Book flights to Strasbourg and embark on an incredible Alsatian adventure. Strasbourg is the capital of France’s Alsace region, and as a city it sums up the whole region perfectly. French - but influenced in all the best ways by its proximity to Germany - Strasbourg is wonderfully picturesque, totally cosmopolitan, and a marvellous place to explore over a long, leisurely weekend. Venture through the countryside on the famous Alsace wine route or simply stay in the city and find a cosy Winstub to hole up in – whatever you decide to do during your stay, you’ll get a perfect taste of this wonderful little corner of France when you book flights to Strasbourg with Ryanair!
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The historical centre, surrounded by the charming river Ill, is the real marvel of Strasbourg. It comprises the "Petite France," "la place Kléber" and the cathedral area, which are all perfect places for strolling, improving one’s mind, shopping, relaxing outside cafés or even having parties.

Discover all the richness of the region through its history, its landscapes, its cities and villages. Immerse yourself in the culture by visiting potter’s villages or typical villages like Obernai, Colmar, Kaysersberg…and crossing the famous Wine Route, one of the oldest in France and renowned worldwide. Finally, if you like nature, discover the Alsatian environment in the Vosges Mountains. This region is famous for its Regional Natural Park and its vast open spaces which offer a range of sporting activities such as walks and hikes, mountain bike, skiing…


Strasbourg, capital of Alsace and home to the European Parliament, is one of Europe’s most attractive cities. His past is largely preserved. Every quarter and monument has its own identity and evokes the rich history of this city. The entire city center, called “Grande Ile” is listed at UNESCO World Heritage. Encircled by the “L’Ill”, the center gathers the main places and monuments like the Cathedral, the Petite France, the Kammerzell house… Strasbourg attracts thousands of tourists who leave with wonderful memories.


There are a lot of manifestations in Strasbourg, but the most important is the Christmas market in Alsace. From the end of November to the end of December, a visit to Alsace is like a visit to a fairytale land! During this period, towns and villages are decorated with thousands of lights and hundreds Christmas markets take place throughout the region. On this occasion, discover Strasbourg, capital of Christmas, and its famous Christkindelsmärik, the oldest Christmas market in Europe. Come into this wonderful world enhanced by the magic of Christmas.

Cathédrale Notre Dame

The pink sandstone cathedral is a marvel both outside and inside. It houses an old astronomical clock and a top platform to gaze at the whole city.

​Address: Place de la cathédrale, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 88 214 334​Website:
La Petite France

This is the most picturesque and romantic district of Strasbourg. The alleys offer a succession of old half-timbered houses and, thanks to canals, the river Ill gives visitors the feeling of strolling in Venice. Fluvial tours of 70 minutes with explanations in several languages are available.

​Address: Place du marché aux poissons, Strasbourg​Website:
European Institutions

This is one of the major political places of the European Union, with Council of Europe, Palace of Human Rights and European Parliament all clustered close to the Rhine. Visits upon reservation only, but even a walk around those huge buildings is worth seeing.

​Address: Avenue de l’Europe, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8841 2029​Website: /
Maison Kammerzell

Maison Kammerzell is nowadays turned into a restaurant. This house is definitely the most beautiful one in Strasbourg thanks to the marvellous sculpted framework ornating the upper floors. The architecture is late Gothic and simply a must to visit.

​Address: 16 Place de la Cathédrale, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8832 4214​Website:
Audio-guided tours

An audio-guided tour is one of the best ways to discover all of Strasbourg at its own rhythm. The guides take about 90 minutes and are available in five languages.

​Address: 17 Place de la Cathédrale, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8852 2828​More info: Tourist office
Le musée Alsacien

Le musée Alsacien is located in former Strasbourg homes, this museum is a must for discovering Alsatian traditions. The museum gives a great insight of Strasbourg´s art and folk tradition.

​Address: 23-25 Quai Saint-Nicolas, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8852 5001​Website:
Mémorial de l’Alsace Moselle

This memorial presents the stages in the bloody history of Alsace and Moselle people who changed nationality 4 times between 1870 and 1945. They have free self-guiding tours.

​Address: Lieu dit du Chauffour, Allee du souvenir français, Schirmeck​Phone: +33 3 8847 4550​Website:
Heineken brewery

Welcome to an interesting journey into beer world, in this still-active factory. Of course you will be able to sample at the end of the visit (French, English and German tours).

​Address: 4 rue Saint Charles, Schiltigheim, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8819 5755​Website:
Les Secrets du Chocolat

Les Secrets du Chocolat is 800 m² entirely devoted to cocoa. One of the best things is that 100 grams of chocolate is offered to each person at the end of the visit.

​Address: rue du Pont du Péage, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8855 0490​Website:​More info: Parc de la Porte Sud
For French people, Strasbourg means beer, wine, baeckeofe (a mixed meat dish with potatoes), flamenküche (a thin pie made up of oignons, cheese and lardons) and, of course, choucroute (a generous dish consisting of cabbage, meat, sausages and potatoes). Leaving Strasbourg before tasting some of these typical dishes, which can be found in most of restaurants, would be a real crime!
Food & Drink

Strasbourg is known for its gastronomy. Discover the richness of Alsace’s cuisine and specialties like choucroute, flammeküche, Bäckeoffe, Christmas cookies… in the friendly atmosphere of a typical winstub. In spring, when the nature revives, the gastronomic routes invite you to discover the Alsatian cuisine and wines.

L’Atable 77

This is a chic restaurant with a refined and inventive cuisine, in a modern interior. It is located just a few steps from the cathedral and their delicious menu is refreshed every five weeks.

​Address: 77 Grand’Rue, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8832 2337
Le Relais de la Poste

With one star in the prestigious "Guide Michelin," this restaurant is one of the best addresses for discerning gourmets. Their dishes are refined after season and the sommelier will help you with which wine goes best to your food.

​Address: 21 rue du général de Gaulle, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8859 2480​Website:
Le Pont aux chats

Thanks to the renowned chef, this restaurant has established a reputation as being the place to go for seafood, which comes directly from Brittany. The interior, just as the food, has a lot of character.

​Address: 42 Rue de la Krutenau, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8824 0877​Website:
Chez Yvonne

A "winstub" is a typical Alsatian restaurant, with local dishes. Chez Yvonne is probably the most famous one of Strasbourg. The service is friendly and the portions generous.

​Address: 10 Rue du Sanglier, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8832 8415​Website:
L'Ancienne Douane

L'Ancienne Douane serves traditional cuisine, like the place itself and the waiters, who are all dressed in Alsatian costumes. If the weather permits and if there is place, take a seat on the balcony and enjoy the beautiful views over the water.

​Address: 6 Rue de la Douane, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8815 7878​Website:
Les Deux Gourmandes

Les Deux Gourmandes - the two gourmets - has a warm family atmosphere. Enjoy the cosy interior a long with the wide variety of local dishes.

​Address: 1 Rue des Serruriers, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8832 4547
Poêles de Carottes

Poêles de Carottes is a very good vegetarian restaurant with 40 percent of the products used classified as "biological." Many interesting dishes and drinks, like pumpkin beer.

​Address: 8 rue Râpe, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8832 3323
Made in France

This franchise chain offers small prices, but huge and delicious sandwiches and salads. This is the perfect place to make your dream sandwich.

​Address: 7 Place Saint-Nicolas aux Ondes, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8824 0708​Website:
The French are known for their café traditions and Strasbourg is no exception. Relax with a croissant and a nice cup of coffee.
La Place

La Place is one of the trendiest cafés of Strasbourg. The location and the atmosphere of the café makes this an ideal spot for having a drink and snack.

​Address: 3 Place des Tripiers, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8822 2220

Everything is for sale in this special place, where artists come to have a drink. If you haven’t got enough money to pay, you can also barter one of your belongings!

​Address: 8 Rue du Faubourg de Saverne, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8823 2329​Website:
Bistrot des Arts

This is a nice café for drinking everything – even soups from 6 pm! There is also internet is available in a separate room if needed.

​Address: 10 Quai des Pêcheurs, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8835 1060

Atlantico is hard to miss as it is located on a red boat. This café is a popular place with very affordable prices and delicious sweets.

​Address: Quai des pêcheurs, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8835 7781​Website:
Café de l’Opéra

This is a chic address close to the opera. Café de l’Opéra is perfect for eating French pastries and drinking fresh fruit juices.

​Address: 19 Place Broglie, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8822 9851​Website:
Wine and beers are parts of Strasbourg´s identity. Whatever you like, you should find what you are looking for in the numerous and hearty bars, in the centre or closer to the wharves. Strasbourg is a university town, and thanks to its big campus, there’s plenty of places to party. The city’s cosmopolitan spirit means there’s also a little bit of everything to suit all tastes and ages.
Strasbourg by night

Strasbourg is a young and dynamic city. A whole new world opens its doors when the night falls. There are a lot of nice places in the city. Some areas are known for their bars or their concert halls, whereas the Krutenau district is particularly popular for students for its bars and nightclubs. Along the quays, the party continues in bars or on a barge. In Strasbourg, you have the possibility to spend good time.

Champagne Bar

With sixty different types of champagne, this bar / lounge, ideally located in the Petite France, is your best bet to drink prestigious champagne.

​Address: 5 rue des Moulins, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8876 4343​Website:

L’épicerie is a beautifully decorated old bar, which has several local wines and singular syrups. French music is never far away and set the perfect mood for a lovely evening.

​Address: 6 Rue du Vieux Seigle, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8832 5241​Website:
Jeanette et les cycleux

Jeanette et les cycleux has a special atmosphere with an antique red moped attached to the wall. It will plunge you into the ’60s and ’70s spirit.

​Address: 30 rue des Tonneliers, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8823 0271​Website:
Tapas café

Tapas café has delicious hot and Spanish atmosphere with many types of tapas to be served with your drink. The fiery mojito is never a bad choice to start off the night.

​Address: 16 Rue du Bain Finkwiller, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8824 5730​Website:
L’académie de la Bière

Welcome to this bar, restaurant and club. L’académie de la Bière always has a good clientele until the small hours.

​Address: 17 Rue Adolphe Seyboth, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8822 3888​Website:
Au camionneur

Concerts, one-man shows and stage improvisations are common in this trendy club. They have many types of wines and beers.

​Address: 14 Rue Georges Wodli, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8832 1260​Website:
La java

As it’s written (java means party), this place, always full of students, is well-known for dancing and drinking. At La Java you will not have a dull moment.

​Address: 6 Rue du Faisan, Strasbourg​Phone: +33 3 8836 3488​Website:
Luxury shops and little boutiques cater to all tastes in the historical centre, a semi-pedestrian precinct, which is Strasbourg’s main shopping area. Rue des Grandes Arcades, between Place Kléber and Place Gutenberg, is, with Grand’rue, your best bet for clothes, gifts and decoration. All the alleys starting from these streets are chock full of small shops. Further east starts "le carré d’or," between Rue du dôme and Rue des Orfèvres, where main luxury stores (fashion, perfumeries, jeweller’s) are clustered. You can find some of the finest Strasbourg’s groceries, with foie gras, liqueurs, kougelhopfs, macaroons, gingerbread and many other traditional biscuits. Coco LM, rue du Dôme, is one of the most famous biscuit shops. A market and a massive shopping centre with two car parks are also located north of the historical centre, "place des Halles". It’s a great place for getting all your shopping done under the same roof – from food to computers and sportswear. Last but not least, you can’t leave Strasbourg’s region without a visit to the Riesling, Sylvaner and other Tokay pinot gris vineyards, which stretch around the city. Cellars sell their own wines after tasting, and prices are generally cheaper than in wine shops of the centre.
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Strasbourg International Airport

Strasbourg Airport is located 18 kilometres southwest of the town centre. A shuttle train stops at the airport and takes you to Strasbourg Station. The journey to Strasbourg Station takes 9 minutes and the train leaves up to 4 times every hour.

​Phone: +33 3 8864 6767​Website:
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