Book flights to Zaragoza and enjoy an amazing adventure in Spain’s beautiful Aragon region. Zaragoza is a really beautiful city – the beautiful Basilica and the Moorish Aljafería are real highlights – but it’s also a really fun one, and you’ll be spoiled for choice with plenty of fantastic places to socialise, eat and drink in the city. Zaragoza is slap bang in the middle of some of Spain’s best wine country too, so make sure to indulge in a glass or two of Rioja while you’re there! Book flights to Zaragoza with Ryanair today.
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Zaragoza city centre is full of shops, squares and pleasant corners, busy boulevards, restaurants and bars with sunny outdoor terraces. There is a festival each year in the middle of October called El Pilar. During this time there are many interesting and exciting activities, performances and concerts taking place here. Another thing you do not want to miss is the Spanish tradition of processions in conjunction with the Easter week. You will be amazed of all the dramatic sculptures and religious chanting.
Virgin of Pilar Basilica

The pride of the city, the Pilar Cathedral, is a jewel of Baroque art and one of the most important Sanctuaries of Mary of the Catholic world. Inside the church, the walls and ceilings are full of frescos from famous Spanish painters.

​Address: Plaza del Pilar, Zaragoza​Website:
Misericordia Bullring

This bullring was the first in Spain with a retractable roof. Protected from bad weather, the 18th-century arena is used for markets and concerts next to traditional bullfights.

​Address: Glorieta de Aznarez, Zaragoza
Aljafería Palace

Located right in the middle of Zaragoza, this impressive 11th-century palace is one of few remaining Moorish buildings of the city, and also one of the most important samples of Hispano-Muslim architecture.

​Address: Calle de los Diputados, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 289 683
Zaragoza Museum

Art lovers should not miss this museum, which houses an extensive collection of medieval Aragonite paintings. There is also a room devoted entirely to painter José Francisco Goya.

​Address: Plaza de los Sitios 6, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 225 682​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Sat 10am-2pm and 5pm-8pm. Sundays and holidays 10am-2pm. Closed on Mondays
Primo De Rivera Park

Primo De Rivera Park is an ideal place in which to escape the noise from the city. This huge park has landscaped grounds, a botanical garden, a wild plant area as well as various cafés and restaurants.

​Address: Avenida San Sebastian, Zaragoza​More info: Free entry
Museo Pablo Gargallo

This is a Renaissance style palace with modern sculptures by the Aragonese artist Pablo Gargallo who was an important figure in the early 20th-century European Avant-garde art movement.

​Address: Plaza de San Felipe 3, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 724 922​Opening hours: Open Mon-Sat 10am-2pm and 5pm-9pm. Sundays and holidays 10am-2.30pm. Closed on Mondays
Cathedral of The Saviour

The monumental Cathedral of the Saviour, also called ‘La Seo’, is part of the World Heritage Site Mudéjar Architecture of Aragon, but also includes Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles.

​Address: Plaza de la Seo, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 291 231​Opening hours: Opening hours vary depending on the season
Zaragoza Amusement Park

Zaragoza Amusement Park is a getaway for families and is situated only a few minutes bus ride away from the city centre. Typical fairground rides, swimming pools and playgrounds attract the children while mum and dad can watch from any of the restaurants or cafés.

​Address: Calle Pinares de Venecia s/n, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 902 378 000​Website:​Opening hours: Opening hours vary depending on the season
Monasterio de Piedra Park

For a peaceful experience in nature you can head to the Monasterio de Piedra that is located approximately 11 miles southwest of Zaragoza. Here you can wander among waterfalls, caves and flora or visit the beautiful monastery. Onsite you can also visit the spa and stay overnight at the hotel.

​Address: Monasterio de Piedra, Nuévalos​Phone: +34 902 196 052​Website:​More info:

This beautiful town has an amazing history and is located 83 kilometres from Zaragoza. Here you can wander around town on the cobbled streets and discover all the interesting sites between the ancient walls.

​Address: Calle Mayor 44, Daroca, Zaragoza
Calle Alfonso

Claimed to be the best street in Zaragoza, Calle Alfonso offers great shopping and restaurants. The street is connected to Plaza del Pilar and the view over the cathedral from here is stunning. Coming here in daytime is truly enjoyable, but the evenings are magical.

​Address: Calle Alfonso, Zaragoza
River Ebro

River Ebro flows through the city under the bridges in all its glory. Going for a walk, or run, by the river bank is highly recommended, especially for the beautiful views. You can also explore the river by boat for a whole new perspective of the city.

​Address: Rio Ebro, Zaragoza
Acuario de Zaragoza

This aquarium is really worth a visit if you enjoy the fascinating creatures of the sea. Here you will find 60 tanks with over 120 species characterized by the rivers Mekong, Nile, Amazon, Murray-Darling and Ebro.

​Address: Pza expo, 5, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 076 606​Website:​Opening hours: Opening hours may vary depending on the season

In this unique activity centre, located in the southern part of Zaragoza, you can do it all. At Dock39 you can try surfing, hiking or even ice skating. This is definitely the place to visit for having fun and trying different activities.

​Address: Avenida Puerto Venecia s/n, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 930 466​Website:​Opening hours: Opening hours depend on the chosen activity
Fuente de la Hispanidad

In the north of Plaza de Pilar you will find Fuente de la Hispanidad. This is a beautiful, unique fountain representing South America and Central America built to honour the Hispanic heritage.

​Address: Plaza del Pilar, Zaragoza
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Aragon Region Visit Zaragoza

Traditional Aragonese food culture is dominated by savoury and rather heavy dishes, rich in meat and often served in hot stews. However, Zaragoza also offers countless opportunities to sample exciting fusions of aromas and flavours from different culinary traditions. The city is also famous for its excellent ’tapas’, the little appetizers served at bars and in small cafés before a main meal. The narrow streets and small plazas south of Plaza de La Seo harbours some excellent tapas bars, ideal for relaxing with a beer and a bite on a warm day.
La Ontina

This distinguished upmarket venue attracts gourmets from far and wide. The kitchen serves imaginative versions of traditional Aragonese dishes. The private dining rooms are elegantly decorated as royal residences. The restaurant is located within the NH Gran Hotel.

​Address: Calle de Joaquin Costa 5, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 221 901​Website:
La Matilde

La Matilde is considered by many as being the top restaurant in Zaragoza with typical Spanish and Portuguese food. For each course the table is cleared and set with new linen, antique silver and hand painted china, all matching the ordered dish.

​Address: Predicadores 7-9, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 433 443​Website:
Casa Pedro

This small family restaurant is located in the centre of the Old Town. With a welcoming and rustic feel, it has a chimney to keep guests warm in winter. The food is typical Aragonese, and delicious homemade pies are the house’s speciality.

​Address: La Cadena 6, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 291 168
La Retama

La Retama is claimed to be the best organic vegetarian restaurant in Zaragoza. The restaurant opened in 1989 and offers a sample menu for first-timers in this kind of cuisine.

​Address: Calle Reconquista 4, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 397 910​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Sat 1pm-4pm. Open for dinner Fri-Sat 8.30pm-11.30pm and Thursday nights the months of June, July and December.
Taberna Al Kareni

You will find yourself in a romantic, dim-lit, cosy restaurant at Taberna Al Kareni. This restaurant serves delicious couscous among other Moorish dishes as well as typical Spanish specialties.

​Address: Calle de Don Teobaldo 14, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 391 404​Website:
Los Cabezudos

The friendly service, great food and the wine selection are just a few things customers like about Los Cabeduzos. This restaurant has a top quality cuisine that can be enjoyed in a stylish décor.

​Address: Calle Antonio Agustín 12-14, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 392 732​Website:​Opening hours: Open 12.30pm-12.30am

Located in the heart of the city, this hidden gem serves a modern cuisine along with old Spanish traditional recipes. This typical Spanish restaurant is very appreciated among its customers and offers tapas and many other dishes.

​Address: Calle Palomeque 11, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 214 082​Website:
Ana Saz

The small and exclusive restaurant Ana Saz is located in centre of the city. The restaurant has a wide range of food like grilled asparagus with duck, stews and much more.

​Address: Plaza San Lamberto 13, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 284 287​Website:

Gorolai is a charming restaurant decorated in orange and green. This restaurant will make you feel just at home and serves seasonal creative dishes without forgetting about the classic cuisine.

​Address: Calle Santa Teresa de Jesús 26, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 557 203​Website:
El Angel del Pincho

This tempura inspired tapas bar has a wide range of food to choose between. El Angel del Pincho is located in the centre of the city, close to Plaza del Pilar. It is recommended to try the empanadas!

​Address: Jordan de Urries, 3, Zaragoza​Website:
UDON Puerto Venecia

UDON is a fast food chain specializing in noodles and is well recognized by its customers. You can find this restaurant all around Spain and in Zaragoza it is located in Puerto Venecia.

​Address: Avenida Puerto Venecia, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 952 058​Website:
Restaurante Baobab

For a healthier alternative you can visit Baobab, a restaurant serving outstanding vegetarian food. The dishes are beautifully presented and highly recommended by the customers. Come here to have dinner in a fresh and modern interior, just perfect for this type of food.

​Address: Calle Arzobispo Apaolaza 10, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 359 011​Website:​Opening hours: Open every day
La Bastilla

La Bastille is a gastronomic restaurant located in the city centre and serves high level food. The dishes are beautifully presented with care taken to every detail. Choose between dishes like roasted pigeon and stuffed lamb.

​Address: Calle Coso 177, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 298 449​Website:​Opening hours: Open for lunch Mon-Sun 1.30pm-3.45pm and dinner Mon-Sat 9pm-11pm
La Prensa

With a contemporary cuisine, imagination and taste, La Prensa offers great and tasty dishes. The restaurant also offers a wide range of wines from the extensive wine cellar to accompany your dinner.

​Address: Calle Jose Nebra 3, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 381 637​Website:
Restaurante Los Cedros

Restaurante Los Cedros is located in the historic centre close to Plaza del Pilar and the cathedral. A few specialties served in this restaurant include sausages, fried eggs and meatballs.

​Address: Calle Cedro 6, Zaragoza​Website:
A good area for walks and endless coffee breaks is around Independence Avenue, Paseo de la Independencia, the town’s main French style promenade which is crowded by cafés and cosy hang-outs, and flanked by trees and arches.
Boulevard 46

This classical Spanish "chocolatería" is claimed to be one of the best in Zaragoza. Boulevard 46 serves hot chocolate, coffee, churros (a fried soft pretzel dipped in sugar) and many varieties of buns and croissants.

​Address: Calle Tomás Bretón 48, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 355 503
Café Praga

Being a combined café, wine bar and concert venue in one of Zaragoza’s most pleasant squares makes Café Praga the perfect place to enjoy a coffee or drink. Because of its romantic atmosphere, it is also a great place for intimate dates.

​Address: Plaza de Santa Cruz 13-15, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 200 251
Bar Montesol

At Bar Montesol you can enjoy some great snacks and the patatas bravas are especially popular. This place attracts clients of all ages in a calm and pleasant area of the city.

​Address: Calle Franco y López 1, Zaragoza
Café & Té

Café & Té can be found all around Spain. This elegant, yet cosy, venue has an unbeatable selection of coffee, teas and chocolate from all over the world. Do not miss out on the exquisite desserts.

​Address: Paseo de la Independencia 6, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 213 233​Website:
Churreria la Fama

Close to Plaza del Pilar, you will find this “Churrería” that serves authentic long deep fried doughnuts called churros. This place is often packed with locals and is well worth a visit for all who want a true Zaragozan experience.

​Address: Calle de Prudencio 25, Zaragoza​Opening hours: Open 8am-1pm and 5pm-9.30pm
At dusk, the streets of Zaragoza fill with tables and chairs and people come together on the terraces to enjoy drinks and tapas with friends. Along the Paseo de la Independencia, Plaza de San Francisco Square, Paseo de Sagasta or Primo de Rivera Park, there are often live performances to go with the beer. Zaragoza’s 60,000-strong population of students and increasing tourism guarantees a vivacious nightlife. There are hundreds of bars and clubs for all tastes and wallets!
Centrick Club Café

Centrick Club Café is a popular bar in Zaragoza, always playing good music. Certain evenings there are acoustic concerts, themed events and other fun activities here.

​Address: Calle del Arquitecto Magdalena 18, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 598 571​Website:
Sala Morrisey

This relaxed Irish pub is also one of the best concert venues in Zaragoza. Coming here you can expect concerts featuring both local and foreign artists. This is truly a venue for all kinds of tastes.

​Address: Gran Via 33, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 239 688

Whether you are an experienced dancer looking for a skilled partner, or a curious cat wanting to try out dancing for the first time, Troppico could be the place for you! Either way, you will definitely find friends at what is claimed to be the best salsa club in Zaragoza.

​Address: Calle de Eduardo Dato 21, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 229 512​Website:
Bull McCabe´s Irish Pub

Bull McCabe’s first started in Dublin and in the 1990’s it relocated to Zaragoza. Celtic ambience and an inviting family atmosphere make this a great place to meet up with friends. Here you will find big screens showing important sports events and a comfy terrace.

​Address: Calle Cádiz 7, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 225 016 ​Website:

If you are up for some wild and crazy parties, that is what you will find here. Prepare yourself for a long night out at Oasis having drinks, listening to music and of course, a lot of dancing.

​Address: Calle Basilio Boggiero 28, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 439 534​Website:
Zaragoza offers a range of shopping for all tastes. Choose between cosy boutiques or large shopping complexes and do not forget about the street markets. Zaragoza’s main shopping area goes from Residencial Paraiso in the chic Sagasta area to the grand square, Plaza de España. The most exclusive designer shops are to be found on streets Francisco de Vitoria, San Ignacio de Loyola, Cadiz and Isaac Peral. Souvenirs, such as Virgin Mary icons or Pilar cathedrals in silver or plastic, are sold around the Plaza del Pilar square. On Sundays there is a flea market, el rastro, under the arches of the magnificent bullfight arena (Glorieta de Aznarez), an Oriental style bazaar which offers just about anything. La Romareda Market is the largest open-air market in Zaragoza, located behind the La Romareda football stadium. Everything and anything is sold here. Lanuza Market, also referred to as the Central Market, is the best place to buy food. Visitors can admire the beautiful Art Nouveau style building influenced by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, while choosing among the best of local groceries.
Shopping Centre Gran Casa

This shopping centre, with over 170 shops, is one of the most important ones in Zaragoza. Shops here include fashion outlets such as Adolfo Dominguez, Mango, Zara and fabulous shoe shops such as Pablo Ochoa and Antonio Reula.

​Address: Avenida María Zambrano 35, Zaragoza​Website:
El Corte Inglés

Spain’s largest chain of high-quality department stores is the place where picky shoppers can find the things not available elsewhere. The supermarket in the bottom floor stocks all kinds of exotic foreign products. Upstairs you can find the departments for fashion, furniture, HiFi, electrical appliances, computers, records, gifts, tobacco, and home utensils.

​Address: Paseo de Sagasta 3, Zaragoza​More info: Paseo de la Independencia 11, and María Zambrano 35.
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Zaragoza Airport

Zaragoza Airport is located approximately 10 kilometres southwest of the city centre. A taxi from the airport into the centre of Zaragoza takes approximately 15 minutes, and the taxi fare is about €25. +34 976 383 838 The buses running between the airport and the city centre depart every half an hour. The journey takes between 20-30 minutes and a single ticket costs €1,70. The buses from Zaragoza run Mon-Sat between 5.30am-10.30pm and from the airport between 6.15am-11.15pm. On Sundays the buses depart every hour. +34 902 490 690 Rental cars are available at the airport.

​Address: Zaragoza Airport, Zaragoza​Phone: +34 976 712 300​Website:​More info: Prices updated July 2013
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