Book flights to Pisa if you’re leaning towards a city break, and prepare to be treated to a proper little slice of Italy! You might be drawn to the city because of the really impressive stuff – the Leaning Tower and the Piazza dei Miracoli – but it’s the Pisa you find after you’ve seen those things that will really capture your heart. Watch the world go by from one of the bustling little cafés, take a stroll through the lovely Lungarni, and soak up a little of the vibrant social scene – the city has a lot more to offer than just the leaning tower, so for your next city break, have a slice of Pisa!
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The boat service in Pisa (operating from April to October) will let you enjoy the architectural scenery of the embankments or the natural beauty of the nearby San Rossore Regional Park. In the Natural Park lies the racecourse—the gallop season goes from October to March. Pisa celebrates traditional events such as the fascinating “Luminara,” the historical Regatta on the Arno and the contest “Gioco del Ponte” in June. An alternative is the Festival of International Sacred Music, “Anima Mundi,” taking place in September - October in the Cathedral and Monumental Cemetery.
Torre Pendente (The Leaning Tower)

The Tower of Pisa is the bell tower of the Cathedral. Its construction began in 1173 and continued for over two centuries. It has a lean of 5,4 metres. This is today the famous landmark of Pisa and a "must" visiting the city.

​Address: Piazza Arcivescovado, 6, Pisa
Pisa Battistero

Pisa Battistero is located in conjunction with Pisa Doumo. This Baptistery is the largest one in the whole of Italy and is dated to 12th century. Make your visit in the early morning to experience the amazing acoustics and echoes.

​Address: Piazza Duomo, Pisa
Camposanto (Holy Yard)

The Italian word "camposanto" (holy yard) - which is synonym of ’cemetery’ - was first used with reference to this Pisan building. According to the legend, it contained soil which was seen as miraculous due to its origins in the Holy Land.

​Address: Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa
Museo dell’Opera del Duomo (Cathedral Museum)

This museum opened in 1986 to focus on the art and sculptures of Pisa. Today it contains works which previously adorned the buildings in the Piazza dei Miracoli.

​Address: Piazza dell'Arcivescovado 8, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 561 820
Museo Nazionale di San Matteo

Housed in the 13th century former Benedictine monastery, the museum keeps works from the main religious buildings of the city. Remarkable are the collections of 14th- and 15th-century: the Pisan sculpture and a collection of paintings consisting of nearly 200 works from the Tuscan school. The picture gallery keeps paintings by Italian and foreign artists dating until 18th century, ecclesiastical vestments and liturgical gold-works.

​Address: Piazza San Matteo in Soarta, Lungarno Mediceo, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 541 865​Website:
Piazza dei Cavalieri

The beautiful Piazza dei Cavalieri was the political centre of the Pisan Republic. During the 16th century, it was radically transformed by Giorgio Vasari and became the seat of the new military order of the Knights of St. Stephen. The square is dominated by the Palazzo della Carovana, whose façade is completely covered in graffiti, and today hosts the Scuola Normale Superiore, founded by Napoleon in 1810.

​Address: Piazza dei Cavalieri, Pisa
Orto Botanico

The Botanical Garden was established in 1544 as the first university botanical garden in Europe, and entrusted to the famous botanist Luca Ghini. The garden is divided into sections containing the botanical school, gardens, ponds, greenhouses, and various buildings. Major collections include herb gardens and arboreta, as well as the old botany institute of late 16th century, with a façade ornamented with sea-shells.

​Address: Via Luca Ghini, 5, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 2211 313​Website:
Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Reale

The National Museum was prepared in 1989 to host numerous works of art belonging to the courts of the city government, such as the Medici, Lorena and Savoia, as well as some private collections. The building still keeps the appearance of an aristocratic residence, with fittings and furniture from the 17th to 19th centuries.

​Address: Lungarno Antonio Pacinotti, 46, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 926 511
Cantiere delle Navi Antiche di Pisa (Ancient Ships Working Site)

In 1998, during the works carried out in the area around Pisa San Rossore Station, the remains of the ancient port in Pisa were brought to light. At a depth of circa 5 meters, an impressive series of 18 ship wrecks placed one on top of the other emerged, dating from the Roman Period.

​Address: Via Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli, 64, Pisa​Phone: +39 055 512 1919​Website:
The Lungarnos

For centuries these quays were the heart of the city. Until the 19th century they were covered with piers and docks. These were later destroyed to reinforce the banks and make the streets alive again. The “Lungarni” boast a succession of beautiful buildings, interrupted by five bridges.

​Address: River Arno, Pisa
The Jewish Cemetary

Just outside Piazza Duomo lies one of the oldest Hebrew cemeteries in Europe (1648). The cemetery presents an extraordinary historical artistic repertoire: from the parallelepiped burial mounds of Hebrew tradition dating from 17th to 18th centuries to the Liberty styles dating from the 19th and 20th centuries.

​Address: Largo Cocco Griffii, 10, Pisa​Website:
San Rossore Natural Park and Estate

The Regional Park covers over 24,000 hectares situated along the coast from Viareggio to Livorno. At the Visitor Centre of Cascine Vecchie tourists can find booklets and brochures about San Rossore Park and Estate. There are guided visits on foot, by bike, by coach and by train.

​Address: Tenuta di San Rossore, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 539 111​Website:
Pisa Cathedral

Pisa Cathedral with over 1,000 years of history is a showpiece of Romanesque architecture. The design has influenced buildings in whole Italy over the years. Piazza del Doumo where you'll find the cathedral, the baptistery and the clock tower has been awarded by UNESCO as World Heritage.

​Address: Piazza del Duomo, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 560 547
The Wine Road of the Pisan Hills

Take a tour along the roads of wine in the stunning area of Chianti, one of the most famous districts in Tuscany. You decide which vineyards to visit and make your stops wherever you like. Either you feel like going by car or bike the road is easy to follow since it is well marked by signs.

Fondazione Palazzo Blu

In a beautiful blue building from the 14th century, you find this exquisite art museum with masterpieces from the 14th century until today. There is also a pleasant small cafeteria in the backyard.

​Address: Via Pietro Toselli, 29, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 220 4611​Website:
Murale Tuttomondo di Keith Haring

Murale Tuttomondo is a fun contrast to all the historical sights in the city. Bright colours and fun shapes cover a whole gable of a house just off Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. Stare at it long enough to see some of the hidden meanings Keith Haring has painted into the work of art.

​Address: Via Riccardo Zandonai, 4, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 503135​Website:
Giardino Scotto

During the hot summer months, this park is a popular place to relax in the shades of the trees. Students, locals and tourists come here for a picnic, a stroll or to let their children play at the playground. Here are also some ancient sights to discover.

​Address: Lungarno Leonardo Fibonacci, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 910111
Museo della Grafica

Only the building where this museum is housed is well worth a visit. In the 16th century the Lanfranchi family built this house leaning against a group of medieval structures and it shows paintings dated to that era. Inside the museum you can see collections of prints and drawings from the University of Pisa.

​Address: Palazzo Lanfranchi Lungarno Galilei 9, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 221 6060​Website:
Golf Club Tirrenia

This 9-hole golf course is located in beautiful surroundings between Pisa and Livorno. The course is not too difficult but the service is warm and friendly and the restaurant is well-reputed. There is also a small hotel adjacent.

​Address: Via San Guido, 20, Tirrenia​Phone: +39 050 37518​Website:
Basilica of San Piero a Grado

Not far from Pisa you find this basilica, which is said to have been built upon the place where St. Peter landed on his way from the Aegean Sea to Rome. Where the church stands, a small village has arisen and here you find some restaurants to grab a bite to eat if you get hungry.

​Address: San Piero a Grado
In Pisa you can find typical meat-based and fish-based Tuscan cuisine. You should try the characteristic chickpea soup together with the so-called sciocco (unsalted) bread and the famous local olive oil. Home-made pasta is another must.
A Casa Mia

This is said to be one of the best restaurants of Pisa and never too busy due to its location outside the city centre (it’s around 2 km from piazza dei Miracoli). The restaurant is located in an independent house with a garden. You can eat in the kitchen or in the dining room and summer time in the garden.

​Address: Via Vicarese, 10, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 879 265​Website:
Trattoria da Mario

Trattoria da Mario serves typical Tuscan dishes such as soup of vegetables, homemade pasta and fish in a retro setting. It is located close to Piazza dei Miracoli and all the major attractions there.

​Address: Via Luigi Bianchi, 19, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 551349​Website:
Il Campano

Trattoria Il Campano is situated in an ancient tower with brick walls and a mysterious yet inviting atmosphere. The wine cellar holds more than 400 different brands to complement your meal the best way possible.

​Address: Via Cavalca, 19, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 580585​Website:
Osteria San Paolo

In the centre of Pisa but at a quiet street this restaurant surprises you with its visionary flavours. Either you prefer fish or meat your visit will be memorable. Remember to try their home made cake before you leave.

​Address: Via san Paolo, 16, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 501194​Website:
Il Bistrot

This is a friendly and warm restaurant. Lunch, dinner or just a coffee or a glass of wine, the choice is yours and you will get the best service whatever you choose.

​Address: Piazza Chiara Gambacorti 18, Pisa​Phone: +39 349 0759 809​Website:
Namaste India Ristorante

Hunger for something else than pastas and pizzas, Namaste India Ristorante offers authentic Indian food in the city centre of Pisa. With more than 30 years in the business this restaurant will provide you with the best Indian flavours.

​Address: Via S Benardo 34, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 40604​Website:
Bagus Wine & Food

With a rooster on their sign, symbolizing Tuscan wines, you will find Bagus Wine & Food tucked in on a backstreet away form the main shopping area. Octopus, ravioli stuffed with braised duck, mushroom gnocchi and T-bone steak are only a few dishes from their menu.

​Address: Piazza dei Facchini 13, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 26196​Website:
La Griglia di Varrone

La Griglia di Varrone is a true meat restaurant with a stylish and trendy interior. They specialize in steaks, burgers and other meat dishes but you can also find pasta and fish on the menu. This is one of few restaurants in the area offering Black Angus and Wagyu meat.

​Address: Via delle Colomabaie 1, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 503744​Website:
La Panacea

The name of this restaurants comes from Panacea who was the goddess of remedy in Greek mythology. Restaurant La Panacea might not be able to brag that their food heals sickness but maybe hunger and thirst. They offer pizzas and pastas and other Italian dishes.

​Address: Via calcesana 179, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 877 170​Website:
Mani'omio Ristorante

At Mani'omio, with its international urban atmosphere, you can choose to sit in their vibrant bar or in the sober and quiet dining room or why don't try both of them. Start with an apertivo in the bar and then enjoy a delicious dinner in the dining room, only to end the evening back in the bar where the live music now is turned up and more guests have arrived.

​Address: Piazza Sant'Omobono, 11, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 3195517​Website:
Osteria dei Cavalieri

Located in a tower house from 13th century and situated in the historical heart of Pisa, Osteria dei Cavalieri makes you feel like you have travelled back in time. This restaurant serves traditional Tuscan dishes just around the corner from Piazza dei Miracoli with the Leaning Tower.

​Address: Via San Frediano, 16, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 580858​Website:
Lo Schiaccianoci

Lo Schiaccianoci is the Italian name for The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky and this restaurant got its name from the owner's wife that once was ballet dancer. It is tucked in at a backstreet and here guests can enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere and homemade delicious food.

​Address: Via Amerigo Vespucci, 104, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 21024
Gusto al 129

Italy is known for its tasty pizzas and at Gusto al 129 you really understand why. Some people even say that this place serves the best pizza in whole Italy. They are not afraid to mix traditional recipes and fillings with new innovative ones and it has turned out as to be a success.

​Address: Via S. Bibbiana, 10, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 620 3117​Website:
Osteria del Porton Rosso

Osteria del Porton Rosso is a classic Tuscan restaurant with a wide selection of classics on the menu. Guests are greeted by the helpful staff and if you end your meal with the Strawberry Tiramisu, you will most likely leave this place with a smile and a wish to come back.

​Address: Via Porton Rosso, 11, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 580566​Website:
Circolo Culturale Greco Makedonia

When you feel like eating something else than Italian specialities this might be the place to go. The fixed menu contains a wide array of Greek classics such as Moussaka, baked feta and Greek salad. The owner might even come out to dance while you are here.

​Address: Via Giordano Bruno 18A, Pisa​Phone: +39 340 627 4920
Coffee is as important as pasta for the Italians. If you want to act like a local ordering your coffee there are some unwritten rules you should keep in mind. - Cappuccino, Caffe latte or any other kind of coffee based on milk should only be drunk in the mornings. - When you order an espresso, don't use the word espresso which actually just is a technical phrase. Ask the barista for simply "un caffe". - And last but not least, when ordering "un caffe" you don't sit down. Stand at the bar and swallow your coffee on foot. Either you feel like blending in or acting like a true tourist, sitting down at a table, there are plenty of cafés to choose from in Pisa.

Salza opened in 1926, and is the oldest and maybe the best cake shop in Pisa, offering a very good choice of pastries, chocolate and ice cream. Try the soft panforte (a typical Tuscan cake) and, if you want an original gift, you could even take home a Leaning Tower made of chocolate. Salza also opens as a lunchtime restaurant from 12.00 to 15.00.

​Address: Borgo Stretto 46, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 580 244​Website:
Gelateria de´ Coltelli

Italian gelato was invented in the 15th century, and is today famous all over the world. In Pisa, this is a great place to try it, as they use fresh fruit in the makings of this popular ice cream.

​Address: Lungarno Pacinotti, 23, Pisa​Phone: +39 345 4811 903​Website:

This is a well-known gathering place in Pisa in the middle of the city. They have breakfast, lunch, snacks and amazing Italian coffee.

​Address: Lungarno Pacinotti 1, Pisa​Phone: +39 340 288 1113​Website:
Brasserie la Loggia

Wine is hugely popular in Italy, but at this specific brasserie, beer is more in focus, they have more than 40 different kinds of beer to choose from. Any pastry, canapé or sandwich will taste better with an ice cold beer.

​Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, Pisa​Phone: +39 339 72 83 010​Website:
Coccio Bar

This is an excellent venue for breakfast and lunch with a generous menu containing coffee, salads, sandwiches and other typical café food. And maybe the best of all, you can order all of it to affordable prices.

​Address: Via S. Maria 86, Pisa
Before going to dinner, don’t miss the apéritivo bars (which are usually open 18.30-21.30). The early-evening drink has become a must in Italy for both young and old people. It’s also an easy way to meet people.The real place for nightlife is on the Versilia coast, just 10 km from the city, the most famous discos are in Viareggio or Forte dei Marmi. Pisa does however boast some decent places to listen to live music and for dancing.
La Borsa

La Borsa is one of the most fashionable place for young people and in particular university students. The tables outside are always packed and there is an international atmosphere.

​Address: Piazza V. Emanuele II, 1, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 24510

Borderline offers live music two times a week. On Mondays there is a ’jam session’ (which means that anyone can turn up and play) and on Thursdays there are concerts with Italian and international groups. On Fridays and Saturdays, the place specialises in disco rock. Smokers’ room available.

​Address: Via Giuseppe Vernaccini, 7, Pisa​Phone: +39 345 0472627​More info: Near Teatro Verdi
Sunset Café

This is a nice place on the beach in Tirrena, highly recommended for its candle-lit romantic atmosphere. Guests here sit on mats in front of the sea.

​Address: Via Litoranea, 40, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 36857​Website:

This is a well-known gathering place in Pisa in the middle of the city. They have breakfast, lunch, snacks and amazing Italian coffee. In the evenings they also serve apertivos and cocktails and on weekends DJ's play until late.

​Address: Lungarno Pacinotti 1, 56100 Pisa​Phone: +39 340 2881113​Website:
Boccaccio Club

Boccaccio Club is a trendy disco with five different dance floors in Calcinaia, outside Pisa. Refresh yourself with a glamorous cocktail in between dance battles.

​Address: Via Del Tiglio, 143, Calcinaia ​Phone: +39 0587 2970​Website:

Millibar is located inside a building with medieval vaults just a few metres from Piazza Garibaldi. It is highly popular among students and tourists and here you find bars, lounge areas and a dance floor to provide a perfect night for everyone.

​Address: Via Palestro, 39, Pisa​Phone: +39 388 155 1010​Website:
Segreto Lounge Bar

If you are in the mood for a more sophisticated night out, sipping cocktails and chatting with your friends, Segreto Lounge Bar is the perfect choice. The bartender here makes exquisite cocktails and guests are treated with best possible service.

​Address: Via San Martino, 61, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 991 2271

Great coffee and cocktails are the focus at Tree. People come here to enjoy a good drink and to feel at home in the warm and friendly atmosphere. This applies even if you choose a seat on the outside.

​Address: Via San Francesco 90, Pisa​Phone: +39 348 548 2577
La Perla Café

La Perla Café has a perfect location right by the ocean at the Pisa Marina. Guests come here to relax, listen to the chill-out music and to cool off with a couple of drinks away from the city bustle.

​Address: Via P. Agostino Da Montefeltro, 3, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 35124​Website:
Arno Vivo

At Arno Vivo you get the feeling of being right on the beach even if you are not far from the city centre. This unique club and bar has a floor made of sand, DJ's playing funky music and snazzy drinks and it is perfectly located just next to the river Arno.

​Address: Lungarno Buozzi, Pisa​Website:
Vicolo Divino

Vicolo Divino is a genuine Italian wine bar. Even if it might strike you as small in size, it has a wide selections of good wines and snacks. This is a great place to go for an apertivo.

​Address: Via Filippo Serafini, 10, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 220 1198​Website:
Orzo Bruno

Even if Italy is mostly known for its fantastic wines, it also offers great beer. In a relaxed atmosphere at Orzo Bruno you can try some of the locally brewed brands in addition to the classics.

​Address: Via delle Case Dipinte, 6, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 578802​Website:
Bar Mocambo

Enjoy the warm and cosy setting, with lots of books and comfortable chairs at Bar Mocambo. The owner of this bar often comes out to chat with the guests while they are sipping delicious cocktails and eating of the free nibbles that are served with the drinks.

​Address: Via San Bernardo, 29, Pisa​Phone: +39 339 310 8164

Right in the historic heart of the city you find this romantic wine bar. Take a seat on the patio or inside the uniquely decorated bar and order your favourite drink. L'Amuri also offers appetizers to the drinks.

​Address: Piazza Dell'Omobono, 31, Pisa​Phone: +39 348 6626 086
Akua Keta

This chic club, at a convenient location right in the historic heart, attracts a young and happy crowd coming here to dance and drink all night. Akua Keta is specially known for their party on Thursday nights.

​Address: Via Sancasciani 8, Pisa​Phone: +39 349 4218007​Website:
La Centrale

La Centrale serves most types of music lovers. Here are DJ's playing different kind of music mixed with live music performances. The Hawaiian themed bar serves tasty exotic drinks and the large dance floor is open all night.

​Address: Via Carducci 13, San Giuliano Terme, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 991 1609​Website:
Pick a Flower

Not far from the university, you find this lively bar and restaurant. The two floors are often filled up by students who come here to mingle, listen to the music and enjoy a glass of wine or beer.

​Address: Via della Sapienza, 7, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 991 0112​Website:

The friendly staff at Ambaraba are keen to serve guests whatever they like, even if it is just a drink or a full meal. Here you can relax with a cold beer in a homely milieu with music in the background.

​Address: Vicolo Croce Rossa, 5, Pisa​Phone: +39 347 0693 952​Website:
Op Art Cafè

Stop by at Op Art Cafè, with beautiful art on the walls, and watch the people passing outside after a day of strolling in the city. The extensive drink list includes both wines and cocktails and is accompanied with free nibbles.

​Address: Via San Francesco 90, Pisa​Phone: +39 347 780 1778
Sottobosco Libri & Café

If you prefer a good book to your glass of wine, head to Sottobosco Libri & Café. In a cultural setting with soothing piano music in the evenings, guests can revel in good strong coffee, Tuscan wines and delicious pastries. Here is also WiFi for free.

​Address: Piazza San Paolo all'Orto, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 991 2364
The area around the Tower is packed with tacky souvenir shops - ignore them and walk to Corso Italia and the Borgo Stretto, the two main shopping streets in Pisa. Here you will find all kinds of Italian fashion shops. The cheapest brands are in Corso Italia, and the most well-known and elegant stores lie in the medieval Borgo Stretto. Two other streets, via Mercanti and Via dei Rigattieri, boast many excellent shops. All around the centre of the city there are dealers who sell old books and paintings.
Fiera dell’Antiquariato e Artigianato Artistico (Antique and craft fair)

If you are interested in antiques and old furniture, the Fiera dell’antiquariato e artigianato artistico (Antique and craft fair), which is held in Via Santa Maria, Piazza Felice Cavallotti, Via dei Mille, Via Corsica, Piazza dei Cavalieri and Via Ulisse Dini every second Saturday and Sunday of the month (except August and July), is highly recommended.

Mercato delle Vettovaglie (Fruit and Food Market)

The Mercato delle vettovaglie (fruit and food market, in Piazza delle Vettovaglie) which is over a hundred years old, is open from Mondays to Fridays. Come here to see and experience the everyday life of Pisa.

​Address: Piazza delle Vettovaglie, Pisa

Coin specialise in men´s and women´s clothing and beauty. Not only will you find shoes, bags, jewellery, perfumes, but they also offer a great selection of high quality kitchen and bathroom gadgets.

​Address: Corso Italia, 118, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 501 088​Website:
Emporio Armani

This is a store where the prices actually does not equal a monthly rent. Emporio Armani is the more affordable end of the designer brand Giorgio Armani, but never the less with the same sense of detail and fashion.

​Address: Via Oberdan 12, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 580 053​Website:

This world famous brand soon has a store in every mid-size town and also in Pisa you find one of their outlets. Here you find the latest fashion for men, women and children, everything from street wear to the more up-dressed look.

​Address: Corso Italia, 60-62, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 43449​Website:
la Feltrinelli Librerie

When you are in need of new travel literature, make a visit at la Feltrinelli Librerie. Here you find a wide selections of books, films, music and other writing gadgets.

​Address: Corso Italia, 50, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 47072​Website:
Profumerie Douglas Spa

This perfumery chain has shops all over Italy and here you find a wide array of cosmetics, accessories, creams and of course perfumes. They often have different campaigns and give-aways to make their customers happy.

​Address: Corso Italia, 123, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 220 0201​Website:
Valenti & C. S.R.L.

This fashion boutique opened in the 1970's and through the years, more outlets have opened in the city, each of them with their own style and character. With brands like Céline, Balenciaga, Dior, Diane Von Furstenberg, Dolce&Gabbana, Fendi, Givenchy, Gucci, Moncler, Prada and Stella McCartney it is still very popular among shopaholics in Pisa.

​Address: Borgo Stretto, 36, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 542092
Gruppo DEI

Along Via Borgo Stretto, the Gruppo DEI has a couple of different shops for both men and women who are looking for elegant clothes but still with the sense of fashion. Massimo Dei, the Cavallo Donna, the Cavallo Uomo and the Boutique Dei offer brands like Dries Van Noten, Ralph Lauren, Ann Demeulemeester, Paul Smith Maison Martin Margiela, Blumarine, Golden Goose, Comme des Garcons and Marsell.

​Address: Borgo Stretto 56, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 9711524
B. B. Maison

Every woman who loves the feeling of finding that perfect accessory, a colourful pair of shoes or a unique outfit, has to make a visit at the small boutique B.B. Maison right in the city centre. Everything in here is carefully chosen and hand-picked by the owners and are beautifully displayed to give the shop the sense of luxury and uniqueness.

​Address: Borgo Stretto, 20, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 542566
Bon Bon

In need for some sugar after all shopping and sightseeing? Then you should head to Bon Bon, just off Borgo Stretto. Here you can revel in chocolates and both local and international sweets and the main problem here seems to be to decide what to choose without buying the whole store.

​Address: Via San Francesco, 107, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 542406
Enoteca Bacchus

Enoteca Bacchus is the perfect shop if you wish to buy some drinkable souvenirs with you home. The shelves here are filled with different sorts of wines and liquors, both local and international brands.

​Address: Via Pietro Mascagni, 1, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 500560​Website:

At Pasqualetti, you find all different types of cookware and interior design. If you are a fan of the design of the Italian kitchen brand Alessi, you can find their products here.

​Address: Via Palermo, 3, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 563240​Website:
De Bondt

This chocolate brand was founded here in Pisa in 1993 and today high quality chocolate is made and sold here to both locals and tourists every day. It has received several awards and it is listed as one of the top 15 chocolate manufacturers worldwide in the prestigious guide “The Chocolate Companion” by Chantal Coady.

​Address: Via San Martino 82, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 220 0285​Website:
Piccolo Mondo Souvenirs

At Piccolo Mondo Souvenirs, tourists looking for a miniature version of the leaning Tower will find all thinkable different versions. If you are looking for something more modest to bring home you will also find that here.

​Address: Via Santa Maria, 96, Pisa​Phone: +39 050 553556
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Galileo Galilei International Airport

Pisa International Airport “Galilei” is located only 1 km from Pisa Centrale Railway Station and the town centre. The airport has a railway terminal outside the departure hall. Passengers can buy railway tickets at the information office (check-in hall). Direct railway lines connect the airport to Florence and Pisa Centrale Station. It takes only 5 minutes to reach Pisa city centre by train and the ticket costs €1.40 for a one-way journey. CPT (Compagnia Pisana Trasporti) connects the Airport to Pisa town centre every 10 minutes by LAM bus marked in red colour. The bus terminus lies outside the Departure area. The LAM bus crosses the Arno river over Ponte Solferino, drives to the Miracles’ Square and the Leaning Tower with stops at Pisa Centrale Railway Station, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Riversides and hospital. A one way ticket costs €1 and is valid for one hour. Remember that you have to buy the ticket before boarding and then validate it on the vehicle. There are also several taxis outside the terminal and from the airport to the city centre the fare starts at €6.

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