It’s not the most obvious choice of tourist destinations, but book flights to Ostrava in the Czech Republic and you’ll discover a wonderful city that’s really worth a few days of exploration! Ostrava, in the heart of Moravia, has really blossomed into a beautiful city despite a rather drab industrial past. It’s a lovely place to spend a few relaxing days, but if you hire a car at Ostrava airport you can also spend some time exploring the Moravia region and its beautiful towns and villages, including Stramberk, Olomouc and many more charming Czech spots. Prepare to be charmed by the Czech Republic! Book flights to Ostrava today.

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Ostrava city

Ostrava is the third largest city in the Czech Republic. You can reach the city by train, bus or taxi in 20 minutes. You can see unique technical monuments, which are not found anywhere else in the world – The Lower Area of Vítkovice or Landek park. Visit the Silesian-Ostrava Castle, the World of miniatures Miniuni, The New City Hall Viewing Tower or The Ostravar Brewery, where you can see the history and current processes of brewing, including testing of beer. Ostrava is also the place where many important sport activities are held – Golden Spike, Fed Cup, Ice Hockey World Championship.


When visiting Ostrava you mustn´t leave out Stodolní Street, the street that never sleeps. It is in the neighbourhood of the city centre with over 70 clubs. Whether you are looking for a little jazz or rock, dance clubs, karaoke, casinos, bowling, billiards, or just a quiet place to have a drink, you’ll find it all here. Here and in many other restaurants you can try various local specialities including world famous Czech beer. Visitors looking for accommodation can use the Mercure hotel or Park Inn near Stodolni, or for a quieter environment the Beltine hotel.


Moravia is renowned for its fine spa resorts and sanatoriums and offers visitors as many as thirteen spa towns to choose from, e.g. Luhacovice Spa, Klimkovice Sanatorium, Darkov Spa or Priessnitz healing spa in Jeseniky. The Smira Print’s Lachian Beer Baths is quite popular. The region also offers excellent opportunities to enjoy golf. The location of golf courses in the pleasant countryside and in mountainous environment makes it possible to combine golf with a family holiday. Another advantage is the nearby towns, where you can find additional services for relaxation.

Sports Activities

You can find many opportunities how to spend your leisure time actively in the region. Both sportsmen who like big doses of adrenalin, and families with children who are looking for moderate excitement will get their slice of action. You can try rope climbing centres, bobsleigh tracks, paragliding and flying, climbing walls and four-wheeled bikes rentals, go-karts and scooters. The region also offers a range of hiking tracks and cycling routes for all level and age groups.

Cultural Activities

The region is blessed with great natural beauty, being home to a number of protected landscape areas and national nature reserves, numerous natural monuments, chateaux, castles and ruins as well as natural caves. The region is an ideal place for culture and sport enthusiasts. Theatres, galleries, exhibitions, museums, concerts, many unions, various associations of quality folk ensembles offer a rich programme, as well as many cultural and sporting events to choose from, e.g. the Golden Spike meeting, Davis Cup, Janacek’s May Music Festival, Colours of Ostrava music festival and many more.

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