Book flights to Palermo with Ryanair and discover the many charms of sunny Sicily. It’s a heady place, Palermo; non-stop noise, hustle and bustle means that it’s a fun and energetic spot - but if you’re searching for serenity in Sicily, you might want to escape Palermo after a day or two to discover the beauty of the North Sicilian coast. The mountains, beaches, villages and seascapes in the north of the island are an absolute treat to explore, so book flights to Palermo today, and enjoy an incredible escape in Sicily!
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Thanks to its rich and varied history, Palermo and its surrounding areas are full of architectural treasures. There is a Norman cathedral, several Baroque churches, opulent palaces, Doric temples and converted mosques—just to name a few.
Catacombe dei Cappuccini (The Catacombs)

The Catacombs of the Cappuccini Monastery have fascinated visitors for centuries—and it is easy to understand why: 8,000 mummified former residents of Palermo line the walls. If you like horror and the macabre, this is your destination.

​Address: Piazza Cappuccini, 1, Palermo​Phone: +39 091 212 117​Opening hours: Daily 9.00-12.00 and 15.00-17.00 (until 19.00 in summer). Closed Monday and Sunday morning and on holidays.
Santa Caterina Church

A masterpiece! The style the church is built in is known as Sicilian Baroque, and the walls are covered with ornamental paintings, statues of saints and the Madonna, fruits and wild animals. Is it kitsch? Make up your own mind.

​Address: Piazza Pretoria​Phone: +39 338 451 2011
Museo Archeologico Regionale

This museum is closed for restoration until further notice! Museo Archeologico Regionale has art and handicraft spanning most of Palermo’s history. The most exciting exhibits are the statues from the lost city of Selinunte.

​Address: Via Olivella, 24 90145 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 611 6805​Opening hours: Mon 8.30-18.45, Tues-Sat 8.30-13.45, Sun 8.30-18.45
Teatro Massimo

Teatro Massimo is one of the largest theatres in Europe (7730 mq), a Neoclassical masterpiece started by Giovanni Battista Basile in 1875, and completed by his son, Ernesto, in 1897. Recently restored, it is now the lyrical temple of the city, staging the opera and ballet official season.

​Address: piazza Verdi, 90138 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 605 3111​Website:
Palazzo dei Normanni

The palace was built in 1130, which was the year of King Roger II’s crowning. It’s located inside the Norman Palace, which is definitely one of the most famous sights in Palermo. Covered in dazzling Byzantine mosaics (akin to those in the church of the Martorana and in the Monreale Cathedral), it is a symbol of the political and cultural union operated by the Normans.

​Address: Piazza Indipendenza, Palermo​Phone: +39 091 705 1111 ​Opening hours: Check opening hours before you visit, as they may vary.

This little town with a population of 30,000 lies in the mountains southwest of Palermo. Its postcard-perfect views are only rivalled by the Norman Catedrale di Monreale, Italy’s largest medieval building which holds 6,000 square metres of Byzantine art.

​Address: Monreale​Website:
San Giovanni degli Eremit (St. John of the Hermits)

This church is well known for its red domes that are excellent examples of the Arab influences in the 12th century. Originally this was a church that was converted into a mosque and then again returned to Christians.

​Address: Via dei Benedettini, 16, 90134 Palermo​Website:
Festa di Santa Rosalia

Festa di Santa Rosalia is an annual festival that takes place on July 15th. It is a celebration of the saint Rosalia who is the patron saint of Palermo, Italy, El Hatillo, Venezuela, and Zuata, Anzoátegui, Venezuela. She supposedly rid the city of the plague in 1624. The festival is a memorable experience with fireworks, processions and music.

Ballarò and Borgo Vecchio - Historical Markets

The history and Arab influence that is so clear in Palermo has marked also the markets, which are very like the Arab "souks". Ballarò is a food market where you also can buy fresh produce and fruit. Borgo Vecchio is another market well suited for buying vegetables and fruit. Both of these markets are located in the old town centre.

Palazzo Abatellis

Palazzo Abatellis is the palace that houses the Galleria Regionale della Sicilia - the Gallery of Art for the Sicilian region. The palace itself is archeologically interesting, but most people come here for the art.

​Address: Via Alloro, 4, 90133 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 62 30 011
Stanze al Genio

Stanze al Genio is a museum where you can see various things dating back to the 15th century. The tile collection might be the most famous one and you also have the opportunity to buy some pretty spectacular souvenirs from the gift shop.

​Address: Via Teatro Garibaldi, 11, 90133 Palermo​Phone: +39 340 097 1561​Website:

Ustica is a volcanic island situated about an hour from Palermo. It is a brilliant day trip, thanks to the beautiful swimming waters, great snorkelling and scuba diving as well as the picturesque town.

​Address: Ustica, Province of Palermo​Website:
Orto Botanico di Palermo

The Botanical Garden is considered to be a giant outdoor museum that has enabled studies on fascinating plants for about 200 years. It is a prestigious institution in Palermo and offers a pleasant way to spend a few hours.

​Address: Via Lincoln, 2, 90123 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 23891236​Website:​Opening hours: Open daily from 09.00-17.00
World Festival on the Beach

The World Festival on the beach takes place each year in the exclusive area Mondello. It is a celebration of beach culture and features activities like beach volleyball, paragliding and windsurfing. Music concerts of various styles are also a common occurrence and you'll get inspired by the joy and the energy bubbling on the beach.

​Address: Mondello, 90151 Palermo​Website:​Opening hours: Annually in the month of May
Sicilian cuisine is rustic but exciting mainly thanks to the influence of the many rulers the island has had over the years. The Arabians introduced couscous and raisins, the Spanish brought hearth sausages and fried dishes. Eating at small neighbourhood trattorias is recommended, as is visiting the market in La Vucciria where a freshly cooked chickpea rissole can be had.
Trattoria ai Cascinari

This is where the locals go for a hearty Sicilian meal, the prices are reasonable and the atmosphere cosy and inviting.

​Address: Via D'Ossuna, 45, 90138 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 651 9804
Il Baro

Il Baro is located in a charming neighbourhood outside of the city centre. It is frequented by locals and appreciated by tourists as well. First and foremost they serve pizza, but there are other things on the menu as well.

​Address: Via Mario Rutelli, 20, 90143 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 303110​Website:
Billy's Food

Tex-Mex Restaurant · Steakhouse · Burger Restaurant Italian food is quite exquisite, but sometimes you reach a point where you crave something entirely different than bruschetta, antipasti and pizza. At Billy's, you can have Mexican food, hamburgers and African food.

​Address: Via Mondello, 41, 90151 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 689 3793​Website:
Trattoria Mamma Ciccina

Trattoria Mamma Ciccina has, as the name implies, a strong sense of tradition and family. The genuine and high quality food served reflects this. They have an outside terrace perfect for balmy summer nights.

​Address: Via D'ossuna 15, 90138 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 212 011​Website:
Ristorante Chan Sushi Bar

This is more than just a sushi bar, they also serve Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes. The food is artistically and skilfully presented and the ambience authentically Asian.

​Address: Via Giuseppe Sciuti 104, 90144 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 62 68 179​Website:
L'Ottava Nota

L'Ottava Nota is passionate about food. The goal is to create an experience that combines scent, presentation and flavour the best way possible. The restaurant is located in the historic quarters close to the port.

​Address: Via Butera, 55, 90133 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 61 68 601​Website:
A'Cuncuma Restaurant

The A’ Cuncuma Restaurant combines tasty tradition with mighty modernity. The chef is eager to create unforgettable dishes that are best savoured all five senses.

​Address: Via Judica 21, 90134 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 88 72 991​Website:​Opening hours: Closed Thursday
Frida Pizzeria

Frida Pizzeria is a popular place, so if you want a table, your best bet is to be here early - they open at 19.30 and stay open until late.

​Address: Piazza Sant'Onofrio, 37, 90134 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 55 05 440​Website:
Le Delizie di Cagliostro

Le Delizie di Cagliostro is a typical Sicilian restaurant that has been around since 1981. The interior design and the theme of the restaurant has been inspired by an 18th century mythical count.

​Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele 150, 90133 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 33 28 18​Website:
Al Gabbiano Restourant

An excellent location in the beautiful port city of Mondello, close to Palermo, is part of what makes this romantic gem so special. The ocean is the focal point here, whether you are seated inside or at the terrace. The menu also holds some incredible seafood specialties.

​Address: Via Piano Gallo, 1, 90151 Mondello​Phone: +39 091 450 313​Website:
The people in Palermo are almost as particular about their coffee as the Romans, and they don’t mind travelling to get it. They know exactly which place serves the best granita al caffè—frozen ice with coffee and whipped cream. Or the best cup of gran caffè (a cappuccino without milk).
Pasticceria Alba

This café has sweets in all its forms, shapes and sizes, in fact, they have a sweet for every single holiday in Sicily. Pasticceria Alba started out as a tiny café and the owner slowly expanded the business with fresh ideas and he was the first person to make ice cream all year round. Today Pasticceria Alba is known all over the world for good quality.

​Address: Piazza Don Bosco, 7, 90143 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 309 016​Website:
La Preferita

This is as much an ice cream parlour as a café. Try the tartuffo La Preferita’s own take on the Calabrian chocolate dessert.

​Address: Via Villareale, 49, 90141 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 587 916​Website:
Vittoria Café

Nice music in a soothing environment, two ingredients sure to make for a memorable experience. The food is tasty and the prices are acceptable.

​Address: Via Agrigento, 13, 90141 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 304 973
Panificio Graziano

Panificio Graziano is widely known for their yummy pizza. This means there is often a long line of people waiting their turn.

​Address: Via Del Granatiere, 11/13, 90143 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 6254800​Website:
Pasticceria Oscar

Pasticceria Oscar is a genuine pastry shop where you can find an impressive range of all things sweet and tasty. Chocolate eclairs, cannoli, cheesecake, pastries and a lot more awaits you here.

​Address: Via Marino Migliaccio, 39, 90145 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 6822381​Website:
The nightlife in Palermo follows the same pattern as in other Mediterranean cities: much of the gathering happens before dinner, and when the meal is over—sometimes not until midnight—it’s time to head back to the bars. The nightclubs don’t fill up until late in the night, and thanks to the student population, Palermo has a vibrant nightlife. As always, the trendiest nightclubs of the moment can be found by asking the locals.
Kursaal Kalhesa

This unique bar is also a bookstore, internet café, and fish restaurant (with a great fish ravioli). Situated in an old palazzo ruin by the port, this is where Palermo’s youth come to see and be seen.

​Address: Foro Italico Umberto I, 1, 90133 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 616 2282​Website:
Gorky Club

Popular nightclub that occasionally has live shows. Good DJ's and a lively atmosphere make this a winner!

​Address: via Ugo La Malfa, 96

Mikalsa is a hip place that calls itself Il primo Bar à Bière della Sicilia, which is a more or less correct description—Sicily’s best beer bar. It is possibly also the only one.

​Address: Via Torremuzza, 27, 90133 Palermo​Phone: +39 339 314 6466​Website:
La Terrazza

This little bar and outdoor patio is in the garden of the Grand Hotel Villa Igeia. It has romantic, almost overly romantic, views of Palermo.

​Address: Salita Belmonte 43, 90142 Palermo​Phone: +39 091 631 2111​Website:
La Cuba

- "La Cuba Café, La Cuba Brasserie, La Cuba Tea Room, La Cuba Wine Bar, La Cuba Restaurant, La Cuba Lounge, La Cuba Party House." Apparently it is difficult to put a label on this place, since it falls under so many different categories. The slogan of this colourful venue is: "Vision, taste, smell, hearing, touch - "get into the Cuba mood".

​Address: Villa Sperlinga, Viale Francesco Scaduto, Palermo​Phone: +39 091 30 92 01​Website:
The large traditional Italian fashion brands, from Armani to Versace, can be found around Viale della Libertà. There are a number of stores selling handicraft products that make for unique memories of the island. Piccolopunto, on Via Villareale 52, is good for embroidered Sicilian bed linen and curtains. Antique embroideries can be found at Al Cancellato, Via Paolo Paternostro 82. Palermo has plenty of shops selling very kitsch ceramics. For more elegant wares, head to the northern end of Via Maqueda. Le Cittecotte di Vizzari, on Corso Vittorio Emanuele 120, sell exquisite hand painted models of Palermo’s palazzo’s and churches. For those looking for bargains and unique shopping, this can be explored at one of the many street markets. The largest of them all is La Vucciria. It specialises in food, though some of the stores and stands carry interesting or eclectic items that will look good in your home. Beware of the pickpockets at La Vuicciria.
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Palermo International Airport is located 32 kilometres (20 miles) from Palermo. The Trinacria Express train departs for the city every hour. Tickets for the 45 minute journey can be purchased onboard. The buses stop several times along the way, including at some hotels, and reach Palermo in 50 minutes.

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