Book flights to Dortmund with Ryanair, for a great city escape. You’ll appreciate Dortmund particularly if you’re a fan of one (or both) of its biggest claims to fame – beer, and football – but you don’t have to love booze OR balls to really appreciate Dortmund; it’s got plenty more going on. There are great theatres and museums all over the city (including ones dedicated to... yes, beer and football); lots of lovely parks and gardens and some great choices of restaurants to eat in, and bars where you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Book flights to Dortmund today and discover it your way!
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Dortmund offers their visitors a wide range of interesting museums, theatres and world-class football of course. The city has a lively and versatile cultural life and there is million ways to spend your time like vising the Museum Of Art And Cultural History or go to the opera or road show. There is also the brewery where you will learn more about the history of industrially brewed beer in Dortmund.
Museum of Art and Cultural History

The museum shows of artefacts in Art Déco style in a combination of archaeological, folkloristic and local history collections, along with arts, crafts and modern design.

​Address: Hansastrasse 3, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 502 5522​Website:​Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 10am - 5pm, Thursday 10am - 8pm, Saturday 12am - 5pm, Closed Monday
Museum Am Ostwall

Museum Am Ostwall is a modern art museum with a permanent collection boosted by temporary exhibitions. Has an impressive collection of works by the Russian expressionist Alexei von Jawlensky.

​Address: Leonie-Reygers-Terrasse, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 502 4723​Website:​Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 11am - 6pm Thursday, Friday 11am - 8pm Closed Monday
Steinwache Memorial and Museum

Steinwache Memorial and Museum is a museum that documents persecution and resistance during the Nazi regime. Housed in a former police station that, under the Gestapo, was known as ’’West Germany’s Hell.’’

​Address: Steinstrasse 50, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 5025 002​Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 5pm
Westphalia Industrial Museum

Westphalia Industrial Museum is a former colliery. The museum is a fascinating insight into coal mining and the lives of Dortmund’s colliers. The exhibition will take you into a world of rough working conditions, and learn about the stories of the men and women who worked here during the 20th century.

​Address: Grubenweg 5, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 6961 111​Website:​More info:
Dortmund Brewery Experience

You can’t come to Dortmund without tasting the beer. Work up a thirst by taking a tour that consist of interesting history of industrially brewed beer in Dortmund and follow the steps how the beer is made.

​Address: Steigerstrasse 16, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 84 00 200 ​More info:
Church Of St Reinoldi

The oldest church in Dortmund, dating from the 13th century and is named in honour of the city’s patron saint, Reinold. Climb more than 200 steps to the bell-tower for fabulous views over the city. This can only be done Saturday between 12pm and 3 pm.

​Address: Ostenhellweg 2, Dortmund​More info: Just north of the Alter Markt.

Dortmund’s TV tower, 212 metres high, and located in Westfalen Park. Take the lift up for great views, eat in the revolving restaurant and stroll around the 70-hectare park.

​Address: An der Buschmühle 3, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 502 6100​Website:

Hard to describe DASA – its full title of The German Occupational Health and Safety Exhibition doesn’t help either. It’s fascinating, great for kids and adults (lots of interactive stuff) and a heap of fun.

​Address: Friedrich-Henkel-Weg 1-25, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 9071 2479​Website:​Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday to Sunday 10am - 6pm
Dortmund Zoo

Dortmund Zoo specialises in South American flora and fauna and is home to around 1.500 animals. Here you can admire animals like lions, Angolan giraffes, green Iguanas, Sumatran tigers and much more. This is one of the most popular attractions in Dortmund. The kids love it!

​Address: Mergelteichstrasse 80, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 50 28593​More info:
Signal Iduna Park

If you like football then this is the place to visit for a game. Signal Iduna Park opened in 1974 and holds 80,720 (25,000 standing) spectators. You can buy your ticket for Borussia Dortmund games online or by phone. You can also discovered the Signal Iduna Park with a stadium tour with a guide. The tour includes the players’ tunnel, dressing rooms, VIP areas, mixed zone, stadium prison and Borusseum club museum. The tour takes about 60 minutes.

​Address: Strobelallee, Dortmund​Phone: + 49 231 90 20 616 / +49 1805 309000 (Tickethotline)​Website:

Westfalenpark is a green oasis where you can enjoy a relaxing time. This is a great place to stroll around or why not have a picnic? It is also here the Florian Tower is located with a 360 degree overview. In the park you can also practice sports like soccer and beach volleyball.

​Address: An der Buschmühle 3, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 502 6100​Opening hours: The Westphalia park is open every day of the year
Theater Dortmund

This is a theatre with a rich variety. Whether you are in the mood for classical opera, repertory theatre, children’s and youth theatre, children’s opera or traditional ballet, you are certain to see it at Theater Dortmund.

​Address: Kuhstrasse 12, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 50 27 222​Website:
Dortmund CityTour

For a great city sightseeing, take the Dortmund CityTour hop on-hop off bus which includes a guided tour. You can discover Dortmund from the top deck of a red double decker bus. One round trip takes about 100 minutes but you choose when to get off. There are 12 stops. The tour includes interesting facts, figures and stories from Dortmund´s past and present.

​More info: Starting point: near the entrance to the Main Railway Station (next to taxi rank)Tickets: Buy your ticket at the Tourist-Information or directly at the bus.
Dortmund Concert Hall

Dortmund Concert Hall is a well-designed concert hall and very eye-catching. It opened its doors in 2002 and ever since world-famous artists have been queuing up to make their performances. Here you can listen to all kinds of music, from classic to modern. For more detailed information about the programme see website below.

​Address: Brückstrasse 21, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 226 960​Website:​More info:
Children´s museum Mondo Mio

As the name suggest this is a children´s museum, a place where they can enjoy a good time by learning, touching and participate. This is a journey where the kids can discover various cultures of the world and explore how people live on other continents. Unusual musical instruments and toys made of recycled rubbish can also be found here.

​Address: Florianstrasse 2, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 502 6127​Website:
Activities & Tours

The Dortmund CityTour offers tourists the unique opportunity to discover the city for themselves, in their own time, with all the advantages of a guided tour. Either one discovers Dortmund from the top deck of a red double decker bus on one round trip lasting approx. 100 minutes, or one gets off at any of the 12 stops to explore the respective attraction. After two hours the bus will come round again and one can continue the tour. Important facts, figures and anecdotes from Dortmund's past and present will be presented over the audio system with headphones. Available languages: GER, GB, NL, JPN, RUS, TUR, ESP, F, CHN, PL


One of the city’s most popular landmarks is the Dortmund U-Tower. This former high-rise plant built by the Union Brewery is now a centre for art and creativity. It hosts various cultural sights such as the Ostwall Museum with its comprehensive collection of 20th century art and the various special exhibitions which have gained a reputation throughout Germany. A huge media facade called ‚U-Tower Picture Clock’ illuminates the U-Tower building using 1,7 Mio. LED spots on the rooftop. Mid-2015 a unique sight will be added to the city. The official German Football Museum will open its doors in the middle of the city - a must for all football fans.


The world’s tallest Christmas tree stands in Dortmund every year. In total, 1,700 fir trees soar 45 metres into the sky. A 4-meter tall angel crowns the top. Around 48,000 lights beam festive illumination for the approximately two million people who come to delight in the holiday spirit of the city. With around 300 stands, the Dortmund Christmas Market is amongst the largest and most popular in Germany. To round off the experience, a diverse array of culinary delights and traditional mulled wine (Glühwein) stands offer some delicious treats.

Dortmund’s traditional food is simple and hearty. Local dishes include Westphalian Grünkohl – a ham and cabbage soup – and Pfefferpotthast, a stew made with peppered beef and onions. There are a number of traditional German restaurants in the centre of the city near Alter Markt and along Wallring, just outside the centre. International food is well-represented in the city, with a range to suit all tastes and budgets.
Turm Restaurant

Turm Restaurant is located 137 metres up in Dortmund’s TV tower. Mediterranean and international food, and best views in town: the restaurant revolves a full 360 degrees in an hour.

​Address: Florianstrasse 2, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 586 1200 80​Website:

Pfefferkorn offers German and International food in a traditional style. The restaurant has a nice interior with lots of paintings, plants and wooden tables. Dishes you can enjoy are such as pork schnitzel "Cordon Bleu", rib-eye steak and Chicken breast "Don Alfredo".

​Address: Hoher Wall 38, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 143 644​Website:​More info:
Zum Alten Markt

Zum Alten Markt pub opened its doors in 1956 and offers regional food. Also a great place for good beer. Here you can eat the local dish called Pfefferpotthast (a stew made with peppered beef and onions). The restaurant is located on the second floor.

​Address: Markt 3, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 572 217​Website:
Casa Mendoza

Casa Mendoza is a restaurant that serves a wide variety of Spanish cuisine such as tapas, paella, fish or meat. Nice break if you are getting tired of the traditional German food.

​Address: Sendstrasse 133, Dortmund​Phone: +49 2319 277 770 ​Website:

You create your own food at Mongos. Choose the ingredients you like from the fresh food bar and then the cook will prepare it for you. Here you can mix different types of vegetables with a wide variety of meat, seafood and with a delicious sauce.

​Address: 78 Lindemannstrasse, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 584 4950​Website:
Il Gambero

This Italian restaurant offers classic Italian cuisine in a warm and family-friendly ambience. The chefs are driven by their passion for food and serves mouth-watering dishes like spicy Italian sausage grilled with tomato ragout with homemade gnocchi and spaghetti with prawns in tomato garlic sauce with fresh herbs.

​Address: Wieckesweg 29, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 200 444​Website:

Enjoy the taste of Mexican food at this vibrant restaurant. The friendly and attentive staff serves tasty food and fabulous cocktails. On the menu you will find dishes such as enchiladas, burritos, Buffalo wings, chili con carne and fajitas.

​Address: Kleppingstrasse 20, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 1087 147​Website:

Mandarin is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Dortmund. The decor is in traditional Chinese style and provides a pleasant atmosphere with fresh flowers, candles and tablecloths. Here you can enjoy seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes.

​Address: 213 Wittbräuckerstrasse, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 482 636​Website:
Rodizio Steakhouse

If you would like to eat a juicy steak, head over to Rodizio Steakhouse. This South American restaurant serves a wide selection of traditional steak dishes from Argentina. Through daily delivery from South America, the chef guarantees you the best possible quality.

​Address: Rosemeyerstrasse 2-4, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 106 3735​Website:
Brinkhoff's No. 1

With a great location on the square, this restaurant and pub provides great views from the outside terrace. Inside is a warm atmosphere with an old decor. Here you can drink local beer directly from their own brewery and eat classical German dishes such as Wiener schnitzel.

​Address: Market 6, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 525 815​Website:​Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 11am - 12am
Uncle Tom's

Uncle Tom's offers the charm of the southern United States with typical American furnishing and with American food and drinks. The food is inexpensive and the menu has a wide variety of dishes, everything from Deep South steak, barbecued chicken wings to salads. Make sure the get here with an empty stomach, the staff serves huge portions!

​Address: Arneckestrasse 76, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 476 8815​Website:

Get a taste of India in the city centre of Dortmund. This restaurant chain in Germany serves Indian specialties with high quality produce in a friendly atmosphere. The restaurant seats 90 people which makes Taj-Mahal the largest Indian Tandoori restaurant in Dortmund.

​Address: Kampstrasse 82, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 53 461 801​Website:​Opening hours: Monday to Fri 12pm - 3pm and 5.30pm - 10.30pm, Saturday to Sunday 12pm - 11.30pm
Taverna Athen

From starters to desserts; the menu offers everything the Greek cuisine has to offer. Whether you are craving for fresh vegetables, roasted meat or fish, you will find it here. Taverna Athen is decorated in a true Greek spirit with wooden tables and with white/blue walls.

​Address: Leostrasse 14, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 719 579​Website:
La Paz

La Paz is located just a few minutes away from the Dortmund Concert House and serves Spanish food, tapas and other Mediterranean delicacies. The atmosphere can be described as modern but with a familiar feeling. This is a great place to relax with a glass of Spanish wine and enjoy mouth-watering dishes like clams in garlic and white wine sauce.

​Address: Hansastrasse 30, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 138 5427​Website:
Brauhaus Wenkers

The restaurant and pub Brauhaus Wenkers is located in the city centre and has a great vibe. On the menu you will find local German specials like bratwurst with sauerkraut and roasted pig with coleslaw. During summer time you can have your dinner on the lovely outside terrace.

​Address: Betenstrasse 1, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 527 548​Website:
Food & Drink

Dortmund was Europe’s number one beer brewing city, and the local traditional drink is known almost everywhere on earth. For this reason, every visitor to the city should try a glass of Dortmund beer. The locals will be happy to socialise with you. Local specialties like a “Salzkuchen mit Mett” should be your choice. This salt and caraway seed-topped pastry roll with fresh ground pork and onions is typical Dortmund fare, hardly known even in neighbouring cities. The legendary “Pfefferpotthast” is also great with beer. This peppery stew meat is usually served with potatoes, gherkins, and red beets. Delicious!

A quick cappuccino or home-made cake in a pleasant atmosphere is just the ticket for reading your newspaper in peace and quiet or leisurely observing people. You will find some cafés around the Alter Markt with outdoor seating in the summer time.

At this Italian-run café you can enjoy both a delicious lemon meringue cake with a nice cup of espresso and real Italian ham, preferably not together. With its spacious rooms and unique atmosphere it has always been a magnet for busy guests.

​Address: Rosental 10, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 95 047 092​Website:​Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9.30am - 8pm, Sunday closed
Cafe Kleimann

Cafe Kleimann is a traditional, family-run café. Here you can enjoy a wide selection of cakes and pastries after a long day of shopping. There are also options for diabetics.

​Address: Petrikirchof 8, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 144 921​Website:​Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9am - 7pm, Sunday 1pm - 6pm
Las Salinas

Las Salinas is a Spanish café, bar and tapas place. This is a great place for café con leche after a long day of shopping and sightseeing. You will find this trendy place in the city centre.

​Address: Kleppingstrasse 9-11, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 1504 434​Website:

This lovely café/bar is part of the Domicil Jazz venue. The staff serves food like ciabattas, bruschetta’s, fresh salads, nachos and vegetarian snacks. Special events and live music are provided for the guests.

​Address: Hansastrasse 7-11, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 8629 032​Website:
Flayva Coffee & Tea Lounge

Sit down and relax with a cup of coffee or tea. If you would like to eat something sweet have a freshly baked brownie or a cake. Children are welcomed; there is even a small play area for the younger once.

​Address: Hansastrasse 30, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 53 078 727​Website:​Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 12pm-7pm
Dortmund used to produce more beer than virtually any other city in the world, so don’t leave without trying a glass or two. Dortmund’s bars cater to all tastes, and with so many students in town, cheap ’n’ cheerful is as easy to find as chic or cool.
Hovels Hausbrauerei

Hovels Hausbrauerei is a traditional micro-brewery which also serves traditional German pub food. Come here for the full German experience. The atmosphere is warm with open fire and provides a relaxed vibe.

​Address: Hoher wall 5, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 914 547​Website:

Subrosa is a cool bar in the Nordstadt. They have poetry readings on normal week days and live acoustic sets on the weekends. The venue is simple but offers a great atmosphere.

​Address: Gneisenaustrasse 56, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 820 807​Website:
Kaktus Farm

Students love this place – the cocktails at € 2.90 from Tuesday to Thursday might have something to do with it. Kaktus Farm occasionally has live music.

​Address: Wilhelmstrasse 24, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 7004 455

Nightrooms is a huge place with three dance floors and two lounge areas. The DJ´s are playing everything from disco to soul, lounge and chart sounds.

​Address: Hansastrasse 5-7, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 1655 430​Website:
Label Club

Have a luxurious night out at Label Club. This night club has an exclusive ambience and is a very modern, elegant and stylish venue. DJ´s are playing music like house and R'n'B. It also has a good location in the heart of the Dortmund city centre. Dress Code: business casual and elegant.

​Address: Ruhrallee 9, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 226 11 116​Website:
Shopping is one of Dortmund’s principal attractions, attracting consumers from all over the country. Much of the shopping is done in the very heart of the city. As many as 12,000 shoppers an hour pass through Westenhellweg and its continuation, Ostenhellweg, attracted as much by the huge range of shops as the highly-competitive prices. Department stores like Kaufhof, electronic retailers, chain stores, food stores, health and beauty stores: they’re all here. This is standard high-street shopping: Benetton is at 52 Westenhellweg next door to Mango at 51. If you are looking for designer fashion and accessories head to Hansastrasse, where you’ll find designer names such as Escada at no. 61, or head to more discrete Kleppingstrasse. Brückstrasse has a more youthful vibe and is the place to go for trend fashion, sports fashion and hair salons. Once scruffy and known for its fast-food joints, Brückstrasse today likes to think of itself as Dortmund’s Carnaby Street. On neighbouring Kampstrasse you’ll find the huge department store, Karstadt – which is a good place for the casual shopper, while the Esprit store is a few stores up at no 28. The creative will love Creare at 42 Ostenhellweg – 12,000 products for the craft lover made from professional artist.

Dortmund is a fantastic shopping city. For this reason, shopping excursions to Dortmund are a tradition for surrounding areas. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone here. A great mix of retail chains, department stores, and specialty shops build an 800 x 1,200-metre shopping paradise. Directly on the Westenhellweg, one of the three most frequented shopping streets in Germany, the Thier Gallery with more than 160 international and national branded shops as well as specialised stores from the region, cafés and restaurants offers everything that he or she could want for a pleasurable shopping trip.

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Dortmund Airport

Dortmund’s airport is located 13 km east of the city at Flughafenring 11. There are regular bus services running between the airport and the city bus station (located opposite the main train station). The journey time is around 25 minutes. The first bus from Dortmund departs at 4.30am; the last bus departs at 10pm. A current bus timetable can be downloaded from the airport website. Look for ’airport express’ (the airport shuttle refers to the connection with the local railway station). The fare is €7.00 per one-way journey; children under fourteen pay €2.00; children under six travels free. An alternative, but slower, route is to take the city bus 440 at the airport and then change at Aplerbeck station for the U47 metro. There is also a 5-minute bus shuttle service connecting the airport with the local railway station, Holzwickede. From here you can catch a regular train into Dortmund. Trains run approximately 8 every hour. The buses run at 15-20 minute intervals. The fare between Dortmund Airport and Holzwickede Bf is 3.00€ for adults and children under 15 years 2,00€. Children under 6 travels free of charge. Taxis take around 15 minutes. A journey to Dortmund Central Station from the airport cost about 22€.

​Address: Dortmund’s airport, Dortmund​Phone: +49 231 921 301​Website:​More info: Prices updated June 2013
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