Book flights to Pescara on Italy’s East coast and enjoy a pleasant break discovering the gorgeous Abruzzo coast and Pescara province. With over 20 kilometres of beautiful sandy beaches around you, you won’t have far to look before you find the perfect place to lay out and relax in the sun – or if you prefer countryside and adventure, just head inland where there is ample opportunity for trekking and hiking, biking, kayaking on the Pescara river, horse riding, fishing and more! Book flights to Pescara with Ryanair.
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Pescara offers something for everyone. The long sandy beach invites for lazy days in the sun, the Old Town and city centre attracts shoppers and history lovers who wants to spend their days in museums and watching impressive buildings and the surrounding area with beautiful nature is made for trekking and biking and active travellers.
The Beach and Viale della Riviera

The ten-mile stretch of wide sandy beaches along the Adriatic coast is what makes Pescara a favourite holiday resort for thousands of Italian families and an increasing number of foreigners. The long promenade, Viale della Riviera, is the real heart of Pescara and a stroll along the seafront is an essential of any visit to the town. Along the beach you also join one of the stabilimenti, a club where you can find restaurants, playgrounds and permanent umbrellas to use on the beach.

​Address: Viale della Riviera, Pescara
Basilio Cascella Museum

This historic art museum displays the work of the Cascella family, who were key figures in the Art Noveau movement. Come here and stroll among old furniture, paintings, pottery and pictures and postcards.

​Address: Viale Guglielmo Marconi 45, Pescara​Phone: +39 085 428 3515
Museo delle Genti D’abruzzo

Museo delle Genti D’abruzzo is a museum dedicated to the local traditions of the region. An audio guide is included in the entrance fee and with that you can learn about the history and tradition of the people and region while wandering around the museum.

​Address: Via delle Caserme 24, Pescara​Phone: +39 085 451 0026​Website:
Piazza Rinascita

This square is full of elegant cafés and it is a popular socialising spot for the label-clad Pecarese people. Sit down, relax and do some people-watching.

​Address: Piazza della Rinascita, Pescara
Gabriele D’annunzio’s Birthplace

On Corso Mathone, you can find the birthplace of the controversial poet D’Annunzio, where they hold a collection of his letters and documents. A follower of Mussolini, he helped shape the dictator’s philosophy, as well as writing poetry about the Abruzzo region.

​Address: Corso Manthone 111, Pescara​Phone: +39 085 60391​Website:
Cathedral of San Cetteo

This is the church of the patron saint of the city and it has some magnificent artwork, as well as the marble mausoleum of Gabriele D’Annunzio’s mother. It was built in the beginning of the 20th century and the façade had to be reconstructed after it was damaged during World War II.

​Address: Piazza S. Cetteo, 1, Pescara​Phone: +39 085 690 492​Website:
Palazzo del Governo

On the façade of this palace you can see a collection of statues by Giudo Costanzo, from Ortona. The four large sculptures symbols the Mine, Agriculture, the Sea and the River, the four foundation pillars of Pescara. In the Hall of the Provincial Council you can also watch large bronze busts of Gabriele D'Annunzio.

​Address: Piazza Italia 30, Pescara ​Phone: +39 085 3724 500

Just twenty minutes from Pescara, this is a pleasantly provincial hillside town to spend some time in. It has fantastic views out across the sea and a magnificent Gothic cathedral looms over the town. The Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Antichita is particularly intriguing. The museum is found in a villa surrounded by a park and contains various archaeological finds such as Roman statues and tombs.

​Address: Chieti, Abruzzo
The Towns of Lanciano and Guardia

Many visiting Chieti will also take some time out to visit these two smaller towns. Lanciano is rich in Renaissance history and has particularly well-preserved historical quarters in the Abruzzo region. You can catch a train to Lanciano. Guardiagrele is a slightly smaller town, but still has beautiful Renaissance architecture, however you’ll need a car to visit.

Museo D’arte Moderna

Museo D’arte Moderna is a small museum with a wide range of works by both contemporary Italian and international artists. They have a permanent collection with paintings of Miro, Cascella, Michetti and Picasso. The building was designed in the 50's and the museum opened here in 2002.

​Address: Lungomare Matteotti, 131, Pescara ​Phone: +39 085 428 3759
La Pineta D'Annunzio

The region of Pescara has an abundance of national parks. This park, more known as La Pineta D’avalos Park, is found just a little inland on the east bank. It also has an outdoor theatre.

​Address: La Pineta D'Annunzio, Abruzzo
Being right next to the sea, seafood dishes are plentiful and of high quality at pretty much every restaurant – from the exclusive eateries to the beachside cafés. The Pescarese are also keen on cooking their dishes with chilli or peperoncino, which, according to traditional belief, helped drive away evil spirits. One of Pescara’s specialities is Polpi in purgatorio, cuttlefish cooked in tomatoes, peppers and garlic. For particularly cheap but tasty food, it’s worth heading to Pescara port, where many fishermen have converted their waterside huts (travocchi) into very small restaurants, often only seating as few as five people. Try the recommended regional dishes, Brodetto - a fish soup with mussels, fish and tomatoes and a hunk of bread. Lamb kebabs, known as arrosticini, are also another Pescarini favourite. They are cooked on coals and served with bread and oil. To help wash down all this fine dining, sampling some of the local red wine, Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, is ideal.
Café Les Paillotte

Café Les Paillotte is one of the most fashionable restaurants in Pescara. It serves up traditional Italian cuisine, with an exotic and occasionally spicy edge. It’s wise to reserve tables.

​Address: Piazza le Laudi, 2, Pescara​Phone: +39 085 61 809​Website:
Pizzeria Pinguino

This restaurant and pizzeria offers good, reasonably priced pizza and pasta. It is found in the Old Town, close to the harbour and they feature a nice outdoor seating.

​Address: Corso Manthonè, 36, Pescara​Phone: +39 085 628 69 ​Website:
Vini e Oli

Vini e Oli is an atmospheric restaurant found in the heart of Old Town. In the evenings this area come to life and this place turns into a bar with DJ's and party people.

​Address: Via Corfinio 30, Pescara​Phone: +39 085 66092​Website:
Trieste Pizza

Trieste Pizza is a fairly basic restaurant on the seafront, complete with plastic chairs, but has made its name as one of the best places to sample pizzetta (mini pizza). You will definitely find your own favourite among the 20 something different choices.

​Address: Via Firenze, 212, Pescara​Phone: +39 085 293 375
Ristorante Del Porto

Ristorante Del Porto is located on the harbour front and it offers fantastically good value three-course meals complete with a jug of regional wine and coffee. This place is ideal for a long leisurely lunch.

​Address: Via Andrea Doria 4, Pescara​Phone: +39 085 691 305
For light snacks and coffee, most of the cafés are found on and near the Piazza Rinascita or along the seafront promenade. When visiting Italy, you cannot miss the tasty coffee and delicious gelato (Italian ice cream).
Caprice di Fabrizio Camplone

This café has been deemed one of the best places to enjoy coffee in Italy in a poll carried out. It offers a great range of pastries to enjoy with a strong espresso, as well as having a good selection of ice creams and chocolates.

​Address: Piazza Garibaldi 29, Pescara​Phone: +39 085 691633​Website:
Caffe Saquella

For more than a century, Saquella Caffe has played with making Italian espresso into the art of perfection. They pride themselves with a selection of the best coffee and the use of the latest technologies at all stages of production and distribution. And still, they continues the quest to the ineffable delight of true Italian espresso coffee.

​Address: Via Torretta 24, Pescara​Phone: +39 085 432171​Website:
Gelateria RivaReno

Italian ice cream, gelato, is famous all over the world for being one of the best. Rivarena at Via Venezia offers a wide selection of flavours. Come here for a cone or cup, but be prepared you might have to come back -this place is said to be one of the best ice cream-bars in the town.

​Address: Via Venezia, 14, Pescara​Phone: +39 085 27001​Website:
White Bakery

White Bakery is one of the stylish cafés on Corso Umberto, with all its shops and boutiques. The interior is inspired by an American Diner and the menu also has a selection of American specialities. Choose from American pancakes, layer cakes, toast and hamburgers.

​Address: Corso Umberto, Pescara
Flatlandia Natural Ludo Café

Flatlandia Natural Ludo Café has its focus on healthy food combined with board games. You can come here for a smoothie and a brownie or for cocktails and dinner in the evening and you can always find a game and maybe some new friends to play against.

​Address: Viale Guglielmo Marconi, 224/7, Pescara​Phone: +39 347 364 6605​Website:
Pescara is essentially a holiday town, so there are plenty of drinking places along the seafront, intermingled between the multitude of pizzerias and seafood restaurants. The other key area to head to is the Old Town, where in the balmy summer evenings the bar crowds spill out onto the streets. During the summer, the beach is packed with partygoers, with many nightclubs having outside venues on the beach itself. Those looking for the chance to dance, need do no more than drive or walk along the beach and listen for whatever takes their fancy. Away from the seafront, the “Ex-Gaslini,” a former factory in Via Pindario, is also becoming a central hub of Pescara’s nightlife.

Inn88 is a restaurant, wine bar and cocktail bar found in the Old Town of Pescara. They serve delicious cocktails at a good location among other bars and restaurants.

​Address: Corso Manthone 88, Pescara​Phone: +39 085 454 9051

This is a Brazilian style bar complete with Brazilian drinks, music and food. Dance the night away to live salsa music, sip a Caiprinha and experience the atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro in Italy.

​Address: Via Delle Caserme 27, Pescara​Phone: +39 3479 485 374
Temple Bar Irish Pub

The inevitable Irish bar pops up in Pescara. It was apparently the first Irish bar in the Abruzzo region and here you can get all the Irish goodies such as a pint of Guiness and live Irish music.

​Address: Piazza Martiri Pennesi, 2, Pescara​Phone: +39 333 2077 469
Suka Club

This is a bar that is described as both modern and rustic, found in the historic Old Town of Pescara. It offers a wide range of international beers and cocktails and both locals, students and tourists come here for a fun night.

​Address: Via Flaiano 19/21, Pescara​Phone: +39 347 5971 303
Marni Beach

This beach disco venue is open during the summer months and gathers a big crowd. White draperies, lounge sofas and a circle formed bar in the middle gives this place an Arabic and stylish atmosphere.

​Address: Viale della riviera nord, 74, Pescara​Phone: +39 328 712 4932
Café Del Mar Bagni 83

This bar was refurbished and newly opened in the summer 2013. Café Del Mar Bagni 83 is a dance venue popular with Pescarese and tourists alike. If you want to party like a rock star, reserve one of the stylish private lounges.

​Address: Via Riviera Nord 98, Pescara​Phone: +39 335 755 1493

Athenee is a large nightclub with two levels. It is located in the town of Pianella, about 25 km from Pescara. It features themed nights and the DJ's play reggae, house and all the commercial hits.

​Address: Via san Martino, Pianella​Phone: +39 347 942 5565
For designer boutiques, shoppers should head to Corso Umberto and then to the Piazza Rinascita to enjoy a coffee in the stylish cafés. There are also all the usual range of well-known chains found in the city centre, and with Miss Sixty jeans produced locally, you’ll find the brand popping up in many shops. For an even greater selection of well-known brands, in nearby Chieti there is a large new out of town shopping centre. If you venture out into the nearby inland villages, you can find more traditional shops selling vintage jewellery and handicrafts such as lace. If you’re opting for self-catering accommodation or need to stock up on supplies before heading off on an expedition into the mountains, then there are two huge hypermarkets Auchan and Ipercoop, in nearby Sambuceto. If you’re in need of some home comforts, you can find a reasonable selection of international products. There is a Chinese supermarket next to Pescara train station and there is a Lidl in Montesilvano and Pescara Colle, where you can find a good range of foreign biscuits, cereals and other snacks. For non-Italian reading material, you can pick up a book at the train station’s bookshop. There are also foreign newspapers and magazines at the station kiosk.
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Abruzzo International Airport

Pescara International Airport of Abruzzo is located 3 km from the Pescara city centre. You can take bus no. 38, which departs every 15 minutes. A single trip costs approximately €1,10 and leaves from outside the airport terminal to the railway station in Pescara City Centre. Trip takes about 10 minutes. Tickets are sold in automatic machines in the Arrivals Area. GTM is the name of the bus company. There is a taxi rank outside the airport terminal and it costs approximately €20 and takes 10 minutes to the Pescara City Centre.

​Address: Abruzzo International Airport​Phone: +39 895 898 9512​Website:​More info: Prices updated December 2013
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