Book flights to Rzeszów in the southeast of Poland, whether you want an ‘off the beaten path’ city break or you’re planning on exploring Poland’s beautiful and wild Podkarpackie Region. This is a really great destination for anyone who likes some outdoor adventure; within 100km or so of the city, you can hike, climb, ride horses, sail, windsurf, and even ski in the winter. If you’re more of a sitter than a do-er, you’ll have a lovely time just chilling out in the city. Try the local food, see the sights, and experience authentic Poland, when you book flights to Rzeszów.
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Rzeszów has a continental climate with four distinct seasons. The close proximity to the Carpathian mountain range grants a rare beauty to the area, and there are many outdoor activities to explore. Along with the beautiful nature, you cannot fail to miss the charming Old Town and the vibrancy of this city.

Podkarpackie Region has a lot to offer to those who are interested in good music. Annual festivals take place in the region and make it possible for numerous visitors to experience different genres of music and admire famous artists. The most popular events include: • Music Festival in Łańcut (May), • Goodfest (August/September) and • Cieszanów Rock Festival (August).

Activities & Tours

The region’s geography makes it possible to pursue almost every form of active tourism, including hiking, Nordic walking, cycling, horse riding and skiing to name but a few. The majority of tourists choose the beautiful surroundings of the Bieszczady Mountains and Solina Lake to try sailing, mountain climbing, as well as angling and paragliding. For those who need some adrenaline, the region offers speedriding, paintball and off road biking.

Wooden architecture

Wooden architecture – a symbol of the artistic and sculptural excellence of long ago – remains today one of the great treasures of the Podkarpackie Region. Because of the exceptional nature of this type of architecture in Europe six wooden churches and tserkvas were added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are only a few examples of the wooden architectural heritage of the region. The majority of these objects can be found along the Wooden Architecture Trails located in the Podkarpackie Region.

The Market Square

The Market Square is truly a feast of 16th-20th century architecture and is surrounded by the oldest parts of the city. Here you can find the particularly striking Town Hall and an old well.

​Address: Stary Rynek, Rzeszów
The Rzeszów Cellars

These vaults run under the main square and date from the 15th -20th centuries. You can take a tour of the underground corridors and vaults and hear more about the fascinating history that formed the city we see today.

​Address: ul. Rynek 12, Rzeszów
Ethnographic Museum

The Ethnographic Museum of Rzeszow has a fascinating display of traditional folk costumes and assorted cultural artefacts such as embroidery, clothes and folk art. The archive contains interviews with old inhabitants of villages, recordings, drawings and photographs.

​Address: ul. Rynek 6, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 620 217​Website:​Opening hours: Closed on Mondays and Saturdays
The Lubomirski Castle

Built in the 16th century, this old castle is truly impressive. The Lubomirski Castle has a courtyard in the centre and is surrounded by a stone bastion five metres high. The gate tower with its six stories reaches 55 metres and watches the city.

​Address: Plac Śreniawitów 3, Rzeszów
The Piarist Monastery

The Piarist Monastery was founded by the Lubomirski family in 1642 and now houses the Regional Museum and a college. Inside you will can find remains of the beautiful Rococo style.

​Address: 3-go Maja 20, Rzeszów​Website:
The Bernardine Church and Monastery

The Bernardine Monastery Defence Complex is a famous place of pilgrimage and holds a priceless collection of sacral art. When here you should take notice of the sumptuous interior and the 15th century statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

​Address: ul. Sokoła 8, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 520 952
Two Synagogues

The two 16th & 17th century synagogues bear testament to Rzeszów’s once thriving Jewish community. The Old Synagogue is located on ul. Boznica 4 and the new one, separated from the old one by two buildings, is currently an art gallery.

​Address: ul. Boznica 4, Rzeszów
The Castle In Łańcut

The Castle In Łańcut is the finest aristocratic palace in Poland, built by the Lubomirski clan between 1629-1642. The inside of the castle is extraordinary and the surroundings are picturesque with its pavilions.

​Address: ul. Zamkowa 1, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 172 252 008​Website:
The Bieszczady National Park

Explore the breathtaking scenery of the Bieszczady National Park, the third largest National Park in Poland, bordering Ukraine and Slovakia. It covers an area of 292 square kilometres and is the highest part of the Bieszczady Mountains. The park is also part of the UNESCO East Carpathian Biosphere Reserve and contains abundant wildlife such as bears, eagles, wolves, owls, lynx and beavers.

​Address: Bieszczady National Park, Rzeszów
Ul. 3 Maja

Ul. 3 Maja is Rzeszow’s main street that has formed the city centre for several years. Here, right in the middle of the city, you can find numerous shops, restaurants and hotels among the old beautiful houses.

​Address: ul. 3 Maja, Rzeszow
Skansen w Sanoku

In the south of Poland you can find this popular open-air museum. At Skansen w Sanoku you can walk around in the replica village among old buildings and really feel the spirit of another time era.

​Address: ul. Traugutta 3, Sanok​Phone: +48 134 630 904​Website:​Opening hours: Opening hours may vary depending on the season
The Gallery of Contemporary Art in Przemyśl

In the town of Przemyśl, that is located south east of Rzeszow, you can find The Gallery of Contemporary Art. The gallery exhibits international and regional contemporary art as well as architecture or photography.

​Address: ul.T.Kościuszki 3, Przemyśl​Phone: +48 166 783 881
Maska Theatre

Maska Theatre is a professional puppet theatre located in the centre of in Rzeszów. Here you can go and watch different performances that are not only suitable for children, but also for teenagers and adults.

​Address: ul. Mickiewicza 13, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 625 717​Website:
Horse Riding

It is highly recommended to go horseback riding in Rzeszow. Is there really anything better than sitting on a horse's back when trotting through the city and discovering the small hideaways in the city?

The Fara Church

As the oldest church in Rzeszów, The Fara Church used to be a part of the city’s defence system and was originally surrounded by walls. The church was reconstructed in the 18th century and can be found in the centre of the city.

​Address: Square Farny 5, Rzeszów
In order to get to know Podkarpackie you must visit some of the friendly inns and restaurants which offer specialties of the region. The culinary heritage of the region includes the landowners’, gentry’s and peasant’s cuisine. More than 150 products from Podkarpackie were put on the list of regional products run by the Ministry of Agriculture which means they have been made for at least twenty-five years. The region does not only revolve around food though – it has over a hundred vineyards and the tradition of winemaking dates back to the 12th century.

With a warm and rustic interior, Bohema restaurant takes pride in combining Polish and regional food with excellent service and genuine Polish hospitality. After dinner you can stay for some dancing until midnight.

​Address: ul. Okrzei 7, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 537 032​Website:​Opening hours: Open daily from 12pm
Restauracja Polonez

At Restauracja Polonez you can choose between dishes from the traditional Polish cuisine accompanied by live music and dancing. The restaurant is situated inside an old mansion and the interior design is a treat itself.

​Address: ul. Graniczna 21, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 657 272​Website:

This is a restaurant with an extensive menu containing all sorts of Oriental dishes. You can choose between eating in the restaurant, taking the food with you or get the food delivered to your house. The prices are reasonable and the food is fresh and hot.

​Address: ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 14, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 533 593​Website:
Da Vinci Restaurant

You might be able to guess the theme of this restaurant? At Da Vinci Restaurant you can surround yourself with the life and art of Da Vinci in an undoubtedly unique atmosphere. The restaurant serves a mouth-watering array of Italian dishes.

​Address: ul. Matejki 4, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 536 677​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Wed 12pm-11pm. Thu-Sun 12pm-12am

In opposite to the name, the food here is not grotesque. Here you can enjoy Polish cuisine in a cosy atmosphere. From the extensive menu you can choose between salads, pasta, meat, fish and much more to satisfy your taste buds.

​Address: ul. Przesmyk 4, Rzeszow​Phone: +48 793 499 518​Website:

Claimed to be one of the best restaurants in Rzeszów, Grzesznicy offers its guests culinary dishes in a stylish interior. The restaurant has friendly staff and is located in the centre of the city.

​Address: ul. 3-go Maja 7, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 520 666​Website:​Opening hours: Open daily from 10am

At the popular restaurant and pub Grota you will find pizza, pizza and more pizza. If you do not like pizza, of course there are more dishes to choose from like grilled meats and salads.

​Address: ul. 3 Maja 3, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 532 006​Website:

In the south east part of the city centre you will find the popular restaurant Loft. This stylish place offers beautifully presented dishes with qualitative and fresh food to all guests’ delight.

​Address: Al. T.Rejtana 20, Rzeszow​Phone: +48 784 287 983​Website:​More info: Karowa Office building
Restauracja Dworek

A short drive from the city you can find Restauracja Dworek. This romantic and elegant restaurant is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is recommended for a perfect dinner à deux.

​Address: ul. Dąbrowskiego 19, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 526 406​Website:
Karczma Waclawowka

Karczma Waclawowka is located in the south of Rzeszow. The restaurant and inn is established in an old restored house. Here you can choose from various traditional dishes like dumplings, soups, pancakes and much more.

​Address: ul. Strażacka 7, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 572 030​Website:​Opening hours: Open daily from 9am-8pm

Of course there are many restaurants serving Polish food in Poland, but if you want to try some Hungarian food you should come to Liszt. Here you can try traditional Hungarian dishes and different types of wine.

​Address: ul. Szopena 33, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 623 430​Website:

Pizzeria Dexter opened in 1993 and can be found in the middle of the buzzing city on ul. 3 Maja 5. At this busy pizza place you can choose from a large selection of pizzas and hot and cold drinks.

​Address: ul. 3 Maja 5, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 500 222​Website:
Pablo Picasso

The friendly service, the warm décor and the fine cuisine are a few things that guests appreciate about Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso is ideally located near the railway station and has an extensive menu that includes Mexican, Spanish and Italian dishes.

​Address: Pl.Jana Kilinskiego 2, Rzeszow​Phone: +48 531 888 303​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Fri 9am-10pm. Sat-Sun 11am-11pm

In the heart of Rzeszow you can find Kryjowka, a hidden gem that has become very popular. This restaurant serves delicious Polish dishes and welcomes you to a warm and friendly atmosphere.

​Address: ul. Mickiewicza 19, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 532 717​Website:
Restauracja Kulinarny

Food from all over the world, all gathered in one kitchen, can be found at Restauracja Kulinarny. At this restaurant you can choose between Polish, French, English and Continental dishes.

​Address: ul. J.Słowackiego 16, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 660 122​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Fri 8am-11pm. Sat 9am-11pm. Sun 10am-11pm
Visitors coming to the city will undoubtedly be drawn to the Old Town, with all its market squares and cobbled streets. This is the site of many of Rzeszów’s historical attractions and a thriving café and nightlife scene.
Muza Kawiarnia Teatralna

Muza Kawiarnia Teatralna is an arty café and restaurant with outdoor seating that serves excellent coffee and pastries. The café is located on the bottom floor in the theatre and has three separate, differently decorated rooms.

​Address: ul. M. Sokoła 7, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 535 907​Website:​Opening hours: Open 11am-11pm
Niebieskie Migdaly

If you feel like some ice cream or coffee after a day of touring you can stop by at Niebieskie Migdaly. Located in the centre of the city, this place is just perfect for resting tired legs.

​Address: ul. 3 Maja 3, Rzeszow
Estrada Caffé

Estrada Caffé offers magnificent coffee in a tranquil and unique atmosphere. This café is located in the city centre of Rzeszów and is perfect for resting your legs after a day’s touring.

​Address: Rynek 26, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 177 484 773​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Thu 10am-10pm. Fri-Sat 10am-12am. Sun 2pm-10pm
Cornelli Kawiarnia & Cukiernia

Cornelli Kawiarnia & Cukiernia is located in the shopping mall Nowy Swiat that is located in the north west of Rzeszów. This café serves various cakes, desserts and coffee.

​Address: ul. Krakowska 20, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 630 613​Website:​More info: Located in CH Nowy Swiat
Bistro & Cafe Spring

Ideally located at the railway station, this café is great for everyone looking for an affordable meal. Bistro & Cafe Spring serves light meals like salads and sandwiches as well as cakes and drinks.

​Address: Plac Dworcowy 1, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 880 021 699​Website:
After a day’s sightseeing, why not hit the town and join the locals with a shot or two of the local Wodka? It will surely get the pulse pumping and the feet tapping in time to the beat! If you are still standing after a round of the local firewater and you find that your feet have taken on a life of their own, then head for one of Rzeszów’s clubs.
Stara Drukarnia

At Stara Drukarnia you can experience the cool vibes of jazz, swing and blues. The cool vibes give this bar a relaxed atmosphere and is a good place to hang out with friends.

​Address: ul. Bożnicza 6, Rzeszów​Website:​Opening hours: Open 4pm-12am
Graciarnia U Plastykow

In the market square you will find Graciarnia U Plastykow, a place with great drinks, good music and a gregarious crowd. Above all, the art is important here, and the interior design is cool and innovative with the piano hovering above the bar.

​Address: ul. Rynek 10, Rzeszow​Phone: +48 178 625 647​Website:
Klub Akademia

If you want to have a great time and dance until morning you should visit this premiere dance venue. At Klub Akademia you will surely have a good time listening to the music pumping until the early hours.

​Address: al. Piłsudskiego 34, Rzeszów​Website:
Pod Palma

This venue is located in the south of Rzeszów. Here you can experience live performances of different rock and metal bands. Coming here you should expect some cheap drinks and a cool crowd to rock along with.

​Address: ul. Cicha 2, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 723 946​Website:

Located at the hottest address in town you can find the up-to-date and sophisticated nightclub Chilli. Get down to some seriously funky vibes here and have some tasty cool cocktails with your friends.

​Address: Mikołaja Kopernika 12, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 173 258 555​Website:​Opening hours: Open Mon-Fri 1pm-last customer. Sat 6pm-last customer
Whatever your shopping needs are, Rzeszów will be able to provide whatever you are looking for. Here you can find small boutiques selling Polish craft items or malls providing the latest high street fashions. You will be able to stock up on gifts for family and friends back home and still have a lot of zloty left in your pocket. The old town area, or “rynek” as it is called in Polish, is the place where all visitor of Rzeszów undoubtedly will be drawn. The market square, which is the beating heart of the old quarters, and the streets leading off it, are home to numerous small shops and boutiques where you can find a wealth of handcrafted items. The pedestrianized streets of ul. 3 Maja, Kościuszki and Grunwaldzka are particularly pleasant areas to do some shopping whilst taking in the grandeur of the 17th century burghers’ houses. Speciality Polish craft items to look out for include paper cut-outs, woodcarving, tapestries, embroidery, pottery, hand painted glassware, wooden boxes and chests. For the high street fashions, head out to the malls such as Galeria Graffica on ul. Lisa Kuli 19, Europa II on Al Pitsudskiego 34, Galeria Agora and Galeria Lazur.
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Rzeszów - Jasionka Airport

Rzeszów - Jasionka Airport is located 10 kilometres from the city. The special bus shuttle service “L” connects the airport and the city. The price for one ticket, which includes one piece of luggage, is 8 PLN. The ticket can be bought from the bus driver. You can also go on bus number 224, the yellow line. One ticket costs 4.70 PLN and can be bought from the driver. Taxis are available at the airport in front of the terminal. The price from the airport to the centre is approximately 50 PLN. STPL Rzeszów – Jasionka +48 534 110 110 Super Taxi +48 800 400 400 Radio Taxi +48 171 91 91

​Address: Rzeszów - Jasionka Airport, Rzeszów​Phone: +48 178 520 081 / +48 177 178 611​Website:​More info: Prices updated August 2013
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