Enjoy a holiday with sun and swimming, shopping and entertainment, art and culture. Kalmar offers the opportunities of a large city but also the proximity and charm of a smaller place. Within walking and bicycling distance, you can enjoy beaches, parks, forests, meadows, cobblestone streets, shops, museums, cafés and galleries. And an honest-to-goodness castle with pinnacles and towers. Today Kalmar is a modern city with broad scope, but wherever you go, you feel the pulse of history. Several important meetings have taken place here. The best known is the Union Meeting of 1397, when the Kalmar Union was formed. Sweden, Denmark and Norway were a united kingdom up until 1523, when Sweden broke away and Gustav Vasa became king.
Municipality: ca 64,000
Swedish kronor SEK 1 = 100 öre
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In Kalmar you stroll on venerable paths. With its architecture and city plan, its walls, cobblestone streets and stone buildings from the 17th century, the city has done an exceptional job of preserving the memory of Sweden’s period as a great power. Experience Old Town, which lies right next to Kalmar Castle, Kalmar County Museum with its exhibition about the ship "Kronan" and Kalmar Art Museum with its much-discussed exhibitions in newly constructed premises designed by Tham & Vidergård Architects.
Kalmar Castle

Kalmar Castle is the best-preserved Renaissance castle in Scandinavia, and holds many secrets yet to be discovered. Nowadays, fascinating exhibitions take place at the castle as well as exciting historical activities for visitors of all ages.

​Address: Kungsgatan 1​Phone: +46 480 451490​Website: http://www.kalmarslott.se
Kalmar County Museum

Kalmar County museum is found in a big building that once contained Kalmar steam mill. The museum offers exhibitions throughout the year. The biggest exhibition presents the warship “Kronan” that sank at the south coast of Öland 1676. Already at the entrance, you will meet some of the ships big canons. The exhibition shows some of the most interesting objects from the ship including a big gold treasure. In addition, the museum presents temporary exhibitions on current social and cultural topics.

​Address: Skeppsbrogatan, Ångkvarnen​Phone: +46 480 451300​Website: http://www.kalmarlansmuseum.se
Kalmar Art Museum

Kalmar Art Museum with the Design Archive in Pukeberg, Nybro, is the museum for art and design in Kalmar County. The collections cast light upon the development of art and design during the 19th and 20th centuries up until the present day. Kalmar Art Museum displays temporary art history exhibitions and contemporary art with both regional and national perspectives as well as international art with a special focus on northeastern Europe and the Baltic.

​Address: Stadsparken​Phone: +46 480 426282​Website: http://www.kalmarkonstmuseum.se
Kalmar Cathedral

Kalmar Cathedral is one of the few unaltered buildings from Sweden’s period as a great power. The interior was laid out according to Evangelical Lutheran tenets with the altar as the focal point. The cathedral’s furnishings and fixtures reflect Sweden’s great power period with graves, epitaphs and a splendid baroque altar. This altar was designed in 1704 by Nikodemus Tessin, the younger, and depicts the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The oldest fixed content in the cathedral is the pulpit, which was created by sculptor Baltzar Hoppenstedt in the mid-17th century. A door at the side of the chancel leads to the Christopher Chancel, which is named after the city of Kalmar’s patron saint, Saint Christopher. The cathedral has three church bells, all from the 17th century and obtained from the medieval Storkyrkan (Great Church).

​Address: Stortorget​Phone: +46 480 12300​Website: http://www.kalmardomkyrka.se
Kalmar Maritime Museum

Farthest out on Kattrumpan, next to the old warm public baths, is Kalmar Maritime Museum. There are several signs that point the way to the museum, which receives a couple thousand visitors annually. Kalmar Maritime Museum is a little gem in the centre of Kalmar that is well worth a visit by both young and old. If you are lucky, you might get a guide who has sailed the seven seas and who can relate salt-spattered tales about life at sea. At Kalmar Maritime Museum there are thousands of nautical artefacts, ship models, paintings and exotic objects from near and far horizons. Kalmar Maritime Museum has about 5,000 items in its collections, and it is considered one of the most interesting of the country’s smaller museums.

​Address: Södra Långgatan 81​Phone: +46 480 15875
Old Town

Kalmar’s medieval town centre, which today is called Old Town, is located right next to Kalmar Castle. Well-preserved 17th and 18th century buildings still remain here, inviting cultural-historical strolls. A 1647 fire largely devastated this whole section of town. Subsequently Kalmar authorities decided to move the city to Kvarnholmen. After much pressure, the population reluctantly moved, and where the old section of town lay, townsmen began building “lustgårdar” (pleasure gardens) for summer use. With its winding alleys and small old houses, Old Town allows you to experience the real old Kalmar. You can walk here on your own or with a guide.

​Phone: +46 480 417700
Kalmar City Park

City Park, ”Kalmar’s green drawing room”, is located next to the castle and is a frequented oasis that was named Sweden’s most beautiful urban park in 1985. The park was laid out during the 1877-1880 period through a donation by wholesaler Johan Jeansson. There was such a large outpouring of public joy over the park that a bust of the major donor was put in place. This bust was done by artist Arvid Källström, who also created “Springflickan“, the sculpture that embellishes the park’s pond. City Park has the characteristics of a romantic English park, where the design has been patterned after nature. Soft lines with an abundance of trees and bushes give the park alternating open and closed spaces. There are light and shadowy sections, which is typical of the English park style.

​Phone: +46 480 417700
KalmarFlundran - sightseeingboat

Even though Kalmar is a beautiful town from land, it’s even more exciting and splendid from the water. A trip on the Kalmarflundran takes you around Kvarnholmen – the island that is now the centre of Kalmar. In just under an hour, you’ll see many of the sights of Kalmar, while also experiencing the calm, still waters in the city. The tour includes accounts of historical events and anecdotes from Kalmar’s rich history. Tickets is bought at the tourist office. Daily tours from June to August.

​Address: Ölandskajen 9​Phone: +46 480 417700

The magnificent city gateway is called Västerport or Högvakten. It was completed in 1658 and was the main entrance to Kvarnholmen up until 1870. For a long time military forces were stationed inside the vault. However, today it is home to sales and production of glass by Westholms Glasstudio. In 1997 reconstruction was completed of the Ravelin bridge to Malmen, where it comes across by the prison. You will find Västerport at the beginning of Västra Vallgatan (city centre).

​Phone: +46 480 417700
Skälby 4H farm

Skälby is one of the many green areas located close to the city. The animals and well-preserved buildings of the 4H farm preserves the feel of an old farm. The area is child-friendly, closed to traffic, and features the biggest playground in Kalmar. Enjoy the rabbits, pigs, cows, chickens, goats, sheep, horses and cats that live here. Everyone is welcome to visit the farm. Activities on offer include pony rides and cart rides. Grill hot dogs, or just take a walk, and enjoy a picnic. In the spring and summer, there is a cafe serving coffee, hot dogs, ice cream and waffles.

​Address: Skälbyallén​Phone: +46 480 23779
Stensö Outdoor Recreation Area

Stensö beach, about 2.5 km south of central Kalmar, is one of Kalmar most popular recreation areas. It has four star camping, cabins, a public beach, a café and restaurant, jogging paths, mini-golf, and a beautiful countryside. Go walking on the hiking paths to enjoy the varied scenery. See the diverse wildlife, take a dip in the Kalmar Sound or visit the spot where Gustav Vasa disembarked in 1520 after his time in exile.

​Phone: +46 480 417700
The Krusenstiernska House

The first thing a visitor will see when approaching the Krusenstiernska House is a high fence. This particular fence is fundamental for the entire complex since gardens like this one were originally meant to be a retreat – secluded from the rest of the buildings. In this lovely miniature park you can enjoy a cup of coffee, some cake from the menu or you can bring your own picnic-basket. The spacious garden behind the red fence is full of old walnut and fruit trees, berries and flowers. The main building, kept intact since the 19th century, with furnishings from different periods and countries, brings to light the lifestyle of a typical middle-class home. This building is today a museum open to the public during the summer. The fine garden is ideal for picnics or strolls. May - September.

​Address: St. Dammgatan 1​Phone: +46 480 411552

The water park’s theme is beach party with swaying palms and an intimate setting. Attractions that the pool offers include a water slide, water bomb and water cannon, climbing wall, diving tower.

​Address: Smålandsgatan 21​Phone: +46 480 452700

Kalmar Golf Club has two 18-hole courses that maintain high standards and facilities that are currently undergoing a major facelift.

​Address: Värsnäs​Phone: +46 480 472111
Kalmar offers the opportunities of a large city and a small town’s personality and charm. It has entertainment and tempo – in a beautiful and historical atmosphere. It abounds in restaurants, cafés and pubs with different orientations. Enjoy a cup of coffee, a simple dish, Småland specialties or international gourmet food.
Stufvenäs Gästgifveri

Stufvenäs Gästgifveri dates back to the 19th century with a kitchen that serves food and drink of the highest calibre as well as a well-known bona fide wine cellar. Daily lunch specials, à la carte and gourmet food in an estate setting. Mail info@stufvenas.se

​Address: Söderåkra​Phone: +46 480 21900​Website: http://www.stufvenas.se​More info: Ca 30 km south of Kalmar
Castle Restaurant Kalmar

Acquire a taste for Kalmar Castle! At the Castle Restaurant Kalmar we serve fantastic food, fine pastries, real coffee and exquisite deserts. Welcome and feel the taste of Kalmar Castle!

​Address: Kungsgatan 1​Phone: +46 480 408140​Website: http://www.slottsrestaurangenkalmar.se/​Opening hours: We are open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 6 p.m. Welcome to have a seat and enjoy!
HK Hamnkrogen

Swedish cuisine with lots of fish and shellfish. Fantastic outdoor seating on the water.

​Address: Skeppsbrogatan 30​Phone: +46 480 411020​Website: http://www.hkhamnkrogen.se
Källaren Kronan

Swedish and international menu.

​Address: Ölandsgatan 7​Phone: +46 480 411400​Website: http://www.kallarenkronan.com
Restaurang Larmgatan 10

International tavern in the heart of Kalmar.

​Address: Södra Långgatan 6​Phone: +46 480 86525​Website: http://www.larmgatan10.se
Restaurang Italia

Pasta and pizza.

​Address: Storgatan 10​Phone: +46 480 87087​Website: http://www.kalmarkrogar.se

The soul of Italy – that is what we want you to feel with us. Warmth, friendly atmosphere and easygoing interaction.

​Address: Skeppsbron 1​Phone: +46 480 423858​Website: http://www.steakhouse.nu
Enjoy a cup of coffee and a mazarin, pie or piece of cake at some of Kalmar’s many cafés and patisseries! Or pick up a loaf of good, fresh bread for a bite to eat in the evening at home. There is much from which to choose! The next time you are hungry for a snack, try Kullzénska in a 19th century setting, the modern Café Nilsson and Skafferiet or how about the classic Holmgrens Konditori?
The Castle Café

A break in our castle café is a kingly experience. In our beautiful castle café we serve warm lunches, fantastic pastries and home-made bread. This time of year you are not required to pay the entrance fee to the castle if you only wish to visit the café. Afterwards, should you decide you want to see the rest of the castle, you can always buy a ticket in the castle shop.

​Address: Kungsgatan 1​Phone: +46 480 408140​Website: http://www.kalmarslott.se/english​Opening hours: Same as the castle.
Café Nilsson

Fresh café in Baronen Shopping Centre. Sandwiches, cakes, waffles and salads. Seating for ca 110.

​Address: Skeppsbrogatan 12​Phone: +46 480 54699
Hamn Kaféet

Authentic café in old croft surroundings at Kalmar harbour. Sandwiches with homemade accompaniments, pies and cakes.

​Address: Skeppsbron 2​Phone: +46 480 10667
Holmgrens Konditori

Well-known patisserie with its own bakery and a large selection of different cakes, baked goods, tarts and sandwiches.

​Address: Kaggengatan 5​Phone: +46 480 10059
Kafé Gamla Lotsutkiken

Café with lots of atmosphere, located at Kalmar harbour. Sandwiches with homemade accompaniments as well as lunch and home cooking.

​Address: Tjärhovet​Phone: +46 480 18996​Website: http://www.cafelotsutkiken.se
Kafé Ångkvarnen

A living café from the turn of the last century housed in Kalmar county museum. Homemade buns and cakes, sandwiches and pies.

​Address: Skeppsbrogatan 51​Phone: +46 480 451360​Website: http://www.kalmarlansmuseum.se
Krusenstiernska Gården

Café with homemade baked goods in intimate, lush garden in Old Town. Open during the summer May - August.

​Address: St. Dammgatan 11​Phone: +46 480 411552​Website: http://www.krusenstiernskagarden.se
Kullzénska Caféet

Well-known café with historical atmosphere, set up in 19th century house. Homemade cakes and pies. Seating for ca 100.

​Address: Kaggensgatan 26​Phone: +46 480 28882​Website: http://www.kullzenska.se
If you want to go out and get a beer or a glass of wine, Kalmar is guaranteed to have a place that is just right for you. Scottish or Irish atmosphere, crowded and genial or a little more spacious, live music or sports bar – there is something here for all tastes. And if you are not famished, but just a little hungry for something lighter, most pubs and bars also have something edible to offer.
Harrys Kalmar

Harry’s Restaurant serves à la carte and more simple dishes in a pleasant setting. Also a nightclub and a whole new section with a sports bar and bowling.

​Address: Norra Långgatan 7​Phone: +46 480 424230​Website: http://www.harrys.se/kalmar
Krögers Pub & Restaurant

Popular pub in a central location by Larmtorget. Also lighter dishes and à la carte.

​Address: Larmtorget 7​Phone: +46 480 26550​Website: http://www.krogers.se
Lilla Puben

Pleasant, centrally located pub by Larmtorget. Large selection of beer and whisky. Also lighter dishes.

​Address: Larmgatan 24​Phone: +46 480 422422​Website: http://www.lillapuben.se

Sports bar with food from American cuisine.

​Address: Larmtorget 4​Phone: +46 480 493776​Website: http://www.olearys.se
Pipes Of Scotland

Scottish pub with reasonably priced menus, housed in Stadshotellet’s premises. Large selection of beer and whisky.

​Address: Stortorget 14​Phone: +46 480 496909​Website: http://www.pipesofscotland.se/kalmar
Kalmar offers everything from well-known chain stores to small, cosy shops. Stroll around on Kvarnholmen – the attractive city centre where you sense the pulse of history – or make an excursion to some of the city’s shopping centres.
Kalmar City - Kvarnholmen

Kvarnholmen, Kalmar’s charming urban core, has been awarded the Europa Nostra Award on two occasions for its well-preserved urban environment. You will find a wide range of shops, cafés, pubs and restaurants here. All within walking distance.


Baronen Shopping Center is situated in the central parts of Kalmar by the guestharbour. Baronen has over 40 boutiques whereof 4 are restaurants and cafes.

​Address: Skeppsbrogatan

Shopping gallery in the city centre’s midst, where you will find clothing shops, café and restaurant, among other things.

​Address: Storgatan 21

Gallery in the middle of the city with a restaurant and shops that sell shoes, clothing, jewellery, pictures and furnishings.

​Address: Norra Långgatan 16
Giraffens Shopping Centre

Girrafens Shopping Centre is located just outside the city centre. Supermarkets, Swedish Alcohol Retailing Monopoly, pharmacies, clothes, sport, leisure and technology stores.

​Address: Polhemsgatan
Hansa City

Hansa City offers a great selection within consumer electronics, construction, gardening, food, sports, home décor and a fashion house with more than 25 stores.

​Address: E22/Ölandsleden
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