If you’re not a foodie when you book flights to Parma with Ryanair, you might very well be by the time you fly home. Parma is a charming Italian city but what makes it really special is its incredible local produce; foods that have become famous throughout the world. This tasty little city and its surroundings bring you Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano (parmesan cheese), tortellini, fettuccine and balsamic vinegar among other things, so make sure you have your fill while you’re there. You might even want to check a bag in so that you can bring some home with you! Of course, there is a lot more to the city than just its fantastic food, so book flights to Parma and go see for yourself.
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The Parma region produces two of the most celebrated food products in the world, tasty Parmesan cheese and ‘sweet’ ham, as well as culatello and Felino salami. This is rich city and the capital of Italy’s food industry. Parma is also an important artistic and cultural centre.
Baptistery of Parma

The Baptistery of Parma, Battistero, is a wonderful marble-clad baptistery designed by Benedetto Antelami. Make sure not to miss the cycle of months and seasons inside.

​Address: Piazza Duomo, Parma​Phone: +39 521 235886
San Giovanni Evangelista

San Giovanni Evangelista is a monastery complex. This complex is made up of a church, a convent and the antique apothecary, with frescoes by Correggio and Parmigianino.

​Address: Piazzale S. Giovanni 1, Parma​Phone: +39 0521 235 311​Website: http://www.monasterosangiovanni.com
Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Steccata

Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Steccata is a splendid Renaissance church has frescoes by Parmigianino. It is considered to be the most beautiful church in the region.

​Address: Piazza della Steccata 9, Parma​Phone: +39 521 234937​Website: http://www.santuari.it/steccata
Palazzo della Pilotta

Palazzo della Pilotta is a magnificent palace built for the Farnese family. This palace it hosts the celebrated Farnese Theatre.

​Address: Piazzale della Pilotta, Parma​Phone: +39 0521 233617
Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Museo Archeologico Nazionale hosts the archaeological remains. The remains include objects from the excavations at Velleia, the so-called 'Pompei of Northern Italy'.

​Address: Piazzale della Pilotta 15, Parma​Phone: +39 0521 218889​Website: http://www.archeobologna.beniculturali.it​Opening hours: Opening hours vary depending on the season
Teatro Regio

Teatro Regio is a Neo-Classical theatre, commissioned by Maria Luigia. This theatre is one of the most famous Opera Houses in the world.

​Address: Via Garibaldi, 16/A, Parma​Phone: +39 0521 203993​Website: http://www.teatroregioparma.org

The Duomo is one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in Northern Italy. The magnificent cupola is covered in frescoes by Correggio.

​Address: Piazza Duomo, Parma​Phone: +39 0521 228 152​Website: http://www.cattedrale.parma.it
Galleria Nazionale

At Galleria Nazionale you can see a master collection of masterpieces. The masterpieces include Correggio, Parmigianino, Beato Angelico and many more.

​Address: Piazzale della Pilotta 15, Parma​Phone: +39 521 233309​Website: http://www.gallerianazionaleparma.it
Parma’s cuisine is full of variety. Moreover, the city has given its name to several prized dairy and meat products, the highlights of which are undeniably Parmigiano Reggiano (parmesan cheese) and Parma ham. Meals are accompanied by high-quality wines such as the reds Colli di Parma and Lambrusco, and the whites Sauvignon and Malvasia.

Parizzi is one of the most refined restaurants in the city with both classic and innovative dishes. Specialties include homemade pasta and steak tartare with oil. The dishes are accompanied by a good wine list.

​Address: Via Della Republica, 71, Parma​Phone: +39 521 285952​Website: http://www.ristoranteparizzi.it
Osteria Del Gesso

Osteria Del Gesso offers a classic and innovative Parmesan cuisine. Here they serve innovative, homemade pasta and tasty desserts.

​Address: Strada Ferdinando Maestri, 11, Parma​Phone: +39 521 230505​Website: http://www.osteriadelgesso.it
La Greppia

La Greppia is highly recommended by its guests. This refined restaurant with regional cuisine offers fresh pasta and desserts that are made by the owner personally.

​Address: Via Garibaldi, 39/A, Parma​Phone: +39 521 233686

Cocchi is a friendly restaurant with classic Parmesan cuisine. It is famous for its mixed boiled beef trolley, homemade pasta and tasty desserts.

​Address: Via Gramsci, 16/a, Parma​Phone: +39 521 981990​Website: http://www.hoteldaniel.biz
I Tri Siochett

I Tri Siochett is a rustic and friendly restaurant. Typical specialties not to be missed include salami and cold pork meats with torta fritta (fried savoury dough) and tortelli alle erbette (pasta parcels filled with ricotta cheese and leaf beet).

​Address: Strada Farnese, 74/A, Parma​Phone: +39 521 968870​Website: http://www.itrisiochett.it
Trattoria Corrieri

Trattoria Corrieri is a friendly and rustic restaurant. You can find this restaurant in the heart of the city and it offers Parmesan cuisine.

​Address: Strada Conservatorio, 1, Parma​Phone: +39 521 234426​Website: http://www.ristorantidiparma.it
Italians are famous for their delicious food, ice cream and Italian cafés. After a day of touring you can sit back, relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a delicious Italian pastry.
Bar Pasticceria San Biagio

Bar Pasticceria San Biagio is a coffee and pastry shop. This place is especially famous for its zuppa inglese, the Duchessa Maria Luigia cake and the Panettone.

​Address: Via Garibaldi 41, Parma​Phone: +39 521 286057
Pasticceria Cocconi

Pasticceria Cocconi is a well-known pastry shop with a small tea room. Here you can try specialties like Duchessa and other tasty, small pastries.

​Address: Strada Repubblica, 22, Parma​Phone: +39 0521 230351​Website: http://www.cocconipasticceriaparma.com
Pasticceria Torino

At Pasticceria Torino there is not any tea room. Here you can get coffee or cappuccino at the bar with one of its specialties, the Duchessa cake, Grandmother cake or tortelli verdi.

​Address: Strada Garibaldi 61, Parma​Phone: +39 521 235689
Pasticceria D’Azeglio

Pasticceria D’Azeglio is another great place to rest your legs and enjoy an Italian coffee. Here you can also indulge in a wide range of cakes and pastries.

​Address: Via D’Azeglio, 130, Parma​Phone: +39 521 282246
Lino’s Coffee Shop

This popular café chain was born in Parma. Drinking coffee here is considered a rite. You can also enjoy a tasty salad or Panini.

​Address: Via Nazario Sauro, 4B, Parma​Phone: +39 521 235721​Website: http://www.linoscoffee.com
Parma boasts a lively before-dinner scene. Many bars have some sort of happy hour, which usually lasts for more than an hour and is often accompanied by substantial snacks. Parma movida starts in via Farini, where people go from one wine bar to another. Later, they go to dance or live music clubs in the city or just outside of it.

Tobago is a new wine bar that offers curious salads such as tuna and strawberries or couscous dishes. Here you can enjoy a large selection of wines and cocktails.

​Address: Piazzale S. Lorenzo, 1/1, Parma​Phone: +39 0521 503139
Gavanasa Club

Gavanasa Club is a must go place for both young and old. Here you can find a Happy hour bar, a restaurant and lounge bar. You can enjoy non-stop music from 7pm on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

​Address: Via Farini, 22/a, Parma​Phone: +39 521 231036​Website: http://www.gavanasaclub.com
La Corte Del Sol

At La Corte Del Sol you will find live music club on Wednesdays and Thursdays, DJ music on Fridays and Saturdays. If you are awake you can also enjoy the “Sunday aperitivo” at 8 o’ clock.

​Address: Via Ugolotti, 1/A, Parma​Website: http://www.cortedelsol.it

Dadaumpa is claimed to be the best disco in town. Here you can dance until the early hours and listen to upbeat tunes.

​Address: Via Emilio Lepido, 48, Parma​Phone: +39 521 483813​Website: http://www.dadaumpa.com
Escape Cafe - TiKi Bar

At Escape Cafe you can enjoy fruity, colourful drinks with umbrellas. The word TiKi comes from the Polynesian gods carved in wood, a theme which is very obvious at this bar.

​Address: Via la Spezia, 108, Parma​Phone: +39 02504 770 344​Website: http://www.escapecafe.it
Italian fashion and food should be the key themes for Parma’s visitors. The city centre is full of fashion boutiques (the most important shopping streets are: via Garibaldi, Strada della Repubblica, via Cavour, via Mazzini and via Massimo D’Azeglio) where you can buy clothes, leather goods and stylish shoes. The famous La Ghiaia Market is also worth a visit. Fashion-addicts should go to The Fidenza Village, a 30 minutes’ drive from Parma, where they will find discounted clothes, shoes, bags and accessories from the top stylists’ past collections. For food there are many shops where you can find not only Parma ham and Parmesan cheese, but also an impressive variety of salted pork meats (try culatello and Felino salami), pastas and wines. In many pastry shops, you can pick up the typical Parma cake called the Duchessa Maria Luigia and sweeties called violette di Parma (violets of Parma). Violetta di Parma is also the name of the essence made in honour of the Duchess Maria Luigia. The oldest perfumery of the city is Color Viola, via Repubblica, 2. Parma has also a district of antiques shops and art galleries, which are located along Strada Farini, via XXII luglio and Strada della Repubblica.
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Parma International Airport

Parma International Airport is located around 6 kilometres from the city centre. You can reach the city centre by bus or taxi. The train station is located 5 kilometres from the airport. http://www.trenitalia.com There is a frequent bus service that runs between the airport and the city centre. The bus leaves every hour from 6.30am to 8pm. A bus ride costs €1.20 and an additional 80 cents if you buy the ticket on the bus. http://www.tep.pr.it You can also reach the city by taxi. If there are no taxis available, the information desk can call one for you. 24 hour Radio Taxi: +39 0521 252562

​Address: Parma International Airport, Parma​Phone: +39 0521 951511​Website: http://www.aeroportoparma.it​More info: Prices updated December 2013
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