Book flights to Kos with Ryanair, for a brilliant break in the Greek sunshine. Kos is a gorgeous Island, and one of Greece’s most popular tourist hotspots. If you want a party, you’ll get one here – the resort areas are jam-packed with pubs, clubs, bars, and people who are hell-bent on having the time of their lives. But there is a quieter side to Kos, and you can easily avoid the noise and neon lights if you want to, in favour of total relaxation, lazy days, great food, history and sun worship! For a great Greek getaway, book flights to Kos today.
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The island has stunningly beautiful mountain villages that can easily be visited either by car, bus or bicycle. It is also home for some of the world’s most interesting ancient sites and they are worth a visit.
The Castle Of Knights

Connected to the Plateia Platanou by the Finikon Bridge, called the Avenue of the Palms, the Castle of the Knights is an important landmark and was built to be nothing less than an impregnable fortress, defending Kos against possible attacks by the Ottomans. The 14th - century castle withstood the Ottomans’ attack for a very long time and it was destroyed only by an earthquake in 1495. It was later restored by the Grand Masters d’Aubuisson and d’Amboise.

​Address: Plateia Platanou
The Ancient Agora

Ancient Market of Kos, Ancient Agora, is an excavation area where a number of temples, baths, and houses with remaining mosaics, columns and other pieces of construction have been found. Ancient Agora means ‘ancient market’, so, it is a perfect place to walk around and imagine everyday life in past times. Close by you will find the castle that was built out of local stone, using parts from the ruins of the ancient city. The ancient Market also has some ruins of an Aphrodite Shrine, as well as a small temple devoted to Hercules and a Christian Basilica dating from the 5th century.

​Address: The ancient agora
The Western Excavation Site

Two wooden shelters standing at the west end of Kos town protect the 3rd - century mosaics of the ‘House of Europa.’ It is the best preserved mosaic pattern that tells the mythical love story of lady Europa’s abduction by the Greek God of Zeus who had disguised himself as a bull to be able to carry her away to Crete.

​Address: Kos Town

This is probably the most important and famous ancient site on the island. It is built on a hill-top from where you enjoy the views of Kos Town and Turkey. It consisted of a religious sanctuary to Asclepius, a healing centre and a school of medicine where students were lectured by Hippocrates and where he himself practiced medicine. It was here that the "Hippocratic Oath" was first told. A tradition that, you will still hear each time a new doctor takes its oath, recited in ancient Greek. The site is located 3 km from the city of Kos town, towards Psalidi area, by local bus service of Agios Fokas No1. You can also rent a bicycle and go by the road next to the main road all the way to the town within 15 minutes.

​Address: PsalidiTickets: € 4

When in Greece, do as the greek. This is the birthplace of Dionysus, the God of wine, and so the country is said to have the longest history of wine in the world. On Kos island you will find the winerys of Triandafilopolou, Mores and Xatziemanuell among more. Most wineyards are happy to see visitors. Ask your hotel for more information.


If you are more interested in olives and olive oils? The hillsides of Kos are covered in the silvery olive coves and you can enjoy the oils in the small local taverns on the countryside. Harvesting time is usually in November, just after tourists have left the island.

​Address: Kos

On Nisyros you can see sulphur and gas venting appearing from the ground as this is a volcano island. During the summer months it gets busy here but it is an interesting island to visit.

​Address: Nisyros
Agios Theologos

If you feel like you need a mini-break from the lively Kos, then you should visit Agios Theologos. It is not classy or fancy but has its own personal charm, making the tavern a cosy place to have lunch.

​Address: Kefalos
Hippocrates Garden Cultural Center

If you are interested in learning more about the Greek way and history then it is a good idea to visit this cultural centre. It demonstrates the way of living according to the old Greek doctor Hippocrates of Kos.

​Address: Antimahia​Phone: +30 69 0776 1521​Website:
Plaka Forest

How about a forest in the middle of all the craziness? Come here for a lovely picnic or just enjoy the calm of nature and watch the beautiful peacocks.

​Address: Kos
The Roman Odeon of Kos

The Roman Odeon of Kos was built around the 2nd and 3rd century. It is a great place to explore and very well preserved. Just keep in mind that it can get very hot during the summer.

​Address: Kos
Lido Waterpark

If you are tired of the pool and the sea side is too hot then Lido Waterpark is a great spot for family fun. The park is not too big and perfect for challenging friends in different water races.

​Address: Mastichari Road​Phone: +30 22 4205 9241​Website:
The Folklore Museum

Kos has a great combination of nature and human development. The Folklore Museum shows this development throughout history and gives you a better understanding of Kos today.

​Address: Kardamena
The Archaeological Museum of Kos

The Archaeological Museum of Kos is located on the main square, Eleftherias-Freedom Square. Here you can view many statues and artworks from different periods in the Greek history.

​Address: Freedom Square​Phone: +30 22 4202 8326
Tree of Hippocrates

Kos is home to several monuments of the physician Hippocrates. It is a plane tree and said to be the largest in Europe.

​Address: Capital city
Dolphin Fountain

The Dolphin fountain is a local landmark on Kos. The fountain is located on a small square by the harbour, perfect for an afternoon drink.

​Address: 4 Dolphin Square
The trendy looking restaurants at the waterfront in Kos town are very touristic as a rule of thumb. However, the small backstreets in Kos have plenty of really good restaurants with excellent food. The choice of food varies from typical Greek cuisine to the more sophisticated French cuisine.
Caravan Restaurant

Caravan Restaurant is a popular family-owned restaurant with excellent, quick and efficient service, located on the Amerika Street in Kos town. Friendly family atmosphere and no rush to move you on when you have finished your meal. Try the steak, it is amazing!

​Address: 52 Amerikas Street, Kos Town​Phone: +30 22 4202 7064

Barbas is a small and busy grill house that serves fabulous Greek specialities. The chicken Souvlaki basically melts in your mouth! Barbas is also well known for its delicious mayirefta.

​Address: Evripilou, 6​Phone: +30 69 3714 2802

Probably the best fish restaurant on the Island. The owner of Karnagio goes fishing everyday to ensure the customer gets the best available. The stuffed squid, the pot-baked prawns and the fish soup are among the favourites.

​Address: Ethelondon Polemiston​Phone: +30 22420 27900
Pote Tin Kyriaki

The most genuine ouzeri on the island serves exciting delights such as fried mussels, grilled chops and pancetta. It is a popular restaurant among the local population.

​Address: Peissandrou 9​Phone: +30 22 4202 7872

A little walk outside of town you will find this excellent charming apartment hotel and restaurant with plenty of ambiance. Stay away from the English-only à la carte menu and go for the ‘Mezedes,’ and you will get the best food on offer.

​Address: Ampavris​Phone: +30 22420 25780​Website:​More info: Near Casa Romana
Olympiada Restaurant

Olympiada is an unpretentious restaurant that serves several stuffed dishes, among them are stuffed tomatoes, aubergine and zucchini. They have amazing food and lovely service.

​Address: Kleopatras and Vassileos Pavlou Street​Phone: +30 22 4202 3031

Broadway invites you to a lovely home-cooked meal. Enjoy your food with a glass of the house wine and great service.

​Address: Megalou Alexandrou Street​Phone: +30 69 7830 9078
La Strega

La Strega offers traditional Greek food and are especially known for their delicious gyros. The tavern has an extensive menu and no matter what you choose on it you will not be disappointed.

​Address: Amerikis st​Phone: +30 22 4202 4525
The Sunburnt Arms

The Sunburnt Arms is located right by the beach in Kos town. It is a great place for a kebab after a swim or a cooling drink after a long day in the sun.

​Address: Sokratous Street, 1​Phone: +30 22 4202 7579
Taverna Mike

Taverna Mike serves fresh Greek food and the staff is friendly and offers great service. It can get packed here so come in time so you do not have to wait too long before you eat.

​Address: Eth. P. Polemiston ​Website:​More info:

At Elia you can enjoy the Greek way of dinging called Meze. It is a selection of many small dishes and a perfect dinner if you can´t pin point what you are in the mood for.

​Address: Apellou, 27​Phone: +30 22 4202 2133​Website:
Trattoria 33

Trattoria 33 is a cosy family-run restaurant located in the Old Town. They serve a mix of lovey seafood, pasta and traditional Greek. Finish it all off with a sweet milkshake.

​Address: Kolokotroni, 33​Phone: +30 22 4202 1778​Website:
Far East

If you feel as if you need a change of food then Far East invites you to a delicious Chinese dinner. They offer an extensive menu, high quality food and great service. A perfect break from the Greek food.

​Address: Boumboulinas Street, 3​Phone: +30 22 4202 0969
Bitter Sweet

People visit here first and foremost for the cosy, almost magical, atmosphere. Enjoy the music and relax with a cooling drink, some snacks or their homemade burgers.

​Address: Apellou, 19​Phone: +30 22 4202 3616

Caravelle offer an extensive menu of different mezze, supplemented with Turkish meze. Occasionally they have a live band playing both Turkish and Greek music. If you are not in the mood for different meze then their sea food comes highly recommended.

​Address: Averof Street ,24​Phone: +30 22 4202 2129
The island offers several very nice and atmospheric cafés. They are the traditional meeting places for many of the locals which use them as their base for doing people-watching.
Café Aenaos

Aenaos is located right under the Defterdar Mosque and is a great place to enjoy a cup of fresh brewed coffee. This superb location makes it a great place for people-watching.

​Address: Defterdar Mosque
Rendez Vous Coffee Bar

Delicious coffee, sporting events on TV and computers with internet access are all to be found in this coffee house, which has been around since 1990. It is located by beach Tigaki.

​Address: Tigaki​Phone: +30 22 4206 9094​Website:
The Marina Café

The Marina Café is a cosy and relaxing café at the harbour. Sit back relax and watch the boats as you enjoy your beverage.

​Address: The marina​Phone: +30 22 4204 8480
Strand Café

The Strand café is located on the busiest beach in Kos Town and is a great place to meet up during the day or before a night out. The Strand Café is especially popular amongst Scandinavians.

​Address: Tingaki beach​Website:

Cyber Cafe is, as the name suggests, an internet cafe. It has a central location just meters from the harbour and close by the beautiful park of Kos town. Sit back and enjoy a coffee with snacks while you surf the web.

​Address: Kos Town
The nightlife in Kos town is based around two streets, Diakon and Nafklirou, and it is where you will find most of the bars and nightclubs. Summertime action is guaranteed! Naturally, there are also several nightclubs outside Kos town and many of the resorts have their own nightclubs for their guests as well.

This outdoor venue serves up a great mix of music, including R&B. If the atmosphere gets too hot during the early hours, Kalua also boasts a swimming pool.

​Address: Akti Zouroudi, 3
Fashion Club

The Fashion Club continues to be one of the most popular places to visit for the partying crowd in Kos. It is one of the oldest nightclubs around on the island, but it is still going strong. The Fashion Club has 3 bars, which should make a good night out.

​Address: Kanari 2​Phone: +30 22 4202 2592

Harem is located between Lambi and Kos town and is decorated to resemble a harem. It has colourful drapes, velvet cushions, atmospheric lightning and plays good music. You can choose between a cushion on the floor or the more traditional seating in chairs. Naturally, the Harem also has an outdoor area by the beach.

​Address: Averof 32
The Camel Bar

The Camel Bar is a fun bar at the harbour with plenty of atmosphere and partying people. The best thing is that you can come in the morning for breakfast, stay for lunch and dinner and start your evening here.

​Address: 15 Akti Kountourioti​Website:
Tropical Island Club

Tropical Island Club is a great daytime bar located next to Heaven. It plays good music throughout the day and is a fairly relaxed place during daytime. The temperature rises a bit through the evening when the crowd starts to arrive for a good night out.

​Address: Lambi

The oriental décor and the comfortable chill-out sofas makes Hamam one of the classiest bars in town. Local DJs guarantees a good selection of international hits being played all night.

​Address: Akti Koundourioti, 1
The island of Kos offers a proud heritage of traditional Greek products together with what you normally will find at popular tourist destinations. A stroll through the old town of Kos offers you everything from olive oil soap and a jar of locally produced honey to the latest game console for the kids. Kos is also a great place to shop for jewellery, leather goods, ceramics and textiles—there are plenty of good deals to be found. The more traditional artwork and craft items are also widely available throughout Kos. The supermarkets have an array of traditional products, but the main square in Kos town hosts a fruit and vegetable market where you can find fresh local produce. The bakeries in Kos fill the morning air with an unmistakable aroma of freshly baked bread. They are definitely worth a visit as there are several delicious cookies and pastries available. The more fashionable shops and all the big brands are located in the modern part of Kos where you will find the latest designer gear along with a few very good jewellery shops. Many of the mountain villages offer beautiful handmade ceramics as well as exquisite hand-woven fabrics and embroidery. The village of ‘Pili’ is known for its fantastic selection of top-notch cheese products. The ‘red cheese’— a cheese baked in red wine—comes highly recommended.
Kos Island International Airport

Kos Island International Airport is located 24 km southwest of Kos Town in the centre of the island. If you arrive with Olympic Airways, you can catch the shuttle bus into Kos Town, but otherwise you will have to find your own means of transport. The easiest thing to do then will be to catch a taxi, which is available from the airport arrival gate, or, you can head out to the big roundabout outside the airport gate and catch the orange and cream coloured KTEL bus. En route to Kos, the bus stops at Mastihari, Kardhamena and Kefalos.

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