Book flights to Alghero and you’ll find a busy, vibrant little city with a whole lot of history. One of its nicknames will give you a great sense of the place… Barcelonetta, or ‘Little Barcelona’, which captures not just its Catalan history but also its lovely welcoming vibe! Alghero is lucky to have a superb mixture of Italian and Catalan culture, making for a superb cuisine, a fascinating history and a lively atmosphere. It’s also a really great base from which you can explore Sardinia’s beautiful north - if you hire a car at Alghero airport, you’re just a short spin from beautiful sights like the gorgeous Capo Caccia vertical cliffs, Porto Conte national park, and the spectacular Neptune’s Grotto. Book flights to Alghero and see Sardinia for yourself.
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With a Medieval city center, a beautiful marina, lovely sandy beaches with activities such as kitesurfing and plenty of historical sights to visit, a trip to Alghero will never be boring.
Cathedral of Santa Maria

The 16th-century Duomo is mainly Catalan-Gothic and Renaissance, although you wouldn’t guess that from its Doric-columned frontage. Inside are peach-coloured walls, 18th-century chapels, and impressive Baroque marble balustrades before the statue-filled high altar.

​Address: Piazza Duomo

Climb the tall octagonal bell tower behind the Cathedral for breath-taking views, especially at sunset.

​Address: Via Principe Umberto
Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art

The former Rosario church, next to the Cathedral, is the ideal setting for an array of priceless religious art

​Address: Via Maiorca, 1, Rosario Church, Alghero​Phone: +39 079 973 3041
Torre di Porta Terra

The tower – the remains of the main land gate entrance into the old city – houses a bookshop on the ground floor. Upstairs, touch screens provide a virtual journey through Alghero’s history, and a top floor terrace offers panoramic city and harbour views.

​Address: Piazza Porta Terra
Chiesa di San Francesco

Enchanting, restored 14th-century church, a mix of Romanesque, Gothic and late Renaissance, with a tranquil cloister where summer concerts are held.

​Address: Via Carlo Alberto
Piazza Civica

Walk through the Port a Mare (Sea Gate) from the harbour and you’re into this busy oblong piazza overseen by the grand, late-medieval Catalan façade of the Palazzo d’Albis.

​Address: Piazza Civica, Alghero
Grotta di Nettuno

Tour boats leave the harbour for Capo Caccia and the amazing Neptune caves, with 20m-long stalagmite and stalactite formations decorating a cave lake. Alternatively, take the bus to Capo Caccia and negotiate the steep and dramatic 656 steps down to the caves, then climb back up again!

​Address: Grotta Di Nettuno, Alghero​Phone: +39 333 6196 855​Website:
Nuraghe di Palmavera

The ruins of a nuraghe (stone tower) village dating from 1500 BC, with a central limestone tower and remnants of circular dwellings.

​Address: Nuraghe Di Palmavera, Alghero​More info: On the road to Porto Conte, about 10km from Alghero
Anghelu Ruju Necropolis

This necropolis from pre-nuragic time is located 9 km from the town of Alghero. 36 tombs decorated with bull's heads can be visited here.

​Opening hours: Open all year round
La Pelosa Beach

La Pelosa Beach in the fishing village of Stintino is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, maybe the most beautiful of them all, so while you're on Sardinia you shouldn't miss this pearl. Located about an hour from Alghero so pack a picnic and let this be a day-trip.

​Address: Stintino

Bosa is a romantic small town on the west coast of Sardinia about one hour from Alghero. Stroll in the narrow streets among the pastel coloured houses. On one side of the town you will find a majestic beach and on the other side a river. Take the road along the sea from Alghero and just the ride between the two cities will be memorable.

​Address: Bosa

Except watching the famous Elephant Rock, enjoy the delicacies of this Medieval town. In the winter you shouldn't miss the spaghetti with sea urchin and in the summer time lobster is the dish to order. Castelsardo is located about 70 km north of Alghero.

​Address: Castelsardo
Azienda Agricola Leda' d'Ittiri

On the 18 hectares of Azienda Agricola Leda' d'Ittiri grapes and olives are grown. The landlady are more than happy to take guests around the estate to show the plants and then give them the possibility to try the wines and the olives.

​Address: Arenosu 29, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 329 2528 891​Website:
Le Ragnatele Adventure Park

This outdoor adventure park is a fun visit for both adults and children. With a total control of security you will get the chance to transfer yourself between hanging platforms in the trees. Steel cables, Tibetan bridges , cable cars, ropes and ladders will test your courage.

​Address: Loc Le Bombarde, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 930 338
Le Bombarde

Just a short bike ride from Alghero you find this beach with all amenities such as roilets, restaurants, sunbeds for rent and plenty of sport activities. You can easily spend a sunny day here.

​Address: Riviera del Corallo, Alghero​Phone: +39 333 712 8285​Website:
Famed for its rock lobsters, Alghero is a treat for lovers of fresh fish and seafood, and its Catalan-Italian mix makes for some excellent and more unusual dishes. Salami and pecorino (sheep milk cheese) are produced locally. Malloreddus, with sausage and tomato sauce, is the standard Sardinian pasta dish. Local honey appears on desserts - try gattò, made from almonds, honey and orange peel - and the local red and white wines are excellent, too.
Ristorante Pizzeria Les Monges

This restaurant has a lovely view of the old wall of Alghero. They serve traditional dishes cooked over an open fire in a medieval palazzo. Leave room for some Seadas fritters stuffed with cheese and lemon peel, drizzled with local honey.

​Address: Via Sant Erasmo 14, Alghero​Phone: +39 333 616 8371 ​Website:
Il Pavone

A superb charming Alghero restaurant famed for its imaginative menu and signature squid ink pasta. Make sure you ask for the list of specials which are presented on the side of large medicine bottles. Service is impeccable.

​Address: Piazza Sulis 3, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 979 584
La Lepanto

A feast of fish - see the lobster tank as you walk in - all priced by the l’etto (100g). The restaurant is located in the old city, with a fantastic view of the sea. Don’t forget to try the Tiramisu, it is one of the best on the island!

​Address: Via Carlo Alberto 135​Phone: +39 079 979 116​Website:

Romantic candlelit tables under vaulted ceilings, or outside under a giant fig tree. The innovative menu and vast wine list attract a trendy clientele.

​Address: Via Arduino 45, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 982 098​Website:
Agriturismo Sa Mandra

Traditional Sardinian meat feast, on a farm near the airport. This place is very popular, you need to book well ahead. During the winter season the restaurant is only open on weekends.

​Address: Strada Aeroporto Civile, Pod. 21, 07041 Alghero ​Phone: +39 079 999 150​Website:

The ideal location on the ramparts. Upstairs terrace for sunset watching, stylish interior, candlelit outdoor tables. Great fish, delicious spaghetti with half lobster and friendly service.

​Address: Bastioni Marco Polo 63, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 973 4018​Website:
Osteria Macchiavello

Under barrel vaults, a good rustic restaurant specialising in traditional meat and fish dishes. Outside, sea view tables on the ramparts.

​Address: Bastioni Marco Polo n.57 via Cavour n.7, 07041 Alghero ​Phone: +39 079 980 628​Website:
Al Tuguri

On three floors of a 15th-century building, this lively trattoria, popular with locals, specialises in fresh fish Catalan-style, and fine pasta dishes.

​Address: Via Maiorca 113, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 976 772​Website:
Ristorante Nettuno

Famous for its Spaghetti alla vongole this is a nice seafood restaurant with a balcony overlooking the harbor.

​Address: Via La Maddalena 4, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 979774
Pizzeria El Pultal

The staff is very friendly, the service very fast, and the pizza so good. It is cheap and cheerful - try the traditional Sardinian gnocchi dishes. Located in the city center.

​Address: Via Columbano 40​Phone: +39 079 974 720
Il Ghiotto

A price worthy restaurant, deli and wine bar with a location close to the old fort. This is also a good place for lunch with a cafe and trattoria.

​Address: Piazza Civica 23, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 0799 74820
Trattoria Maristella

Sunny Mediterranean lunch spot with a menu that should please vegetarians. This restaurant is lively and popular among the locals.

​Address: Via Fratelli Kennedy 9, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 978 172
Les Arenes

Les Arenes lies near the Lido beach, with a large terrace. This is the place for pizza and you order it per meter.

​Address: Via delle Baleari, Angolo Via Lido, Alghero​Phone: +39 07997 39500
Trattoria La Saletta

Owned and run by two sisters. They serve typical Sardinian delicacies to reasonable prices in their quite simple but warm and welcoming restaurant.

​Address: Via Kennedy 27/b, 07041 Alghero ​Phone: +39 079 4125748​Website:
Kings Restaurant

Known for its superb service Kings Restaurant offer a menu with pasta, meat , fish and Sardinian dishes, There is a beautiful view over the sunset from the restaurants terrace.

​Address: Via Cavour 123, Bastioni Marco Polo 5, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 979 650​Website:
In Alghero there are many cozy places where you can enjoy a delicious Italian ice cream or a perfect Italian espresso. There is no place on earth where the ice cream is as tasty as it is in Sardinia.
Diva Caffè

Laid-back retreat in traditional Italian coffee house style. Come cocktail hour when it turns into a showy favourite.

​Address: Piazza Municipio 1, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 982 306
Cafe' Latino

With its stylish rattan chairs overlooking the port, this is a fine place for cappuccinos and light meals by day and smart cocktails in the evening.

​Address: Bastioni Magellano, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 976 541
Caffè Constantino

On the ground floor of the Palazzo d’Albis, this café has class and the terrace on the piazza is as attractive for nightcaps as it is for coffee. Next door, the Gelateria Arcobaleno scoops out fabulous homemade ice creams.

​Address: Piazza Civica 30, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 976 154
Bar Milese

Since 1971 this bar has served sandwiches and salads on the main boulevard of Alghero. It is famous for its fresh focaccias with a variety of fillings. Try their most popular Focaccia del Milese with fresh tomatoes, tuna, hard-boiled eggs, anchovies, rocket salad, onions, pancetta (cured belly of pork) and a special sauce made from a secret recipe.

​Address: Via Garibaldi 11, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 952419​Website:
Caffe de Pazzi

An urban style café where you can have a lunch or just a a cup of coffee. They are open from early morning till late night and serve 60 different wines by the glass.

​Address: Piazza Dei Mercati, Alghero​Phone: +39 079 975040
Alghero’s bars are the focus of the town’s nightlife. Be on the ramparts for sunset, and stroll from bar to bar along the Spiaggia di San Giovanni beachfront. Most bars close around 01.00 or 02.00. After that, head for the waterfront south of the city, which stays busy until around 04.00 in summer. Think bar-hopping, cocktail-sipping and people-watching. In the summer months (June to September) head for the outskirts of the city to find the late night discos.
Al Refettorio

Trendy and fashionably crowded wine bar, great for Sardinian wines, aperitifs and its range of delicious little snacks. It is also a nice place where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner.

​Address: Carrero del Porxo (Vicolo Adami) n. 47, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 9731126
Poco Loco

Pizza by the metre, draught beer by the litre, ten-pin bowling and a regular programme of live music. A popular hangout, open until around 02.00. Playing jazz music on Wednesdays, Poco Loco is very popular place.

​Address: Via Gramsci 8, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 983604​Website:
Il Ruscello

Big open-air disco with two dance floors, very popular. Open 23.00-05.00 in summer only. The nightclub is located about 10km from Alghero, on the road to Olmedo.

​Address: Località Angeli Custodi 57, Alghero​Phone: +39 328 958 8788
Cafe Latino

Sip cool cocktails outside and watch life stroll by around the pretty harbour below. This place is lovely to visit during the whole day, from morning till midnight.

​Address: Bastioni Magellano 10, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 976 541
El Tró

Dance till dawn at this summer beach bar on a rocky outcrop not far from the historic city center. El Tró is one of the city's most well-known night spots.

​Address: Piazza della Misericordia 14​Phone: +39 079 975922
The narrow streets of the Old Town are made for window-shopping and buying. Via Carlo Alberto, shoulder-to-shoulder crowded, is the main shopping street. Elegant boutiques line up on Via Gilbert Ferret. Stroll along Via Roma for fashion and jewellery. Alghero is famous for the glowing, deep red coral found off the nearby Riviera del Corallo coast. Fishing for the coral is strictly regulated - and jewellery fashioned from the real thing doesn’t come cheap. Feast your eyes on the finest at Marogna in the 16th-century Palazzo D’Albis on Piazza Civica. Across the square, Il Ghiotto has a tempting array of local wines, liqueurs, olive oils and speciality foods. Via Simon is a good street for foodies. Buy some of the best regional produce at Antichi Sapori (at number 2), and Enodolciaria (at 24). Dolce Casalinghi, around the corner on Via Ambroglio Machin, is a tiny shop selling pretty biscuits and sweet treats. Look for Sardinian ceramics and gifts at Ceramiche d’Arte (Via Simon 32). If you’re there on the last Saturday of the month, don’t miss the Arts, Crafts and Antiques Market on the Piazza Civico. In July and August, late night market stalls line the seafront on Lungomare Dante. During the summer many shops stay open until midnight.
Alghero Fertilia Airport

Alghero Fertilia Airport is about 11 km from town. Orange FdS bus AA leaves for Piazza della Mercede in town, with departures between 05.20 and 22.30, but does not link with all flight arrival times. Journey time: 20 minutes. Taxi from the airport takes about 15 minutes.

​Address: Regione Nuraghe Biancu, 07041 Alghero​Phone: +39 079 935 282​Website:

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