Book flights to Brindisi with Ryanair, for a relaxing escape in the Italian sunshine. Brindisi is lovely. A relaxed and friendly port town, it’s the perfect place to begin an unforgettable adventure in Italy’s Puglia region. Incredible caves, idyllic beaches, rolling hills and olive groves – Puglia is pure Italy, and it has the cuisine to prove it! One of our favourite things to do in Brindisi is head for the Torre Guaceto nature reserve, easy to reach if you rent a car at Brindisi Airport. Book flights to Brindisi, and step onto Italy’s heel.
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The Baroque period of the 18th century has left its own stamp on towns such as Francavilla Fontana, Lecce and Ostuni. These towns are set on sunlit hilltops that rise like islands above a rolling landscape of olive groves and vineyards. The coastline is a striking mixture of ruggedly beautiful cliffs and grottoes interspersed with a scattering of long, sandy beaches.
Castello Grande / Castello Svevo

The Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II, founded this imposing complex of fortifications which served as the imperial residence, prison, arsenal and garrison. A succession of kings and emperors added more towers and ramparts. Charles I of Anjou reinforced the walls at the end of the 13th century, Ferdinand I King of Naples strengthened them two centuries later and 18th century rulers added still more. During the 19th century the castle served as a prison, and since the 19th century it has been an Italian Navy base, and is strictly closed to the public aside from organised tours.

​Address: Castello Grande​Phone: +39 0831 642002​More info: Admission: Guided tours by arrangement only, Monday-Friday 09.00-12.00
Monumento al Marinaio d’Italia

Monumento Al Marinaio D’Italia - Monument to the Italian Sailor Built in 1933 at the peak of Mussolini’s Fascist regime, this grandiloquent memorial towering over Brindisi’s inner harbour survives as a monument to Italian seamen lost during two world wars. Designed by the architect Luigi Brunati and sculptor Amerigo Bartoli, the monument mimics a giant rudder 53 m (174 ft) high, beneath which a crypt in the shape of a ship’s hull bears the names of the 36,000 Italians lost at sea during World War I and WWII.

​Address: Canale Pigonati​More info: North side of harbour
Museo Archeologico Provinciale

Museo Archeologico Provinciale - Francesco Ribrezzo Provincial Archaeological Museum The rooms of this interesting archaeological museum are arranged around different themes and contain a wealth of Greek and Roman statues, mosaics, bronze and silver coins, pottery and weapons. The top attraction, however, is the the Punta del Serrone collection of bronzes, salvaged from the seabed not far from Brindisi harbour in the early 1990's.

​Address: Piazza Duomo 7​Phone: +39 0831 565501
Francavilla Fontana

Around 40 km (25 miles) southwest of Brindisi, Francavilla Fontana is known for the numerous palatial mansions built by local aristocrats during the Baroque period. The most striking of these, the Palazzo Imperiali, on Via Municipale, now houses municipal offices. The town also boasts a treasury of Baroque churches, notably the Chiesa Matrice, dating from 1759, which houses and allegedly miracle-working icon of the Madonna della Fontana, patron saint of the town.

​Address: Francavilla Fontana

Ostuni, about 32 km (20 miles) west of Brindisi, where a labyrinth of whitewashed lanes and alleys surrounds a hilltop crowned by a medieval cathedral, is the most impressive of Puglia’s ’white towns’, with sweeping views across the surrounding farmlands to the east coast.

​Address: Ostuni

About 40 km (25 miles) southeast of Brindisi, Lecce is the jewel of the Puglia region. A historic town with a treasury of Baroque churches and mansions, a dramatic Roman theatre on its main square, and a sturdy medieval castle that is in the process of being turned into a centre for the arts. It has some excellent hotels and plenty of bars and restaurants.

​Address: Lecce

The best sandy beaches in the region can be found just south of this pretty fishing port on Puglia’s west coast, about 80 km (50 miles) south of Brindisi, where yet another medieval castle guards a fine natural harbour overlooked by old whitewashed houses. Gallipoli has plenty of places to stay to suit all budgets and some excellent fish restaurants.

​Address: Gallipoli

Work began on Brindisi’s impressive Cathedral in the 11th century and it was rebuilt in the mid-18th century. Parts of the original building, including a 12th century mosaic floor, can still be seen.

​Address: Piazza del Duomo​Phone: +39 0831 565 501
Santa Maria del Casale

Santa Maria del Casale is a popular tourist site which was built by Prince Philip of Taranto around 1300. This elegant church is located just few minutes' walk from the airport and on its facade are impressive frescoes.

​Address: De Simone​Website:
Brindisi Express - City Tour

A great way to explore the city is to take the Road Train with Brindisi Express. The tour starts from the port's entrance, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, every hour from 09.00 to 16.00. The tour is for one hour and includes a homemade Italian gelato and a tour guide.

​Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 72100 Brindisi​Phone: +39 347 9431621​Website:
Lido Azzurro

For a lazy day at the beach, head over to Lido Azzurro. This beautiful beach offers facilities like changing rooms, showers, deck chairs, umbrellas and if you are feeling hungry there are restaurants and bars around the area.

​Address: Via Torre Testa 132, Marina Apani Brindisi​Website:
Zoo Safari

Enjoy the largest wildlife park in Italy for both children and adults. Zoo Safari is located a few kilometres from Fasano and is a place where you can explore exotic animals like tigers, lions, bears, elephants and other exciting animals from your vehicle. In addition to the safari park there is a large amusement park with attractions for all ages.

​Address: Via dello Zoosafari, 72015 Fasano Brindisi​Phone: +39 080 441 4455​Website:
San Domenico Golf

San Domenico Golf is considered as one of the best golf clubs in Italy with 18 holes overlooking the sea of Puglia. The course is spread over 6300 metres of lush land among olive trees. You will find this golf course near the small fisherman village of Savelletri.

​Address: Strada Litoranea 379, 72010 Savelletri Fasano, Brindisi​Phone: +39 080 4829200​Website:
Carrisiland Resort

Carrisiland Resort is an amusement and water park with lots of fun for the whole family. The water park offers huge swimming pools, slides for children, acquatube, whirlpool, various animations and much more. There is also a forest with different themes like the village of Tarzan, the jungle and Jurassic Park with dinosaurs. It also hosts musicals and shows.

​Address: Contrada Bosco, Contrada Curtipetrizzi, 72020 Cellino San Marco​Phone: +39 0831 618152 ​Website:
Aragonese Castle

Aragonese Castle also known as Red Castle is located on the Island of St. Andrew, at the port of Brindisi. This fortification dates back to 1481 and was completed in 1492 by Ferdinand I of Aragon. It was built in defence of the city from possible sea attacks.

​Address: Aragonese Castle, St. Andrew
There are plenty of great places to eat all round the region, but take note that Puglians take their afternoon siesta seriously and that it can be difficult to find anywhere to eat between the hours of 14:00 and 19:00.
Porta Nova

This is the best restaurant in Ostuni, with a classic menu and a wine list to match. Just inside the town walls in a 13th century townhouse. On the menu you will find high-quality fish cuisine.

​Address: Via Gaspare Petrarolo 28, 71017 Ostuni​Phone: +39 0831 338 983​Website:
Trattoria Pantagruele

Good seafood and grills and located in the historic centre of Brindisi. Trattoria Pantagruele is popular with the locals and the atmosphere is great and relaxing.

​Address: Salita di Ripalta 1, Brindisi​Phone: +39 0831 560 605
Osteria del Tempo Perso

Traditional dishes are lovingly prepared in this cosy, affordably priced restaurant in a narrow street below Ostuni’s historic cathedral. It also arranges cooking lessons.

​Address: Via Tanzarella Vitale 47, Ostuni​Phone: +39 0831 304 819​Website:
Ristorante Terrazza Buena Vista

Ristorante Terrazza Buena Vista means pretty much restaurant with a good view, and that definitely fits the bill here. The restaurant is located on a hill close to the Roman columns. The menu holds for example grilled fish and fresh pasta.

​Address: via Colonne 57/59, 72100 Brindisi​Phone: +39 08311720488
Don Angus

This is definitely the place for you if you fancy a hearty steak. You choose your meat and they cook it in an open kitchen to your preference. The servants are helpful and friendly too.

​Address: Via Guerrieri 19, Brindisi​Phone: +39 0831 528968

This small and elegant restaurant holds a menu with the best of Mediterranean fish. Acquapazza is situated in the heart of Brindisi historic centre, only few steps from Palazzo Zenthe. It also offers careful selection of wines to accompany the various dishes.

​Address: Piazza Dante 5, 72100 Brindisi​Phone: +39 0831 529680 ​Website:

Restaurant Windsurf is beautifully situated on the waterfront and run by two brothers. The restaurant is well known as an excellent pizzeria. On the menu you will also find seafood, noodles, pasta and salads.

​Address: Viale Regina Margherita 18, 72100 Brindisi​Phone: +39 0831 523 166​Website:
Hara Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Enjoy authentic Japanese food in the heart of Brindisi. The friendly staff is serving quality dishes like fresh sushi, sashimi and other traditional Japanese cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere.

​Address: Via Giordano Bruno, 26, 72100 Brindisi​Phone: +39 0831 520 064

Cibus is located in an XV century convent, hidden down a narrow street in the old town of Ceglie Messapica. This is a nice family-run restaurant with tasty Italian cuisine with a modern twist. The passion for quality and innovation, combined with the skilled chefs makes dining at Cibus a special experience.

​Address: Via Chianche di Scarano 7, 72013 Ceglie Messapica ​Phone: +39 0831 388 980​Website:
Locanda Ti Li Spilusi

Local authentic food can be enjoyed at this rustic Italian restaurant with a buzzing atmosphere. Popular with the locals and it is usually packed on Sundays with families. In the summer time it can get really crowded, it is recommended to make reservation and the location is a bit difficult to find, but worth the search.

​Address: Contrada Restinco 4, 72100 Brindisi​Phone: +39 0831 555 481​Website:
Il Boccone

Il Boccone is a warm, small Italian restaurant with welcoming staff and serves good quality food at affordable prices. The restaurant is owned by a couple, the husband takes care of the pizza dishes and running the restaurant, while the wife is cooking rest of the food.

​Address: Via Carmine 74/76​Phone: +39 3389 077 598​Website:
Le Sciabica

Enjoy Mediterranean food in a cosy and romantic atmosphere in a refined setting. The restaurant has wooden interior and plays soft jazz music in the background. The chef prepares traditional dishes with a modern twist, all with fresh ingredients.

​Address: Via Thaon di Revel Paolo 29/33, 72100 Brindisi​Phone: +39 0831 562 870​Website:

If you like meat, you have come to the right place. Here you can pick fresh meat dishes of sausages and steaks and it is cooked before your eyes. There is also a large selection of wines and local beers.

​Address: Piazza Mercato 15, 72100 Brindisi​Phone: +39 0831 563 971
L'Osteria In Piazza

This restaurant is situated in the heart of the beautiful Ostuni on the left of the town hall, on the central piazza. On the menu you will find tasty Italian food like pizza and seafood and the wine cellar offers wines of the best producers in Apulia.

​Address: Piazza della Libertà 60, 72017 Ostuni ​Phone: +39 0831 339 780 ​Website:

Penny is a charming and stylish restaurant with a romantic atmosphere and it is located in the historic centre of the city. This Italian restaurant is housed in an old villa, dating back to the 15th century. There are mainly traditional dishes on the menu with a creative touch.

​Address: Via San Francesco, 72100 Brindisi​Phone: +39 0831 563 013​Website:
In addition to traditional Italian cafés, Brindisi and most other towns have a few Irish-themed and even Scottish-themed pubs favoured by younger residents. Nightlife in Brindisi itself and in most of the sleepy towns around the region is on the quiet side, comprising of a few music bars and summer discotheques. In Brindisi, most of the music bars are on and around Corso Garibaldi, which is also a main venue for the nightly passeggiata. This is when locals stroll the streets and meet friends and family for coffee or ice cream in the innumerable bars and gelaterie before indulging in a late dinner, either at home or in a restaurant. For nightlife of a more active kind, there are summer discos (playing mainly Italian Euro-pop) in some of the beach resorts but these open only during the region’s short summer holiday season (July-August). Lecce is the exception to the local rule, with some trendy bars that often feature DJ's or live music, particularly along the Via Federico d’Aragona in the Old Town.
Caledonia Tavern

A Scottish pub, in reality much more Italian than Caledonian, and good fun, with live music and DJ's at weekends. If you are feeling hungry the staffs serves food as well.

​Address: Via Liborio Romano 7/9, 73100 Lecce​Phone: +39 0832 303 052
La Negra Tomasa

La Negra Tomasa is a pleasant café-bar and pizzeria with a good choice of brews. The décor is inspired by sunny Spain and features bright, happy colours.

​Address: Via Federico d’Aragona 2, Lecce​Phone: +39 366 9537498​Website:
Il Fico Ricco

Il Fico Ricco - "the Fig Tree" - is a Latin American venue where you can dance Salsa all night long. Apart from the obvious fun people find in dancing, they also arrange live music performances, special guest dancers and parties.

​Address: San Pietro 207, Via Brindisi​Phone: +39 0831 671947​Website:
Art Café La Loggia

The Art Café La Loggia has a large main hall and two smaller rooms. All of these areas has been designed to make sure you are comfortable and happy, sipping on a cocktail or a delicious glass of wine. They organize musical evenings as well as tastings and themed dinners.

​Address: Piazza IV Novembre 1/A, 72012, Carovigno​Phone: +39 349 858 6683​Website:
Bar Fod

Bar Fod has an amazing location, right in the centre of the main Piazza in Cisternino and is a great place to sip a cocktail and watch the world go by. Are you craving for something sweet? This trendy bar serves great ice cream too.

​Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele 5, 72014 Cisternino​Phone: +39 0804 441 006​Website:
There is plenty to buy in the Puglia region, including colourful pottery, textiles, high-quality leather goods and a range of local culinary specialities including wines, cheeses, olives and an assortment of confectionery. Lecce is famous for its brightly coloured cartapesta (papier-mache) ornaments, figures and masks. Good examples can be found at La Casa dell’Artigianato Leccese, at Via Matteotti 18, +39 0832 306604
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Brindisi Papola Casale Airport

Brindisi Papola Casale Airport is located approximately 7 km (4.5 miles) from Brindisi. There is no rail link. The local STP bus service is leaving outside the arrival hall. A taxi service from the airport to the town centre takes around 10 - 15 minutes.

​Address: Brindisi Papola Casale Airport​Phone: +39 05800 200​Website:
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