and long gothic tunnels. Like the majority of bars and cafés, after-hours dancing and drinking usually takes place underground in Krakow’s many medieval cellars. Dance clubs and live music is a big part of people’s social lives in Krakow, with most bars hosting regular jazz nights or impromptu jam sessions.

Not just a bar, but also a café and gallery. The place has a literary vibe, presenting frequent book promotions and author readings.

​Address: Krakowska 27​Website:​More info: Entrance via Meiselsa Square
Swieta Krowa

A luxurious place to relax with an alcoholic tipple or restoring herbal refreshments. Particularly recommended are the winter specialities, including a hot fresh ginger drink called Krupnik.

​Address: Florianska 16, 31-000 Krakow​Phone: +48 12 429 59 51
Aloha Café

This Hawaiian bar deserves at least one visit, if only for the unique photo opportunities it offers! Or why not call the person you’ve had your eye on during the night - every table has a telephone.

​Address: Ul. Miodowa 28a, 31-055, Krakow​Phone: +48 12 421 25 89​Website:
Harris Piano Jazz Bar

Mellow, relaxed and stylish atmosphere with concerts on the weekends. Local jazz performers hang out here for the occasional jam session.

​Address: Rynek Gowny 28, 31-010 Krakow​Phone: +48 12 421 57 41​Website:
C.K. Browar

In this cellar you can spend the whole night dining and dancing under vaulted arches. A vibrant pub that serves own locally brewed beer.

​Address: Ulica Podwale 6-7, 31-118 Krakow ​Phone: +48 12 429 25 05​Website:
Budda Bar

Targeting a trendy laid-back kind of party-goer, the place is littered with gold Buddhas and more intriguingly artwork featuring a variety of Karma Sutra depictions.

​Address: Rynek Glowny 6, Krakow​Phone: +48 12 421 65 22​Website:

A more refined drinking establishment contrasting with the smoky cellar bars prevalent in most of the city. Popular venue for pre-theatre or dinner drink.

​Address: ul. Mikolajska 20, 31-027 Krakow​Phone: +48 12 429 60 70​Website:
Movida Cocktail Bar

Serves a more professional kind of clientele, offering sophisticated cocktails in a refined but casual atmosphere. There are also karaoke nights and live music shows.

​Address: ul. Mikolajska 9, 31-027 Krakow​Phone: +48 12 429 45 97​Website:
The starting point for any shopping trip in Krakow will also usually be the first port of call for the eager tourist. The Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) is found right in the middle of the Market Square and was originally built in the 14th-century, then restored in the 16th-century after a fire. It now sells a mixture of typical Polish goods, jewellery, crafts and other souvenirs. Krakow is a good place to pick up antiques, artwork and jewellery. Amber jewellery is particularly abundant in markets and shops across the city. The Mikolajczyki Amber store, in ul. Florianska 16, is a particularly popular place to pick up unique jewellery. The Jewish quarter of Kazmierz has begun to attract a lot of arty boutiques and unique jewellery stores. One of the main streets for clothes shopping is Florianska Street, and a number of large shopping malls stocking international brands such as Zara and Bricomarche, have appeared in the city. The Krakow Plaza, on al. Pokoju 44, also has cinemas and a bowling centre.
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John Paul II International Airport

John Paul II International Airport (Jana Pawla II Kraków-Balice) is the main airport serving Krakow. It is about 15 km from the city centre. A number of budget airlines run routes here. Winter travellers should be aware - frequent delays are common due to fog and ice. Once you arrive, you can catch a free shuttle bus from outside the terminal to link up with the train, Balice Express, line 142 that takes you to the city centre. It departs every 30 minutes, takes 15 minutes. You can also jump in a taxi.

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