Book flights to Dinard in beautiful Brittany and prepare to be completely charmed by the elegance of France’s northern coast! Dinard is gorgeous - as pretty a place as you could ever visit, from the Belle Époque villas that overlook the sea, to gorgeous golden beaches to the yachts bobbing gently in the water. It’s got all the culinary joys you’d expect from a French town on the sea, and there are plenty of great activities to keep you occupied, whether you’re a water-baby or a land lubber! Book flights to Dinard today.
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When visiting Dinard you will find many fun activities by the sea, take a walk along the seafront or a boat trip or why not just relax on the beach? Here you can also find historical churches, beautiful gardens and parkland offering play area and zoo for children. There is something for everyone which will make the trip a pleasant stay.
Parc de Port Breton

The largest expanse of parkland in Dinard, the Parc de Port Breton has an equestrian centre, children’s play area, water features, zoological park with around 40 species of animal and birds, and a plant nursery.

​Address: Bd de la Libération. Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 46 74 64 ​Website:
Eglise Notre-Dame

This is a beautiful Gothic-style church that dominates the skyline of Dinard. Inside there are fine carvings and stained glass windows. The church is also known for hosting several concerts, all from choirs to orchestras.

​Address: Boulevard des Maréchaux, Dinard
Promenade en Bord sur Mer

With its gardens, natural greenery and its view out over the bay, the exceptionally long Promenade en Bord sur Mer offers one of the finest coastal walks for visitors in Dinard.

​Address: Bord sur Mer, Dinard
La Vicomté

Enthusiasts of traditional French architecture will be enthralled by the elegant houses in the La Vicomté district. The area is located close to the beach (Plage du Prieuré) and the park (Parc de Port Breton).

​Address: La Vicomté, Dinard
La Pointe de la Malouine

La Pointe de la Malouine is located on a piece of headland next to the Plage de Saint Enogat, to the north of the city. It is an ideal spot for walking, admiring the wildlife and taking in the atmosphere of Dinard.

​Address: La Pointe de la Malouine, Dinard
Le Barrage de la Rance

This was one of the first hydroelectric power stations in the world using the sea's current when it opened in 1966. Today it is the world's second biggest tidal power station. There are boat tours up the river during high season and you can enjoy a lovely view of the bay.

​Address: La Richardais​Phone: +33 2 99 16 37 14 ​Website:
Villa les Roches Brunes

This beautiful villa, built in neoclassical style between 1893 and 1896, is open for the public through guided tours. It houses different exhibitions and from its location on the edge of a cliff, it offers breathtaking views over the bay from the peaceful terrace.

​Address: 1 Allée des Douaniers, Dinard
Longchamps Beach

Just 6 km from Dinard, in St Lunaire, you find this lovely, long sandy beach suitable for children. There is a restaurant and rental outlets for water sports. This is a perfect place for a relaxed day out in the sun.

​Address: Longchamps Beach, St Lunaire
Manoli, Musée et Jardin de Sculptures

Here, at the Manoli museum, visitors can stroll in a heavenly garden with almost 300 different imaginative art objects to enjoy. There are guided tours during July and August but guests can also find information in leaflets in French, English and German or in audio-guides in French and English.

​Address: 9 rue du Suet, La Richardais​Phone: +33 2 99 88 55 53​Website:
St Vincent Cathedral

This Roman Catholic church had to be rebuilt after severe damage from the war and the mix of the old and the new architecture and details makes it unique. The bishop seat is made out of steel and designed in a modern style and the windows are made from the original coloured glass together with new pieces. Come here for a moment of peace and tranquillity.

​Address: 12 rue Saint-Benoist, St. Malo​Phone: +33 2 99 40 82 31
Fort National

Fort National was built in the late 17th century to protect St Malo. Today it is a landmark of the city and the surrounding area. If you decide to visit the museum don't forget to take the long spiral staircase to the top of the building where from you can enjoy astonishing view of the city and the coastal.

​Address: Fort National, St Malo​Phone: +33 6 72 46 66 26​Website:
Grand Aquarium

Grand Aquarium provides fun for the whole family. Here you can see 600 different species of marine animals and to watch them up close, don't miss the underwater ride in the submarine at the end.

​Address: Avenue du Général Patton, Saint Malo​Phone: +33 2 99 21 19 07​Website:
Plage de l’Écluse

There are several beaches to choose from in the area but if you don't want to leave Dinard this is a perfect option. In the summer season this sandy beach is a popular meeting spot and visitors can join a gym class or attend to any other of all activities held here.

​Address: Plage de l’Écluse, Dinard
Mini Golf de Saint-Enogat

Close to the Saint-Enogat beach in north of Dinard you can challenge your friends in a tournament of mini golf. After a tough game, guests can enjoy a light snack or a refreshing drink at the small café with sea view.

​Address: Rue Roger Vercel, Dinard​Website:
Casino Barrière de Dinard

If you feel lucky or just want to feel the air of glamour for a moment, make a visit at the casino. In addition to the traditional games, the casino also hosts different shows and cabarets and here is also a fine dining restaurant with magnificent sea view.

​Address: 4 boulevard Wilson, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 16 30 30​Website:
Dinard and the Emerald Coast, wonderful and welcoming places

City of art and history, Dinard is a pleasant seaside resort, where life and holidays are very enjoyable. Located on the Emerald Coast, Dinard benefits from architectural and the cultural heritage. Not less than 407 luxury villas are classified and will make you go back in time to the Belle Epoque. A walk on the seafront will be the occasion to discover the beautiful beaches and coves of Dinard bay. Don’t forget to enjoy the Casino, situated on the main beach, and the thalassotherapy centre, with a stunning view of the coast.

The Mont Saint-Michel, a Unesco World heritage

The Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay, registred as a Unesco World Heritage site, is only 45 minutes from Dinard Airport. The site is built on a rock, inside fortified walls. Many places are to visit like the abbey, which offers a complete panorama of the medieval architecture of XI to the XVI century, several museums and the Parish Church. Anyway, just stroll through the winding street is enough to delight everyone. At last, crossings of the bay are available with guides and allow you to discover, among other things, the famous quicksand.

Brittany, land of wonders, legends and mysteries

The Emerald Coast abounds of architectural and natural treasures. Saint-Malo, its old walled city is one of them to discover absolutely. Don’t miss the Cap Frehel and its wonderful landscape. Go to Cancale, where you can enjoy fresh oysters on the beach. The region will charm you with the magic of its 2 730km of coastline. Its great architectural heritage on cities like Rennes or Fougères will fulfill all the promises of a wonderful trip. More details on

Dinard’s residents and visitors tend to follow the French tradition of eating out at every opportunity – and it’s something to be taken very seriously. À la carte restaurants serve fine French cuisine as well as fresh fish and seafood, which is a speciality on many restaurants’ menus. Most of Dinard’s restaurants have impressive wine lists. For a lighter meal, the city has a good choice of creperies and fast food establishments.

Altaïr is located in the heart of the tourist area of the city. This hotel restaurant specialises in fresh produce, fish and dishes from Dinard and the Brittany region.

​Address: 18 Boulevard Féart, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 46 13 58
L´Appel du Large

This restaurant is located in Casino Barriere de Dinard. The décor is bright and cheerful and the restaurant provides views out to the sea. The L’Appel du Large specialises in seafood dishes.

​Address: 4 Boulevard Wilson, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 16 30 38​Website:
Bar PMU Le Cancaven

Mussels (moules) head the menu at the Bar PMU Le Cancaven. Also on the menu of this centrally located restaurant are other seafood dishes, fish and salads. This place is known and popular for great service and great food to affordable prices.

​Address: 3 Place de la République, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 46 15 45
Castor Bellux

For an informal meal between shopping, head for the Castor Bellux, an Italian eatery, serving pizzas, pasta and other dishes from Italy. The ambience is lively and they also provide take-away.

​Address: 5 Rue Winston Churchill, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 46 25 72​Website: http://www.castorbellux.comSubway: Car or bus to Rue Winston Churchill
Buffalo Grill

Buffalo Grill is a restaurant chain specializing on grilled meat and fish on open fire. If the weather allows you can enjoy your food at the terrace. Open all year however off-season it is closed on Sunday evening, Monday evening and Tuesday.

​Address: ZAC de la Ville Es Meniers, Pleurtuit​Phone: +33 2 99 16 13 85​Website:
Bistro Resto Oliver

At Bistro Resto Oliver, beautifully dishes leave the kitchen. But the owners know that looks are not all that counts so the flavours and quality of the food won't leave anyone disappointed either. The cuisine is traditional French.

​Address: 25 bd. Féart, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 16 07 95​Website:
Le Hautecloque

This small and quiet creperie lies close to the beach in Dinard and serves as a perfect lunch or lighter dinner venue. Here is a wide array of galletes and crepes to choose from and the menu also contains a new dish of the day every day.

​Address: 3, rue du Marechal Leclerc, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 48 31 35
Le Grill Cote Soleil

The efficient and professional personnel at Le Grill Cote Soleil serves savory grilled seafood and fish dishes to their guests, in an often bustling but still welcoming atmosphere. The menu also holds other dishes with meat etc.

​Address: 2 bis, Place de la République, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 16 00 01​Website:
Le Yacht Restaurant

Just above the Yacht Club de Dinard, this elegant restaurant is located. The menu lists just a few dishes but they are well prepared with a large sense of innovation. From the outside terrace guests can enjoy one of the best views of the bay.

​Address: Promenade du Clair de Lune, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 23 18 12 08​Website:
L'Abri des Flots

L'Abri des Flots is popular among the locals of Dinard and therefore often very busy. The menu gives guests a choice from several regional dishes. The food is of high quality, service is efficient and all of it to reasonable prices.

​Address: 6 Place de la République, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 16 99 48​Website:
Restaurant de la Vallee

This restaurant is located in the harbour, close to the city centre. The focus of the cuisine lies in fish and seafood and their Tapas Marin is a popular choice from the menu. The interior is modern and guests can choose to sit inside the restaurant or out on the terrace facing the harbour.

​Address: 6, Avenue George V, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 46 94 00​Website:

For a break from the traditional French food, a visit at Ami-Sushi could be at its place. Top quality Japanese sushi, sashimi and maki is served by friendly waiters in a quiet ambience.

​Address: 13 rue Henri Maulion, Dinard​Phone: +33 299 164 053
Le Cafe Anglais

Le Cafe Anglais is a contemporary designed restaurant that offers both a more relaxed café on the bottom floor and a more chic restaurant upstairs. If you get a seat next to the windows on the upper floor, your meal will be accompanied by a stunning view. The food served here is typical French with a modern twist.

​Address: 7 Bd Wilson, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 46 24 53​Website:
Le Petit Montmarte

This small restaurant close to the beach of the Prieuré is only open for lunch time. They offer a buffet with selections of cheeses, meats, salads etc. as starters and for the main course, guests can choose from two or three different dishes. Be here on time since it often is crowded by local workers having their lunch break here.

​Address: 1, rue de la Haute Guais, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 46 16 50​Website:
Côt & Plage

In the area of Saint-Enogat, you find this small eatery serving crepes, pizzas and galettes. There is a wide selection of toppings to choose from and you will definitely find something to tease your taste-buds. They only have seats indoors but they also offer take away if you rather enjoy your meal on the nearby beach.

​Address: 6 rue Garnider, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 30 25 22 30
After a full day of sightseeing, why not relax in one of the many good crêperies the city has to offer. Many of the places are described as friendly and welcoming.
Crêperie Côté Mer

Côté Mer is an attractive crêperie within easy reach of both the shops and beach for informal dining. The pancakes are traditionally prepared and cooked on demand.

​Address: 29 Boulevard Wilson, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 16 80 30​Website:
Crêperie Du Roy

This is a crêperie with a true traditional French atmosphere. The offer a good choice of flavoursome crepes and galettes comes with a side salad.

​Address: 9 Boulevard Féart, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 46 10 57

This place is a crêperie and bar. They offer a sun terrace with full sea view where you can enjoy your food. On the menu you will find pancakes, desserts, salads and drinks.

​Address: 1 Pointe du Décollé, Saint-Lunaire​Phone: +33 2 99 46 33 38
Crêperie le Marégraphe

This place is located close to the beach and offers an outside terrace where you can enjoy your food and drink. Crêperie le Marégraphe is described as a nice place with friendly and welcoming staff.

​Address: 8 Place du Calvaire, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 46 94 92
Balthazar – le Bar à Chocolat

If you like chocolate, you have come to the right place. Their speciality is hot chocolate for which they are using cacao beans from South America and Africa. If you are feeling hungry, this café also offers brunch, lunch and dinner.

​Address: 30 rue du Maréchal Leclerc, Dinard ​Phone: +33 2 90 10 28 14​Website:
Salon de The Bergamote

In Saint Malo opposite the cathedral, Salon de The Bergamote is located. This tea room and crêperie also serves salads and other lighter snacks for lunch together with delicious pastries and cakes.

​Address: 3 Place Jean de Chatillon, Saint-Malo
Dinard’s nightlife tends to revolve around its restaurants, both in the city centre and on the beachside, where crowds of friends, couples and families can often be seen enjoying the atmosphere. There are a handful of lively bars and nightspots. Some are atmospheric little venues while others have a more modern wine bar style.
Bar Skipper

Bar Skipper is a nautical themed bar located in the centre of Dinard. The place is described as lively and the staff is friendly and welcoming. Many locals are visiting this bar.

​Address: 8 Place de la République, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 46 84 99Subway: Car or bus to Place de la République
Hôtel Beaurivage Tabac Bar

Situated right on the seafront with views out to sea, this is a traditional tabac (smoking) room style bar. It is situated in Hôtel Beaurivage.

​Address: 2 Place du Général de gaulle, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 46 14 34​Website: http://www.hotel-beaurivage-dinard.frSubway: Car or bus to Boulevard Maréchaux
Royal Emeraude

At Hotel Royal Emeraude you can find this beautiful lounge bar. Here you can enjoy a warm cup of tea with scones or homemade cakes. In the evening you can listen to soft piano music and drink good cocktails.

​Address: 1 Boulevard Albert 1er, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 46 19 19 ​Website:
De Bar Slots

You find the De Bar Slots in Casino Barrière de Dinard by the beach. Here you can enjoy a drink in the indoor terrace with panoramic views. At the bar you can choose between many good and different cocktails.

​Address: 4 Boulevard Wilson, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 16 30 30​Website:​More info: Casino Barrière de Dinard
La Suite Dinard Club Discothèque

La Suite is a disco club where you can dance all night long when the DJ´s are playing mixed music. At the bar you can choose many good drinks and cocktails.

​Address: 2 rue la ville Biais, Dinard​Phone: +33 2 99 46 46 46​Website:​More info: La Richardais
Dinard has an air of elegance and this is reflected in its range of shops. Larger stores to little specialist shops sell everything from designer fashions fresh from the streets of Paris to leatherwear such as belts and handbags, along with silk scarves, jewellery and perfumes. Most of the shops are located around the Place du Marché Halles and the Place de la République areas. Enthusiasts of fine wine and food will be spoilt for choice and should head for the smaller streets in the same vicinity which are well worth exploring. Of course, Dinard has its share of larger department stores and supermarkets, such as Auchan and Carrefour. In true French tradition, Dinard has its share of markets that sell not only produce such as fresh pâtés and cheeses, vegetables, fruits and meats, but also flowers, crafts, antiques and artefacts. The markets are lively places where locals catch up with friends to gossip as well as buy.
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Aeroport Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo

The airport (Aeroport Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo) is situated just 4 kilometres south of the Dinard city centre. Taxis are available outside the terminal with fares from about €10 to the centre. There is no bus or rail connection from the airport to Dinard but there is a shuttle service, scheduled after the arriving flights, that leaves for the bigger city St. Malo. The ticket costs €3 and is purchased from the driver. From Saint-Malo station there are buses to Dinard.

​Address: Aeroport Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo​Phone: +33 2 99 16 38 00 / +33 2 99 29 60 00​Website:​More info: Prices updated July 2013
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