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Trapani is all things to all people. Ancient history is brought to life alongside chic restaurants, and shopping beside amazing architecture. Sickle-shaped and bordered on both sides by the sea, Trapani is a compact, modern city that centres around its main street, Via GB Fardella.
City Hall

The City Halls is a traditionally styled building in the centre of the city. The third facade of Palazzo Cavaretta use to be the main office of the City Halls.

​Address: Piazza Vittorio Veneto 1, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 590 111​Website: http://www.comune.trapani.it
Santuario dell’Anunziata

Sanctuary of Annunziata is built in the fourteenth century. The Romanesque Gothic styled church features a medieval porch and a rose window. It is Trapani’s major sight.

​Address: Via Conte Agostino Pepoli, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 545511
Museo Nazionale Pepoli

Count Agostino Pepoli Regional Museum is a fascinating museum as it is renowned for its medieval and modern collections. It also includes articles from the Bourbon era, ancient relics and traditional crafts.

​Address: Via Conte Agostino Pepoli 200, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 553269​Website: http://www.musei.it
Museo di Preistoria e del Mare

The Prehistory Museum has displays of prehistoric tools and remains, while the Sea Museum has anchors from the Roman and Phoenician periods.

​Address: Via Torre di Ligny, Trapani​Phone: +30 0923 547 922​Website: http://www.musei.it​More info: Torre di Ligny
Trapani Historic Centre

See the Palazzo Fardelle Fontana, Palazzo Cavarretta, the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo, Palazzo Riccio di Morana, Palazzo San Rocco, Palazzo di San Gioacchino, Palazzo Lucatelli, the Chiesa del Collegio (College Church), in the heart of the city. These sights cannot be missed.

​Address: Via Garibaldi, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 545511 (Tourist Information Office)​More info: Start from the Via Garibaldi and work your way round
The Church of Saint Mary of Jesus

The church is well worth seeking out because of its stunning Renaissance Gothic facade. It was built in the 15th century and then re-built in the 16th century, the inside has beautiful pointy arches and wooden beams in the ceiling.

​Address: Via Sant’Agostino, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 545511
Saint Augustine

The Church of Sant’Agostino is a Gothic church that was extensively restored and partially reconstructed following the damage it suffered during the Allied bombardment in 1943. It has a beautiful rose window and an original Gothic doorway.

​Address: Piazzetta Saturno, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 545511

Favignana is a beautiful island with glorious beaches, Favignana is just 17 kilometres or so southwest of Trapani. It is reached by frequent ferries from the port and makes a great day out. Visitors can also take boat trips to the other islands that make up the Egadi Islands of Levanzo and Marettimo.

​Address: Favignana, Trapani
San Vito lo Capo

Take an excursion just a few kilometres from the city. San Vito lo Capo is a quaint town with a great beach, and is quiet and relaxing. The backdrop is the mighty Mount Cofano. En route, look out for the hamlet of Scopello, where some scenes of the movie "Ocean’s Twelve" were filmed in 2004.

​Address: San Vito lo Capo

The ancient town of Erice is not the easiest place to reach along winding roads, but it is worth the challenge. Characterised by its castles, Pepoli Castle and Venus Castle, that dominate the landscape, the little walled town has a fascinating museum, the Cordici Civic Museum, in Piazza Umberto. Erice also has some fine eateries.

​Address: Erice

The lovely town of Erice is something that you simple cannot miss when you are on the island. The easiest way to get there is by cableway which will take you 20 min. It lights up lovely in the evenings and there are possibilities for disable to go on the cableway and visit Erice.

​Address: Casa Santa Erice, Street Capua, Trapani

Zingaro is a lovely nature park located one hour from Trapani by car. At this unspoilt reserve you will find the clearest and bluest water in Trapani. Go for an exploration amongst the caves and just relish in the amazing views.

​Address: Zingaro
Trapani Boulevard

Trapani should be discovered by foot and preferably in the evening when it has cooled down and you can take your time discovering the city. Walking along the boulevards you will enjoy the great view over the bay and many other sights.

​Address: Boulevard, Trapani

Segesta is located 30 min from Trapani by car. Arriving at the sight it will take 5 minutes up a hill to reach the temple and there is also a bus option. The temple was built around 425 B.C but never finished. At the top you can see other pre-historic sites such as an amphitheatre, an old Moorish castle and a former Greek town.

​Address: Segesta

There are many celebrations in Trapani throughout the year and around in different towns nearby. Make sure to see what events are going on during your visit.

​Address: Trapani
The Sea

The coast of Trapani is a true paradise for lovers of the sea: a journey that takes you from the stacks of Scopello to the stunning beach of San Vito lo Capo and the beautiful coves of Lo Zingaro. A coast of exceptional beauty, with crystalline waters where you can relax for hours in an unspoilt environment on well-equipped beaches, such as those of Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, and the lagoon of Mozia. From Trapani, the city of the two seas, you can visit Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo and Pantelleria - dream islands surrounded by turquoise waters and breathtaking sea beds.

Oenology and Gastronomy

An incomparable triumph of taste. The suburbs of Trapani offer a unique gastronomy which is rich in flavours, thanks to the products of the land and the sea, and accompanied by world-famous wines, starting with the celebrated Marsala wine and the many DOC (controlled designation of origin) products from the area. The pannier of local goodness is incredibly varied: capers from Pantelleria, Red Garlic from Nubia, the black bread of Castelvetrano, cheeses from Belice topped with excellent local olive oils. Plus, yellow melon from Paceco, salt from Trapani and products from the tuna fishing industry. A must try are the sweets from Erice and the fish couscous.

Culture and Archaeology

The entire province of Trapani is a veritable open-air museum. A crossroad for populations across time, this part of Sicily has a thousand-year-old history, full of myths and legends from every era and time. Among the treasures offered by the area around Trapani, are the archaeological sites of Selinunte, Segesta and Mozia, where you can visit the Whitaker museum. Erice, with its ancient walls and numerous churches, offers a genuine plunge into the Middle Ages. Not to be missed is the Dancing Satyr of Mazara del Vallo and the treasures of the Pepoli museum, which houses the treasured coral artworks.


Sicily is a land that pulsates with history, culture and traditions, an interweaving of myths, beliefs and folklore. Visitors find themselves wrapped in an evocative atmosphere, between popular festivals, themed events and processions, such as the Mysteries of Trapani that meander through Trapani, Marsala, Erice and Buseto Palizzolo during Easter week. Vita hosts a folklore festival in August, while the feast of San Giuseppe is celebrated in Salemi in March with small altars and panuzzi, a traditional special bread made locally. Not to be missed is the living Nativity scenes set up in the Scurati caves at Custonaci over Christmas.


Over the whole year there is a series of initiatives, many with food or wine tasting and music. One the most important events is the Cous Cous Festival, an international festival held every September in San Vito lo Capo. In Marsala in June, the Chamber of Commerce organizes Siciliamo, a show of typical local products. The sea around Trapani often hosts sailing regattas, while in Favignana one of the promoted events is the Florio Festival. For music, Alcamo puts on a concert season. In Valderice and Petrosino there is dancing and entertainment during the Carnival period with a parade of allegorical floats.

Trapani is known for its food. Delicious seafood dishes can be enjoyed alongside pizza and pasta delicacies. The tuna, which is caught just off the coast between the city itself and one of its islands, Favignana, is superb, especially when served with local couscous. Sicilian meals tend to be cheaper than in many areas of Italy, and a good pizza or seafood meal can be found for just a few euros. Try the Tumma, a ricotta-style cheese, and the insalata pantescha, a dish made of tomatoes, onions, potatoes and wine. Both are delicacies. Restaurants open most lunchtimes and evenings, although usually close Sunday and Monday. Most restaurants charge a cover charge (coperto) of around one Euro for each person seated.
Baglio Fastuchera

Baglio Fastuchera is a traditional hotel restaurant overlooking the coast at Alcamo, a few kilometres from Trapani city centre. They serve traditional Sicilian dishes.

​Address: Contrada Fastuchera, Alcamo, Trapani​Phone: +39 334 335 6060​Website: http://www.bagliofastuchera.it
Cantina Siciliana

Cantina Siciliana is a traditional rustic Italian trattoria serving fine pasta made on the premises, couscous, fish and pizzas, along with desserts and fine wine.

​Address: Via Giudecca 52, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 28673​Website: http://www.cantinasiciliana.it
El Pescador

Pasta and fish, especially tuna, are a speciality of the house, which is not surprising as this traditional trattoria is on Favignana, just off the coast of Trapani city.

​Address: Via Europa 38, Favignana, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 921 035
I Mulini

Pantelleria, one of the Trapani province islands, is known for its sophisticated take on life, and this is evident at the I Mulini. Housed in a converted mill, it serves fish and speciality desserts.

​Address: Via Mulini 3, Pantelleria, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 915 398
La Pentolaccia

La Pentolaccia is a gem of a restaurant housed inside what was once a monastery in the heart of Erice village. Serves local delicacies, especially pasta and fish.

​Address: Via Guarnotta 17, Erice, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 869 099​Website: http://www.ristorantelapentolaccia.it
Monte San Giuliano

Monte San Giuliano is a typical rustic Sicilian restaurant that oozes charm, and serves a delicious array of local dishes. It is located in the heart of Erice making it easy for you to find.

​Address: Vccolo San Rocco 7, Erice, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 869 595​Website: http://www.montesangiuliano.it
Pizzeria Calvino

Pizzeria Calvino is a pizzeria located in the city centre, serving freshly made pizzas with a variety of flavours. Takeaway service available so you can find your own spot and enjoy your pizza.

​Address: Via Nunzio Nasi 71, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 21464
Pizzeria Aleci

Pizzeria Aleci serves great pizzas – an ideal stop to enjoy a snack when shopping as its right in the city centre. You will not get disappointed.

​Address: Viale Duca d’Aosta 13, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 547 176
Osteria di Venere

A tiny, and it could be said, rustic taverna away from the main throng of tourists and visitors to Erice, a few kilometres or so from Trapani centre. Very atmospheric and offers a memorable Sicilian evening.

​Address: Via Roma 6, Erice, Trapani​Phone: +39 092 386 9362
Taverna Paradiso

Taverna Paradiso is widely regarded as the place to enjoy the finest seafood in Trapani. This à la carte style restaurant is elegant and lively.

​Address: Lungomare Dante Alighieri 22, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 22303
Osteria La Bettolaccia

Osteria La Bettolaccia is a small cosy restaurant with amazing food. The menu changes deepening on the season, good portion seizes, they have a great wine list and the service is impeccable.

​Address: Via Gen. E. Fardella 25, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 21695​Website: http://www.labettolaccia.it
New Albatros

New Albatros serves Italian cuisine but what most people come here for are their drinks. Whether you take a beer, which is served in a ceramic mug, or a delicious, cooling drink you will not get disappointed. A good idea is to come a bit earlier if you would like a seat on their outdoor terrace.

​Address: via Vittorio Emanuele, Favignana, Trapani​Phone: +39 345 230 5330

Serisso47 is an Italian restaurant on the bit more expensive side. The staff is very helpful and skilled, and the atmosphere is cosy and relaxed. The food is prepared with passion and it is truly amazing.

​Address: Via Serisso 47, Trapani​Phone: +39 092 326 113​Website: http://www.serisso47.com
I Grilli

If it is a steak that you are craving for then you should visit I Grilli. The menu is creative and modern and accompanied by a tasteful wine list. This restaurant comes well recommended.

​Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele 69-71, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 20663​Website: http://www.igrillibraceria.it

Ardigna is located on your way up the mountain but do not let the location scare you off. The menu is typical Italian with great fish, but the best dish here must be the meat.

​Address: C.da Ardigna, Trapani​Phone: +39 368 722 3269​Website: http://www.ardigna.it
There are not many things that beat enjoying coffee in Trapani, Italy. Relax and enjoy the amazing views to an espresso.
Angelino Pasticcere

Angelino Pasticcere is a charming patisserie style shop that serves everything from dainty cakes to Sicilian sweets and delicacies. It is a really cosy place.

​Address: Via Ammiraglio Staiti 85, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 28064​Website: http://www.angelino.it
Caffe Maria

Two eateries and delis rolled into one from one of Italy’s best known chefs. Coffee and a selection of pastries and cakes can be found at one shop, number 4, while at the other rows and rows of savouries. Located in Erice.

​Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele 14, Erice
Efri Bar

Efri Bar offers a range of Italian pastries baked with the best raw materials and passion from the chef. Not only are the pastries delicious but also creatively made.

​Address: Via Conte Agostino Pepoli 166,Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 536 737​Website: http://www.efribartrapani.it
Gelateria Panna Montata Trapani

Many say that Gelateria Panna Montata has the best gelato in town! They have many flavours to select from and most of them are exceptional.

​Address: Via Ammiraglio Staiti, Trapani
Caffe Staiti

Caffe Staiti is a nice little cafe located in Trapani. It is a great place to come to and enjoy a cup of coffee, a pastry or even a glass of wine.

​Address: Via Ammiraglio Staiti 53, Trapani​Phone: +39 349 358 2850
Nightlife in Trapani is a relatively quiet affair with most people tending to while away the evenings in restaurants over fabulously good food and even better wines. Café style bars are popular, too.

Colicchia serves delicious beverages, and is a lively café bar in the centre of the city. It’s a great meeting place.

​Address: Via delle Belle Arti, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 547 612

Located on the island of Favignana, just off the coast of Trapani city, the Zazzamita offers live music well into the evening – just make sure you can get back to the mainland if not staying on the island overnight.

​Address: Zona Cavallo, Favignana, Trapani
Otto e Mezzo Lounge Bar & Restaurant

Otto e Mezzo Lounge Bar & Restaurant is the place to be when you would like to go out and take a drink and dance in Trapani. You can come for coffee or lunch, stay to dinner and just keep on partying.

​Address: Palmerio Abate 20, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 542 273
Lido Paradiso

If you happen to be in Trapani in July or August and in the mood to go to a beach club then you should visit Lido Paradiso. During these months every night is a dancing night!

​Address: Waterfront Dante Alighieri, Trapani​Phone: +39 331 286 3919​Website: http://www.lidoparadiso.com

Rakija is located within a beautiful square. Not only do they have delicious wine selection but also a good selection of German beer.

​Address: Largo San Domenico, Trapani​Phone: +39 320 847 5168​Website: http://www.rakija.it
One of the pleasures of exploring Trapani and its towns and villages is finding the little shops that specialise in local crafts such as ceramics or leather goods. They are by far the best places to buy souvenirs, especially so if they are actually made on the premises. The choice is usually wider and authenticity unquestionable. Prices tend to be good too. Sicily has department stores, but these are often smaller that on the mainland. Head for Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Trapani city’s pedestrian main street, and the Palazzo Senatorio for some fine shops. Erice, in Trapani province, is a must for shoppers looking for traditional souvenirs and antiques. It is famed for its frazzate carpets, which are beautiful woven rugs made from coloured cloth. The village is also known for its pastries, and there are a number of patisseries located in the centre for shoppers to indulge. Other places to head for are Marsala and Alcamo for some speciality shopping, but perhaps the most unusual gifts can be found on the island of Favignana. Its shops sell a wide variety of products associated with its Tuna catches. Another of its islands, Pantelleria, is a chic place and visitors may be surprised to find the latest fashions, Italian shoes and cosmetics.
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Trapani’s airport (Aeroporto Trapani-Vincenzo Florio) is located around 20km from the centre of Trapani city. Buses leave regularly from outside the terminal building for the 20 minute journey into Trapani.Taxis are also available from the airport into Trapani.

​Address: Contrada Birgi, Trapani​Phone: +39 0923 610 111​Website: http://www.airgest.it
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