Book flights to Perpignan, and you get the best of both worlds – all of your favourite things about France and Spain, contained in one great city. The French-Catalan combined culture makes Perpignan the sort of place where you can order a lovely bottle of French wine, and it’ll probably come accompanied with some excellent tapas… But on top of the nice cultural mishmash in the city, Perpignan is also a great place to fly to if you want easy access to some absolutely incredible beaches in the South of France! Book flights to Perpignan today with Ryanair.
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There are many things to do and see in Perpignan including cathedrals, castles, thermal springs and museums. For those who fancy something more physical, the region offers a wide range of challenging outdoor activities – skiing, hiking or nautical sports, it’s all up to you!
Palace Of Kings De Majorque

Built in the 13th century, it’s one of the most remarkable examples of the medieval civil and military architecture in southern France. The main courtyard and its ensemble of Gothic buildings can be explored.

​Address: Rue des Archers, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 34 48 29
St Jean-baptist Cathedral

This beautiful building was first a church in the 14th century and was then given the status of Cathedral in 1601. Admission is free.

​Address: Place Gambetta, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 51 33 72
The Hyacinth Rigaud Museum

Situated in a typical 18th-century townhouse. The museum features rare and rich collections of the art and culture of the Oriental Pyrenees from the 13th century to the present.

​Address: 16 Rue de l’Ange, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 35 43 40
Loge De Mer (Town Hall)

Loge de Mer is one of Perpignan’s finest and oldest historical sites. Made of river stones, it represents typical architecture of the region. It used to be a stock exchange and the maritime consulate.

​Address: Place de la Loge, Perpignan
Museum Of North Catalonia History Joseph Deloncle - Castillet

Standing at the crossing between the old and modern city, the building used to be a city gate and a prison. It is now home to a fascinating museum of the history of the North Catalonia!

​Address: Le Castillet Place de Verdun, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 35 42 05
Casa Xanxon

This beautiful private mansion in the heart of the Old Town is one of the only Gothic houses conserved in Perpignan. It’s also the house of Art and History of Perpignan and features many secrets of the city!

​Address: 8 Rue de la Main de Fer, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 62 37 98
Around Perpignan

If you have time, the countryside has many interesting spots and villages worth a visit, such as Elne and its 2,700-year-old citadel, Riversaltes (renowned for its vineyards), or Saint Estève with its beautiful landscape at the edge of the Pyrenees’ chain. The coast has also some best-kept secrets, like the typical Catalan village of Saint-André!

Musee Bella (Doll Museum)

Not only displaying 500 dolls at this museum but also posters, photos of artists and television celebrities. The Museum staff will receive you with pleasure but only by appointment.

​Address: Espace Primavera 6, avenue du Languedoc, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 22 97 11​Website:
Natural History Museum

At this museum you can enjoy a permanent exhibition with rare or disappeared animals of the Eastern Pyrenees including different bird species, great mammals and African ethnological objects. Do not miss the Egyptian mummy from the XXIII dynasty.

​Address: 12 rue Fontaine Neuve, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 66 33 68​Website:
Campo Santo - Chapelle De La Funeraria

By the St John’s Cathedral you can find the only cloister-cemetery in France. It is classified as a historical monument since 1910. The construction dates from the beginning of XIV century and the current building consists of 4 galleries and is about 54 m long each.

​Address: Rue Amiral Ribeill, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 51 19 80​Opening hours: Open from 11.00 - 17.30 from October to April, from 12.00 - 19.00 from May to August. Closed on Mondays and some holidays
Guided Tour On Bike

A fun way to discover the city is by bike. At this tour you will follow a guide who shows you the most interesting attractions in Perpignan. Along the tour you will see the modern part of the city as well as the historical centre. The tour last for 2 hours.

Jardin de Sant-Vicens

The garden on Rue Sant Vicens is a delightful place with exotic flowers, orange trees and oleanders. This is also the place where you can look for ceramic pots and textiles which are on sale.

​Address: Rue Sant Vicens, Perpignan​Website:
Couvent Des Minimes

Couvent Des Minimes (Minimes' Cloister) was built between 1585 and 1620 and is located in the ancient Jewish district of Perpignan. Here you will find a church, a courtyard and conventual buildings. Today the cloister holds many exhibitions all year long.

​Address: Rue François Rabelais, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 51 25 63​Opening hours: Open from 11.00 - 17.30 from October 1st to April 30th, 12.00 - 19.00 from May 2nd to September 30th. Closed on Mondays and some holidays

Make an excursion to the seaside town Canet-en-Roussillon which is located only 12 km from Perpignan. Here you can enjoy 9 km of beaches of fine sand, discover ruins and a castle or stroll around in the old town. In addition there are some water sport activities available here such as windsurfing, beach volleyball, kayaking and jet skiing.

​Address: Canet-en-Roussillon

You should not leave Pyrénées Orientales until you have paid a little visit to this charming medieval village called Castelnou. It is located some 20 km southwest of Perpignan and is nestled at the base of Les Aspres foothills and the Canigou. Castelnou is truly a beautiful village with cobbled streets and offers amazing views from the Castle.

​Address: Castelnou
In Perpignan, the food has Catalan influences and is always accompanied by great regional wines. Among the most popular items are the snails smothered in garlic, the salted smoked hams or the richly stuffed sausages are all to be sampled. Of course, fresh Mediterranean-style seafood is also available. The Old Town is stashed with lively venues. Quai Vauban (beside the canal) attracts those who look for a more romantic evening. Restaurants often offer good value set menus (carte du jour), but reservations may be necessary.
Mas Vermeil

Expect fine and tasty dishes at Mas Vermeil, in a beautiful Mediterranean style house (the Mas). It’s a bit out of the city centre, but worth a visit if you have time and can afford it. Excellent wine selection!

​Address: Chemin de la Roseraie, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 66 95 96
Bistrot Saint Jean

Bistrot Saint Jean is both a wine bar and restaurant with Catalan specialities. This is a popular and recommended venue and is located near St Jean-Baptist Cathedral.

​Address: 1 Rue Cité Bartissol, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 51 22 25
L’assiette Catalane

This is one of the best places to try the Catalan style gastronomy at a reasonable price. The restaurant is also serving succulent tapas and offers a great selection of wine!

​Address: 9 rue de la République, Perpignan ​Phone: +33 4 68 34 77 62​Website:
Pizzeria La Roma

There is always a good pizzeria in any city in the world! La Roma is one of them, pizzas are traditionally cooked with wood fire and the owner has a great selection of wine.

​Address: Place Arago, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 51 62 39
Al Tres

Al Tres is tucked away in a narrow street and is a good venue for those who like the Mediterranean style seafood. The friendly staff also serves a great selection of regional wines.

​Address: 3 Rue De La Poissonnerie, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 34 88 39
Brasserie L’arago

Brasserie L’arago is a friendly place with good pizza dishes and typical brasserie styled cuisine. You will find Brasserie L’arago on Place Arago and during summer time you can have your meal on the lovely outside terrace at watch the world go by.

​Address: 1 Place Arago, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 51 81 96
Le France

This restaurant is perfectly located in the heart of the old town. Le France offers quality food at reasonable prices. Be sure to come here with an empty stomach; the friendly staff serves huge portions.

​Address: Place de Loge, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 51 61 71​Website:
New Saigon

If you crave for Asian food then you should try restaurant New Saigon. This simple place provides fresh food with vegetables and herbs for a reasonable price. The friendly staff provides a good service to create an enjoyable evening for their guests.

​Address: 93 Rue Marechal Foch, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 54 48 37
Barraco do Dende

Barraco do Dende is a family-run restaurant with a welcoming and friendly ambiance. The menu offers authentic Brazilian food for a good value. The portions are quite big so hopefully you will leave the restaurant full and satisfied. Please notice; sometimes there is live entertainment at the restaurant.

​Address: 1 Rue du Four St-Jean, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 51 07 57​Website:
Le Divil

You will find this restaurant with a beautiful location in Perpignan and with only 3 minutes ‘walk from the 'Castillet'. This brasserie is usually full of locals and provides a laid back atmosphere. The attentive staff serves fish and meat dishes.

​Address: 9 rue Fabriques d'en Nabot, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 34 57 73​Website:
Restaurant le Yucca

Enjoy a pleasant dinner at this Mediterranean restaurant which is situated in the peaceful green park château du parc Ducup. The chef Alain Delprat prepares fine cuisine with Catalan and Mediterranean influences. There is a lovely garden where you can have your dinner - if the weather permits.

​Address: 21 allée des chênes, Parc Ducup, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 85 56 54​Website:

With more than 40 years of experience the restaurant Napoli serves mouth-watering Italian cuisine. The food is prepared with quality produce and the restaurant team is friendly and service-minded. The comprehensive menu offers something for everyone.

​Address: 3bis Place de Catalogne, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 51 25 02​Website:
La Thailande

Here you can eat as much as you can from the Thai buffet. The staff knows little English but the warm welcome and the tasty food more than makes up for it. La Thailande is a very good value restaurant with lots of choices.

​Address: 1 Chemin de la Fauceille, Perpignan​Phone: +4 68 98 73 55​Website:
Les Saisons

The attentive staff serves French cuisine that is perfectly cooked. The atmosphere is slightly formal but not over the top. This is a great place to have dinner with friends, family or for business.

​Address: 6 rue Camille Desmoulins, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 34 50 39​Website:
La Table

When dining at La Table you can expect well-presented French food, impeccable service and mouth-watering dishes. The chefs make excellent preparations of beef, veal and fish dishes. For dessert try the lemon meringue tart.

​Address: 1 rue Madeleine Brès, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 50 08 08​Website:
The coffee culture in France is pretty impressive; most people start their day with an espresso shot and finish their lunch with a coffee. Of course, Perpignan is no exception. Many of the cafés offer an outside terrace where you can people-watch and enjoy your fresh coffee.
Bistrot Saint Jean

Bistrot Saint Jean is a pleasant café for a break while touring the Old Town. The attentive staff is serving a wide range menu and the atmosphere can be described as warm.

​Address: 1 Rue Cité Bartissol, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 51 22 25
Café De Vienne

Although a restaurant, Café de Vienne is also popular with its nice terrace on Place d’Arago, ideal for an espresso or fresh drink! Here you can also enjoy a deliciously fresh and tasty salad.

​Address: 3 Place Arago, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 34 80 00
Le Grand Café De La Poste

This is a popular café where people like to meet. The café is housed in a lovely old building with a good location. Here you can enjoy coffee in a friendly and Mediterranean atmosphere.

​Address: Place de Verdun, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 51 25 65
Café De La Bourse

Again, a popular venue with a nice terrace, where people like to sit and relax in the legendary Perpignan sun. And if you’re hungry, you can get great typical French brasserie style food!

​Address: 2 Place de la Loge, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 34 25 05
A L'heure des Thes

A L'heure des Thes is located in the city centre of Perpignan. This is a place where you can treat yourself with a wide variety of hot and cold drinks accompanied by a delicious pastry. The café also serves breakfast, lunch and snacks.

​Address: 14 rue de l'Ange, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 66 86 17​Website:
Although Perpignan is busier over the summer, there are plenty of great bars for all tastes in a buzzing atmosphere year around! The streets radiating from Place de la Loge offer a higher concentration of bars and clubs than any other part of town. Perpignan is a vibrant city. Discos usually open at 11pm. They are mainly concentred in the same areas as the bars. During the summertime the beachfront strip near Canet Plage is very popular with its seasonal venues.
La Habana Bodeguita

La Habana Bodeguita offers the best cocktails in town in a salsa atmosphere! This is a great place where you can relax with a tasty Mojito.

​Address: 5 Rue des Grandes Fabriques, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 34 11 00
El Boca Boca

El Boca Boca Club is the largest bar club in the centre of Perpignan. Every Wednesday and Thursday you can enjoy a great evening in a very Spanish atmosphere! There is also a patio with an exotic garden where you can relax and chat with friends.

​Address: 1 Rue Queya, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 51 33 51

You will find this music bar in the heart of the city. L’Ascot is the favourite venue for jazz lovers. There are great local bands playing here every week! The atmosphere is friendly and people come here for a drink and listen to music.

​Address: 12 Impasse des Cardeurs, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 51 01 43
Bus Café

This is a small venue yet very popular with a great DJ every Thursday. Bus Café is a great place for the techno House Garage enthusiasts.

​Address: 42 Boulevard Georges Clémenceau, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 34 97 15
Uba Club

It’s another good option for dancing in town, great music although the dance floor is not that big. The atmosphere is described as warm and vibrant.

​Address: 5 boulevard Félix Mercader, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 34 06 70
Abc Club

ABC gets very busy at night. The over-30s night clubbers usually come after 2am to dance to their favourite hits. It is ideally located on the outskirts of Perpignan.

​Address: 56 Rue De Dombasle, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 56 90 60​Website:

A wide range of beers with an Irish accent are the main attractions of the Shannon bar! The atmosphere is warm and "so Irish" and the décor is a bit rustic. Enjoy a pint of beer or a whiskey at this warm bar.

​Address: 3 Rue de l’Incendie, Perpignan​Phone: +33 4 68 35 12 48
Perpignan is the largest Catalan city (after Barcelona and Lleida) and is situated outside of Spain. The indigenous style of Catalan reflects in textiles and potteries which are among the most popular items for travellers to buy. The Centre Sant-Vicens, rue Sant-Vicens, is one of the best places to find the finest pottery, furniture and carpets. In the city centre, rue des Anges or rue Alsace Lorraine have a series of boutiques like Celini, offering a choice of designer clothing. But you’ll find a wider choice at the famous Galleries Lafayette department store, situated on Place de la Résistance. The four floors of fashion and cosmetics are definitely a place to visit during the big sales seasons (January and June)! As a renowned destination for its Spanish and Mediterranean gastronomy, Perpignan is also popular for its aromatic shops. You’ll find plenty of them on rue Paratilla, such as Sala, which specializes in the Collioure (a nearby popular coast resort) anchovies. The bio market is also worth a visit, every Saturday on Place Rigaud. Wine enthusiasts will find great choice and good advice on the local wine at Château Miraflors (Rond-Point Miraflors, tel: +33 4 68 50 24 92 or Vin et Art (17 chemin de Mailloles, tel: +33 4 68 55 33 20). Shopping in the open markets is popular, lively and picturesque. You can try the Flea Market, held every Sunday on Avenue Palais des Exposition, or the Art Market, every first Saturday on Allées Maillol and finally the Brocant Market, every Saturday same place.
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Rivesaltes Airport

Perpignan is served by an international airport, "Rivesaltes," located just 7 km north of the city. The cheapest and fastest way to get into the town is the shuttle service with Courriers Catalans tel: +33 4 68 55 68 00 and takes approximately 15 minutes. The buses are more or less synchronized with the flights. You can buy your bus ticket from the bus driver. There is a taxi rank just outside the terminal. The trip takes about 10 minutes.

​Address: Perpignan-Rivesaltes Airport, Avenue Maurice Bellonte, Perpignan​Website:
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