Book flights to Cuneo in the North of Italy, and enjoy an Italian Alpine adventure. The gorgeous Cuneo province in Italy is a fantastic place for people who are looking for some stunning scenery and natural beauty, and who like to get active in the great outdoors. But whether you want to indulge in some Alpine hiking and biking, or you’d prefer to sit in a café eating incredible cakes and pastries and just watching the world go by, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time when you book flights to Cuneo with Ryanair!
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Cuneo is famous for its iconic public square, Piazza Galimberti. The town and all ist famous architectural landmarks, treasured museums and cathedrals are just waiting to be discovered. You can explore the town by going on excursions, mountaineering, skiing or sight-seeing while walking around the city.
Piazza Galimberti

Piazza Galimberti was named after the Italian Resistance hero, Tancredi (Duccio) Galimberti in 1945. On the walls here one can see the tablet with the famous quotes from Galimberti. The square took 50 years to build and the style of the public square was neoclassical. It is one of the most beautiful places in Italy and also the source of pride for Cuneo where a number of events take place each year. It also features as an outdoor market.

​Address: Piazza Galimberti, Cuneo​Phone: +39 3476 144 488​Website:
San Francesco Church

For those who love art, San Francesco Church will most certainly satisfy you. The old church houses the Museo Civico di Cuneo (Civil Museum of Cuneo). Abandoned for a hundred years, the church now preserves a collection of regional art. Although the church has been restored, one can still feel the history when inside the church.

​Address: Via Santa Maria 10, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 634 175
Limone Piemonte Comprensorio Sciistico

Limone Diemonte is a municipality of Cuneo which is famous for its skiing activities. It is actually one of the oldest ski areas in Italy. The place became a "ski-station" in 1897 using the old 80 kilometres of trails. Skiing competitions began the history of skiing in Limone.

​Address: Limone Piemonte, Cuneo
Parco Naturale dell'Argentera

This park was once the residence of the royal family and a hunting spot during the 19th century. You can go on many excursions in the park. For nature lovers, this place is a must-see.

​Address: Parco Naturale dell'Argentera, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 978 616
Az.Agricola Abbona Sergio

One of the many things Cuneo is known for is its wine. A visit to Az.Agricola Abbona Sergio must be close to heaven for wine lovers. One can taste a wide variety of wines here. To accompany the wine, you can have small sausages, bacon, blue cheese, tuna sauce, cheese with jam and juices. Wine tasting is a meal on its own.

​Address: Fraz.S.Lucia 36, Cuneo​Phone: +39 017 370 668
Museo Diocesano San Sebastiano

Museo Diocesano San Sebastiano was an abandoned church before it became a museum. After years of restoration, it now houses some of Cuneo's priceless paintings, oil canvasses, relics and some of the old things from the church. The museum also features a bookshop, set up in collaboration with the Library of Stella Maris Cuneo. The San Sebastian Cafe can also be found inside the museum, a good place to get something to eat while touring this place.

​Address: Contrada Mondovi 15, Cuneo​Phone: +39 017 167 725​Website:
Torre dei Ronchi Golf Club

Torre dei Ronchi is a reasonable priced and modest golf club, great if you want to spend the day playing a game of golf. This club has a little restaurant on the premises as well as a shop. The golf course has 9 holes and several obstacles to make the game challenging.

​Address: Pollino, 42 Fraz. Ronchi, Cuneo​Phone: +39 03200 370 224​Website:
Lost Space Lasergame

For a different kind of indoor adventure, the Lost Space Lasergame is a great alternative if you want to have fun with friends. Locals and tourist, young and old alike enjoy this game when you fight together using laser guns. This place offers promos from time to time.

​Address: Via Guido Martino, 5, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 412 414​Website:
Sanctuary Madonna della Riva

Two kilometres from the town of Cuneo, Sanctuary Madonna della Riva rises 530 metres above sea level. A number of processions from different areas have taken place in the sanctuary. The painting of Madonna and Child with Saint Francis is one example of the priceless treasures that the sanctuary keeps.

​Address: Via Madonna della Riva 25, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 697 894
Garden Sport Bar

The Garden Sport Bar, located at Roccaforte Mondovi, is a park full of fun. Whether you are here with family or friends, there are many things to see and do. Activities such as electric cars, trampolines, hockey tables, pool tables and mini golf will most surely make your day. Finish off the day of fun with a creamy treat at the ice cream bar inside the Sports Bar.

​Address: Roccaforte Mondovi Via 4 novembre 20, Cuneo
Langhe and Roero, NEW UNESCO World Heritage Site

The wine landscape of the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato has become a World Heritage Site. It is the fiftieth Italian site, the world's most famous wine-growing hills win the designation as a UNESCO cultural landscape, which is the result of the combined action between man and nature. The skilful workmanship and the continuous improvement of the techniques of cultivation of Nebbiolo, Moscato and Barbera, led to extraordinary results shown in the magnificence of a unique landscape. The constant and passionate dedication by generations of people who cultivate the vineyards, following traditions and farmer’s knowledge made Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, an area of extraordinary universal value.

Winter Sports in Cuneo Alps

There is no better place to unwind and have fun than in the mountains of Piedmont. In the snow season Cuneo offers a system of ski stations only 40 km away from Cuneo Airport. Artesina with Frabosa Soprana and Prato Nevoso is one of the three resorts that make up the Mondolè Ski, a large winter sports district, which stretches across the Alpi del Mare with over 130 km of downhill ski runs. The Riserva Bianca (White reserve) can satisfy downhill skiing enthusiasts thanks to its 80 km of runs. The tracks vary in length and difficulty, with some runs designed for beginners and others which have hosted, among other things, the training sessions of the Italian and French national teams.

MTB and Cycling holidays

Cuneo’s valleys and plains are the foundation of enogastronomy but they have also been included as stages of the Giro d’Italia for many years. This is a land of devoted cyclists which is excellent for fun, health and passion. There are itineraries for cyclists who can rely on their strong physical training to tackle the high mountain climbs or who love to vie with distance. You can find a selection of roads and trails for pleasant tours and for training. There is huge variety offered through the richness of the landscapes, the natural environments and sports can be continuously enriched by culture, wine and and food along the way!

Famous Events in Cuneo

Passion is our most genuine strength and it creates new adventures every day. Come join us! Something remarkable always happens. Events, festivals and parties, folklore and futurism, romantic roads and innovative itineraries: you just have to choose. The Music festival “Collisioni” (Barolo), White Truffle fair (Alba), National Chestnuts Fair (Cuneo) and much more are waiting for you! How long has it been since you’ve felt this good in a place?

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Fly to CUNEO and visit the Langhe-Roero, the new UNESCO HERITAGE site url:

Cuneo dining offers a wide selection of different food flavours. Not only can you experience classic Italian gourmet dishes, but expensive gourmet restaurants to quality tasting budget-friendly restaurants. Discover the town with different flavours.
Ristorante 4 Ciance

Ristorante 4 Ciance serves traditional Piedmontes gourmet cuisine. The restaurant offers fresh pasta and local specialty dishes. Dining is a lovely experience because of its inviting and warm atmosphere.

​Address: Via Dronero, 8, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 489 027​Website:
Delle Antiche Contrade

Experience fine dining at Delle Antiche Contrade. Enjoy their warm delicious Piedemonte style cuisine. The chef might just come out himself and explain the menu for you.

​Address: Via Savigliano, 11 Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 480 488​Website:
Ristorante Torrismondi

Ristorante Torrismondi is located in Via Michele Coppino. Three generations of cooks serve native and new taste of dishes. The restaurant also takes reservation for special occasions. The staff is very friendly and the food is delicious.

​Address: Via Michele Coppino 33, Cuneo​Phone: +39 017 165 515​Website:
Panineria Siciliana di Casamento Giuseppe - Commercio Ambulante Restaurant

Panineria Silician Giuseppe is a mobile restaurant that serves freshly cooked arancine (fried rice balls coated with breadcrumbs) Silician delicacy. Perfect for munching while strolling around.

​Address: Corso Alcide de Gasperi, 30-32, Cuneo​Phone: +39 3489 794 262
Osteria Senza Fretta

Osteria Senza Fretta is where you can enjoy traditional Piemontese dishes in a pretty setting. Locally produced wine, especially Organic wine, is a must try.

​Address: Via Dronero 3bis, angolo Via Fossano, Cuneo​Phone: +39 3356 664 576
Kombu Cuneo

If you are craving for Japanese food in Cuneo town, Kumbo Cuneo is the place to go to. Their sushi, seafood and rice are best sellers. They take reservations and welcomes walk-in diners.

​Address: Via Santa Maria 6, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 605615​Website:
Bar Bibe Cuneo

Bar Bibe Cuneo Restaurant is a vegan bar located in Corso Galileo. They serve great variety of vegan dishes paired with their brilliant service. This restaurant is great for vegetarians in the area.

​Address: Corso Galileo Ferraris 26, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 602 753
La Mucca Pazza Brasserie

La Mucca Pazza Brasserie serves contemporary and classic Italian dishes as well as barbeque, burgers and other American dishes. Choose from their very wide variety of meat dishes. At La Mucca you are guaranteed great and friendly service.

​Address: Via Amedeo Rossi 17, Angolo Via Dronero, Cuneo​Phone: +39 338 992 0160​Website:
EL Pistolero Restaurant

El Pistolero is a small but cosy restaurant that can satisfy your Mexican food cravings. Prices are from low- medium range but offer high quality dishes. El Pistolero restaurant serves ice creams and sweets too.

​Address: Via Dronero 3, Cuneo​Phone: +39 380 684 5478
Il Ristorantino Michelis

If you are looking for a nice place to eat pasta, you should go to Il Ristorantino Michelis. Known for its homemade taste, they make their own pasta and pastries. Polite and friendly service paired with delicious food makes satisfied diners.

​Address: Via Peveragno, 4, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0174 47665​Website:
Cuneo is famous for the Al Rhum, a dark chocolate meringue with rum filling. This a great snack when touring the town and you can easily find them at cafes. It is recommended to order a good coffee drink to accompany the Al Rhum. Cuneo definitely has a lot of cafes where you can enjoy yourself and just relax.
Bar Gelateria Pasticceria Corso

Bar Gelateria Pasticceria Corso is an ice cream shop, bar and cafe in one. They serve breakfast, brunch and late night treats. If you feel too lazy to leave the house, they do home delivery. They also take reservations for special occasions.

​Address: Corso Nizza, 16, Cuneo​Phone: +39 017 160 2014​Website:
The Cake Shop

If you have been having cravings for delightful treats, Cuneo has a cake shop that can satisfy your taste buds. Situated at Via Carlo Emanuele, The Cake Shop is a place claimed to be a must-see with its wide variety of sweets and pastries.

​Address: Via Carlo Emanuele 43, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 694 8 77​Website:
Gelateria Grom Restaurant

Gelateria Grom Restaurant is a cosy ice cream shop located at Piazza Galimberti. Beat the heat with their all-natural ice cream or choose from their wide selection of gelato, sorbets, chocolate drinks and shakes.

​Address: Piazza Galimberti, 2 Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 693 109​Website:
Chocolat D'art Restaurant

Chocolat D'art Restaurant on Via S. Grandis is a small pastry shop. This unique shop offers a good place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry. The shop is not that visible from the outside, so keep an eye out for the name Chocolat D'art.

​Address: Via S. Grandis 6, Cuneo
Pasticceria bar Bramardi Restaurant

Pasticceria Bar Bramardi is known in the Cuneo area for its great coffee. The sweets, pastries and other treats are very satisfying. The staff is welcoming and attends to the customers’ needs with a smile.

​Address: Piazza Galimberti 4, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 699 826
Pasticceria Bar Bonfante Restaurant

In the Cuneo area, Pasticceria Bar Bonfante Restaurant is known for their croissants. This elegant pastry bar is run by two sisters. The shop is located on Via Roma and offers cakes, tarts, chocolates, pastries and ice cream.

​Address: via Roma 35, Cuneo
Bar Pasticceria Franchino

Bar Pasticceria Franchino is a cosy cafe shop that was established in 1965. The cafe serves cakes, pastries, sweets, drinks and snacks. They offer both breakfast and lunch.

​Address: Corso Francia 104 San Rocco Castagnaretta, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 491 345
Gelateria "I gelatai" Restaurant

Gelateria "I gelatai" is an ice cream bar located at the corner of Corso Nizza. The bar serves all-natural ice cream flavours. The bar is a perfect hangout for family and friends. The staff is friendly and the prices reasonable.

​Address: Corso Nizza 29, Cuneo
Confetteria Pasticceria Bar Arione Andrea

Confetteria Pasticceria Bar Arione Andrea is located at Piazza Galimberti. Here you can savour Cuneo's very famous Al Rhum. This café also serves coffee, cakes and other pastries.

​Address: Piazza Tancredi Duccio Galimberti 14, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 692 539​Website:
Relais Cuba Chocolat

Relais Cuba Chocolat is an international cafe that received an award in 2010 by the Innovation Award of Italy Gambrero Rosso. This restaurant and cafe serves a wide variety of international dishes. You can find it at Piazza Europa, a good place to enjoy a cup of coffee, croissants and other pastries.

​Address: Piazza Europa, 14, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 693 968​Website:
Choose among Cuneo's nightlife from bars, dance clubs, music bars or just chill at wine bars. Just like other parts in Italy, Cuneo has its own fun and happening located usually at Alba.
La Drancia Pub

La Drancia Pub named after the fountain of Drancia, is located in the old area of Saluzzo, just close to Castile and Torre Civica. The pub serves all Trappist beers and a wide selection of snacks and goodies. Prices for the food are average. At the weekends, it is difficult to find a seat in the pub.

​Address: Via Santa Chiara 19, Saluzzo​Phone: +39 3284 731 355
Shock! City of Fun

Shock! City of Fun is a two floor club that is located in the area of Paesana, It was established in 1998. The bar plays trendy music, techno and progressive music.

​Address: Via belloni 3, Paesana
XL Club

XL Club is a dance club located in Via C.A. Dalla Chiesa. The club is only open on Saturdays. The style is laid back and the party people can party until 4 am in the morning.

​Address: Via C.A Dalla Chiesa 13, Alba​Phone: +39 329 641 4630​Opening hours: Sat: 11.00 pm - 4.00 am
Caveau Club

Caveau Club is situated in Alba, and was established 20 years ago. The place is the highlight of Alba's nightlife. Be seen in your stylish and dressy outfits in this fun night dance club.

​Address: Corso Barolo 10, Localita' San Cassiano, Alba​Phone: +39 3204 918 632​Website:
Circolo Arci Mezcal

Circolo Arci Mezcal is a music hangout that is located in Savigliano. The club has different musicians and bands from time to time. Please see their website for the schedules of gigs.

​Address: Via Torino 187/E Savigliano​Website:
Jamaicahappypub Sanfre

Jamaicahappypub Sanfre is a Jamaican inspired pub that is in Safre. The pub plays Jamaican music and reggae, the pub also holds live concerts. See website for events and schedules.

​Address: Via industria 2, Sanfre​Phone: +39 3479 736 368​Website:

Hemingway is a cocktail restaurant that has until 2 in the morning. They serve a wide selection of cocktails, wines and drinks. The place is open for dinner, coffee and drinks. You can have your reservation, but walk-ins are also welcome.

​Address: Via Mandelli 3, Alba​Phone: +39 3478 890 628​Website:
Fuori Orario Pub

Fuori Orario is a restaurant and pub in one. The pub offers burgers, sandwiches and alcohol. A good hangout place from 7.30 pm to 2 am on weekdays and 3 am on weekends.

​Address: Corso Torino 4, Alba​Phone: +39 0173 440 747​Website:
Al Posto Giusto

Al Posto Giusto is an Italian inspired clubhouse located in Alba, but owned by two Australian. From time to time the owners throw in themed or dress-up parties that make the place unique. Live screening of Sporting events all over the world can be viewed here.

​Address: via A.Roero 25 Guarene, Alba​Phone: +39 3481 884 301
Bar Cavour

Bar Cavour is a traditional and well-kept bar in Savigliano. They have a wide selection of wine and cocktails to a reasonable price.

​Address: Piazza cavour, Savigliano​Phone: +39 017 222 857
Cuneo is a town where you can find a lot of specialty shops, factory stores and galleries with music and paintings. The famous outdoor market in Piazza Galimberti is claimed to be a must-visit.
Calzature Kur & Kamina

Calzature Kur & Kamina is a family-run shoe store. The staff is accommodating and friendly. They sell good brands at reasonable prices and also offer great bargains from time to time.

​Address: Corso Roma 10, Savigliano​Phone: +39 0172 716 784​Website:

Barbero is a historic specialty shop located at Via Vittorio Emanuele. The shop is situated in a restored eighteenth-century house in the city centre where they sell old sweet treats of Piedmonte tradition. Select you favourite from their wide array of chocolates and treats found here.

​Address: 74 Via Vittorio Emanuele, Cherasco​Phone: +39 0172 488373
Leslie Alexander Art Studio & Gallery

The small art studio is located at Piazza Vittorio Veneto. The artist's paintings foremost convey local attractions, vineyards or local products. The artist can offer print or original work. Shipping or mailing can be negotiated.

​Address: Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 11, Neive Cuneo​Phone: +39 3396 920 448​Website:

Isoardi is a women's clothing store that was established in 1962. The store is located at Corso Nizza. The boutique sells a wide selection of accessories from different brands. They are known for their wide range of high-quality clothing.

​Address: Corso Nizza, 9, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 690 839
Mondovicino Outlet Village

The Mondovicino Outlet Village, one of the largest Retail Parks in the country, consists of 85 shops. The shops offer different products like furnishing, accessories, fashion, sportswear and much more. Prices are reduced up to 70%.

​Address: Piazza Giovanni Jemina 47, Mondovi​Phone: +39 017 455 303​Website:​Opening hours: Closed on Christmas and the 1st of JanuarySubway: It is connected to the railway station of Mondovi by the urban circular transport system. Mondovicino Outlet Village is easily reached from the airports of: Cuneo (30 minutes by car); Turin (1 hour by car); Genoa (1.30 hour by car); Milan Malpensa and Nice (2.30 hours by car).
Miroglio Fashion Factory Store

The Miroglio Fashion Factory Store is located aon Via Santa Margherit. The brand is an Italian icon for both fashion and fabrics. The textile company operates in 34 countries and you can shop in one of their shops in Cuneo, where you also can see their textiles and fabrics.

​Address: Via Santa Margherita 23, Alba​Phone: +39 0173 299 311​Website:
Wall of Sound Gallery

The Wall of Sound Gallery is a small gallery, located in the Alba area, which sells high quality prints. Here you can also find books, records, posters and photographs.

​Address: Via Gastaldi 4, Alba​Phone: +39 0173 362 324​Website:
Eco Store Cuneo

Eco Store Cuneo is a printing and office supply store. For all your office, stationery and printing needs, this store is here to help you.

​Address: Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 4, Cuneo​Phone: +39 0171 480 197​Website:
Mondocivino Outlet

The Mondovicino Outlet Village is a world of shopping easily reached from Cuneo airport, only 20 minutes by car. More than 85 shops offer a world of choice: fashion, accessories, sportswear, furnishings and furnishing accessories can be purchased at prices reduced by up to 70% and guaranteed directly by the producers. The best Italian brands are available at the best prices! There is also a comfortable and convenient Petrol Station to refuel, free Wi-Fi throughout the outlet, cash machines, a crèche, relaxation area, camper van area, and many other services coordinated by an efficient infopoint.

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