Book flights to Jerez, and feel the feisty flamenco vibes of southern Spain. Home to Spanish brandy, sherry, and plenty of fine Spanish wine, Jerez is a great place for a boozy bodega crawling weekend - but if you want some good wholesome fun too, there are plenty of fabulous sober sights to see around the city. A visit to the School of Equestrian Arts is a great day out for animal lovers and a perfect family activity, and the flamenco centre is a great place to see the seminal Spanish dance done exactly as it should be! Book flights to Jerez today.
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Interesting churches and authentic flamenco clubs crowd into a maze of lanes in the crumbling Barrio de Santiago, the old gypsy quarter. Don’t know a fino from an oloroso? Book a visit to a bodega to discover the intricacies of sherry and brandy making. Each has its own character, boasts autographs of the famous on dusty barrels, and tours end with a tasting.

Alcazar is a building that consists of 11th-century Moorish walls that enclose a mosque converted into a stunning chapel. Here you can find Arab baths with star-shaped skylights, gardens, and a Renaissance-style palace with a camera obscura for amazing city views.

​Address: Calle Alameda Vieja s/n, Jerez​Phone: :+34 95614 9955
Catedral Del Salvador

With flying buttresses, sculpted pinnacles and elaborate vaulting this is an imposing sight. Don’t miss Zurbarán’s painting, La Virgen Niña.

​Address: Plaza del Arroyo, 50, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 16 90 59
Royal Andalucian School of Equestrian Art

The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art has been compared to the prestigious Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Thoroughbred Andalusian horses are prepared to perform spectacular dressage movements to music.

​Address: Avenida Duque de Abrantes, Jerez ​Phone: +34 956 319635​Website:
Centro Andaluz De Flamenco

At this centre you can find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about flamenco. It was created by the Andalusian government to conserve the strong heritage of flamenco. This is not only a dance, but an artistic expression and a musical masterpiece.

​Address: Plaza San Juan 1, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 902 134​Website:
Palacio Del Tiempo

Over 300 antique clocks are displayed here among tapestries and frescoes at this museum. Next to it, a multimedia show tells the story of sherry in Jerez.

​Address: Palacio Atalaya, Calle Cervantes 3, Jerez ​Phone: +34 956 182100​Website:
Hammam Andalusí

Hammam Andalusí offers Arabic baths in a palatial 18th-century townhouse, mud scrubs and serious massages. An Arabic bath is not only about cleansing your body, but also about finding deep relaxation.

​Address: Calle Salvador 6, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 349066​Website:​Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 10.00-22.00

For those interested in the art of wine and sherry making, why not visit some manufacturers while in Jerez? Bodega tours is located at Carretera Madrid-Cádiz and Alvaro Domecq at Calle Madre de Dios.

​Phone: +34 956 14 46 84 / +34 956 33 9634​Website: or
Yeguada de la Cartuja

This stud farm, located 6.5km outside of the city, is a must for horse lovers. Once a week, on Saturdays, the farm puts on an impressive Carthusian horse show. You can also take a guided tour, get up close to the horses and discover their history.

​Address: Carretera Medina el Portal, Jerez ​Phone: +34 956 16 28 09​Website:
Museo Arqueologico de Jerez

Located in an 18th-century building but newly renovated, this museum shows a collection of rare historical objects. Roman ceramics and a Corinthian helmet are just a few of the items you can see here.

​Address: Plaza del Mercado, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 14 95 60​Website:
Circuito de Velocidad de Jerez

For all racing fantasts, Circuito de Velocidad de Jerez is a must-visit. This is the place where the Spanish Grand Prix is held, and due to its good weather conditions it is a popular testing track for the Formula One Teams. If your timing is right there might be race to watch, elsewise a guided tour of the track and its surroundings is a good alternative.

​Address: Carretera Jerez-Arcos Km. 10, Jerez ​Phone: +34 956 151 100 ​Website:

The small town Vejer, located on a hill with a beautiful sea view, is a perfect destination for a day trip. The best is to rent a car but it is also possible to get there by train and bus. The town is divided in two parts, an old medieval part with narrow streets and a newer part with the looks of the ‘pueblos blancos’.

​Address: Vejer
Zoo Botanico Jerez

This is one of the oldest zoo and botanical garden in Spain. A wide array of different animals and plants are shown here and this is a fun activity for the whole family.

​Address: C / Honeysuckle, Jerez ​Phone: +34 956 149 785​Website:​Opening hours: October to April: 10.00 to 18.00. May to September: 10.00 to 19.00
Sherry Golf Jerez

For the golf-addicted, the Sherry Golf Jerez is well worth a visit. It opened in June 2004 and since then it has hosted multiple tournaments and championships.

​Address: C/ Suiza, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 088 330​Website:
Villamarta Theatre

To satisfy your cultural need, Villamarta Theatre, the main scene for theatre, music and dance is the place to visit. Yearly festivals are also held here.

​Address: Plaza Romero Martínez, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 1496 85​Website:
Tren Temático de Jerez

Hop on one of the tourist trains and get an overview of the city and see all the major sights. The tour is guided.

​Phone: +34 956 336 789​Website:
Excellent fresh fish and seafood comes from nearby Cádiz, while hearty meat dishes have country flavour. The regional cuisine seems designed to be accompanied by a fino or manzanilla, and not surprisingly sherry is used in many local dishes, such as riñones al Jerez (kidneys braised in sherry), caldereta (stews) and rabo de toro (oxtail). The locals eat late and it’s not unusual to lunch at 15.00 or dine after 22.00. Tapas fill the gaps!
La Carboná

Situated in an old bodega, with high wooden rafters and whitewashed walls, La Carboná specialises in serving Cantabrian charcoal-cooked meat and delicious fish. The atmosphere is relaxed.

​Address: Calle San Francisco de Paula 2, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 347475​Website:
El Gaitán

This is a popular restaurant serving Andalucían and Basque dishes under brick arches, among ceramic plates and photographs of famous guests. The owner, Pepe, meets his guests and give them a warm welcome.

​Address: Gaitán 3, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 345859
Tendido 6

Red cloths and bullfighting posters decorate this restaurant with a covered patio, opposite gate 6 of the bullring. You can look forward to robust helpings of traditional Andalucían dishes, meat and fish.

​Address: Calle Circo 10, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 344835​Website:
La Cepa De Oro

La Cepa De Oro is a cosy restaurant with home-style cooking. On the menu you find classic dishes including spicy berza (sausages, beans and cumin), oxtail and fried fish from Cádiz.

​Address: Calle Porvera 35, Jerez ​Phone: +34 956 344175
Parrilla La Pampa

This large South American restaurant is dedicated to serving mouth-watering Argentinian beef. The steaks are high quality and offer a nice respite from the local cuisine.

​Address: Calle Guadalete 24, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 341749​Website:
Bar Juanito

At Bar Juanito you find Moorish tiles, plants, a long list of sherries and award-winning tapas. Try hot artichokes bathed in sherry, garlic and olive oil, stewed squid, ribs. There’s a large covered patio for dining and a partly shaded terrace.

​Address: Calle Pescadería Vieja 8-10, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 341218​Website:
Bodegon El Patio

El Patio is located in a refurbished sherry warehouse with paintings depicting local scenes. Good traditional dishes cooked with sherry are served here.

​Address: Calle San Francisco de Paula 7, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 340736
San Juan

This restaurant can be quite hard to find but if you long for delicious and authentic Italian food, give it a try. This is a good option for both lunch and dinner.

​Address: Plaza Melgarejo, Jerez ​Phone: +34 956 326471​Website:
Restaurante Sabores

Tapas, mains and set menus - Restaurante Sabores serves up tasty Andalusian cuisine in either a garden or elegant indoor setting. Using mostly local produce, the menu is seasonal with everything from seafood and vegetarian dishes to traditional mountain fare.

​Address: Calle Chancillería 21, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 329 835​Website:
Reino De Leon Gastrobar

Right in the historical centre of Jerez, the modern and minimalistic restaurant Reino De Leon Gastrobar is located. Choose from a wide selection of tapas and mains, most of them with an innovative touch.

​Address: Calle Latorre, Jerez​Phone: +34 9563 22915​Website:
Venta Esteban

From the outside, this restaurant doesn't look like much to the world but well inside you will feel the friendly and warm atmosphere. Efficient and service-minded waiters serve fresh and high quality dishes. Don't miss the home-made desserts!

​Address: Colonia de Caulina, C. 11 - 03, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 31 60 67 ​Website:
Meson Hermanos Carrasco

Meson Hermanos Carrasco is specialized in cuisine made from top quality meat and fish. The dishes are traditional and the dining room is rustic.

​Address: Pajares, 2, Jerez​Phone: +34 856 050 737​Website:
La Posada

This family run, fish restaurant, serves dishes cooked to perfection by the father in the family. Less is more and here at La Posada, the freshness of the products is the most important.

​Address: Arboledilla 1, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 339120​Website:
Barra & Restaurante Gula

Gula is known for its superb food to reasonable prices and the restaurant is very popular among both locals and tourists. The interior is modern mixed with some vintage details.

​Address: Avenida Rafa Verdu, Local 3, Jerez ​Phone: +34 635 24 86 98
Tabanco El Pasaje

Enjoy tapas, sherry and live music in a rustic setting at Tabanco El Pasaje. This place is often crowded but it shows the popularity of the restaurant.

​Address: C/ Santa Maria 8, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 333 359​Website:
Cafés in pleasing squares are made for people-watching. The Tapas bars are among the best in the region, and the market square just buzzes with colour.
La Vega

A bustling café with outdoor tables situated on the busy square by the lively covered market. Go there for coffee, chocolate and churros.

​Address: Plaza Esteve, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 337748
El Gallo Azul

In a landmark circular building where locals meet for coffee, tapas or even fino sherry on the terrace, you find El Gallo Azul. At the other end of Calle Larga, opposite Zara and Mango, La Española is a good place to rest shoppers’ feet and people-watch.

​Address: Calle Larga 2, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 32 61 48
Pastelería Los Reyes

Pastelería Los Reyes is a small bakery with a handful of tables. They serve coffee, tea and your pick of the delicious cakes and pastries.

​Address: Calle San Agustin 5, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 341485
Pastelería La Rosa De Oro

Here you find smart cakes, chocolates and pastries in a tea shop atmosphere. These artisan bakers have been around since the 1920’s and still follow traditional and delicious recipes.

​Address: Calle San Francisco de Paula, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 34 32 40​Website:

Damajuana is a bar and café, welcoming people for a drink, a coffee or a concert. It is also a venue for art and this means a great mix of people.

​Address: Calle Francos, 18, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 32 04 64​Website:
More sherry than you ever thought existed can be found in small, atmospheric bars. Fino is ideal for tapas - Spanish appetizers - and each bar has its own specialties. On weekends, it heats up in Jerez. The bars and discotheques along Avenida Lola Flores and Avenida de Mejico, north of the bullring, attract a young audience.
La Pontona

Have a mojito, enjoy the groovy beats and embrace the special harbour atmosphere. La Pontona has great DJ’s, performances and gogo dancers during the weekend, while day time offers chill-out coffee and sports on big screens.

​Address: Parque Calderón, Puerto de Santa María​Website:
Burladero Copas

This fun venue is open from Thursday to Sunday, with a great atmosphere, a mixed crowd and a popular DJ. No te lo pierdas - Don’t miss out!

​Address: El Puerto de Santa María​Phone: +34 67 108 79 40
Cubaname - Museo del Ron

A Caribbean atmosphere and a bar totally inspired by Cuba, this awaits you here at Cubaname. Grab your hula skirt and enjoy exotic drinks like Piña Colada, Mojito, Daquiri and Cuba Libre.

​Address: Calle Velázquez, 20, Jerez​Phone: +34 956 08 33 25​Website:
El Lagá de Tío Parrilla

To fully experience Jerez, you need to experience a high quality flamenco performance. El Lagá de Tío Parrilla has shows from Monday to Saturday, but it is advised to book in advance.

​Address: Plaza Becerra 5, Jerez​Phone: +34 95 6338334
Avenida Lola Flores

Avenida Lola Flores is a lively street located near the football stadium. Here you will find several bars, discotheques and pubs.

​Address: Avenida Lola Flores, Jerez
Head first to Calle Larga, where you’ll find fashion stalwarts Zara, Pull and Bear, S’fera, Massimo Dutti, Punt Roma, Precchio Colors Concept, and Oyshu for lingerie. Mango is in an old palacio where you shop among stone arches. For men, Jesús González sells suede, leather and corduroy jackets, sweaters and shirts, in lively colours that look stylish. In addition, explore the streets of Calle Larga, especially Calle Algarve. The narrow lanes are lined with tiny shops selling things like buttons and lace by the metre. There are several good shoe shops near the lively covered market, which is a must-see. It brims with life and colour. Jerez has three obsessions – horses, flamenco and sherry. De la Feria al Rocío, Calle Medina 59, has wonderful flamenco dresses for children and adults, in brilliant colours with loads of flounce. Take a look at tiny Revello too, tucked away at Calle San Pablo 18. For everything equestrian, Hipisur, the rider’s shop, Calle Circo 1, boasts 300,000 items! The best places to buy sherry are the bodegas, but the Sherry Shop, Calle Divina Pastora 1, sells a vast array and arranges visits to small bodegas. On Sundays there’s a street market on Alameda Vieja from 11.00 to 14.00.
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Jerez Airport

Stacked sherry barrels greet arrivals at Jerez Airport, which is located 8km northeast of the city. Buses, trains and taxis are available for transfers to and from Jerez. A taxi into town takes about 20 minutes.

​Phone: +34 91 3211000​Website:
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