See one of Germany’s most sophisticated cities when you book flights to Düsseldorf with Ryanair! Dusseldorf is fantastic city that, at a glance, looks like it might be all business – all sharp suits and shining skyscrapers – but a closer look will show you that people there really like to loosen their ties and let their hair down once working the day is done. In the city centre you can shop all day, dine in top restaurants, and then enjoy a few drinks in the Altstadt - ‘the longest bar in the world’ in the evening. The swankiness of the city means that there lots of great cocktail bars, but seeing as Altbier is the city’s specialty, you might want to swap the martini glass for a pint glass when you book flights to Düsseldorf, and get stuck in to some local brew!
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Duesseldorf is a vibrating city filled with markets, intriguing architecture, theatre and social gatherings. Take a boat ride on the river Rhein or visit one of the four brewpubs in the city.
Schloss Benrath

Located in the suburb of Benrath, this summer residence was erected in 1756-73, by electoral Prince Carl Theodor von Pfalz-Sulzbach. It is a fine example of the architectural transition from late Baroque to Classical architecture.

​Address: Benrather Schlossallee 100-106​Phone: +49 211 899 38 32​Website:
Schneider Wibbel

Five times a day, people gather in front of a chiming clock with mechanical figures that re-enact the story of Schneider Wibbel, a dressmaker who insulted Napoleon and was sent to prison, except he sent his apprentice, who died in jail. This cunning dressmaker has come to represent the typical ‘clever Rheinlander.’

​Address: Schneider-Wibbel-Gasse 5, Altstadt
Rhine Tower

Built in 1979-1982, this tower stretches 234.20 meters into the sky. It features a revolving restaurant with a stunning view at 172.50 meters with soothing music and splendid wines.

​Address: Stromstrasse 20

Carlsplatz is a former farmers market that is now the gastronomical paradise for locals and tourists alike. Here, the Feinschmecker can find absolutely anything.

​Address: Carlplatz​Phone: +49 211 88 00 356​Website:

Sometimes referred to as “the longest bar in the world”. The Old Town has over 260 bars, cafés and restaurants. Perfect for a daytime stroll along row upon row of converted old town houses or hanging out on the busy square Burgplatz. Those interested in culture are spoiled with choices with museums such as the Hetjens, the Film museum and K21.

​Address: Old Town​Website:
Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum

This museum is named after the chemist Theodore Löbbecke and it shows the life on earth from land to sea with aquariums, terrariums and insectariums. Here you can enjoy panoramic aquariums with fishes and coral reefs, tanks with penguins and seals, reptiles and insects.

​Address: Kaiserswerther Str. 380 im Nordpark, 40474 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 899 61 50​Website:

Beautiful flowers, fountains, sculpture and trees can be found at this park - like an oasis in the middle of the city. Take a walk and unwind in this peaceful environment and be sure not to miss the Japanese Garden. It is also here in Nordpark you will find The Löbbecke Museum and Aquazoo.

​Address: Kaiserswerther Strasse, 40474 Duesseldorf
Museum Kunstpalast

The Museum Kunstpalast is located in the centre of Duesseldorf , right on the Rhine River. This massive museum has gained an international reputation with its high-quality exhibitions, such as Miró, Dalí, Warhol, Caravaggio, "Bonjour Russia", "Diana and Actaeon" and Per Kirkeby. There are more than 100.000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, graphics, photography´s and glass on display. Definitely worth a visit.

​Address: Ehrenhof 4-5, 40479 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 899 62 60​Website:

It is on ESPRIT Arena where some of the first-class events from shows to sports and music are held in Duesseldorf. In addition to these big events, you can now also enjoy a guided tour and look behind the scenes of one of Europe’s most modern multifunctional arenas. On the tour you will see the passageway that leads the athletes to the field, the broadcasting studio, the VIP area and much more. The tour takes about 90 – 120 minutes and provides very entertaining information.

​Address: Arena-Str. 1, 40474 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 15 98 12 00 ​Website:
Duesseldorf Film Museum

This film museum is located in the Old Town and was founded in 1993. It will give you an exciting access to the world of movies from its earliest beginnings to present day. You will also find film projectors and cameras from early 20th century to present day, set models, stage design, props and costumes. This is a small museum but worth a visit.

​Address: Schulstrasse 4, 40213 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 899 2232​Website:
Rhine embankment promenade

Rhine embankment promenade is a wonderful place for a stroll and where you can enjoy the amazing waterfront views. It is lined with cafés and bars where you can sip a cup of coffee and watch the Rhine shipping go by. Many tourist attractions such as the castle tower and the museum KIT are on the Rhine embankment promenade.

​Address: Rhine embankment promenade
Goethe-Museum Duesseldorf

Duesseldorf 's Goethe-Museum is housed in the former hunting palace "Schloss Jägerhof", which was completed in 1772. Ever since 1956 Goethe's life and work is presented by about 1000 exhibition pieces in chronological order inside the museum.

​Address: Jacobistrassee 2, 40211 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 89 96 262​Website:

The historical Kaiserswerth is situated in the northern part of Duesseldorf and is always worth a trip at any time of the year. This is a great place for an excursion where you can enjoy charming baroque houses from the 17th and 18th centuries, the picturesque ruins of the "Kaiserpfalz" and the legendary Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa's "Royal Palace". When you are feeling for a break there are cosy cafés and beer gardens offering tasty food and drinks.

​Address: Kaiserswerth​Website:

Duesseldorf's Königsallee (shopping boulevard) is almost one kilometre in length and is considered as an international trademark. Not only there are plenty of shops like small boutiques, luxurious jewellers and impressive shopping-malls but also luxury hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and street cafés. Here you can have a very nice stroll.

​Address: Konigsallee, 40212 Duesseldorf
Botanical Garden of the University

This Botanical Garden was founded in 1974 and located in the south of Duesseldorf at the Himmelgeister Rheinbogen. It is not only a research facility, but also open for visitors throughout the year and offers a wide range of events including exhibitions, expert guided tours and lectures. Stroll around and enjoy the amazing greenhouses.

​Address: Universitätsstrasse 1, 40225 Duesseldorf
A visit to Duesseldorf warrants a taste of Sauerbraten, or pickled roast beef, a hearty meal which should be had at the city’s oldest restaurant, Zum Schiffchen. But, being one of the country’s most international cities, you’ll find first-class food from every corner of the world in spectacular locations, such as Weinhaus Tante Anna—in a 1593 Jesuit college chapel, or at 172.50 meters in the rotating Rheinturm Top 180.

On the street level there is a bistro with affordable regional and international dishes. One flight up, the one-star Michelin restaurant serves specialities such as roast shoulder of lamb with La Ratte potatoes and wild herbs. Elegant and classy atmosphere.

​Address: Koenigstrasse 3a, 40212 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 865 50 10​Website:
La Terazza

La Terazza is an Italian eatery suitable for long lunch or an ambient dinner. Specialities include beef carpaccio with black truffles and parma ham with rocket salad, fig and blackcurrant sauce.

​Address: Koenigsalle 30​Phone: +49 211 32 75 40​Website:
Weinhaus Tante Anna

This lovely little restaurant with occasional live music, is located in a 1593 Jesuit cloister chapel. Pride of the restaurant is its exquisite wine cellar, the traditional German goose dinner and hare stew.

​Address: Andreasstrasse 2, 40213 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 13 11 63​Website:
Zum Schiffchen

The city’s oldest restaurant, a more than 350-year-old brewery with traditional Rhineland cuisine, is the perfect spot for the true Duesseldorf experience. Their Tatar steak with yolk, anchovy, capers and onions, or herring “Rhineland style” in a sour cream sauce, apples, onions and bacon potatoes are unforgettable. Features an attractive beer garden.

​Address: Hafenstrasse 5, 40213 Duesseldorf​Phone: +49 211 13 24 21​Website:
Rheinturm Top 180

Excellent cuisine and delicious wine at 172.50 meters, in this rotating restaurant, offering a constantly changing breathtaking view of the city and the Rhine River.

​Address: Stromstrasse 20, 40221 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 86 32 00​Website:
Berens Am Kai

Berens Am Kai is a modern restaurant with a glass façade facing the Rhine River and the restored harbour area. Offering the best of international cuisine, this restaurant is considered one of Duesseldorf’s best.

​Address: Kaistrasse 16, 40221 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 300 67 50​Website:
Luang Prabang

The authentic tasty big portion of Asian food attracts locals and tourists alike to restaurant Luang Prabang. It is very popular place so it would be a good advice to reserve a table quite early. On the menu you will find Laotian specialties like spicy papaya salad, chicken soup with cilantro and vegetables in banana leaves with fish, chicken or pork.

​Address: Platanenstrasse 26​Phone: +49 211 230 42 75​Website:
Schweine Janes

Schweine Janes is a small and casual restaurant with only few tables and even less seats. It is located in Bolkerstrasse, one of the oldest streets in Duesseldorf. High quality food and a menu with wide variety of tasty pork dishes make this restaurant popular. The roasted pork and potatoes with a side of sauerkraut is recommended.

​Address: Bolkerstrasse 13, 40213 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 13 14 49​Website:
Da Capo

Enjoy delicious Italian food in a cosy and romantic environment. The friendly staff is serving dishes like tagliatelle with salmon, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and Mediterranean herbs in a creamy sauce. From the extensive wine list, choose an Italian wine to compliment your meal.

​Address: Kanonierstrasse 14, 40476 Duesseldorf​Phone: +49 211 454 32 04​Website:
Clube Portugues

You will find this restaurant with typical Portuguese charm in Flingern district of Duesseldorf. With attention to detail the restaurant serves delicious fresh seafood, Portuguese tapas and grilled meats. Friendly staff, cosy atmosphere and amazing food - it cannot get better than this!

​Address: Erkrather Strasse 197, 40233 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 770 50 77​Website:
Kushi-Tei of Tokyo

This is a popular restaurant due to the fantastic authentic Japanese food. Here you can eat an amazing range of dishes like sushi, deep-fried tempura and specialities like Kushiyaki, (charcoal grilled skewers with different kinds of meat, fish and vegetables). As soon as you walk in you will get that warm Japanese feeling. The restaurant is small and often very busy so book ahead.

​Address: Immermannstrsse 38, 40210 Duesseldorf​Phone: +49 211 36 09 35​Website:
Roberts Bistro

Roberts Bistro is one of the hottest and most famous restaurants in Duesseldorf. The atmosphere is cosy and loud, not very intimate but great service. With French delicious cuisine and wine list with classic and modern wines you can only sit back and enjoy your dinner.

​Address: Wupperstrasse 2, 40219 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 30 48 21​Website:
Im Schiffchen

Im Schiffchen is located in the historic centre of Kaiserswerth with only ten minutes’ drive from the city centre of Duesseldorf. This French restaurant will treat you with a very special culinary experience and where the cuisine will hopefully please your palate. The owner, chef Jean-Claude Bourgueil have been awarded with three Michelin stars.

​Address: Kaiserswerther Markt 9, 40489 Dusseldorf​Phone: +49 211 40 10 50​Website:
Patrick's Seafood No.1

The restaurant is small and quite popular among the locals, so good advice is to book in advance. As the name of the restaurant, seafood and fish are their speciality but there are other dishes with meat and lamb.

​Address: Kaistrasse 17, 40221 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 617 99 88​Website:
Im Fuchschen

Im Fuchschen is a traditional brewhouse that serves regional cuisine for a reasonable price. It has a rustic feeling and the common tables create a vibrant atmosphere. It can get very busy so be prepared to wait for a table, but it will be worth it.

​Address: Ratinger Strasse 28-30, 40213 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 840 62​Website:
Walking on the streets of Duesseldorf one cannot help but notice the café culture. Here you can find anything from a filling breakfast to homemade pastries in a cosy living room environment.

Leysieffer is a confectionery café owned by the sweets-making Leysieffer family. For those with a sweet tooth who want to splurge in between shopping you have come to the right place!

​Address: Koenigsallee 44, 40212 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 13 44 69 ​Website:
Café Schuster

Café Schuster has been in the same family for three generations. They offer a menu from sweets to a rich traditional breakfast or simpler fare.

​Address: Klemensplatz 5, 40489 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 40 13 74​Website:
Schwan Café Bistro

Enjoy yourself in this cosy living room atmosphere at the Schwan Café Bistro. There is also German food on the menu if you’re interested in a bite to eat with your coffee.

​Address: Mühlenstrasse 2, 40213 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 13 65 387​Website:
Sugarbird Cupcakes

Sugarbird Cupcakes is the first place in Duesseldorf where you can enjoy homemade cupcakes, coffee and tasty pastries.

​Address: Rethelstrasse 153 Im Rethelhof , 40237 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 98 07 74 10​Website:
Kaffee Schmiede

Kaffee Schmiede is well-known for special roast coffee which makes this coffee stop a well scented and tasted experience. Indulge in an Espresso or a Latte Macchiato, both will give you the kick you need to continue experiencing Duesseldorf.

​Address: Belsenstrasse 11, 40545 Duesseldorf ​Phone: +49 211 6 95 74 75​Website:
You simply cannot visit Duesseldorf without trying the Altbier at Uerige or at any of the other small on-site breweries. Once that has knocked you off your feet, you are ready to visit one of the many beer gardens, or a cocktail bar. Attracting all the fashion houses and with them, the world’s best DJs, Duesseldorf’s nightlife reflects its classy clientele at Sam’s West where you can travel back to the 20’s for a Sunday tea dance, albeit to different rhythms. Lower key, or sweat through the night? This city has it all.

Famous for its Altbier—a strong dark concoction that is brewed on the premises—this bar makes for one of the most popular pubs in the old town. A friendly, informal ambience.

​Address: Bergerstrasse 1, Altstadt​Phone: +49 211 86 69 90 ​Website:
Anaconda Bar

Anaconda bar is a 70’s style cocktail lounge and club featuring jazz and house music. Let yourself drop on one of the big pillows and lean back.

​Address: Andreasstrasse 11​Phone: +49 17 22 72 72 52
Checker's Club

Checker's Club is a legendary Duesseldorf night club and attracts the beautiful and the rich people of the city. It hosts regular theme parties and special events and shows. This is a very trendy nightclub with real club atmosphere.

​Address: Königsallee 28-30, 40212 Duesseldorf​Phone: +49 215 495 75 62​Website:
Les Halles

Les Halles is located in a former freight train terminal and is a remarkably large venue, covering 450 square meters with capacity for 250-700 people. This venue does not only have a club but also a bar, restaurant and beer garden. Here you can dance and enjoy music like hip hop and house.

​Address: Schirmerstrasse 54, 40211 Duesseldorf​Phone: +49 211 86 93 77 96​Website:
Dä Spiegel

Dä Spiegel is located in the old town and is a popular place, so it can get little crowded at times. You can come over here and listen to live music and enjoy the lively atmosphere. On the drink menu you will find plenty of tasty cocktails.

​Address: Bolkerstrasse 22, 40213 Duesseldorf​Phone: +49 211 323 74 90​Website:
Königsallee is the most sophisticated shopping mile in Germany, and is also considered one of the world’s grandest luxurious boulevards. The street is a veritable who’s who in the fashion business. Go to for a more detailed account of this shopping area. If you seek a more old-Germany feel, with modern individual shops in the throw, the place to go is Altstadt. Here you can find the spice-witch (Kräuterhexe), Jack Jedoen’s carnival shop, eclectic items at Globales Shopping or the mustard expert at the Duesseldorf Senfladen. For a break in between shops, the area is rife with quaint beer breweries where your next beer comes before you’ve had a chance to finish your previous one, and where waiters join you at the table to regale you with stories— gives you a comprehensive insight into this area. Schadowstrasse is the high street in Germany with the biggest turnover. It is dominated by large department stores and clothes shops, and leads directly into Königsallee. For more information go to www.schadowstrasse-dus.deGeneral information about shopping in Duesseldorf with ‘where to get what-advice,’ visit:
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Duesseldorf International Airport

Duesseldorf International Airport is located 10 km from the city centre, and is a 10 min ride away by taxi. Otherwise, you can catch a train every 15-20 mins from the airport’s own train station, which only takes 11 min to downtown. The service starts operating at 04.00 am and runs till 01.00 am. Friday and Saturday night, the service also runs from 01.00 am and 04.00 am.

​Phone: +49 211 42 10​Website:
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