Ten kilometres of golden sand and perfect surf, at least 300 days of sunshine per year and about as much delicious seafood as you can imagine… book flights to Agadir the perfect exotic sun holiday! It’s Morocco, but not as you know it – Agadir is built to cater to those in search of an easy and thoroughly relaxing beach break. From horse riding on the beach to surfing, there’s plenty to keep you busy in Agadir – but if you prefer to just stretch out on the sand, get a tan, drink cocktails and eat wonderful food, you’ll be in your element here too! Book flights to Agadir with Ryanair.
Moroccan dirham (Dh) 1 dirham = 100 centimes
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+20 ...35°C
To get a taste of the hustle and bustle of old Agadir, head down to the port where you can watch the fishermen bring in the daily catch, head out to the souk and do a spot of bartering, or trek up to the remains of the 16th-century Kasbah and take in the spectacular sights of the bay.
Agadir Beach

Agadir’s top attraction is the six mile crescent shaped beach, soak up the sun, splash in the surf and enjoy! Speaking of surf - there are many places in Agadir that are well suited for surfing, a few examples are Devils rock, Imesouane bay and Ankhor point. If you are interested in learning to surf there are a number of schools and camps to help you get started.

​Address: Devils Rock, Agadir

Built in 1540, all that remains of the old Kasbah are the fortified walls, however, the trip up the hill to this historic site is worth it for the view alone. Engraved into the hill in Arabic are the words God, King and Country. The Moroccans are prohibited to speak anything bad about any of these three things. If you are interested in history you can easily find a professional guide here to take you on a tour.

​Address: Kasbah, Agadir​More info: Hilltop 7 km northwest of the town
Souk al-Had

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Agadir’s walled souk and get ready to barter for your souvenirs! A "souk" is a term of a central, local market in an Arabic city selling spices, textiles and jewellery. If you take a taxi to the Souk al-Had you should ask for it by name, since some taxi drivers take you to their own personal souk. You recognize the real souk by its ochre wall and the numbered gates.

​Address: Rue de 18 Novembre, Agadir​More info: Off Rue de 18 Novembre
Fishing Port

If you’re looking to taste the hustle and bustle of a typically Moroccan town, then head for the fishing port. It is a great place to wander around, take pictures and maybe buy your own fish that you can cook at home.

​Address: Fishing Port, Agadir​More info: Follow Boulevard Mohammed V 1.5 km East
La Médina d´Agadir

La Médina d´Agadir is a fascinating reconstruction of a typical Moroccan Berber village. It was built using traditional building techniques and local materials. Today, visitors can stroll the alleys and shop in the many small boutiques.

​Address: Aéroport Militaire BenSergao, Agadir​Phone: +212 661 396261​Website: http://www.medinapolizzi.com
Museum Municipal Amazigh

This museum offers a fascinating insight into the culture and art of the Berbers, the original inhabitants of Morocco. You can see a collection of old Berber music instruments, carpets, architecture, pottery, jewellery and traditional clothing from the 18th and 19th century.

​Address: Boulevard Hassan II, Agadir
Port de Plaisance Marina

Don’t miss this beautiful marina located south of the commercial port, surrounded by shopping and new condos. This marina was made in 2008 and has supermarkets and fresh markets close by.

​Address: Place Tamri Talborjt, Agadir​Website: http://www.portmarinaagadir.com

In the area of Agadir, there are three different golf clubs. The Agadir Royal Golf Club with 9 holes is the oldest one, founded in 1951 and the other two Les Dunes Golf Club and Le Soleil Golf Club opened in the 90's. The climate here is perfect for all year golfing.

Le Musée de l' Argan

This place should not be mistaken for a museum even if the name says it is. This is a traditional Eastern spa with a Hammam and body and facial treatments. Come here to get a thorough scrub and a relaxing moment.

​Address: Avenue Moulay Hassan I, Agadir​Phone: +212 5288 48782​Website: http://www.lemuseedelargan.com​Opening hours: Every day from 10.00 to 21.00
Vallée des Oiseaux

Vallée des Oiseaux is a small zoo with its focus on birds. With its playground, different animals and no entrance fee, this is a perfect place for the family to visit. It can be very crowded during weekends since it is also very popular among the locals.

​Address: Avenue Mohammed V, Agadir
Cooking Class

If the Moroccan cuisine impress you and you wish to cook your own Tagine and couscous, sign up for a cooking class. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or more advanced chef, everyone with a food interest enjoys this class.

​Website: http://www.agadir-cooking-class.me.ma
Camel Ride

The best way to experience the genuine atmosphere of Morocco and Agadir, is from the saddle of a Camel. Several companies offer the opportunity to take a tour along the long sandy beach and watch the beautiful sunset.

​Phone: +212 627 462 652​Website: http://www.ecolodge-adventures.com

To find the hidden spots of Agadir and its surrounding, a bike is a good option for transporting yourself. Book a tour with a guide and let them tell you about the country, city and what they recommend you to see. There are tours for different levels.

​Phone: +212 624 166 959​Website: http://www.agadir-bike-evasion.com
Agadir Oufella Ruins

This was once the original city but today the ruins give the visitors a spectacular view of the "new" Agadir. Go for a guided tour, a Camel ride or just take the perfect photos for the family album.

Taghazout Beach

North from Agadir, you find this 8 km long sandy beach, first visited by the hippies who came here in the 60's. Today it is considered to be one of the best surf spot of Morocco but it is also well-visited by people who is looking for a relaxed day in the sun.

​Address: Taghazout Beach
As one of the world’s biggest suppliers of sardines, fish features heavily on the menus of Agadir’s restaurants. From freshly grilled sardines to fish tagine, the local cuisine draws its inspiration from the fruits of the sea. There are three main zones when it comes to eating in Agadir: The beach: this is where many restaurants are located, and you have many different types of food to choose from. New Talbourjt: this is one of the cheapest places to go for food. Uniprix: restaurants for both tourists and locals.
La Scala

Situated on the seafront, this restaurant is renowned for its mouth-watering seafood dishes. The atmosphere is classy but still relaxed and the staff is efficient and professional.

​Address: Rue de l'oued Souss, Agadir​Phone: +212 528 467 73​More info: Complexe Tamlelt
The Fish Stalls

For that authentic Moroccan dining experience, head down to the port where there are a number of stalls selling excellent fresh fish dishes at low prices. One of the most popular dishes in Agadir is the Fish tagine and this is the place to try it.

​Address: Port
Little Norway

Little Norway is known for serving food of very high quality and also in hearty portions. The price is reasonable and the staff friendly and their speciality is the fillet steak.

​Address: Complexe Tamlelt, Agadir​Phone: +212 673 800 310
Le Parasol Bleu

Even if this restaurant is quite hard to find, tucked away from the promenade, it is well-visited and very popular. The menu offers a wide array of dishes of fish and meat and the drink list include delicious wines.

​Address: la Corniche, Front de Mer, N° 7 complexe commercial "Tawada", Agadir​Phone: +212 5288 48744
Riad Villa Blanche

If you are looking for fine dining in a romantic atmosphere, head to Riad Villa Blanche. The professional waiters serve beautiful and impeccable Moroccan dishes in a quiet and exquisite setting.

​Address: Baie des Palmiers secteur N°50 cité Founty, Agadir​Phone: +212 5282 11313​Website: http://www.riadvillablanche.com
Le Jardin d'Eau

At Le Jardin d'Eau you can enjoy your meal either on the outside terrace or inside the stunning dining room. They serve traditional Moroccan and French food, made of organic and locally produced ingredients.

​Address: Boulevard du 20 Aout, Agadir​Phone: +212 28840195​Website: http://www.jardindeau.com
Restaurant Le Quai

This stylish restaurant, located in the marina, serves international and Moroccan dishes. The staff is friendly and the ambience relaxed. Come here for lunch or dinner.

​Address: Marina d'Agadir, Agadir​Phone: +212 661 605822
Restaurant Scampi

Restaurant Scampi is located in the city centre of Agadir and here you can choose from a wide array of traditional Moroccan dishes. To accompany your meal, the wine list offer some really good alternatives and everything is served by happy and friendly waiters.

​Address: Bd Hassan 11, Agadir
Restaurant Daffy

This hidden gem serves delicious Moroccan cuisine to reasonable prices. The Tagine is very popular. The restaurant is located close to a mosque and alcoholic beverages are not served here, but if you do it neatly you might be allowed to bring your own.

​Address: Rue des Oranges, Agadir​Phone: +212 5288 20068
Mezzo Mezzo

At Mezzo Mezzo guests can enjoy an authentic Italian meal to a reasonable price. You can choose between traditional dishes such as pizza, pasta and risotto and combine them with exquisite wines. The atmosphere and staff are warm and welcoming.

​Address: 19, Avenue Hassan II, Agadir​Phone: + 212 5 28 84 88 19
Mauresque Lounge

In the traditional Moroccan decorated dining room, guests can revel in Mediterranean and especially Moroccan food. The outdoor terrace is also charming and either you choose to sit on the inside or outside, you will receive good service from the friendly waiters.

​Address: Route de L'Oued Sous, Agadir​Phone: +212 288 20444
Le Vendôme

Le Vendôme offers not only delicious food in large portions but also a perfect view of the long sandy beach and the sea. They serve both genuine Moroccan food and international dishes. This restaurant is often very well-visited and a couple of times per week, the food and drinks are accompanied by live performances.

​Address: Chez Balaska Front Mer, Agadir​Phone: +212 5288 24816​Website: http://www.agadir-levendome.com
Mimi La Brochette

This is a small restaurant compared to the other restaurants you find along the promenade. Guests who come here are greeted with a warm welcome. The menu offers a good choice of seafood and the grilled dishes are recommended.

​Address: Promenade Tawada, Corniche d'Agadir, Rue La Plage, Agadir​Phone: +212 5 28 84 03 87 / +212 6 67 29 06 20​Website: http://www.mimilabrochette.com
Chiche Kebab

When you are hungry for a kebab, pizza or hamburger, Chiche Kebab is a good place to head to. At this small place you can revel in fast food to affordable prices. Their selection of dipping sauces to the kebabs is something special.

​Address: Boulevard Hassan II, Agadir
Restaurant Côté Court

This stylish restaurant is located adjacent with the Royal Tennis Club. It is well-visited by regulars but tourists have also started to find their way here. They serve a mix of traditional Moroccan cuisine and international dishes.

​Address: Avenue Hassan II, Royal Tennis Club Agadir, Agadir​Phone: +212 671 957270
Agadir’s gastronomic culture is influenced by the need to cater for the many different nationalities that flock to its restaurants and cafés, so you will find food to satisfy all palettes. There is a wide selection of traditional Moroccan cookies and French pastries for everyone with a sweet tooth. Wash it down with a cup of refreshing mint tea.
La Verandah

After trawling the shops for your souvenirs, kick back with a thick black coffee and one of their mouth-watering pastries. La Verandah is also a great place for breakfast or a quick lunch.

​Address: Boulevard Hassan II, Agadir​More info: Opposite the Royal Tennis Club
La Fontaine

La Fontaine, located in the city centre, is the place to come and sit back and do a spot of people-watching. Indulge in one of their sweet fancies or grab a snack.

​Address: Boulevard Hassan II, Agadir​Phone: +212 5288 48341
Café Vienna

Relax on the terrace overlooking the sea and lose yourself in their indulgent coffees and pastries. Café Vienna is located in the four-star Hotel Odyssee Park.

​Address: Boulevard Mohamed V, Agadir​Phone: +212 528 843 326​Website: http://www.hotel-odyssee-park.com
Le Flore

Located directly on the promenade, this café and restaurant is the perfect place for a breakfast before a day on the beach or a lunch in the sun. They are famous for their seafood dishes and is also open for dinner.

​Address: Rue Tawada, Agadir
Patisserie Tafarnout

Patisserie Tafarnout has been around since 1984 and here you can expect Moroccan pastries and cakes of high quality. They also offer sandwiches, fresh juices and typical Moroccan mint tea.

​Address: Bouleverd Hassan II, Agadir​Phone: +212 661 466649​Website: http://www.tafarnout.ma
After a hard days lounging on the beach, head out onto the town, enjoy the local cocktails and sample the sights and sounds of the Saharan beat. There is something for everyone who wants to maximise their visit to Agadir; nightclubs, bars and also a casino.
Piano Bar

This women-friendly bar serves a great selection of drinks at good prices. The cocktails are accompanied by the soothing sounds of the resident pianist.

​Address: Boulevard du 20 Aout, Agadir​More info: Tafoukt Complex
Jour et Nuit

When the heat hits in the middle of the night and you’re looking to quench your thirst, this 24 hour bar is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Sit down at the large terrace and sip a cup of coffee or a stronger drink.

​Address: Av. Tawada, Agadir ​Phone: +212 28 822 347
The Pub

This is a popular Irish bar serving a good selection of British and Irish beers. Come here for a jolly good feeling.

​Address: Boulevard du 20 Aout, Agadir​More info: Tafoukt Complex

Flamingo is a popular nightspot that bumps and grinds to a great selection of the latest hits. On Saturdays this place tends to be very crowded and both tourists and locals enjoy themselves here.

​Address: Rue du Oued Souss, Agadir​Phone: +212 528 844 343 / +212 613 681 118​Website: http://www.agadir-beach-club.net​More info: Agadir Beach Club

This is one of Agadir’s hottest night spots and it has been around since 1998. Come here to party till the early morn and then hit the beach afterwards.

​Address: Chemin des Dunes, Agadir​Phone: +212 615 795 596 / +212 528 845 400 / +212 621 261 652​Website: http://www.riu.com​More info: Hotel Riu Tikida
Be it bartering in the bustle of the souk or ambling in the air-conditioned luxury of the stores in the new town, Agadir will cater for your every need. Whether it is hand crafted ceramics, leather garments, carved figurines or spices for that tagine you’re going to impress the folks back home with, be sure to have hard cash and to never accept the first price. In the new town, the main shopping is situated around Boulevard Hassan II and Avenue du Prince Moulay Abdullah. You will find numerous boutiques and department stores selling a range of fashion items, as well as souvenir shops selling all manner of Moroccan trinkets and charms. However, for the authentic Moroccan shopping experience, head for the walled Souk al-Had and wander around the winding alleys, breathe in the sights, sounds and smells of this lively marketplace. Here, you will find farmers selling their freshly grown produce, spices that scent the air and that are finely sculpted into pyramids, metalwork that has been skilfully manipulated into the most ornate lanterns, all this and a myriad of other curiosities and oddities are waiting to be discovered in the secret alleys of the souk.
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Al-Massira Airport

Al-Massira Airport is located 28 km from the centre. To get to and from the airport you can take bus or taxi. Local bus number 22 goes from the airport to Inezgane, a suburb to Agadir, The last bus leaves at 20.30 and the fare is 4 Dirham. From Inezgane to Agadir city centre you can take bus number 20, 24 or 28 and the cost for that ticket is 3 Dirham. If you rather take a shared taxi it will cost you the same. A taxi from the airport to Agadir costs approximately 200 Dirham. The trip takes about 20 minutes. It is also possible to hire a vehicle from any of the car rentals at the airport.

​Address: Al-Massira Airport​Phone: +212 528 839 112​Website: http://www.agadir-airport.com / http://www.onda.ma​More info: Prices updated November 2013
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